Allen , Ashlyn: New Years Eve

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(Allen) Opening my eyes I realized that it was already light outside. I laid there in my bed wondering if I just had the wildest dream of my life or if I really did just fuck my daughter. She was no longer laying next to me as I heard the water running in the shower. Reaching over I felt the sheets under the blanket and found the warm spot where she was laying.

Tears began to run from my eyes as I realized that I probably just ruined my daughter’s life. I rolled over and began to sob lightly. I heard the water shut off in the shower. I decided to pull myself together since what already happened, happened. I now had to figure out the best way to handle the situation. As I laid there trying to think clearly I saw her thigh high stockings and sexy shoes laying at the side of my bed. The longer I looked at her lingerie the harder my cock became under my sheet.

Suddenly my bedroom door opened and Ashlyn walked in with wet hair and a towel wrapped around her sexy body. Our eyes met again as she smiled and said “good morning daddy” before bending down to pick up her stockings and heels. As she bent down the towel in back opened and I saw her sexy ass and completely bald pussy. She stood up and proceeded to walk back towards the door. She walked out and as she began pulling the door shut she turned and looked at me. “I’m done in the shower daddy” Ashlyn said as she closed the door.

“What the fuck am I gonna do” I asked myself as I climbed out of bed completely naked? I placed my robe over my body and walked to the shower. The hot water felt so good on my skin as I lathered myself up. As I showered I realized that I would have to talk to Ashlyn and explain some things to her.

When I finished showering I went back to my room and got dressed. When I went down to the kitchen. Ashlyn already had breakfast ready for me. I sat down and watched as she served me. She looked so sexy in those tight jeans as she walked around the kitchen. Finally she sat down and joined me for breakfast.

As we ate I began to talk. “Ashlyn, I want to apologize for what happened last night.”

“We should have had better self control” I said. “I know daddy” Ashlyn said as she continued to eat her breakfast. “I am truly sorry if I hurt you any way last night.”

“Daddy,” Ashlyn started to speak, “I wanted that as much as you did.”

“Lets make a deal sweetie” I said to my lovely daughter as she continued to eat her breakfast across from me. “What’s that daddy” Ashlyn said. “As wonderful as it was we have to never repeat what happened nor tell anyone about it” A look of some discontent was evident on Ashlyn’s face as she realized that I was totally serious. “O.K. daddy” Ashlyn mumbled softly as she continued to eat.

After breakfast I went to the living room and saw how our wild lustful evening ended up. Our clothes were strewn about the room. My shirt was on the couch, my pants were on the television set and my underwear were under the Christmas Tree. Ashlyn’s bra was by my underwear while her thong was hanging from a tree branch. Her dress however was on a heap right beside where we made passionate love. I gathered my clothing and Ashlyn gathered hers as we went to our own separate rooms.

(Ashlyn) The next morning when I awoke, daddy was still asleep. I looked into his face and smiled, thinking, should I wake him up with my mouth around his cock or should I just go shower. I mean, what else could be as good as having my daddy on Christmas morning? I opted to go take a shower, why? I have no clue. I wasn’t sorry in the least for what had happened.

As I crawled out of the bed, careful not to wake daddy, a burst of cold air hit me. The house was cold because we hadn’t turned up the central heat. I mean why would we have thought about it, we were already hot… I kinda giggled to myself and hurried to the bathroom, on my way, turning up the heat so daddy wouldn’t be cold when he got out of bed.

The shower felt so good, I had it as hot as I could stand it. As the water hit my nipples, they almost hurt and as I looked down, I could tell why. They were all red and swollen, blue in some part from daddy sucking on them. They were so tender but I was so inclined to touch them. How sensitive they were just as I began to touch them, they hardened and fire shot straight through my body. I knew I wasn’t getting out of the shower until I had cum again. I reached between my legs and found my wet pussy lips. With one hand on my nipple, rubbing it, my other hand began to rub my protruding clit. My body was responding like it never had before. I mean sure I had masturbated before but both my nipples and my clit were hypersensitive this morning. I was quickly on the brink of orgasm and as I came, I could tell it squirted out of me. I came so hard, my knees got weak and I had to catch my self on the shower wall or else I would have fallen.

