All the Young Girls Love Laura Pt. 05

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Copyright 2017, 2020 Lisa Summers

All characters depicted in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. All characters in this work were 18 years of age or older, at the time of any sexual activity.

Chapter 1

I was feeling a little out of sorts, my time of the month leaving me uncomfortable and a little messy. Not to mention, I was still uncertain about any future with Melissa Holloway, the unexpected love of my life. Immersed in a copy of the latest Jack Reacher novel, my ears perked up at the knock on my door. I quickly mentally reviewed any expected visitors, finding none and tried to recall anything that I might have ordered – nothing there either.

“Is it time for Girl Scout cookies?” I wondered, hoping that it was. I love S’Mores and Thin Mints together. No one else that I know has thought of that combination, and I’m always fearful that someday I’ll be rich and balloon up to 310 pounds from my youthful slim shape just from overdoing them. Of course, as a 21 year old part-time college student and full time escort to sapphically inclined housewives and executives, “slim” is still easy to do, and definitely the way I’d prefer to stay.

My name is Laura Hendricks, and my occupation isn’t listed in any of the executive search files that Wall Street firms use, but unexpectedly, it’s a vitally important business these days.

There is a very large percentage of the global female population that is either bored or dissatisfied with the sexual talents of the male population, but for whatever reason must maintain a pose as “heterosexual” or straight, as the term goes. Sometimes these women fear social criticism and sometimes they fear physical or mental abuse, but whatever the reason that prevents them from allowing their bi or lesbian natures full flower, they prefer their sapphic sex on the “down low,” with girlfriends or escorts who can please them in private.

I’m one of those escorts, and we happen to be a rare commodity, and so I can choose my clients and charge them a great deal of money for the opportunity to enjoy a real orgasm – or more likely, several real orgasms – instead of the waste of time waiting for some man to come across with satisfying sex. And as a lesbian – no men for me, thank you – I enjoy every single one of these clients to the fullest myself. It’s pretty much the perfect business for me, and I’d hate to have to stop doing it for any reason. It’s incumbent that I keep myself looking good, and in great condition for these sex-starved women.

As a courtesan, a lesbian courtesan, too much weight would be harmful of course. Oh, a fat lesbian prostitute could do very well, since women respond to so many other things in a bed mate than looks, but I believed that kind of weight would be physically and mentally unhealthy for me.

So anyway, if it were some sweet little Girl Scout, I’d keep my order under $20…well, $30, tops. And if it happened to be some Brownie troop leader, say a bored mom looking to fill her time, well, I could fill both her time and any openings itching for attention.

It’s what I do, after all.

I opened the door, a little surprised to see Melissa Holloway there, looking uncomfortable.

To say that seeing her there opened up an ocean of emotions would be to minimize my instant stress. The beautiful 18 year old brushed back her medium length brown hair behind her right ear, and avoided my eyes as best she could while speaking.

Melissa had been my client, one who I was supposed to teach how to maximize her own pleasure on her honeymoon with some jerk – her fiancé – named Jason Grundy. I had been contracted for this service by her mother, Susan, of all people. I wasn’t supposed to fall in love with Melissa, and I sure as hell wasn’t supposed to turn her into a lesbian. The first I knew had happened – I was head over heels for her. The second part I wasn’t sure about.

We had ended up making love as women do the last time we were together, my lessons in seductive and sensual touch having gotten away from us both, and I think at some point we’d both said “I love you,” but it was kind of confused in my head.

“Oh…Melissa,” I greeted her, hesitantly to be sure.

“Um, can I come in?” she asked, her eyes still avoiding mine. Her beautiful, warm brown eyes, so soft and full of love. It had been so easy to swim in those eyes, so easy that I didn’t realize that I was in over my head there.

“Yeah, of course,” I responded, stepping aside to let her enter my apartment. It wasn’t too much of a mess, but I almost never let clients visit me there – in fact, only one patron had ever been there before Melissa. Due to her circumstances, living at home, I had decided to use it as the most comfortable site for introducing Melissa to the pleasures of sex. So she was pretty familiar with it by that point, after several weeks worth of intermittent lessons.

She entered without a further word, walked to the center of the living room, turned Anadolu Yakası Escort and stared into my eyes. “Laura…I, I…love you,” she said.

