All I Want for Christmas is You

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December was upon us, snow covered by a chill enough to bring about the color in ones cheeks. At least, that was the case for Christine and I, flushed by the cold. We hurried to carry ourselves from the recently ‘parked’, realistically stuck, car and into the welcoming warmth of her parents place. I couldn’t help but to notice that her sister’s car was just further down the street. It had been months since I had last seen Steph, in an almost familial way I found myself reflecting on how cheery it would be to see her.

“Fuck, is it ever cold! They better be listening for the door,” Christine yammered in an agitated state of chill as we waited on the door step.

She had every reason to be bothered. The cold was, to say at the least, unsettling. It was sharp even for the winters we were regularly accustomed to in these parts.

The group residing within the, by comparison, toasty walls could be heard conversing only muffled from outside. It was following Christine’s exclamation of frozen extremities, and the several rings on the doorbell which proceeded, that we heard reciprocated tones of exclamation and excitement regarding our arrival growing all the clearer as her mother approached.

The frustration was visibly building on Christine’s face as she continued to stand outdoors, in this all-too-frozen-abyss. She inched closer into me, despite her being as close as one could get, desperately seeking further warmth. She extended her free arm, rapping against the door, grumbling, “Are you fucking serious? Open this fucking door.” A light trickle began to maneuver its way from her left nostril approaching the top of her lip, freezing in the process.

I gave a chilled laugh that appeared to have frozen right before our eyes before leaning down and kissing Christine atop her toque covered head saying, “Play nice, but I agree, it’s about damn time.”

It was then the door swung open, the warmth hitting us immediately. Her mother, Candice, invitingly beckoned us in.

“Brrr, it’s too fucking cold out there! Get in, get in, and close this door!” Candice quipped as we entered her face ablaze with the most sincere of smiles. I had always found it humorous how openly Candice engaged in the use of such foul language, it was a running joke on their side of the family that Christine had a ‘truckers mouth’, but Candice swore all the more frequently.

“How was the drive? The roads didn’t give you too much trouble I hope,” Candice began asking as we eagerly removed ourselves from the daunting layer of so-called winter wear.

“Knowing those two the roads were given more trouble than they ever could of hoped to have dished out,” chimed Christine’s step father Will as he made his way around the corner, Steph on his tail.

Grinning across the board, free from our burden of outerwear, we all exchanged greetings and pleasantries. I watched as Christine and Steph embraced one another for the first time in months, it truly kindled feelings of Christmas season. I couldn’t help but admire just how different the two were as far as appearance was concerned, never mind their personalities.

Christine, my girlfriend, at twenty was slim with a slightly less then athletic frame. Her dark brown hair was cut just past shoulder length. In simplest terms, she was a sight to behold. I smirked to myself as I thought of how much I adored her pert firm breasts, which fit my hands like a glove.

On the other hand, Steph stood a couple inches taller than her younger sister. At twenty two I couldn’t believe she was still single, her hair had been dyed to a color I could best describe as a hazel-ish maroon. Like her sister her frame was slim and approached athletic, I couldn’t help but wonder how her slightly smaller breasts looked unsheathed.

It was then their hug ended and Steph made her way towards me, arms spread wide.

“I’m so glad you both could make it, I mean it’s about time you were here for the holidays, seeing as how you’re practically family,” Steph teased as we embraced, this elicited a chorus of chuckling from the rest of the family as they all had come to accept that I was here to stay.

“We were just in the kitchen. We’ve been nursing down some festive ciders and the like. What can I get you two?” Candice inquired as she directed our wee ensemble back towards the kitchen, linked arm to arm with Christine. As we all turned to move to the next room, I stood back allowing Steph to gain a couple steps on me, I had always fondly admired her firm peach shaped bottom, which was currently adorned in a pair of leggings. I love a lady in leggings.

“I could go for some wine, do you have any out?” Christine began. She had clearly recovered from the harsh weather conditions of only a moment ago.

“I’m not sure that merits so much as a response, of course we have wine on the go,” replied Will in his always readily sarcastic tone.

In this way much of the evening was spent, assembled in the kitchen or seated in the adjoining living room aside the fire in the presence of their carefully bursa eskort bayan adorned tree. Casually drinks were started and finished, from initial sip to the emptying of container. We spent the evening charmingly conversing and reminiscing, catching up with those we whom we failed to see often enough.

