All For All

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Chapter 1 – the Welcome

We rang the bell of the large 3-storey house in the leafy suburb of North London. The ‘we’ in this story are Jane, my partner of 5 years, Annette, her best pal (and sometimes our partner in threesomes), and I. I am Rick, 35 years old, reasonable-looking and always up for some fun. We’d been invited to this address for a party being thrown by some swinger friends of Annette’s – and had been told to expect a really great time – ‘anything goes’ were the words.

A buzzer released the lock on the front door and we entered the outer hall and closed the outside door. The inner door opened to reveal a tall, freckled, red-haired, pale-skinned girl, fully shaven and naked apart from black hold up stockings, and with cum dripping from her chin on to her small hard-nippled tits.

‘Hi – I’m Amy’ she said ‘You must be Jane, Annette & Rick?’ We nodded. ‘Well, as you can see the party got underway already, and I took the first load!’

Jane moved over to Amy, kissed her open mouth, and licked the cum from her chin with a long slow movement, all the while tweaking Amy’s nipples into hard buds. Annette moved round behind Amy and put her right hand between her arse cheeks and began to probe. Amy bent forwards to give Annette more space and parted her legs to allow Annette freer access to her arsehole and cunt. Meanwhile she dropped her right hand to her clit, and began to wank slowly. Annette pushed her forefinger into Amy’s arse, and her middle finger into Amy’s wet cunt.

‘I think these may not be the first things you’ve had up there this evening’ breathed Annette.

‘No’ said Amy, ‘I’ve already been fucked in both holes tonight and am looking forward to more and dirtier’

Meanwhile Jane was sucking Amy’s tits, and licking off the cum. Annette waved me over to her with her free hand, and with one smooth movement opened the zip on my trousers and fished out my cock, and began to wank me. I leaned over, pulled up her sweater to reveal Annette’s braless tits. They are not huge, a nice handful, but with very long hard dark nipples. I leaned over and began to suck them, first one, then the other – quickly they grew stiff and even longer as I sucked. The four of us were now really close – Amy sandwiched between Jane and Annette, with Jane wanking Amy from the front, and sucking her tits, Annette frigging Amy’s arse and cunt from behind while I sucked Annette’s nipples and she wanked me. Amy had by now bared Jane’s very large tits and was hefting them and twisting her pretty pink nipples. I slipped my right hand up Annette’s skirt and my left up Jane’s. Neither was wearing underwear – both just suspenders and stockings. I clutched an arse cheek in both hands, then slipped my hands forward until I could finger their dripping twats, and reach their clits with my fingertips.

I finger-fucked them both until they began to moan with pleasure. By now Amy was gasping with desire too, and I could feel the pressure building up in my balls. Jane looked at me with her cum smeared face and asked

‘Would you like to cum on Amy’s cunt and arsehole after we’ve brought each other off?’

‘Oh yes I groaned’ as Annette began to wank me faster, and Amy dropped a hand to fondle my balls.

Jane and Annette came within seconds of each other, and when their shuddering orgasms were over, gently lowered Amy to the floor. Jane lowered her sopping cunt on to Amy’s face, and we could see Amy’s long tongue licking Jane from arse to clit. Jane leaned forward, grabbed Amy’s ankles and spread her legs wide and back. Amy’s gaping cunt and slightly open arsehole were now on clear display. Annette groaned with desire and leaned forward, and began to lick Amy’s luscious twat, occasionally poking her long tongue up Amy’s arse, while rubbing her long nipples on Amy’s leg. I was kneeling in front of Amy, wanking with my left hand while with my right I explored Annette’s tight arse and sopping cunt.

Amy began to breathe faster

‘Yes oh yes, make me cum like that!’ as Annette licked harder and sucked Amy’s cunt, tongued her hole and clit, now thrusting two fingers in and out of Amy’s willing arsehole. Jane continued to service Amy’s face with her cunt – her cuntlips spread on Amy’s mouth and her oversize tits wobbling attractively as she rode herself to another cum.

Annette leaned back, her face covered with Amy’s juices, as I brought her head up, and tasted Amy from Annette’s mouth and chin. Annette took hold of my cock in one hand, my balls in the other and moved me forward to Amy’s wide-open sex.

‘Cunt or arse?’ she asked me.