I gaped at her, and then gulped wordlessly for at least a minute. If you don’t think a minute’s a long, long time, try standing staring at someone for a full 60 seconds, and let me know how that goes. It felt as though whole empires rose and fell as we looked at each other, reaching for something more to say.

“I love you, too,” I responded, finally, trying to exhale after realizing that I’d held my breath the whole time. “I really, really love you,” I added.

“And you love me?” I asked, trying to pin this down, wanting to be sure that I hadn’t misheard her because I wanted to hear it and mishearing her say “I don’t love you” because sometimes we do that, wanting to hear what we want to hear and-

“Yeah,” she said, grinning and crying at the same time. “I really, really love you, too,” she said, coming to me, her arms opening up to take me in them and hold me. She was warm and soft and smelled really good and making little soft noises in her throat and breathing kind of funny – a little hiccuppy thing – and whispered in my ear.

“I was so afraid that you were going to brush me off, or laugh at me or something and I love you so much,” she exhaled into my ear, her breath warm and lovely and sweet across my cheek and on my ear.

“Never, never, never,” I responded. “I could never hurt you, I love you, love you,” I answered, and then we kissed. Softly, tentatively at first, then passionately and fiercely, our bodies twining together as our tongues danced. She was warm and so feminine, and she smelled so sweet – I’d have to ask her what her new scent was – and I never wanted that moment to end.

But of course it did. We sort of both broke our kiss, reluctantly, but it was time for something else to happen. I responded in the only way I know. I took her hand and led her to the bedroom, and then we kissed again, standing by the bed on a tan throw rug. I thought that I was going to lead her into her new life, but it didn’t work out that way at all.

“Here, you’re really much too overdressed for the occasion,” Melissa said, her tongue caught between her teeth, a little pink bit between her perfect white teeth. “Let me help you get those uncomfortable clothes off,” she continued.

“Um, are you sure?” I said, cursing the timing of my period. Just when being perfect would have been well, perfect, I was just…not.

She began by grabbing the hem of my University of Illinois tee shirt and lifting it up, my naked skin more and more exposed. She made a “tsking” sound when she saw that I wasn’t wearing a bra, and pulled the shirt away, my long hair flowing through the neck opening as she did. She held the shirt to her nose.

“Mmm, it smells like you…wonderful,” she murmured, her eyes shining. Her eyes focused on my breasts.

“Oh god, your tits are so perfect,” she whispered, looking quickly into my eyes for permission to touch them. The slight, reflexive jerk of my upper body toward her was all the permission that she needed, and her cool hands were on me, caressing and massaging both breasts at once, squeezing warm, soft flesh in her gentle, small hands, then taking nipples between thumb and forefinger and lightly squeezing, assessing how hard they were and how much I might enjoy her rough handling there.

I threw my head back and moaned. A soft “yesss,” slipped out of me.

She bent down and brought her mouth to my left breast, kissing my aroused globe, her lips wet and pink on me, then taking my long, hard nipple into her mouth, gently sucking on it, the slight pain going straight to my clit, a sharp jolt of pleasure that made my hips wriggle with desire.

Meanwhile, her hands went to my hips, inexorably pushing down the elastic waist of my red sweat pants, the cloth reluctant at first, then, once over the width of my hips and the prominence of my full, round ass, slipped swiftly to the floor. My panties were partially pulled down, with my smooth vulva partially exposed and one hip bare.

“Oh, here, let me fix that,” she said, pulling the errant cloth back into place, then, like a magician removing a table cloth, whipped it down off my hips, down to my knees and let the panties continue on to the floor. I stepped out of the sweat pants and panties, my hand on her shoulder to maintain balance, her strong, warm hand on my hip.

I looked into her eyes and saw an immense hunger there.

“I want you so badly, Laura,” she said, a whisper turning into a growl of desire. Her hands slipped along my waist and hips, and she pulled me closer, my naked stomach bumping against her faded, torn jeans and dark brown cotton blouse, her heavy belt buckle poking me just below my navel.

I giggled. “Is that your belt buckle or are you just happy to see me?”

She ignored my stupid joke and kissed me again, her soft and moist feminine lips pressing against Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan mine, her hands quickly going to my round butt cheeks, caressing my full ass. The feeling was fantastic – for once I wasn’t in charge, and the most beautiful girl in the world was making love to me, making me hers. I hardly knew how to react, but figured that letting her lead the way was undoubtedly the best way to go.

