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**Again I would like to thank everyone who has PM’s me and taken the time to comment on my writing. I was feeling kind of low and a PM from a site member in Ireland really improved my mood. I really hope you enjoy this. Kisses. **

All for Mr Redman Chapter 6

In the morning Amanda and I got up and got ready for another killer week. Finals were coming up, papers and labs were due, and it was simply a killer grind. The entire week I slept when I could, ate nothing that was good for me and had pure coffee in my veins.

Every night I called Peter and we would talk. I actually fell asleep on him during on of my calls. There was no way I could go to his place with all the things I had to get done in and around campus. He understood, but I could tell he was worried about me. My hard work was paying off and I was going to head into my exams in an excellent position.

When the weekend rolled around I made a point on Friday of heading over to Peter’s. I just wanted to see him and spend some time with him, even though I had a ton of studying to do. I headed over with my weekend bag, my laptop, and a bunch of study material.

When I got there he was not home yet. Sitting down on the couch, I booted my laptop and started looking over my notes. That was pretty much it for me. I must have passed out.

Peter awakened me and I gave him a hug and just held onto him. I was so exhausted, feeling really emotional and I just clung to him. He knelt down and just held me. I think we stayed that way for about ten minutes before he slowly drew back and told me he would make dinner.

Watching him walk into the kitchen I felt like the sun was going away from me. I looked at all my school materials and the pressure was building up hard. One of my biggest faults is that I am extremly critical of myself. The things I either forgive, or don’t even think about, where it concerns other I simply cannot ignore in myself. Doing my best has always meant driving ahead with every once of my being, and if I don’t feel like I had to work hard to do something then I didn’t work hard enough. There are so many reasons for this. I feel obligations to me family, my teachers, myself and to those who have worked along side me.

I slowly got off the couch and padded softly over to the kitchen. Peter was standing there at the island preparing our food. He had a small smile on his face and was listening to an oldies station.

Moving slowly I came up behind him and ran my hands up his back and around his sides, hugging him from behind. He set down the knife and put his hands over mine. Holding my hands out from him he turned in my embrace and hugged me again. I just held onto him and breathed in his cologne and took in his warmth.

He picked me up and carried me, without a word, back to the couch and laid me down.

Kissing me he said “You’re exhausted Sachiko, I’ve never seen you like this. You need some good food and you need to sleep.” knelt beside me and held my hand kissing me lightly a number of times.

“I don’t want to be alone.” I said.

He smiled and said “I am in the kitchen, making us a meal, when that’s done I won’t leave your side.”

Gently he laid my hand on my chest and went back to the kitchen. I watched him and listened to him for a little while.

I’m not sure how much later it was, he was waking me up again. I sat up and we ate right there. He had prepared some seasoned chicken and salad. I ate it all, but it was an effort. The food was really good, but my body had decided enough was enough and just didn’t want to cooperate, the fork felt like it weighed ten pounds. When I was done we sat and had tea. We chatted but I was having a hard time giving more than one word answers.

Peter set his tea down and picked me up in his arms. “That’s enough my cute little zombie. You need to sleep.” He carried me into the bedroom and helped me undress. He got down to his boxers and t-shirt and got under the covers with me. He curled up behind me and gently caressed me.

I was just starting to nod off when I felt his erection. Now, I was dead exhausted and normally I would have gone right after him. I slowly turned my head and said “If you want me, you can. Just don’t expect much out of me gymnastics wise.”

Peter laughed lightly and said “I’ll live go to sleep.”

“For the love of God, now I’m getting turned on.” I thought to myself. I turned my head again and said “Don’t make me rape you. Get that big cock out and put it in me. Send me off to sleep well fucked… no foreplay… just do it.”

He looked at me and I felt his hands move up onto my chest and begin playing with my tits as he was kissing my neck. I reached down and pulled my thong to the side and said “Get it in me.”

