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All characters are eighteen or older. Please vote and comment to tell me if you like, thanks! This is an older piece that I fleshed out as a one shot deal. I hope you enjoy.


She was a thief and stole to survive in her unforgiving country. It was the only way to put food on the table and keep the tax collectors at bay. It could have been anyplace in the world but it wasn’t, it was the city of mystery and magic, it was Baghdad. She had no illusions, our thief, no life was very real and death a harsh specter to keep at bay. She was an ugly woman in a land where beauty was the exception not the rule. Her stringy black hair hung to her lower back and her crooked teeth spoiled her smile (which she did rarely these days) her spotted skin was a roadmap of cuts and bruises from her many narrow escapes. She was a very good thief, she still possessed both hands and that said much in the great city of Baghdad.

As we look in on our good thief we see her squatting silently on the tiled roof of a rich merchant’s home. She is wrapped in dark clothing, her hair bound up hidden under a turban. She is just another shadow among many on this moonless night. But the hand of destiny is about to change for her. Tonight the cosmos had tipped in her balance. She listened and heard not a sound; she lowered herself silently to the ground and immediately blended with the other shadows and looked into the rich man’s house. She glided into the open door and looked about the darkened room; there was subtle movement but no sound. Our ugly little thief crouches trying to see to the far end of the room which is nearly pitch black but there is still the suggestion of movement so on shadow’s feet she moves in a little closer to the disturbance. The abomination moving at the far end of the room was never human and its basic resemblance to humanity made it even more disturbing to look upon. She thanked Allah that she could only make out its barest outline, even that was pushing her sanity to the edge. She watched to see what it was doing and much to her everlasting delight it was robbing the merchant. This ‘thing’ had already collected quite a bit of treasure and had it neatly secured in canvas bags in the middle of the room. It had it’s back turned and therefore the unholy abomination now became the victim of a fearless thief. She picked the smallest bag that also happened to be closest to her. She tested its weight and moved slowly yet deliberately towards the exit. She thanked Allah that nothing in the bag clanked against anything else. And so the demon never knew until much later of the missing bag.

Our thief got to the outer wall of the merchant’s estate and tossed the bag over the wall it made a satisfying clunk on the far side. Soon the thief rejoined her newly found wealth and was moving to the ruin that she called home. She avoided the Sultan’s night patrol easily and arrived home with her booty intact. She poured herself a glass of the best wine she had, the near vinegar tasted like the finest vintage that night. She covered the windows with rags that served as curtains and only then did she light an oil lamp so she could peruse her ill-gotten gain. She opened the bag and reached in and pulled out a silver plate. It was gloriously crafted and etched with those strange characters that people who could read called writing. However, unknown to our thief the writing was in fact ancient and hardly spoken even in this corner of civilization. It was the tongue of the Jinn; those poor creatures imprisoned by Suleiman in centuries gone by. She set the plate down and reached in again and came away with a scroll tube. A look of distaste was now etched on her features. She was seeing a pattern to this treasure, for surely as she raised the plate and compared the markings on the tube to it the writing was similar, they shared certain characters but mostly they were disparate. Over and over again she reached in and pulled out various artifacts all marked with the strange writing and wondered now what the creature might want with these things. On the up side a majority of the items were made of obvious valuable material and that she could sell to one of her many contacts in the city market. She set out the items she would sell and distribute them evenly among these rogue merchants so that the goods could not be traced to just one person. When she was done a handful of trinkets remained these she would hold onto for lean times.

She slept until two hours after dawn and then wrapped as a beggar, her face well hidden she made her trips into the marketplace. Here she sold her dubious goods and knew before the third visit that she would be eating well for a very long time. Then she visited the guild and paid her dues; no one plied their trade in the city without paying a portion to the guild, well not anyone who wanted to survive long enough to see a moon’s cycle that is. And in very lean times she could stay at the guild house for a short time to ride out the worst of seasons. Survival was the only law she respected and yes she grudgingly handed over her Escort Kızılay money but knew it was a wise investment. The current guild leader, a scar faced man named Akhmed offered her a drink and shared the local gossip with her, she was immediately cautious. The guild leader didn’t simply buy a nobody like her a drink.