‘Arse first’, I replied, and Annette gave my cock a long deep suck, her tongue swirling around it, before she pushed my cock into Amy’s tight back passage. I wasn’t going to last long – neither were Jane or Amy from the sound of it. I pulled out of Amy’s arse and fed my rock-hard cock into her slippery cunt, while Annette positioned herself under me and began to suck my balls and lick my arsehole, her long tongue probing me as Bycasino I fucked Amy.

We came together, Jane, Amy & I, & as I came I pulled out and splattered my cum over Amy’s sopping cunt and arse. I was not surprised when Jane pissed in Amy’s mouth – she nearly always pissed when she came, and Annette and I always found it exciting to drink from her and to clean her up afterwards. The surprise was that Amy did it too, and as I deposited my load of spunk on her she pissed on my cock and balls, the warm feeling of piss I enjoyed so much, and which got me hard again. Annette said

‘Jane, did you see her piss on Rick’s cock? – Just like you do!’

By way of answer Jane climbed off Amy’s face and she and Annette started to clean Amy up, licking my cum and Amy’s piss off her soaking pussy and anus.

Chapter 2 – the Party

Amy showed us where to put our clothes, and the four of us went into the main room. There were floor cushions scattered all around the room, and several large settees. There appeared to be a small floodlit dais at one end of the room, but that was unoccupied. I looked around and saw about thirty people, probably slightly more men than women, and all engaged in some kind of sexual activity. All the men were naked, as were most of the women although one or two wore just stockings and suspenders, and there were a couple in peephole bras and crotchless panties. A big young woman wore a maid’s outfit, which was so small her tits bulged out at the sides and wore white panties out of which stray pubic hairs poked on each side. As Amy, Jane and Annette drifted off to find something to suit them I just gazed around. Near me an older woman with huge swinging tits was sucking off a black guy, while being fucked from behind by another man. I moved round to get a better view, playing with her tits and pulling on her nipples as I passed and saw the man was up her arse, while she had three fingers in her own cunt.

On the first settee, two younger women were locked in a lesbian kiss, legs splayed wide while each fingered the other’s clit and dipped a finger into each other’s hot juicy cunt. One was slim with tiny tits and nipples, the other just slightly overweight, but with a magnificent pair of tits. Neither was shaved, and the natural look of their hairy twats got me really hot. I knelt on the floor in front of them for a better look. They spotted me and became even more passionate, thrusting 3 and 4 fingers up each other, and then taking them out and sucking them to taste their partner’s cunt, or wiping them on their own tits – the smell of cunt was delicious, and overpowering. They both opened their legs even wider until I could see their sweet little pinky brown arseholes – I couldn’t resist and gently inserted the middle finger of each hand into each tight anal orifice, and frigged them until my fingering and theirs brought them off with to a massive orgasmic climax.

I rested and watched the party develop around me. Over to my left two girls, both slim and pretty, were locked in a 69 and licked each other’s stiff clits. One of them had a clit about a half an inch long. Past them another two older women were in a 69 lying on their sides and being fucked from behind by two studs. The studs pulled out, and came all over the faces of the women.

To my right a young man lay on his back while two big-titted older women, dressed only in shortie nighties attended to him. One had wrapped her big tits round his cock, her stiff nipples tickling his balls, while the other dangled her tits in his face, swinging them from side to side, so her nipples brushed his mouth and his protruding tongue. The women kissed each other passionately as they excited the young guy. The woman by his head knelt up and lowered her crotch on to his mouth. The other impaled herself on his now impressive erection, caressing his balls behind her. They began to play with each other’s nipples, twisting them and squeezing, as they rode him.

‘How do like fucking Gary, Jo?’ asked the one on his face.

‘I just love his big cock in my cunt’ she replied ‘And I love his balls in my hand. Has he ever fucked you up the arse, Maggie?’

‘He did it last night, Jo – since he started fucking me there’s no stopping him – he does it to me all the time – mind you, wandering around the house naked always gets him going. I make sure he gets a flash of my cunt often, and he loves it when I bend over and spread, or if I let him catch me having a wank. Last time he caught me on my hands and knees on my bed with a dildo up my twat and another in my bum. I never shut the loo door when I go for a piss, and he comes in and fingers me while I pee on his hands. I love him pissing on me too, especially in my mouth. That and giving him a tit-wank in the bath are his favourites, apart from fucking of course. He wasn’t sure about arse-fucking when I suggested it first, but when I showed him some of my porno videos yesterday, he just couldn’t wait and we did it in front of the telly. As soon as we Bycasino giriş got in here tonight he got a real big hard-on when he saw that little fat cunt over there. I’m looking forward to watching him give her a real good shagging. Did you see the size of the cock she took up her arsehole?’