Peter reached down and lined his cock head up, dragging it over the lips of my pussy and hitting my clit. He slid it in the entrance to my hot tunnel and slowly pushed inch by wonderful inch into me. He had to stop and pulled back a few times, but soon he was buried all the way in me. Moaning I said “Please fuck me Peter. I really need you to fuck me.”

Holding me tight he started fucking me gently, helping me get used to his cock again. I started to feel the heat building up in me and realized that I was starting to feel really good. Maybe a good fucking was exactly what I needed.

Peter sensed the change in me by the way I was starting to move against him and started speeding up.

“Fuck me. Fuck that big cock into me. I want it so bad, I could be unconscious and I would still want you fucking my tight pussy.” I moaned out.

He started going at me harder and I was starting to feel the orgasm tingling into my body. “I will fuck you anytime, I love having my cock inside you. I love you cute fucking moans and whimpers. I love making your pussy dance all over my cock.” he said.

Our bodies were slapping against each other now. I loved it and knew this was what I needed, him.

When my orgasm came racing through my body I cried out “FUCK ME HARDER. DON’T YOU STOP FUCKING ME!”

Peter didn’t disappoint. He slapped my ass and fucked me like a mad man. I screamed my orgasm out and was shaking. His strong hands had a firm grip on me and he didn’t start. I was soon started moaning and whimpering as he pounded me without letting up one bit. It was fucking amazing and as my second orgasm hit I let out a silent scream and was twisting the sheets in my fists. My pussy spasming all over his cock must have set him off. He seized me by the hips and buried himself deep inside me. I love feeling his bog cock pulsing as he shoots his load of hot cum into me.

We collapsed together and I felt better than I had all week. When I fell asleep his cock was still buried inside me.

I cannot believe it happened, but I slept until ten the next morning. When I opened my eyes Peter was not there, and his side of the bed was cold. I stretched and got up. I walked into the bathroom and there was a note on the counter. “Gone to Pearson. Back by 1pm. Love P”

“Pearson Airport? What the hell is he doing there?” I thought. Setting the note down I took of my thong, turned on some music, and got into the shower. I felt great when I came out and was towelling my hair while dancing to the music. I love dancing and was getting right into it when there was a knock and the bathroom door started to open. I really thought it was Peter and opened the door.

Standing there was a big blonde haired man I had never seen before. He was about 6′ tall and weighed about 180lbs and his blue eyes were as big as plated when he saw there nude fresh from the shower still dancing. I froze and he was standing there speechless. I did the first thing that came to mind. That whole thing about the “Fight or flight reflex” kicked in fast. I snapped kicked him in the balls with my right foot, shoved him out the door, and stomped on his left thigh.

He was curled up and grabbed my foot. If I had been thinking clearly I would have realized it was to get me to stop kicking the shit out of him. I grabbed stack of books next to me off the dresser and slammed them down on him. He let go of my foot, so I kicked him twice more and then dove over the bed and grabbed my cell phone. I was about to dial bahis firmaları 911 when I realized he was getting up. I grabbed the lamp and threw it at him and ran out of the room. I grabbed my yoga pants and headed to the kitchen. When I got there I grabbed two knives from the block, dropping the yoga pants and cell phone on the counter as he came into the kitchen.

I spun to face him in a fighting stance. Left foot forward, right foot back and angled, crouching low. The knife in my left hand held at full extension, the one in my bent right arm gripped so that the blade was parallel to my arm. I was ready to cut this guy to pieces, and I’m pretty sure it showed on my face.

He stopped dead at the door and held up both hands and said “Where’s Peter?”

I didn’t say anything and stayed in place glaring at him. He was a lot bigger but I found his reflexes were not that fast. I could take him I was sure.

“Look, please don’t kick my ass. I just want to talk to Peter. I’m sorry I walked in on you.” he said. He looked like he was trying to figure out if he was in the right place.

“How did you get in?” I asked quietly.

“Spare key under the third plant.” He said “I know this is here place… who the hell are you Lady?”

“Who the fuck are you?” I demanded.