“Mmm,” she moaned. “Your ass feels fantastic,” she murmured, squeezing my ass cheeks gently, but with suppressed excitement. “God, I want to bite them!” The thought of her mouth on my ass made me shiver with desire and lust.

“Yes,” was all that I could say, as her mouth descended on mine yet again, our kiss long, deep and so passionate. I slipped my hands between us and began unbuttoning her plain brown blouse, fingers hurriedly slipping the small plastic discs out of their holes, my hands then slipping inside the opening, to touch her smooth skin, her warmth so life giving. My hands flatly caressed her sides and back, and I reached around to unhook her bra, the stretch fabric relaxing as it was no longer tasked to keep her breasts from flying off into space.

Clumsily and blindly, as we were still kissing, I pulled her blouse off her shoulders and partly down her arms. She took first one hand off me, then the other, to allow the blouse to slip off to the floor, then bent her shoulders forward and the bra, too, slipped down off her breasts and the straps down her arm as she shrugged it off, standing gloriously naked there, her breasts glowing with a rising red blush of desire, nipples equally as stiff as mine, pressing into mine, her flesh so sweetly warm and soft.

We hugged tighter, feeling no discomfort at all as our breasts squeezed together, feeling only the tactile pleasure of another feminine body. I broke our kiss, my lips attending to her cheek, then to the warm hollow between her jaw and collarbone, kissing her warm, vital throat, her pulse racing with desire, her flesh warm and alive. Melissa groaned, and lifted her head to allow me unlimited access to her vulnerability there.

“Yeah, yeah,” she urged me. My hands fumbled fruitlessly at her heavy belt buckle, some kind of western thing, until she took pity on me, laughing lightly, and undoing it herself. I grunted in gratitude, brushing the leather and metal assembly aside and unsnapping the copper rivet at the waist of the jeans, then taking a lewd pleasure in unzipping the zipper, exposing more of her and giving me access to her treasures.

I savagely pushed down the rough blue denim from her hips, her white bikini panties staying primly in place. She assisted, wriggling her hips to help the denim drop farther down. Between the two of us we managed to get the worn blue fabric off her, leaving her clad only in the tiny panties, a wet spot noticeable at the center of her crotch. She stepped back then, out of the puddled jeans to look at me, naked, and herself, nearly naked, and approving of what she saw in both of us.

“Let’s go to bed,” she said with a smile, and I sat on the bed, then scooted over so that she could join me. We lay next to each other on the rumpled bed – I’m not a neat freak – and lazily embraced, kissing again, a long, slow and unhurried expression of our desire for each other, for the contact of one woman with another.

At first we lay side by side, then graduated to find Melissa on top of me, her thigh pressed between mine. My hand went to the front of her panties, sopping wet.

“You’re so wet,” I giggled.

“For you,” she grunted, and began kissing her way down my body, kissing and sucking in my nipples, her lips squeezing them, again sending sweet jolts of pleasure to my clit, as I moaned with pleasure.

“Oh god, Melissa, that feels so fucking good, suck my tits, yeah.” Her hair trailed along my body as she moved, tickling me with her long nails – such a lovely and sweet sensation. She ignored my commentary and continued her journey downward, kissing my stomach, my muscles quivering as she tickled me.

Soon though, she arrived at the hot juncture between my thighs, and set herself there to pay undivided attention to an area in which we could both find immense pleasure. Leisurely she kissed the tops of my thighs, her lips warm and wet, ‘bringing coals to Newcastle’ in applying even more moisture to a part of my body that would have no shortage of wetness.

“Ahh, you smell so fucking good,” Melissa announced, as her kissing of my thighs and vulva of necessity brought her nose closer and closer to my abundantly moist pussy. She inserted her finger in me and slowly removed what was there, slipping it out by its string and nonchalantly setting it on the bedside table.

“You won’t need that for a bit,” she said, grinning. It was obvious that she was in control and fully aware of how I was.

“Oh god…please…kiss me there, I need you, I need you to kiss my pussy,” I begged. That seemed doable under Escort Anadolu Yakası the circumstances.

Instead of diving in and ravaging my soaked cunt, which seemed like a nice, if forbidden idea to me, Melissa instead lightly kissed my hot, plump labia and around my clit, each touch of her soft, warm lips sending a little wave of pleasure through me, my hips quivering and small sounds of pleasure and delight escaping my throat.