Gary’s Auntie Jo lifted off his cock, knelt down and sucked it, then turned round so her sister could get her tongue into her.

‘Lick my bum Maggie’ she said ‘I’m going to stick this big stiff prick up it’

Gary’s mother did as she was told, then his Auntie Jo turned round again and this time lowered herself on to his prick, holding her arse cheeks apart as she got his cock into her bum. Meanwhile Gary was licking his mother’s cunt and arse, sucking on her big stiff clit and playing with her hard nipples.

Soon they all came together and lay on the floor. Auntie Jo crawled over to her sister, and invited her to suck the cum from her arse. Maggie did it willingly and sucked almost all her son’s spunk from her sister’s rear hole, then quickly brought herself off, right hand on her clit, two fingers of her left flashing in and out of her dripping pussy.

I had been sitting on one of the big scatter cushions, watching the action. The big woman in the maid’s outfit had joined me to watch the incestuous trio. I gazed at her crotch and pulled gently on the pubic hair protruding from the hem of her white panties, running my finger along the line of her cunt, noting the hard clit and the wetness of her gusset. She slipped off her white panties and gave me them. I turned them inside out, and sniffed the wet gusset which gave off a cock-hardening scent of her cunt, mingled with piss. I licked the gusset, then stuffed it in my mouth and sucked – sheer sex delight. She watched me closely, and taking the panties from me, carefully wiped the gusset between her legs, pushing them into her moist hole, recharging the thin strip with more juices. Once again I sniffed, licked and sucked.

We watched Gary, his Mum and Auntie Jo while Sandra gave me a running commentary as they played. She told me her name was Sandra, and that she just loved everything about sex, and really got off talking dirty. While we watched I had been feeling her big tits, and playing with her long stiff nipples. She leaned over, gripped my cock lightly in her hand and cupped my balls with the other, and putting her full lips to my ear began to tell the story of the family fuckers.

She fantasised about how Maggie had seduced Gary, when he caught her and his Auntie Jo naked and frigging each other while watching a porno movie. Sandra described how Maggie invited him to sit between her and Jo, and how they had got him to play with their big tits, had stood in front of him and showed themselves off to him using words like ‘cunt’, ‘clit’, ‘arsehole’, and ‘pisshole’, as they did a tour of each other’s bodies.

All this talk had got me really hard, and Sandra sat astride me inserting my hard prick up her dripping twat. She continued to whisper filth in my ear as she wriggled on me and squeezed me internally. I rubbed her hard clit, and inserted a finger up her tight arsehole as we watched.

Sandra told me how Maggie had told Gary to get his cock and balls out, and to wank, but not to cum. The sisters continued to play with each other, until Jo had said to Maggie that she needed a pee. Maggie had knelt down in front of Jo, licked her twat and told Gary to watch carefully as Jo was going to use her mouth as a toilet. Gary struggled quickly out of his clothes and now lay naked on the settee, balls in one hand and stiff prick in the other, wanking slowly. Jo had emptied her bladder into Maggie’s mouth who swallowed every drop, Jo carefully controlling the piss flow, so Maggie never had too much to swallow and explained to Gary that she was now going to clean Auntie Jo up, and did so, licking a few stray drops off her pubes, and sticking her tongue deep inside her sister to clean her properly.

Then Maggie had stood up, bent over, and pulled the cheeks of her arse apart, explain to Gary that Jo was going to tongue-fuck her bum, and that one day soon, maybe today, he would do the same to both of them. Then the sisters had each fucked Gary, until he had cum into both of them. Then the sisters had licked each other out, before they all sat down again to watch the porno.

The film was entitled ‘Spunk Suckers’ and consisted of 5 or 6 shorter films. The first one started with a shaven brunette sitting facing the camera with a man’s cock in her arsehole, while a short-haired blonde licked his balls, and the brunette’s erect clit. From time to time the blonde clasped the man’s prick, took it out and sucked it, swirling her tongue round it before replacing it in the brunette’s anus. With her free hand she frigged herself, now and again offering two slippery fingers for the brunette to suck. Eventually the blonde took the man’s prick out of the brunette’s bum and wanked it into her own mouth until he came, Bycasino deneme bonusu splashing her face with his cum, and directing the jet right on to her tongue. In the closing scene, the blonde positioned her mouth above the brunette’s and let down a long gob of cum into her open mouth.