“David Redman. Peter’s cousin. I flew here, just got in.”

“He… Peter… oh shit” I said. “He is at the airport looking for you.”

“I got an earlier connection, there was space.” He said with an apologetic expression, still holding his hands up in a placating motion. “I’m sorry… I’m not going to hurt you. Please put the knives down.”

I realized how I was standing and relaxed my stance and stood holding the knives at my side. He relaxed and it hit me like a thunderbolt that I was still naked. I ducked down behind the counter fast feeling pretty embarrassed.

“Um, are you okay?”

“I’m fucking naked” I replied pissed off.

He actually started to laugh and stopped himself. My yoga pants landed on the floor by me and he said “I’m going to get you a shirt… sorry… I’m so bloody sorry.” I heard him leave. I reached up to the counter and got my cell. I called Peter as I was putting on my yoga pants.

He answered “Hey, your awake.”

I replied “I’m half naked in the kitchen and just beat up some fucking guy with an English accent who walked in on me when I was just out of the shower. He says he is your cousin, David.”

Peter started to laugh and I interrupted saying “It’s not funny. Don’t you dare fucking laugh.” It was kind of hard to take me seriously because I had a smile in my voice.

“I’m sorry sweetie, I am on my way now and will grab Timmie’s for you.” He said barely keeping from laughing.

I got off the phone as a Pittsburgh Steelers t-shirt landed on my head. “Sorry… oh God… I’m so sorry. Excuse me but do you have a name or shall I make one up?”

Dressed now I stood up and looked at him. He was standing there with a bruise on his cheek, probably from the lamp, and seemed to be favouring his one leg where I had stomped his thighs.

“I apologize David. My name is Sachiko. Sorry I… are you okay?” I asked.

He looked at me wryly and said “I’m embarrassed and my ego is a tad bruised, but I’m fine.”

I offered him tea and asked him to please sit, pulling out a chair for him. I noted he did seem to have a sore leg and to be honest I thought his balls still hurt from the way he was walking. I could not think of anything worse. I could just imagine how this was going to look when he was recounting this to his friends and family.

I served him tea and he accepted the Advil gel caps I offered him. Not knowing what else to do I made him a toasted BLT and salad. I served them to him. As I was doing this we were both pretty quiet. Our first meeting was not exactly bridge building.

He dealt with it with a reserved English manner. I dealt with it by smiling a lot and waiting on him hand and foot.

Finally he broke the silence and said “How long have you been employed as Peter’s Bodyguard?” smiling warmly.

Turning to look at him I said “I am deeply sorry that I reacted as I did. This is my fault. I should have locked the bathroom door, then none of this would have happened. I thought I had, but clearly I did not push the button firmly enough.”

David kept smiling and said “Well I should not have just opened the door, that was my fault. So we are both sincerely sorry for our transgressions. I am painfully aware of just how grievous mine were… very aware.”

I nodded and he said “Why don’t we just have a new beginning shall we? My Name is David Redman, Peter’s cousin from England. It is a sincere pleasure to meet you miss..?” as he held out his hand.

Shaking his hand I replied “Miss Sachiko Watanabe, Peter’s girlfriend. Please, call me Sachiko.” I said smiling.

“It is a pleasure” he was laughing now.

I sat down finally and he said “This probably isn’t proper, but do we have to mention this to my cousin?”
I laughed and said “I already told him. Peter found it funny as hell and I can see why. We have a history of people letting themselves in.” I proceeded to tell him how I met Barbara and hid in the kitchen, and how I ended up hiding from his parents under the counter as well.

David found that funny and enjoyed a very good laugh. We started joking about what happened and he said “Admittedly, I had a moment of doubt when I first saw you that I was in the right place.” He laughed and added “But at the time I didn’t mind the mistake quite so much.”

I blushed and he added “Then your foot hit me. It rather took all the pleasure out of it.”

“Are you sure your alright?” I asked concerned.

“Don’t worry. I will be just fine.” he said smiling.

