All of Eden Ch. 03

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Back at the hotel James led Eden into the bathroom, turned on the water in the shower and began to undress her. He gazed deep into her eyes slowly removing her clothing before holding out his hand and helping her step into the shower. He then removed his clothes and joined her. James squeezed a bit of soap into his hands and slid them gently along Edens body. Slowly feeling every curve, memorizing any spot that made her twitch or gasp.

Eden was on edge, she was so wound up from the days activities already she just couldn’t stand it. She wanted James to take her then and there. She wanted him to push her up against the wall of the shower, slam his hard cock into her wet pussy and pound her over and over and over until she came; but that wasn’t what James had in mind.

James continued to move his soapy hands over her body. He teased and tormented her seeing the distress she was in and knowing what she wanted by the look in her eyes. His devious smile told her he knew precisely how he was torturing her. When they were both clean James stepped out of the shower, held his hand out for Eden and handed her a towel.

James said, “I picked out something for you to wear today. It’s simple, nothing fancy, I hope it fits.” James motioned at the closet. Eden smiled at James and opened the closet door. There was a white cotton dress hanging there. It was perfect. Not form fitting, almost sheer, but not quite. Eden slid the dress over her naked body and enjoyed the way it felt against her skin. James dressed himself in a suit and when he was finished he handed Eden his tie. She slung it around his neck and tied the best Windsor knot she knew how. Her hands shook a little, still wanting him to throw her on the bed, waiting him to ravage her, to make her squeal.

James said, “I have a driver waiting to take us to the office, let’s go.” As they left the room James grabbed the bag of toys they purchased from the shop and his briefcase. James and Eden made their way to the hotel lobby and outside. Once outside Eden could see that indeed the driver was waiting. The driver got out of the car, came around and said, “Good day Sir.” And opened the door of the car.

James replied, “Good day, and held his hand out to help Eden into the car. The driver got in, and without word started driving. They made their way, not far, to his office. At the office, James told the driver he should be ready to go in about three or four hours and that he would send a text when he was ready.

They walked into the office building together and made their way to the elevator. It was a professional looking place with many offices behind many doors. James told Eden that he just rented a space in this building when he was in town to take meetings, that it was a bit more professional than meeting over dinner or in his hotel. Stopping on the sixth floor he led Eden down the long hallway and stopped at 606. James pulled the key from his pocket, opened the door, and motioned for her to enter.

James walked over to the desk set the bag of toys down on top of it, and took a seat behind it. “My meeting today is with a colleague,” he said. “He’s going to be reporting to me the sales for his division on the West Coast. It shouldn’t take too long, maybe 45 minutes, maybe less, maybe a little more. During that time I’ve planned a bit of a task for you.”

Edens breath quickened and her eyes narrowed. She stared into his eyes wondering what could he possibly want her to do while he was taking his meeting. James interrupted her thoughts, “I’m sure you’re wondering what I’d like you to do,” chuckling.

“Yes Sir, as a matter of fact I am,” Eden replied almost defiantly. “Honestly my mind is racing.”

James laughed. “Don’t worry, I think we will both enjoy what I have planned for you.” He looked at Eden very seriously now and said, “Stand up.”

Eden stood up quickly. James stood up as well, walked around the desk, and sat on the edge of the desk facing Eden. “Remove your dress.”

Eden could feel her cheeks warming. She thought to herself: here in his office wants me to be naked? In front of his colleague? Eden removed her dress hesitantly. Standing there in front of him naked James looked your naked body up and down. He too wanted to take her then and there. He wanted to further explore her. He wanted to ravage her. He wanted to make her cum. He could see how turned on she was. . . the innocence in her eyes couldn’t mask what her body was saying to him. Her nipples hard and he thought he could smell the wetness of her pussy.

“Now turn around.” Eden turned around and James stood up behind her. He ran his hands from her waist up her stomach to her chest and squeezed her tits hard, trying to relieve some of his own frustration but still holding back. “I can’t wait.”

James turned and pulled a length of rope and an anal hook from the bag on the desk. He reached around and held the hook in front of her and asked, “Do you know what this is Eden?”

Eden’s eyes widened. It looked devious. She could only imagine what it was for. Before Eden could respond, James said, “This is an anal hook. I’m sure you can imagine Kartal Ukraynalı Escort by its name where it goes.” He pulled a bottle of lube from the bag and put a few drops on the ball at the end of the hook. “Bend over and place your hands on the chair in front of you.”