I continues to shower, washing my body and my hair as my pussy slowed it convulsing pace. The window was fogged as I exited the shower, so I decided that escort bursa I would dress in my bedroom. I wrapped my towel around me and headed for daddy’s room to wake him. “Good morning daddy.” Our eyes met and I felt like letting that towel drop, walking over to him and rejoining him, but I sensed an uneasiness in the room, so I simply picked up my heels and stockings from the previous night and headed for my room after letting him know that the shower was free.

I didn’t know if daddy was upset about what happened or if he was mad, so I wanted to spoil him a little more and I made his favorite breakfast, French toast and sausage. By the time he came down, his food was being placed on the table beside the glass of orange juice.

As he began to speak, I learned quickly that he was confused about what happened and I kinda was aloof about the whole situation. He may have some problems with it, but I did not. I knew what I wanted and I got it. I was not ashamed of what happened, nor was I sorry for the fact that my daddy made me a woman. When he told me that it wouldn’t be repeated, I simply stated OK, but I knew it would. How could we ever deny what happened, our feelings were so strong and our bodies like magnets. I was sure that it would repeat but I wasn’t gonna argue.

After breakfast, I gathered my articles of clothing from the living room and went to my room. I called Catherine and asked what she got for Christmas and she told me that her daddy got her a new car and then instead of going to mass, both her daddy and her brother had her. She said she was kinda sore but she knew as soon as they woke up, she’d get it again. I wasn’t ready to tell Catherine, but hearing her speak of her sexual experience got me all hot and bothered again. I thought it was too early to try it with daddy, so as I talked with Catherine, I removed my jeans. I had no panties on underneath… I laid on my bed and spread my legs.

With my door cracked about an inch or two, I began to play with my pussy again. Catherine told me about how she rode her daddy’s nice thick cock and her brother slide his into her ass. She could tell I was playing and she said, “Ashlyn, you really need to get some cock in you. If you want, you can come over today.”

I wasn’t so sure about that but I came at thinking of some more cock in me. As I hung up the phone, I rolled over on my bed and fell back asleep, with only my shirt on, my bare ass up in the air.

(Allen) After I placed my clothes in my room I decided to lay down on the bed to try to figure out what kind of mess I had gotten us into. Flashbacks of last night kept racing through my head causing my cock to stiffen. I knew what we did was wrong and we committed one of the worst sins possible, but it still intrigued me.

The longer I thought about it the harder my cock became. After about a half hour of pondering I decided to get up to do some house work to ease my mind and my tensions. I walked out of my room and headed for the kitchen when I passed Ashlyn’s room. I don’t know why I paused when I got to my daughter’s room but I did. Probably because her door was cracked open. Turning my head I could see my daughter and realized that she was sleeping. What else I saw I couldn’t take my eyes off of.

Ashlyn was sleeping on her stomach with no pants or panties on. My eyes were glued to her ass cheeks. Her legs were parted just enough for me to see her puffed out pussy lips. I stared at every inch of my daughter’s exposed flesh starting from her toes all the way to her waist.

My cock was now raging in my pants as I slowly and quietly unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans. Next I pulled my boxers down just far enough to allow my cock to spring forth. I immediately grabbed my aching cock and began pumping it. I continued to stare at Ashlyn’s feet and legs and imagined that I was licking and sucking every part of them. Slowly I would lick farther and farther up her legs to her amazing ass. I continued to pump as I imagined sinking my tongue into her pussy while she slept on her bed. That did it as every nerve in my body began to tingle. I held out my hand to catch my cum as I knew I was about to spurt. Just then I shot a rope of cum that squirted out past my hand and landed on her bedroom door. I continued to pump my load, catching the rest in my hand.

Just then Ashlyn began to roll over so I quickly walked into the bathroom to clean up. “My god, my cum is on her door and I cant go back to clean it up because she is awake.” I cleaned up and went into the kitchen. I heard Ashlyn rustling around her room and knew that she was up.

I knew these feelings were wrong but they were beginning to control me. I had to gather the courage and strength to over come them.

(Ashlyn) As I awoke from my nap, I decided that maybe I should go to Catherine’s so I got up and started to put back on my panties and jeans when I realized that I was still wet. I headed to the bathroom to clean up. As I opened the door, I noticed a gooey substance on bursa merkez eskort my door. I bent to look at it and noticed what it was, it had to bed, what else could it be but cum. Laughing to myself, my daddy’s cum. I wiped it with a tissue and took it to the rest room with me. I imagined him watching me sleep and jacking his cock… “Oh daddy,” I thought, “No way can we last.”