We chatted about his home until Peter came through the door. They smiled broadly and hugged, clearly very happy to see each other. I quickly learned from the conversation that he was staying for two weeks, but would only be staying with Peter a few nights. They also enjoyed a good laugh about how David and I met. At that point I cleared the table and made my way to the bedroom to dress properly.

When I came out they were each enjoying a beer and talking about going to a few pubs that evening. David said he was “Knackered” and Peter told him he could get some sleep in the bedroom. David headed in with his bags.

I turned to Peter and promptly apologized for everything. Peter hugged me and said “The hardest part for Mr. Rugby player is that a 5’3” 105 pound girl kicked his ass. Trust me, he finds it funny but already said he has no plan of sharing that part of the story when he goes home.”

Picking up my books I started to get ready to study. Peter was looking at me and said “Are you upset with me?” he asked concerned.

“No” I replied “I’m not upset. I feel humiliated. He saw everything… it’s embarrassing.”

Peter sat down next to me and gave me a hug “David is a great guy, don’t feel badly. It’s kind of my fault. He caught that earlier flight and it just screwed everything up. He e-mailed the change but I didn’t look at that last night. I should have, especially before I went to the airport. I’m sorry. I just wanted it to be a surprise because we were going out with my cousin and I know you will really like him. He used to spend his summers with us at the Lake and I wanted him to meet you.”

I said quietly “Well he met me, that’s for sure.”

“It’s forgotten and he won’t tell my parents, stop worrying. He is a good guy and a gentleman. He would not want to embarrass you.” Peter said.

I sat there for a moment and told him what David said about the view. Peter laughed and told me again not to worry. I confessed to breaking the lamp and he laughed even harder. Everything did

I studied while Peter did his own thing. About four hours later I heard the shower running in Peter’s room. When David came out he looked considerable refreshed and smiled at me saying “I’m almost human again, some char and I will be right as rain.”

I smiled at him as he headed into the kitchen. Peter was in there and they were soon planning their pub crawl out in detail. I kept working and soon they came out kaçak iddaa of the kitchen and sat down with me.

“You coming with us right?” Peter asked. I looked at my piles of books and notes and said “I only have a week before finals.” Inside I knew I was being sort of a bitch. I was still a bit upset about earlier. It was not anyone’s fault, but a convergence of mistakes. Thinking about it as I was more upset with myself.

David smiled and said “It’s Saturday evening. I’m not long for here and would be grateful if you would join us.”

Looking at Peter I could see he really did want me to come. Glancing toward David I could see he meant the invitation as well. I also knew that they were well aware of my discomfort over earlier. Given everything I had done over the week I knew I really didn’t have to study tonight.

“If you are both sure, I will. Don’t you guys want a Boy’s Night or something like that?” I asked.

Peter said “We can do that another night. One where you are busy at school and not right here and able to come along.”

David said “Come on. You need it.”

I nodded and they said leave everything to them. I asked if I should change. It was weird because they both looked me over head to toe and said “No” in stereo.

Peter put on some jeans and his black clarks and David was dressed pretty much the same, except he had on a rugby shirt with Leed’s on the front and a big Rhino’s emblem on it. I asked the shirt was about.

He got very serious and said “Leed’s Rhino’s.”

I shrugged and said “Okay and…”

He shook his head and looked at Peter and back at me. I was actually worried I had offended him. He refused to say anything else until we had beers in our hands. He then launched into the most detailed account of a team that was, in his opinion, the greatest rugby team on the planet. I told him I didn’t know much about rugby and he carried on with great passion, explaining the game to me. Now, I’m a pretty intelligent person, but half of it went right over my head. I have never even seen a rugby game, pardon me, a rugby match. David’s passion for the sport made me think of the passion some people display around here if you make a Leaf’s joke. That’s a hockey team for those who don’t know. Okay that sentence could start a whole debate about them. No, I am not going there. You kind of have to live here to get it.