The other clips contained variations on this theme, one with a women taking multiple face-cream, another where a guy buggered 4 women, and Gary’s favourite where the upper woman in a 69 was arse-fucked until the man pulled out, shot his come on to both her holes, and it slowly dripped down from the woman’s arse and cunt and hard clit into the mouth of the woman who had been licking her. The final clip was of two women pissing as they were arse-fucked. Sandra now moved quicker on me and holding her round the waist I rammed my cock into her. We both came and slumped back on the cushion.

I moved on, thinking it was about time I got into some orgy action, but couldn’t resist the sight that greeted me next. A very tarty-looking plump, but small young girl of 18 or so, dyed blonde and her pubes shaved into a tight strip, and with oversize tits and big brown nipples was surrounded by five men. Her bra had been pulled down, still fastened, under her tits, and her panties were round her left thigh. She knelt on the floor and in turn was sucking each of the guys and licking their balls.

Between sucks and licks she spoke in a hoarse voice

‘I want you guys to fuck me up the cunt, and fuck my arse too, then I want you all to spunk all over my face and tits’

One of the guys lay down on the floor, his big throbbing purple-helmeted cock sticking up proudly. The young girl lowered herself on to it, grunting

‘Yes, that’s it, fuck my soaking cunt hard’ and began to ride the man’s prick up and down. One of the other guys moved behind her, and seeing him she put both hands on her fat arse cheeks and pulled them apart so we could see that she had a butt-plug up her bum hole.

”Pull it out and shag my arse!’ she called.

The man moved round pulled the butt plug out slowly and replaced it with his stiff cock, moving in harmony with the girl as she rode the other guy’s prick. The other 3 men stood in front of her so she could wank and suck them.

The slim woman from the settee came over, lay on the floor behind the girl, and began to fondle the balls of the men who were fucking her. Soon she got her face in the tight space and licked the guys’ balls and the chubby girl’s arse and cunt. The other woman moved round to the girl’s front and sucked hard on her big tits, while the men watched her and caressed her all over. She moved behind the men and, putting her hands between their legs from behind, began to stroke their balls as the slutty girl sucked and wanked them. She stopped moving for a moment and said

‘Now I want you all to cum in my mouth and over my big tits’

The woman in front of her moved round and began to wank one of the men faster, stroking his balls with her other hand.

‘Open your mouth wide, slut’ she said to the chubby girl who obeyed just in time for the woman to point the guy’s prick into her mouth as he came in several strong jets.

Spunk dripped from her mouth on to her big tits, and hung from her right nipple. The woman did the same to the other two guys, and by now the chubby girl looked like a real cum-slut. There was spunk all over her pretty, tarty face, and it hung from her chin in gobs until it dropped on to her jiggling tits. The guys who were fucking her pulled out and jerked off into her face as she knelt in front of them. Soon their cum joined that of the other 3 guys. The girl licked her lips, and the two women moved forward and started to lick the cum from her lips, her chin, and her neck and chest. They then exchanged a spunky kiss, passing cum backwards and forwards between each other and the girl until she was cleaned up.

‘I need to cum’ she moaned.

‘Get on your hands and knees and I’ll fuck you’ I said.

She knelt down, her big tits swinging, and put her hands on her bum cheeks and parted them so I had a really good view of her open arsehole, and dripping twat.

‘Fuck my arse first, then my cunt’ she ordered.

The slim woman from the settee knelt down and alternately tongued the whorish girl’s arsehole, and sucked my cock with a slobbering mouth until we were both well lubricated. I moved forward, inserting my cock with one smooth movement until I was up to my balls in her arse. The other woman positioned herself so the chubby tart could get her face between her legs and lick her hairy cunt and tight bottom hole. The other woman played with my balls as I fucked the young girl’s arse. I could feel myself about to cum, and the girl gasped

‘Spunk up my cunt you fucker!’ I pulled out of her arsehole and rammed my prick up her waiting quim.

‘Aaargh’ I groaned as I shot my load into her, and she came too, shuddering to a mighty orgasm.

Chapter 3 – A wet, wet time

My attention was drawn to another group further to my right – it was Amy, Jane and Annette who all had cum on their faces and bodies, with the host of the party. He was pointing to the low dais at the end of the room. The girls nodded agreement and he addressed the party –

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32