After cleaning up, I slid my jeans back on and a sweater, not caring for a bra. Then I called Catherine back. She was in the middle of trying on her new clothes that she had gotten for Christmas. She told me to come on over.

I ran downstairs and found daddy watching some show on the Discovery channel, set in Africa, lots of safari stuff. As I walked in, two zebras were mating, giggling as I sat beside him, I said, “I wonder if they are daddy and daughter.” Daddy looked at me and laughed. Then I said, “I wonder if she is enjoying her daddy’s cock as much as I enjoyed mine.” Stroking his leg, daddy placed his hand on mine to stop it, “Ashlyn.” I said, “May I have the car?”

He just shook his head and I stood up. “Where are you going” Daddy asked? I turned to face him and said, “Catherine’s. I may spend the night, OK?” He said fine and I went upstairs to pack a bag just in case I decided to stay. Walking back downstairs and kissed his cheek lightly, “Bye Daddy.”

As I drove to Catherine’s, I couldn’t help but think what may happen that night. Catherine’s dad was handsome, 6’1,” probably 195 – 200 lbs., dark brown hair, brown eyes and her brother was just as cute.

As I pulled into her drive, I saw her new car, a bright red Mustang, nice, very nice.

Walking in the door, I was greeting by Catherine’s brother, Sean. “Well, hello Ashlyn.”

“Hi Sean” I said.

“Come on in, Catherine is up in her room.” I walked in and caught him looking at my ass. I smiled and walked through the living room where her dad was adding logs to the fire. “Good afternoon, Mr. Kelly.” Looking up smiling, “Well, hi Ashlyn honey.” He walked over and gave me a hug, pressing my breasts to his chest. I moaned and whispered in his ear, “That’s a warmer greeting than I got from Sean.” We both laughed and he said, “Well, he’s still learning.”

I broke the hug and told him I am going to see Catherine and walked up the stairs. Finding Catherine checking her e-mail, I walk in. “Hey sweetie.” She looked up and said, “Heyyyy.” Standing up and hugging me. “You little tease, no bra?”

I smiled and she smacked my bottom lightly. “When I told my daddy you were cuming over, his eyes lit up. You might not be a virgin tomorrow…” Giggling.

“I’m not a virgin now!” I said. Catherine looked shocked. “What?” We walk over to her bed and sat. I told her the whole story and she was smiling the whole time. As I finished, she told me she was wet and spread her legs, lifting her skirt for me to see.

Just then, her daddy walked in to tell us dinner would be ready at 7, it was just 2:30. He saw me looking at it and he came in. “What are you two doing?” Catherine looked up and said, “Well Daddy, Ashlyn was telling me that her daddy gave her a nice present for Christmas, or should I say she gave him one?”

Mr. Kelly smiled and brushed his hand on my hair. “Very good girl, Ashlyn” I look up and smiled. He knelt to the floor and kissed my cheek. Then, Catherine lifted my sweater and said, “Look at her daddy.” His eyes widened at the sight of my tits and his hands slide along my tummy and up to my nipples that were jutting out already. A soft moan escaped my lips as he brushed them. Catherine, watching her daddy touch me, slid his hand from one breasts and pinched my nipple really hard and I gasped as electricity flowed through my body. Mr. Kelly took off my sweater and let it fall to the floor. “Your body is so beautiful.” I smiled and he stood up, unfastening his pants and letting them drop. He wasn’t wearing any under garments so his hard cock just sprang out… all 7 1/2 inches. Catherine’s mouth went straight to it and as she licked one side, he brought my face closer for me to lick the other side. There we were, best friends sharing her daddy’s cock.

He moaned and then told me to stand up. As I did, he told Catherine to take my pants off of me. She unfastened them and peeled them off of me, taking my shoes off and sliding them totally off, then my panties. I could not believe I was nude in front of Mr. Kelly.