We finished our beers and grabbed a cab to the first of what would prove to be a few pubs that night. Most of Peter’s male friends joined us. I could not even convince Amanda to come. I got the distinct impression that she and Barbara had plans of their own.

The part that surprised me most was that Peter seemed to know people at the pubs, just random people. He definitely knew some of the women, and they were really glad to see him.

I’ve never really spent time at pubs before. I was the shortest, the only none white woman, and “Murderin a pint” was a bit more than I was used to. On the positive side, everyone was nice, funny, and the live band playing pub songs was entertaining. It was not just their music, which everyone seemed to know the words to, but the hilarious way they told jokes between songs.

We moved onto another pub and it was more of the same, a genuinely good time. It was a lot of fun watching Peter with David. They were like brother’s, not cousins. Peter was having a great time and I admit I was too.

The strangest part of the night for me was when one of the guys they knew started talking to me. I could not understand him at all. Admittedly the loud music was a factor. He was a giant to me, he was built like the Thing from the Fantastic Four movies, at least 6’4”. He shook his head the last time I said “I can’t hear you!” He picked me up by my waist like a toy and sat me on the bar facing him. He leaned in and kept talking, standing between my legs. I could not understand him at all, although he seemed nice. Peter saw me and nudged David and they came over. They told Shawn I was Peter’s girlfriend. He seemed happy about that. I then learned that talking to an intoxicated guy from Scotland was not easy. I remembered Robin Williams saying something about it being a “Linguistic adventure.” Was he ever right! Shawn was very proud of being a Highlander and was also here on vacation visiting family. He ended up joining us when we migrated to the next pub.

I also noticed that David had a follower. She was about 5’5” tall, brunette, and named Kylie. She was very curvy with big breasts and was hanging off David by his arm. I admit his accent was kind of sexy, and he was good looking, but she was absolutely swept away by him.

The third pub was a lot of fun as well, and I was definitely feeling the pints. This pub had live music as well and I got pulled up to dance by a man in his fifties, who was somehow connected to the band. I had a great time doing a dance I simply cannot recall the name of. I do know that I gave the older man a kiss on the cheek afterwards. Why? Because he pointed at his cheek and winked at me.

Feeling no pain as the pub crawl continued, I noticed we had gathering more people to our flock. At one of the stops I was leaning on Peter inside the pub, and I had to go the the bathroom. Whoever the hell decided it was a good idea to have a bathroom down two flights of stairs is a jerk. I managed to make it down the stairs and into the ladies bathroom. I did what I had to, but when I was standing at the sink after I knew I was done. I was really drunk. I was not going to be sick, but the stairs and simply standing seemed like really big tasks.

When I accidentally bumped into a girl on my way out she shoved me and called me something nasty. I’m not to sure what happened after that, I know I hit someone. Next thing I knew Kylie was there and helping me up the stairs. I hate getting sloppy drunk.

I know I was in Peter’s arms before too long, something about a Taxi and not much else.

When I woke up the next day to say I was paying for it was an understatement. I did not go to Sunday brunch, I did not even head back to the dorm. I slept and drank a lot of water. Finally I was able to eat and managed to make myself feel normal by around 6pm, when Peter got home with David. Peter had taken David to football and apparently they had a blast because David played “a rather spirited” game. By that I mean he “Hit a guy so hard his prom date cried.” as Peter described it.

I had dinner with them and went into the office to study. Peter and David meanwhile broke open a bottle of scotch and were having a great time watching sports. Around midnight Peter came in, pretty buzzed, and told me what time it was. I was surprised and stretched. I shut everything down and headed off to bed with him. David was asleep on the couch.

Once in the bedroom lets just say Peter was feeling the need to make up for not getting any Saturday, which was a first for us actually.

When he tossed me on the bed and started pulling my clothes off I knew he was going to play rough. I didn’t mind at all. He wasted no time and flipped me over and pulled my naked body to the edge of the bed, bending me over the side. He got down behind me, spanked me and started eating me out from behind. He was really going at it. His hands spread my ass cheeks apart and was using his fingers on my pussy and his mouth on my ass. He was absolutely devouring me and I was moaning out my pleasure as he worked my holes with like a man possessed.