Will and Candice made sure to take extra care each year in decorating their amiable abode in the most comforting of holiday decorations. I was currently admiring their attention to detail and handy work while lazily sipping away at what was the last of my final beverage that evening.

“I’ve got to say, I’m blown away by how contagiously cheery your decorating is, well done.” Corresponding forms of agreement were offered in unison by both daughters as the home owners reciprocated with their thanks.

Christine, nestled into my side, head resting on my lap, lying along the couch offered up a yawn. This spurred Steph to yawn additionally, Steph being nestled into Christine’s side on the same couch.

“I hate to be a party pooper, but I’m about to pass out here,” Christine exhumed, “I know I’d asked earlier but I don’t think a clear answer was given. Where are we to set up shop for the evening?”

“Oh, that’s right, we did get carried away, didn’t we,” Candice thought aloud. “Tonight the two of you have the spare room to yourselves. Steph will be out here on the couch. But tomorrow, as Will’s brother will be arriving, the three of you will have to share the spare room.”

“I love a slumber party”, Christine chirped in child-like enthusiasm. “I just hope she’ll fair okay on the floor”, she continued, shooting me a wink.”

“I am more than happy to have the floor, we all know I don’t want in that bed after you two have shared it”, Steph gawked, “Gross.”

“Oh, please! You’re the gross one,” Christine managed through an array of laughter. Both sisters began poking at one another, in play.

“That’s enough for me, I think,” Will exclaimed raising his hands to his side in exasperation.

Both he and Candice made their way to bed exchanging pleasantries of the evening, remarking on what time we should be up in order to help with breakfast the following morning. Christine and I offered our assistance to Steph in turning the couch into a suitable bed, however very little would have been required given Steph’s apparently alcohol encouraged state of slumber.

Christine, too, was apparently ready for bed just as much as her sister. I told her I’d pull the couch out without a problem on my own, that she should get some rest herself. Nodding of her approval she left for bed. Steph had been lying on the couch this whole time.

“You’re going to have to get up. Just for a moment. So I can pull this bed out, Steph.” I cooed, “Go get ready for bed.”

Steph arose, as I began preparing her place of rest. She surveyed that the blinds were down and that her family had in fact left the room. She followed this surveillance with the peeling off of her outer attire, all of which had escaped my notice while rearranging the couch.

“You should be all good now,” I began as I turned to leave for my own room. That’s when I came face-to-face, with Steph in nothing more than a subtly ornate black bra and matching black thong.

“Thank you, you’re the best soon-to-be brother-in-law a gal could ask for,” Steph replied pulling me into a hug. I could have died. It was easily the best hug my twenty-one years of life had ever sent my way. Her soft body emanated warmth, there was no doubt a mighty erection was growing confined against my pants.

“What the fuck?” I half asked myself, half whispered aloud. I stood there hoping that Steph hadn’t taken any real notice of the ever-present growth protruding from my lower extremities.

“What are you going on about?” She answered, “Let me throw some pajamas on. I’ll see you in the morning, sleep well, mister.”

Just like that our embrace had ended. She had broken apart and bent over to rummage through her bag to find sweat pants and a baggy t-shirt. I remained frozen in place, yet warm from head to toe. I gazed longingly at her, fucking incredible, ass bent in-front of me, scantily clad in the thong. What had been an erection not to be taken lightly surpassed its current state of arousal and grew further. It begged earnestly to seek release, deep within her bodily confines.

As my mind engaged this line of processing, she shot her hips back grinding her glorious rump against my erection. She was all too aware of its presence. Rising to get dressed, she turned winked and began obstructing my jolly view of her body with mere fabric.

I snapped back into the reality of what had just happened, cursing to myself. What if we had been caught? For fucks sake, what if Christine or her parents had seen. I shivered at the thought.

As if she sensed my anxious presupposition Steph cooed to me, “Get that thing to bed, mister, my sister will be missing it. Thanks, for everything.”

Having come to terms with what had been bursa merkez escort said I realized I should get to my own bed, immediately. Hoping, all the while, that I might find time to relieve the pent up sexual yearning I had just recently acquired.