He looked at me and said, “That was very good of you to service your daddy, like a sweet little daughter. Your sexy body must have been driving him crazy for years and then, he gets to pop your cherry, making you a woman. Look at the beautiful shaved pussy.” He reached down and rubbed the outside of my lips. “God, I bet he is home right now, wondering if what he did is wrong, but at the same time, fantasizing about your pussy and jerking his cock.” He pushed a finger in my dripping wet pussy. “What a sweet little pussy, Ashlyn.” Then he pushed another bursa sınırsız escort in and began sliding them in and out. “You liked giving it to him didn’t you?” I shook my head yes and he said, “I know he loved giving it to you.” As he spoke, I could feel my juices flowing down his fingers. He held me close with one arm, fingered me with his other hand and talked about me and my dad. “Look at those tits and pussy, I know you drove him nuts, just as you are driving me right now.” Catherine just watched and then, he turned me around and bent me over Catherine’s bed. He began rubbing my ass and then, he slapped it lightly. Then, he knelt down and licked my pussy from behind. I moaned and Catherine said, “I am going to get Sean, I can’t take this daddy.” He chuckled and said, “Go on my dear.” Catherine must have gone to Sean’s room because in minutes I heard her moaning and screaming. Her dad was lapping at my pussy and then he stopped. I felt his hands on my waist and then, slam, his cock was all the way in me and I screamed as he forced it all in.

He moaned that I was so tight and warm, all wet inside. He took it slow at first and then started pumping it harder in and out of me. He placed his hand on my clit and began rubbing fast. I was soon on the brink of orgasm and as I came he moaned that he loved my pussy. Forcing me face down on the bed, he rammed it in me, my clit rubbing the bed.

Soon, I was cumming again but as soon as I did, he pulled out and turned me over, covering my tits and face with his cum. I licked my lips and he placed his cock there for me to clean. I licked and sucked and he moaned that I was gonna make it hard again. I don’t know what had gotten into me, I wanted it more and more. I sucked it harder and soon he was right, he was hard. He laid me on my back and spread my legs, putting them in the air and ramming his cock straight in. I screamed which must have driven him crazy cause he pumped harder, making me scream more until my body tensed and I exploded again. He took his cock out and told me to open my mouth. He pumped his hard cock in my face and then shot streams of hot cum into my mouth. We both collapsed and fell asleep.

(Allen) As I sat there watching television I became a little bored with it. Here I was on Christmas Day watching the Discovery channel. As It got later and later I figured Ashlyn wasn’t going to come home tonight. As I sat there I began wondering what her friend Catherine would look like naked. What it would be like to have both of them. Finally I pushed the remote button and shut off the television and went to bed. The following morning Ashlyn returned home. We just kind of hung out as we went to the stores to do some after Christmas shopping.

Things seemed to be getting back to normal between Ashlyn and I. We acted as though nothing ever happened on Christmas Eve. I gave my daughter my credit card and told her to get something nice from the store because we had a formal party to go to on New Years eve. “What should I get daddy” Nicole purred. “Get a nice black gown and matching heels. “We have to go to the Henderson’s for a party and I promised him we would attend this year since we haven’t seen them in a long time.” A Sparkle was evident in Ashlyn’s eyes as I handed her my credit card.

“Daddy I am going to find the nicest evening gown to wear.”

“You will be so proud of me when you see me.” With a look of anticipation in my eyes I looked at Ashlyn and smiled. “Baby I am always proud of you.” The days began to pass rather quickly and it was the eve of New Years Eve. I knew Ashlyn had bought her dress, she just wouldn’t show me until the big evening.

I continued to struggle with my thoughts, fantasies and desires of Ashlyn. I would begin to wonder what she would look like in her new dress. Would she have stockings and garters under it? Would she be bra less, or panty less? Every time I pictured her in a black dress my cock would stir in my pants.

(Ashlyn) Daddy gave me his credit card when we went shopping one day so I could buy a black dress for the Henderson’s New Year’s Party. This event was one of the biggest of the year and I wanted to make daddy so happy and proud of me. I went into my favorite department store and into the designer gown section I went.

As I turned the rounder, I picked 5 black dresses out and asked the associate to show me to a dressing room. The first I chose to try on was short and strapless but I decided that it may embarrass daddy. The second one was a sequin, mid thigh, maybe a little flashy, I thought. The third just looked bad with it’s fur on the neckline. The fourth was velvet and I thought since I wore velvet for Christmas that I shouldn’t for New Years. The last one I tried on was just right. It was black silk with spaghetti straps. As I looked in the mirror, I noticed how it flowed down to the floor and that the slits up each side almost went up to my hip. I thought a simple set of pearls would look classy with it. I put my own clothes back on and purchased the dress and then chose a pair of shoes to match. The pair I chose were toeless, just strappy little heels. The associate looked at them and smiled. “I love these shoes,” she said. ” They look wonderful with a simple toe ring on the left foot, do you have one?” I smiled back, “Yes I do and I think you are so right.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32