It was so fucking hot and when I came on his fingers he slipped the wet digits out of my pussy and shoved them up my ass. His other hand began spanking me and then working inside my pussy as well. I was really fucking worked up and was growling as I whimpered and moaned my way through more orgasms, soaking him. Peter loves to eat pussy and he was definitely indulging his lust for it tonight.

He pulled back as I was coming down off an orgasm and I felt his hand wrap in my hair. He pulled me off the bed and put me on my knees. I was so turned on, and I do love it when he gets aggressive.

His hard cock smacked me right in the face. I tried to lick it and he pulled my head back and held it in place looking up at him. He leaned down and said “Who’s nasty slut are you?” Okay, kaçak bahis aggressive is cool but not sure I was into this, but I was willing to role play.

“I’m your nasty slut.” I said staring at his eyes.

“That’s right” he said “What does my slut want?”

“Your cock in my mouth.”

“I knew it slut, you love sucking my cock don’t you.” he growled.

“I love sucking your cock, I love it when you cum deep in my throat.”

He jerked my head slightly and said “Open your mouth you whore.”

I opened it and he took his cock in one hand. “Stick out your tongue bitch.”

Sticking out my tongue looking into his fierce eyes I was wondering how far this was going to go.

Cock in hand, Peter began slapping my tongue and face, rubbing his balls around on it as well. He leaned forward and pushed his cock into my mouth roughly, gagging me on it. He held my head in place and pulled out. As I gasped for air he was slapping me with it again. His saliva covered cock was getting my face wet as he smeared it around. He was hard as a rock and leaking precum.

He took his cock and rammed it back down my throat, fucking my face in a way that bordered on violent. I’m not sure why, I should have gotten angry, punched him and kicked his ass around the apartment before shoving his keys deep up his ass. That’s what I would have done before, but this was actually turning me on. I never would have thought it would.

Peter lifted me up and bent me back over the bed and without any hesitation rammed his cock deep into my pussy with one thrust. I felt it hammer my cervix and screamed. He smacked my ass and said “Take it deep you fucking whore.” I was crying out loudly, from pain or pleasure or both I was not sure.

He was fucking me and using my pussy, this was not love, he was using my body for him and loving it.

Peter never stopped spanking me, and I was cumming all over his cock. I could not believe how powerful they were, making me squirt my pussy juice all over him. He suddenly pulled out, grabbed me by the neck and brought me up and licked my ear.

“This is the part where the good little slut gets fucked hard in the ass.” He shoved me down and I heard a weird sound, a clicking. I thought “What the fuck is that?” I looked back over my shoulder as he put a handcuff on my own arm. I panicked and he pinned me to the bed. When I felt the other handcuffed lock in place I started screaming.

He shoved me face down in the mattress and spanked me repeatedly, making me scream into the covers. Peter spread my legs and I felt his cock nudging my asshole. “Here it comes.” and he pushed it in. His big cock was stretching out my ass and for some reason I was liking it. I could not get my head around the fact that I was enjoying what he was doing. I loved his size and dominance and the fact he had my tiny body pinned under him, handcuffed, and getting used in a way I have never have.

He started fucking my ass and was growling comments at me, calling me a fuck toy and a hundred other things. The fact I was going to orgasm as he did this blew my mind, and when I did he leaned in and laughed evilly at me and said “Holy shit you are a fucking whore, your loving this, you love getting used like a fucking toy. Admit it.”

I laid there and said nothing. He jammed his cock into my ass hard and made me scream. “It’s okay, admit it. You like this don’t you?”

He was moving slowly in my ass, still fucking me. I was struggling under him but there was noting I could do. I didn’t want to admit I liked this, how could any normal intelligent woman like this? I could not admit it.