“Yes, Sir,” she said as she leaned over and held on to the arms of the chair. James pressed the ball of the hook against her, rubbing her asshole with it, slowly pushing a little more. . . a little more. . . a little more. . . until her tight little asshole started opening for it. Eden felt the coldness of the steel entering her. Pushing and opening her further and further. She shifted on her feet and quietly moaned as her asshole opened for the hook. James pushed it inside of her and attached the length of rope he had to the eye at the other end of the hook. He draped the rope over her shoulder and asked Eden to hold it there.

“Stand,” James commanded. Eden stood, slightly uncomfortably and her ass got used to the steel hook inside her. James grabbed the bag off the desk and led Eden across the office to the closet near the front door. The hook inside her ass didn’t hurt so much, but with her already excited state it was driving her crazy. She yearned for his cock. Her nipples grew harder and harder, her pussy grew wetter and wetter.

At the closet James opened the door and asked Eden to step inside. She looked at him wondering what he had up his sleeve and James just smiled back at her with a gleam in his eye. Eden stepped inside the closet and James commanded, “Stand on your toes Eden.” She complied lifting herself up onto her toes. James took the rope from her and attached it to the metal rod that served to hang up jackets and coats in the closet. He pulled the rope taught and tied it firmly in place, giving it a bit of a tug, and lifting Eden to the highest possible point she could be on her toes.

With the hook now deeper inside of her, James smiled and asked, “How does that feel my sweet?”

Already breathing hard, Eden replied, “Um. . . well. . . it it feels good Sir. . . At least sort of anyway. Eden didn’t want James to see her uncomfortableness. She wasn’t quite ready to give him that. She knew that’s what he was looking for.

James said, “Well good then.” And gave the rope another tug causing Eden to squeal. James smiled at Eden’s tenacity and reached over to the bag and pulled out a set of nipple clamps. He attached each to her nipple firmly, spinning the little wheel on the clamps a little more and a little more until he saw her eyes widen and her breath grow even heavier. He then pulled out a piece of twine and attached it to the chain connecting the nipple clamps and tied it to the metal rod above her head.

Eden was already worked up. She could feel an ache starting in the arches of her feet and wondered how long he expected her to stand on your tippy toes. With Eden fairly well-balanced between the nipple clamps and anal hook, James again reached into the bag and pulled out a dildo. To Eden, the dildo looked to be decently large and quite similar to James himself. He reached into the closet and grabbed a metal rod that had been leaning against the back wall. This metal rod was adjustable and James quickly attached the dildo to one end and slowly slipped the dildo into Eden’s soaking wet pussy. He leaned in closer, his mouth just inches from her wetness, and stuck his tongue out to lick her clit just once, letting his breath hit her thighs and her pussy. Eden groaned and shifted causing her to groan even more.

James looked up at her, “What seems to be the matter my dear?”

“Oh, just having a bit of a hard time here,” Eden whimpered. “You’ve already got me rather worked up.”

James smiled his devious smile again, “Well. . . if it’s any sort of consolation my sweet, I’m having a hard time myself.” He let out a bit of a frustrated laugh and looked down at the large bulge in his pants. Eden could see his cock straining against the zipper and without thinking she licked her lips. James paused for a moment savoring the sight of Eden in her sexual distress before sliding the dildo about halfway into her pussy. “Is that a snug fit my sweet?”

“Yes. . . Yes Sir it is,” she replied breathlessly.

“Good.” James adjusted the rod so that the dildo stayed halfway in. He attached a metal plate to the other end bracing it against the floor and the device stood tall and firm. James stood up and took a step back. Now, flat on your feet. Edens eyes widened and her mouth opened but without thinking about it too much she complied. She felt the clamps pulling her nipples, she felt the hook push as far into her ass as it possibly could, and she felt the dildo slide deeper into her pussy. Eden squealed. “Perfect. Now back on your toes.” Eden quickly lifted herself onto her toes relieving her nipples and ass and sliding the dildo half out of her pussy once again.