“I have heard that a wealthy merchant surprised a thief last night and there was very little indeed of the poor soul for his bride to recognize. He was torn into little pieces. You wouldn’t know how that could have happened shadow-blossom?”

That wasn’t a request but a demand for information so that he could tip off the Captain of the Sultan’s guard. She cleared her throat and spoke haltingly and told him of the demon she had seen ransacking the house for valuables. When she finished he was smiling, indeed he was on the verge of laughing.

“You are telling me little thief that you stole from a demon who was in turn stealing from the Great Merchant Prince himself?” She nodded and suddenly the impact of her deeds came to light. She had judged her position all wrong, her target had been a wealthy man yes, but even she did not have the audacity to steal from him. And now the Great Merchant Prince was dead. Her mouth worked but no words came out.

“By the great horned one himself you are a masterful thief?” He refilled her glass as she tried to collect herself. “And whoever conjured this demon will be most unhappy with you. I would lay low for a long time. I have bought you these drinks because our doors are closed to you from this day on. You may steal to your heart’s content, because most assuredly your life will be short from now on. Drink up for your life is worthless now.”

He patted her gently on the back and drank to her health, it was the least he could do. An hour later she was sitting in her ruins sipping from an expensive bottle of wine. She had dodged the grasp of death on so many occasions that it seemed almost unfair to have been ‘chosen’ now that her money situation was so well improved. She cursed her luck and many obscenities flew from her mouth before the wine worked its magic and lulled her into a drunken stupor. She awoke to the cockcrow and the pounding in her head was the work of the wine demons that tormented her until she ate and drank enough water to appease them. She had decided before she passed out that she would leave the city and at least become a moving target for this faceless magician. She gathered the remaining treasure into the canvas bag and decided on one last trip into the city for supplies and new clothes. Then she would leave the city of her birth forever. She placed all of her goods into the bag and then she went to a part of the market she had never visited before. Here the garment makers dwelt and here for the first and probably last time she would buy new clothes not castoffs from the dead and her victims. She picked out fine but serviceable clothing for her trip into the desert. She bathed in a private bath house loving the feel of the clean water on her skin before putting on her new garb and placed the old in the bag, just in case. She stole a horse and left the city in style.

It was called the Oasis of Sharadrim and the desert folk dwelt here in peace. Here our thief took out the scroll tube and driven by boredom broke the wax seal and drew out the ancient parchment from within. She unrolled it and found it was a map, but blast it all the geographic references were marked with those strange symbols like those over all the rest of this cursed treasure.

“The fates must hate me!” She rumbled and heard the sliding sound of measured footsteps on the sand behind her.

“Perhaps young woman the fates are kinder than you know, may I see that parchment you hold?” The thief turned and saw a man as old as the paper she now held maybe even older she mused. Indeed he seemed to share some of the qualities of the antique document; his skin was brown and dried by countless years in the desert and his face was etched like the lines forming mesas and canyons. She rose to her feet and handed it to him, it was worthless to her as it was. He held it up to the firelight and pointed excitedly to the gibberish and oohed and ahhed over every little thing.

“Would that I was but ten years younger I would offer to accompany you on your journey. But Allah has seen fit for this to come to my hands now, now that I am old, too old.” He grew quiet but still held the map in his trembling hands.

“What does it say Ancient One?” She was reverent to any being who had survived this long. His expression was one of delightful shock. He nodded to himself and reread the squiggly gibberish one more time and told a tale as was the custom of the times. He marked the landmarks in his tale and pointed them out to the young woman as he passed on the vital information. At the last marker he told her what awaited her according to legend of course. Her expression was unreadable as the enormity of this whole adventure hit her. She retrieved the scroll case and gave Kızılay Escort it the old man. She returned to her fire and contemplated this journey now thrust upon her. She had to go, didn’t she? The five markers she played back in her mind and heard the old man’s voice over and over until it was unforgettable. She piled fuel onto her fire and then lay down to sleep.