Peter kept fucking me and was pounding into me. I came again hard and he gripped me tightly as he cried out and filled my ass with his cum.

I was laying there panting and unable to move, being held in place. He got up off of me and I could feel his cum dribbling out of my ass and down onto my pussy. I was so confused trying to figure out how I could have enjoyed something I should be angry about.

He came back and undid the handcuffs and lowered my arms to the bed. They were sore from the position I had been in. He gently rubbed them and that only confused me more. At that time I had no experience with anything like this and didn’t know how to handle it.

Peter left again and I managed to roll onto my side. He came back from the bathroom with a cold cloth and began gently wiping me down. I turned my head away, I could not look at him. Part of me wanted to get up and run, another kept telling me about the Peter who loved me. I didn’t know what to do. Was this domestic violence? Why did I like it. Basically I was in complete turmoil.

When he gently leaned down and kissed my cheek and stroked the hair out of my face I started to cry. The reaction that caused I was not prepared for. It was clearly not what he wanted. He immediately hugged me to him and began apologizing like crazy for hurting me, explaining he got a bit carried away and thought I liked it. He was saying he loved me and apologizing a hundred different ways.

He begged me to please say something. I said “May I please have some water?”

After kissing me he got up fast and came back with water. I slowly sat up and turned around, leaning on the headboard, I sipped the water. I had no idea what to say or how to feel.

I looked up at him and he brushed my hair back so we could see each others eyes.

“Peter” I began “I love you. I love you so much that I just let that happen. I’m not going to say I didn’t enjoy that.” I was barely keeping it together. “I have never been treated that way by anyone ever. If some fucking guy had I would have….” I was suddenly thinking about what Amanda had done to me.

I looked down for a moment and he caressed my hair “Why did I like that? Tell me why?”

Peter looked searchingly in my eyes and said “Could be any of a hundred things, loss of control, it was right in the moment to just go with it. Maybe you liked the novelty of it. Maybe you needed it to feel like it was okay to just let go because you had no choice. I don’t know, but we can talk about it anytime, and for as long as you want.”

He looked down and said quietly “I like rough sex.”

“You do?” I asked.

He looked worried and said “I like kink, I like… bondage. I like the idea of restraining you and just using you… but mostly… I just love the way you cum. You were coming so hard and it is so gorgeous. I just went with it and you kept coming harder and harder. I didn’t mean to hurt you… I just… you seemed to be into it, and that was a huge turn on.”

Stunned into silence I just stared at him. I had no idea, I mean he has gotten frisky as hell, but not what I would class as rough… just kind of aggressive and playful. Did he need this?

Peter actually looked really worried and scared. “You probably think I’m pretty fucked up, but I acn’t help it… I don’t need it all the time. Just, I… this is why my previous relationships have always died out. I try to be good… but when I ask about it they get scared. I’m sorry Sachiko. I will understand if…”

He went silent and I sat looking at him. I could see he actually thought I was going to leave him.

I reached out and cupped his chin turning him to look at me. “Peter you are a poor listener and I never thought I would ever say that to you. Didn’t you hear me. I love you. I’m not going anywhere. I was kind of freaked out, trying to figure it out… why I liked it too. I don’t want to play like that all the time, and would appreciate a little warning.” I was smiling as I said that.

Peter smiled at me and said “I can’t believe it. I love you so much.”

I leaned in and kissed him and said “You know… maybe I can tie your ass up sometime and see what kind of damage I can do.” I could not help it, the look in his eyes made me giggle.

He laughed and kissed me and said “Well turn about is fair play.” we cuddled, the lights still on.

After I moment I said “I’ve got the munchies.” and started to get up.

Peter grabbed my hand and said “Um.. David?”

“Oh my fucking God? Did he.. I was.. oh shit he must have heard us!” At first I was embarrassed and then started giggling and fell on the bed laughing my ass off.

Peter said “I’m sure he was out cold.” as he was laughing.

From the next room we heard “Anybody for a cup of char?”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32