“We’re going to make sure you’re a bit quieter,” James said. Once again he reached into the bag this time pulling out a ball gag. He slipped the gag into Eden’s mouth and fastened it behind her head. He smiled Kartal Üniversiteli Escort once again and went back into the bag, this time pulling out a pair of leather cuffs. He attached them to Eden’s wrists and then attached them to one another behind her back. Once again he stepped back and admired his work. “Too delicious. . . just one more thing.” James then pulled out a small velvet bag and emptied the contents of into his hand. Two items fell out. One was a little box with buttons and a dial on it and the other item was just a small egg shaped thing. He grabbed a roll of duct tape from the bag and pushed a button on the little box.

“This is a vibrator.” He momentarily pressed it to a nipple causing her to jump. He pushed the other button on the box and it turned off. It will go here against your clit. James pushed the little egg shaped ball against her clit and with a small piece of duct tape, taped it in place. “Now my dear, you’re all set. My colleague will arrive shortly. When we are finished with the meeting I will retrieve you. You enjoy yourself in here and, if you feel the need and can do so quietly, you have my permission to cum.”

Muffled behind the gag Eden replied, “Yes, Sir.”

James closed the closet and returned to his desk to prepare for his meeting. In the darkness Eden’s mind was racing. Her thighs beginning to get sticky with her juices. She wondered how much she could take. She wondered how long it would be until James returned. She wondered if his colleague would be able to hear her, if he would know she was in the closet, if he would know her predicament.

James got his paperwork in order and wondered how Eden was doing in the closet he wished he had a camera in there so he could peek during his meeting to see how she was doing. He made a mental note that he’d have to set one up the next time he was in town. Just a moment later there was a knock at the door. James quickly stood up made his way to the door and opened it.

“Good day Mr. White, how is the day treating you?” James questioned.

Mr. White was slightly older than James and didn’t seem to mind having to answer to somebody younger than him. He was a respectable mostly business sort of man. Mr. White replied, “Good day to you Sir. Just trying to keep up.” The men both laughed and James stepped back from Mr. White into the office.

Inside the closet Eden heard muffled voices. She realized James’s colleague had arrived and could tell they must be close to the closet she was in. Her feet were now throbbing and she didn’t know how much longer she could stay on her toes. She listened very closely trying to hear what the voices were saying. She could tell which voice was James’ and then she thought she heard…

“Mr. White, may I please take your coat?”

Eden didn’t know what to think. Is he going to put the coat in the closet? Is he going to expose her to this man? Before she had much time to contemplate, the door opened and the rush of light made Eden’s eyes squint and burn. She could see James but is college was behind the door. She tried not to make a sound, wanting to remain hidden. James took a hanger from the rod she was attached to, hung up the coat, put it in the closet and closed the door. Eden’s senses were becoming overwhelmed. Her thighs were soaked with her juices. she could no longer stand on her toes and so slowly she let herself down further onto the dildo. Once again the nipple clamps pulled tighter at her nipples almost unbearably and the anal hook pushed as far into her as possible. She quietly moaned. The dildo felt good inside of her but she didn’t know how long she could take the pulling on her nipples and ass. After a minute or two she returned to her toes.

At that moment Eden felt the vibrator come on. She jumped as much as she could and returned herself to her flat feet before quickly going back to her toes. She didn’t know which was worse. . . the dildo stuffed deep into her pussy with the anal hook as far up her ass as possible and her nipples pulled hard and tight, or her aching feet. At that moment Eden realized this was the entire point; for her to choose which pain she preferred. After a very short time really just a matter of seconds the vibrator turned off again. Eden rested a moment, but not much as her mind was swimming, her body was aching, and she could feel her drool beginning to make its way down her chin from around the ball gag.

James’s meeting was going well he said back listening as Mr. White told him of the profits and the margins and the increases and decreases in sales across the market. James listened as closely and intently as he could but his mind was on Eden. He was wondering how she was getting along. Wondering if she’d cum yet and wondering if she’d realized her dilemma. James then clicked on the vibrator once again and swore he could hear just the slightest moan coming from the closet. Mr. White didn’t seem to notice.