Chilled the young thief awoke as dawn broke over the land and she gathered her belongings and headed for the first marker. A pouch containing fresh fruit and bread was placed near her tethered steed; obviously the old man wished her well in his own way. She mounted her horse and left the oasis with the feeling that the hand of fate was guiding her towards some unknown destiny. Five days and five markers and the eerie feeling of some unseen force grew as she neared her destination. The final marker pointed the way to the cave entrance set in the floor of a box canyon. Standing on the edge of black abyss without a single coil of rope the little thief looked down without hope and a shadow of despair started to form. She started to curse at the open air.

“I am here beyond doubt and for the lack of rope I stand defeated.”

And then the obscenities started to fly. She sat at the edge and stared unbelieving that she was finished before she really started. It was only after a while sitting there that her eyes adjusted to the gloom of the pit that she saw the possible hand holds. Death hunted her in the form of the dreaded sorcerer who had summoned the demon whom she had robbed and even now must be hunting her. Fear was useless at this point, really a moot point. She looked through her bag to see if anything there looked useful once she reached the cave floor. Only a silver disk on a platinum chain seemed to jump out at her. So she took this as a good luck charm and slipped it around her neck. The thief lowered herself and found her first foothold and then another and then a handhold. And so she went for a short while until the section she was climbing ended abruptly. A rock fall sometime in the past robbed her of anywhere to go and so she was forced to backtrack. But as she shifted her weight to reverse her course there came a sickening sound a cracking splitting sound the stone supporting her gave way of a sudden. She was floating in the darkness until the ground rushed up to meet her but death did not come. She bounced as she finished her fall and the yielding surface caught her once more. She lay there in the darkness wondering at the lack of pain and death for a long moment. Then the surface moved upwards and it vibrated as a voice broke the silence.

“Welcome to the cave of wonders.” As her eyes adjusted to the near darkness she saw where she was sitting and she bit back the scream of fear. The giant’s body rose up and she slid to the cave floor looking up and up as the Jinn rose to a sitting position. “Are you mute or simply rude?” The Jinn asked looking at his tiny visitor.

“I am overwhelmed with your august presence great lord.” Her nasally voice answered the deep bass of the creature before her.

“Well-mannered for a trespasser,” the volume of his voice nearly deafening, “who comes to my domain?”

“I am a humble thief eminent one. My name is Allahdeen.” A great rumble of contemplation as the Jinn decided what to do with his ‘guest’.

“Who are you oh splendid person?” A rolling laugh filled the cave as the Jinn nearly laughed himself silly.

“Why humorous one I am the Green Jinn. If the light were better that would be obvious.”

Then radiance filled the area and the emerald skin of the Genie was revealed. She looked at the enormous creature, he was handsome despite his skin coloration beautiful upswept almond shaped eyes with a long raven mane, a sculpted physique and an erection that was as tall as she was. He was huge! He looked down seeing where her eyes were riveted.

“Sorry, I just woke up,” the Green Jinn boomed. Allahdeen lowered her eyes and boldly continued with her questions.

“Don’t Genies grant wishes,” she asked and another rolling thunderous laugh and the Jinn wiped a tear from his eye.

“We do what we feel like doing. However I propose an agreement, I will grant you three wishes if you perform three favors in turn. What do you say?”

“What kind of favors?”

The Green Jinn raised an eyebrow and spoke simply.

“I wish to be rid of this cave, I want to get out and I need your help since you are of Suleiman’s race.” Shrewd as her life has made her Allahdeen weighed the danger of letting such a force loose on the world. A sick part of her welcomed the chance to effect so many people but at what cost?

“If you grant my first wish now then I agree.” The Green Jinn nodded at the greedy human.

“Very well my dear, but first to command me you must rub my lamp.” She looked around at the riches piled up against the walls. She started off towards the nearest wall. “Where are you going?”

Allahdeen stopped in her tracks and looked back at the Genie. Kızılay Escort Bayan He pointed down at his massive erection. Understanding was evident on her features and she walked to stand under the shadow of his manhood. She beckoned with a finger.

“You are going to have to come down here oh rigid one.”