“Unnh, unnh, unnh,” I moaned, my hands trying to guide Melissa’s Tour de Laura, but she would have none of it, brushing them aside as she slowly tortured me with pleasure. She began licking along my plump lips, her rough wet tongue sending hot icicles of sensation into me, all flowing towards my rapidly overloaded clit, sensation building inside me, a sweet tension that I wanted to both hold there forever and also let explode in the full flowering of my passion and excitement.

Her hot, moist breath raced over my wet slit and full labia, cooling by the time it skimmed over my clitoris, an intriguing ‘hot-cool’ sensation that I could have intellectually appreciated more if I weren’t so close to cumming explosively.

“Oh please…touch my clit, just a tiny…” I ventured.

Showing her perfect sense of understanding and love for me, Melissa flicked the faintest atom of the tip of her fingernail across my clit just at the moment that her long, wet tongue penetrated deep inside my gushing pussy, sending me well over the edge of sanity, cumming and cumming and cumming…endlessly and exquisitely.

“Uhhh, fuck fucking fuckfuckfuck! Eat me, eat my hot box, you fucking sweet hot dyke!” I screamed, ecstasy filling my being, my body exploding into a million billion pieces, each writhing in pure female pleasure and delight.

I paused to breathe for a second, then…

“Fucking yes yes yesss! Lick my hole, swallow my cum, you fucking lesbian cunt, eat pussy forever, eat cunt, eat my fucking vagina as I cum and cum and cum…god, kiss me, let me taste the pussy on your lips, sweetheart…”

Melissa took mercy on me and sidled up my body, her own sweet, warm femininity caressing mine as she moved, her soft breasts rubbing my hips, then nipples touching nipples – sharp shocks of pleasure as our nipples kissed – then her mouth hot on mine, her tongue fucking my own willing and eager mouth, openly desiring her rape there, her fucking me against my will.

“Oh no, no, no, please don’t, don’t, I don’t want-” I imagined, then “yes yes yes, fuck me, take me, I want to be your slave, your sex, take in what you give me, pleasure forever, our bodies joined hotly, cum and cum and cum as we touch…”

I suppose I blacked out momentarily, lost in a dream of licking Melissa in her every part, consuming her, consuming everything that she produced, swallowing her cum and spit and tears and menses and piss and shit and begging for more…her receptacle of her love for all time.

I came to, or back, I suppose, to find her fully on top of me, her right leg between my legs, pushing them apart, forcing herself on me, anxiously desiring her cunt on mine.

“Oh god, yes,” I murmured in her ear, her long brown hair covering my face and upper chest as she concentrated on her own pleasure with mine, her face buried into the pillow next to my head as she thrust into me so hard I wondered if we’d have bruises there for a week. I aided her then in my rape, raising my legs, her hips slipping into mine, our pussies touching, hot female fluids mixing and gushing together, irreparably soaking my mattress – our mattress – a baptism of sex and lust.

“Fuck me darling,” I whispered into her ear, my breath and tongue caressing the sensitive skin there. “Put it on me, kiss me with your pussy.” Her hips rotated and thrust, the wave of delight as she set every single pleasure receptor in my lower body afire. I hooked my legs around the backs of her calf, then upwards behind her knee, then, finally behind her thigh just below her ass, opening myself up completely to my amazing lover, our pussies fully and completely in contact, labia pressing together, then slipping into each other’s wet slit, our clits touching, hips jerking with stimulus overload as they did, but unable to stop ourselves, watching the bathtub of lust overflow but not caring about cleaning up our inevitable mess.

“Unngh god, I’m fucking cumming!” my wonderful Amazon warrior exclaimed, her head thrown back, hair wet with sweat and ecstasy, body rigid in the throes of her pleasure, as she loomed triumphant over my recumbent form, the lioness devouring her prey, her victory total.

I had become her woman in body and soul, willingly, eagerly and for all time.

She pleasured herself for some time, rubbing her clit against mine, our crotches indescribably wet and slimy with our joined fluids, both of us jerking as stray shocks of clitoral contact sent us off to new orgasms, new showers of colors never before seen, music never before heard. Finally though, even lust-filled women must tire, and she slumped on top of me. I took her in my arms, the mother now protecting and loving her offspring, keeping her warm and safe as she slept.

Chapter 2

I dozed too, the most wonderful relaxation and homely pleasure I could conceive of, and I praised that being which made us for giving me Melissa and the pleasures we shared.

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