A brief sweat glistened atop the corner of my hairline. The bizarre moment had felt as though it occupied a lifetime, luckily for me, the entire ordeal was only a couple minutes long. Not long enough to arouse suspicion.

As I entered the bedroom I grappled with whether or not I should mention it to Christine, surely she would want to know. Surely I wouldn’t want her to know, though. I opted to keep it between Steph and I, as it was more than likely induced only as a result of the yule time boozing. That and I wouldn’t want to upset the family, so recently reacquainted, at such a special time of year.

I took care in closing the door behind me ever so gently. I looked up and was rewarded with the sight of Christine lying in bed under the covers. She opened her eyes, one at a time adjusting to the darkness and smiled as she saw me.

“Sort it all out?” She asked. “Get over here. I could use some warming up beneath these covers. It’s chilly in here!”

“All went well. I’m coming, hold your horses,” I replied as I removed my clothing. As I reached for my belt I was confronted with the bulge of necessity fighting against its constraint. I removed my pants, and stood unabashedly in my boxer briefs staring at Christine.

She stared back, biting on her lower lip. Removing a hand from under the covers she motioned for me to lose the briefs, and make my way to bed. Her reaction seeped deep-rooted, horny, sexually encouraged deviancy. This was the reaction I hoped for, my manhood surged yet again and my balls began to ache with anticipation. She thought my sexual enticement had been her handy work as I entered the room. I was clear on this count.

I sauntered to the bed, nude, fully erect and crawled under the covers. Upon lifting which I was greeted with the scent of arousal. I knew Christine must have been playing with herself, eagerly awaiting my return. I slid my body in under the sheets next to her the electric contact of bare flesh on bare flesh ignited immense arousal for the both of us.

As I extended a hand to navigate the succulent warmth of her inner thigh, she brushed her teeth against my ear, whispering, “We’ll have to be quiet, I wouldn’t want anyone to know.” During which time she wrapped her soft hand around my well-fortified erection, I could feel that her middle finger was damp with her own arousal. She promptly engaged in a teasing coax, stroking with even pressure.

I eased a finger between the folds of her pussy, working her intimate entrance with her own coating. My thumb gently circled her clit, she moaned for more so I brought my finger inside of her. The intensity of warmth and moisture within made me wish to enter further. With my free hand I brought her head closer to my own and began to kiss along her neck, she had always loved this.

I rolled so that I was positioned above her, still attached to her neck, finger buried inside of her. I made my way down along her collar bone. Her breasts pointed to the sky as a result of her hardened protruding nipples. I took time encircling her areolas with my tongue as I continued down the length of her taut physique.

“You’re too naughty for someone as nice as me,” Christine uttered between moans as my tongue danced between her hips. She peered under the covers to where I had come to rest with my head lingering within reach of her clean shaven sex. I could tell she felt the warmth of my breath against her pussy. I gave her a menacing grin as I inhaled her sweet aroma.

I dove into the treat before me, savoring her sweet nectar. I toyed with her by sucking her clit, I knew it drove her crazy and could tell she was preparing for an orgasm. I slowly reintroduced a finger to the mix while I lapped away, she hastened to grab the bed sheets in bunches.

Clenching her teeth, eyes shut tight, I could feel the tremors wrack her body. “Don’t you dare make a sound,” I whispered up to her in earnest. She was fighting back a scream, reciprocating for it with high pitched moans. I removed my finger from within, and climbed into a better position above her.

Coming down off her orgasm she released a heavy sigh, and shot me a devilish glare. “I want you to cum inside of me, please cum inside of me,” she begged reaching for my cock. She played with the tip directing it closer to her dripping cunt. I ran the head of my erection up and down along her slit, flicking her clit with each pass. With my head glistening from her lubricant I slowly sunk myself into her tight opening. Inch by inch I made my way inside of her, with each inch came a rush of pure ecstasy.

Her moaning drove me crazy, so I slipped a finger into her mouth. She began to suck on it passionately; the thought of her tasting herself always turned me on that much bursa sınırsız escort bayan more. I thrust into her, each leg pulled up, and together in front of my torso. She quivered in pleasure as I drove myself in and out of her, my balls slapping against her firm ass.