Inside the closet, Eden lurched. She was at the tipping point. She was moving from her toes to her flat feet every few seconds. The dildo was pushing inside her deeply fucking her each Kartal Vip Escort time she moved up and down up and down up and down. Her nipples pulling, her ass filled, her drool sliding down her chin onto her chest and down her stomach mingling with the juices of her pussy. Suddenly Eden came. Her body shook and her ass tightened on the ball of the hook. Her pussy contracted against the dildo sliding in and out of it almost involuntary. She couldn’t stop lifting herself up and down on the dildo. The vibrator droning on and on and on against her sensitive clit. After cumming it still kept going. Eden moved faster and faster up and down up and down frantically not knowing which pain to embrace.

James clicked off the vibrator and knowing Eden must already be a delightful mess, quickly wrapped up his meeting. It would be just a few more moments until he could see her. After just a bit of obligatory small talk with Mr. White, asking about his children and wife; Mr. White asking him how long he would be in town and when he would return. James knew he was leaving that night but he wasn’t sure how long it would be until he returned. He imagined he would try to do it soon.

Eden could hear the voices now getting louder and she knew James and his colleague were moving closer to the closet. James again clicked on the vibrator.

“Mr. White let me get your coat for you.”

Once Mr. White was on the other side of the clot, James opened the door to a very wide eyed Eden. Seeing her he couldn’t help but take a deep breath almost a gasp. She looked so lovely to him. Her nipples pulled tightly in the clamps, moving up and down fucking the dildo helplessly. Her eyes watering, her drool dripping from her tits down to her pussy, he saw her legs glistening down to her knees with her own juices. “Oh what I’m going to do to this girl!” he thought to himself as he retrieved Mr. White’s coat from the closet, replaced the hanger, closed the door and handed Mr. White his coat.

Reaching out his hand James shook Mr. White’s hand and wished him good day. Closing the door behind Mr. White, James walked over to his desk, turned off the vibrator, retrieved the chair that was sitting there, and pulled it over to sit directly in front of the closet. James opened the door and sat down. He wanted to look at Eden. He wanted to take it all in. James pulled out his phone and again clicked on the vibrator. He took a close up photo of her face and then sat back in the chair and took another picture of her whole body. He switched his phone to video and took a short short clip of her riding up and down on the dildo. Eden again, pushed over the edge no longer take it and came again. This time harder than before and more furiously and frantically fucking herself up-and-down on the dildo. She could no longer stay on her toes but flat on her feet her ass and nipples ached in such a way she couldn’t stay there either.

James sat and watched Eden in her predicament for a moment. He licked his lips and she moaned and groaned beneath the gag. He smiled deviously and stood up. James removed his belt and tie and then unbuttoned his shirt. He removed his shoes, socks, and then his pants, leaving him completely naked. He approached Eden and as he reached out to touch her she jumped. He clicked off the vibrator and asked, “Is that better my sweet?”

Eden nodded and looked up into his eyes unable to get out a word. James asked, “Are you ready?” She continued looking up at him unsure what he meant. At that moment he released both of her nipples from the clamps. The rush of blood caused Eden to moan loudly through her gag; sweet relief and yet an instant deep pain. Eden’s body shivered under his touch James cupped her breasts and squeezed tenderly at first and then with more vigor. James knelt down before her and adjusted the rod that was stuffing her full of dildo and slowly slid it from her dripping pussy. James twisted one finger around her clit and then deep into her pussy before he pulled it out and slid it into his own mouth. “Fucking delicious,” he said.

Eden flat on her feet now was a shivering mess. James untied the anal hook from the rod and without a word yanked it, pulling her towards himself. He held her close and with his free hand reached around and unfastened the ball gag from behind her head. He then leaned down putting his mouth on hers and kissed her deeply. Eden thought she might cum again at his touch. James then turned around and pulling her by just the hook, made his way to his desk.

With one hand James pushed his papers and cup of pens off his desk and on to the floor. He bent Eden over his desk and with the hook still deep inside of her he pushed his rock hard cock deep inside her pussy. Without hesitation he slammed into her again and again, harder and harder. Not wanting to cum just yet, he quickly pulled out of her and made his way to the other side of the desk still pulling the hook deep into her ass. James pressed his glistening cock to her lips and told her to open. Eden opened her mouth and James pushed his cock down her throat, making her body convulse and gag. James held Eden there and with his other hand he pulled hard on the hook still in her ass. James fucked Eden’s mouth and throat ferociously, even growling as he did so. Eden gagged and sputtered as she laid across the desk. He slid his cock from her mouth and pressed his balls to her face before he again returned to the other side of the desk.

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