The Green Jinn sat on the cave floor so the little thief could reach. She had a deft touch that was sure; she ran her hands along his length and watched it stiffen even further. Allahdeen stood to the side to avoid any backwash if it should happen; it was quite possible she could drown if the genie climaxed. The jinn wiggled his toes and literally purred. The more she stroked the smaller the genie became; the faster she rubbed the faster his size reduced. Until at last he stood before her the height of a man; and now one hand was enough to encompass his manhood and still she rubbed on enjoying the pleasure she was giving. His color darkened and his breath came in ragged gasps.

“What is your first wish my Mistress?”

The contentment was clear by the expression on his face. She didn’t need to think it over at all.

“I want to be a beautiful courtesan and skilled in all the ways they are.” The genie murmured a bit. “What is it?”

The genie pondered something for a moment and then spoke.

“Well Mistress first of all you must word your desire properly and second beauty is fine and good for the young.”

Alladheen saw the wisdom of the Green Jinn’s words; she paused for a long moment and then spoke again.

“I wish that I were beautiful as a courtesan and skilled as the finest in the entire world, forever.” The last word hung in the air and the genie only nodded.

“So it is spoken so shall it be.”

The ominous tone of his voice cut through her as titanic forces began coursing through her body. Her skin and bones and muscles all felt like they were on fire. She screamed as the change took hold, she blacked out as the pain lanced through her being. She regained consciousness cradled in the Jinn’s powerful arms.

“You are as perfect as I can make you gentle Mistress.”

He conjured water and held it in the air so she could see her reflection. She didn’t recognize herself; it was another person staring back at her. Her skin was flawless smooth with no sign of the uncounted scars anymore. Her eyes were now a deep violet and like his were now almond shaped and upswept. Her vision was on par with some bird of prey, the edging darkness held no secrets to her gaze. Her whole body was perfectly formed both in shape and strength. But the more subtle changes became manifest as her newly acquired intellect and wisdom made themselves known. When she squinted she noticed the iris of her eyes became thin slits like a cat’s how simply marvelous! Her body was much more curvaceous than before with larger yet firmer breasts with sensitive nipples the color of snow that hardened even as she pondered making love to the handsome Jinn. Her hair was now amazingly long and shone with a health and color that took her breath away. She turned and looked over her shoulder seeing that her rear that had been so flat and dull was now well rounded and delightfully firm. Her legs were long and kept their athletic quality but were so gorgeously shaped and even her feet were lovely with flawlessly manicured nails.

She could hear her heart pounding in her ears and then suddenly realized she could also hear the Jinn’s heartbeat as well! She closed her eyes and reached out with her newfound ability and heard nothing save the two of them in the Cave of Wonders. Alladheen let out a short whistle of surprise and was rewarded with a brand new sensation; she could actually hear the sound bounce off the walls and her entire body acted like a net catching the whistle and making a picture in her mind. This cave was massive! She began whistling in one direction and then the next and so on until she had covered the four compass points. Alladheen looked over at the Green Jinn and smiled brilliantly.

“What is your first task?” She asked looking from time to time at the wall of water still unused to the drastic changes that had occurred. He gently cradled her chin in his hand as his lips met hers and it was as if lightning had struck her; the pleasure was unlike any she had ever felt before. She was not a virgin but the only men she had shared a bed with were as ugly as she had been and had left a deep bitterness in her. But that was gone now for in that kiss her whole body awoke to a hunger so long denied. The kiss deepened and she nearly swooned in the Jinn’s powerful arms. After a timeless moment her servant broke the kiss and leaned forward and whispered in her ear and she moaned in response giving him all the freedom he desired to pleasure them both. His lips planted butterfly kisses on her neck as his hands performed arcane gestures and her clothes simply faded away to nothing. The Jinn moved behind her now kissing the side of her neck and cupping her perfect breasts. Her skin was like alabaster and her nipples were puffy with pale areoles. Alladheen caught her reflection in the water and slowly made the connection with her new form but was distracted by the pleasure flooding her body. Alladheen kept eye contact with her watery double as her emerald skin lover pleasured her.

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