I could feel my balls begin to ache with longing. I knew that it was only a matter of time before her begging would be brought to fulfillment. “How do you want me, baby?” Christine choked out, from sucking on my finger.

“Get to the edge of the bed, I’m fucking you doggy,” I replied demandingly. I enjoyed doggy, I enjoyed grabbing a handful of her ass and pounding deeply into that tight pussy. With doggy I could pretend that it was Steph I had bent over also, something I needed given our recent run-in.

Christine climbed to the edge of the bed, cooing as I got prepared to mount her. I slid my cock between her pretty pink lips and rammed away with a renewed vigor. Grabbing her ass cheeks I eased my right thumb into her ass hole. She had never much liked the idea of anal, but she often came while I started playing with her ass. She responded in kind, reaching between her legs to firmly grasp my ball sack. Christine rolled my testicles in her hand while I pumped deeper into the depths of her pussy.

“You ready? I’m about to fill you up,” I exclaimed as the blissful churning in my balls began to give way to release. As I deposited each distinct load of semen into her, she gave into a series of violent tremors which only further pumped the generous load I had to offer from my rock hard cock. With less success then she had had with her first orgasm she squealed, “Oh god, Yes!” Her orgasmic exclamation was, undeniably, audible to anyone who might still be awake.

I stood pressed inside of her, as the sheer intensity of the sensations began to wear off. Removing my thumb from her tight puckered ass, she sighed, “I say it every time, but we have the best sex. I love our sex.”

“I couldn’t agree more,” I sighed back easing my now, less firm, cock from her vaginal opening. As I did so, my thick creamy load seeped its way out of her body. She stood prompting it to run down her leg. She wiped it off with the panties she had worn that day, and threw a pair of full bummed panties on to catch the rest as it worked its way out.

I kissed her gingerly as we nuzzled together in bed. She stared into my eyes and kissed me back. Flipping herself over, she told me, “I want to spoon, hold me.” I drew her close to my body as we both drifted off into the freedom of slumber.

In the morning, both Christine and I shucked on the pajamas we might have worn to bed if things hadn’t escalated in such a driven manner the night before. We made our way to the kitchen, surprised that no one else had gotten up yet.

Christine, seeing that Steph was still curled up on the pull-out, bounced over, snuggling in behind her. She leaned over and with the laid back manner only siblings share, whispered directly into Steph’s ear, “The sky’s awake, so I’m awake!”

“Really,” Steph offered back, it was clear she had enjoyed this awakening, however.

Immediately both sisters, in near unison and amendable harmony chimed away with, “Do you wanna build a snowman?!” I laughed at their shared interest in musical scores from children’s films, which encouraged their tag team effort to engulf me in a shared embrace.

Candice and Will came strolling into the kitchen, clearly showered, shaved and ready for the day ahead. Their gaze landed on the mess of pajama laden youth giggling in the kitchen, only to infectiously join in on the merriment. They composed themselves and explained how, despite the further incurrence of snow outside they planned to brave a quick run to the local supermarket to nab up a few last minute necessities for their inaugural pancake brunch.

Recognizing that there would be plenty of time for shared festive lollygagging later in the day, our merry band of youthful hooligans decided to clean ourselves up in preparation for their arrival back home. To our shared displeasure Will had informed us that their shower had given out just as he finished rinsing, and that he would have to take a look at the water tank when he got back, something in regards to the plumbing in their room had gone amiss. We were down to the single shower.

Their house plays host to only two full bathrooms, and a half bath. Will and Candice’s master bath suite being out of commission left only the full bathroom adjacent the spare room.

“I’m in no hurry to shower, I might lay back down for a couple minutes while you two do your thing,” Steph insisted, leaving Christine and I to decide amongst ourselves.

“Let me shower first, you know it’ll take me longer to wash, dry and style my hair then it will take you to shower and get ready,” Christine chirped as I made a move for my toiletry bag. Nodding in agreement, I backed away and gave her a quick peck before stepping aside to permit her entrance to the bathroom.

I waited for my turn in the bathroom in the spare room, thinking over the situation with Steph the evening before. I had no interest in seeing her one-on-one just yet as I needed some time to organize my thoughts. Christine’s shower was nearing an end, she yelled out to me, “Babe, I forgot to grab myself a towel, be a dear and get me one from the linen closet.”

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