Allie Grows Up Ch. 02

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First off, thanks to everyone who read and gave feedback on part one. These are my first few attempts at writing so I really do appreciate and take to heart all the feedback I get, so I just wanted to say thanks and that I’m looking forward to hearing more of what you all think! 🙂

This part picks up where part 1 ended so you may want to consider reading the first chapter, but it’s not absolutely necessary. enjoy!


I wanted to be patient and take things slowly with Alexandra, of course, that was amazingly difficult given that I wanted nothing more than to bend her over and take away every ounce of innocence and naivety that she had in her lithe little body. But I had to refrain, I had less than admirable intentions for my sweet little girl, but I still wanted her to enjoy the experience. The experience, she thought, would be turning into a normal, sexually experienced teenage girl while I was planning on her becoming my perfect fantasy girl. But like I said, I really did have her pleasure in mind, just because I had my own depraved desires didn’t mean my love for my daughter would fall by the wayside.

Which brings us to that first night we had together; me and Alexandra sitting on the couch, both with shirts on and pants off, her with her come covered hand still wrapped around my softening cock, slowly stroking it, seemingly mesmerized by what she had just experienced.

I leaned in, stroking her silky black hair, “good girl, very good girl,” I cooed in her ear as she released my cock and began playing with the gooey cum hanging off her fingers.

I kissed her hot, blushing cheek as she smiled and giggled, still looking down at her cream covered hand, no doubt proud of what she had accomplished. As I moved down to kiss her neck, she nudged me away and gave me a concerned look, then glanced down at her hand.

“Daddy? What do I do with your, um, stuff, on my hand?”

“It’s called cum princess, and you can taste it if you want, you’ll have to get used to tasting it and having it in your mouth anyway, eventually you’ll even learn to love swallowing daddy’s cum.”

At this new information she furrowed her brow a little, clearly not thrilled about the prospect of putting my cum in her mouth. But sweet little thing that she is, she obliged and brought her hand to her mouth but turned her nose up at my semen as she did.

“It’s ok sweetie, I promise it won’t be that bad.”

She glanced me a doubtful look, but as I gave her a warm smile she put the tip of her little finger in her mouth and sucked off the sticky liquid. I got instantly hard again watching her taste my cum for the first of many times. A pleasantly surprised look spread over her face as she tasted my seed.

“It tastes a little sweet,” she said with a smile lifting up her now almost permanently red cheeks and proceeded to lick the rest of her fingers clean. I couldn’t help but be proud of her, cum wasn’t even an acquired taste for her, she’d be an insatiable slut in no time.

I gazed lovingly at her as she dutifully cleaned off her pale little hand. “We should get cleaned off, don’t you think sweetheart?”

“ok,” she said, looking up from her hand “do you want to get in the shower first?”

“No” I said with laugh “we’ll shower together, after all I still need to see those cute little tits of yours,” I said, pinching her nipple through her shirt. And I didn’t think it was possible, but her face and the top of her chest turned an even deeper shade of red at my words, I suspect because she was self conscious about her breasts. Her boobs were very small, I’m not sure she even owned a bra, and although I wouldn’t have my darling little girl any other way, she had showed before that despite her innocence she was aware of certain societal pressures on girls her age and had gorukle escort bayan the capacity for crushing self consciousness about areas in which she (mistakenly) believed she was less than perfect.

I decided to change the subject and tackle her shyness later. “And,” I said “you need to take care of daddy’s cock again,” motioning down to my member, still hard from watching her savor my creamy cum, “and daddy wants to fool around with you in the shower,” I said as I nuzzled her neck, eliciting a cute little giggle from my daughter.

“Let’s go,” I said, standing up in front of her, my throbbing cock standing menacingly just inches from her face. As she stood up, she seemed to relax a little and her inquisitiveness returned.

“Are we always gonna shower together from now on daddy?” she asked as we headed to the bathroom.

“We don’t have to baby, but if you want to be a good girl for daddy we should spend as much time as possible together so you can take care of my cock, that’s your job now, and the shower is a great place to make daddy feel good.”

She looked at me and smiled “ok daddy,” she said, her voice eager and eyes beaming. And just like that my word was gospel, upon telling her that her purpose was to service me sexually, something that most girls would receive… negatively, she smiled, squeezed my arm, leaned into me sweetly and lovingly and accepted that that was the way it was going to be from now on. I don’t know if my suspicion of her being naturally submissive was correct or if it was just that she didn’t know any better, but this submissive role genuinely seemed to make her happy, she wanted to be my girl, my good girl, and do anything she could to make me happy. And if my devious plans for her made her as content as possible, that would just be the icing on the cake, and I was truly beginning to think that being my darling little slut would make her happier than anything else in the world could.

As we walked into the bathroom, I couldn’t help but pinch her cute little butt. I knew I’d be feeling every inch of her body very soon, but I couldn’t resist, her whole body was so tight and smooth, so irresistible.

As I pinched her she gave a little yelp “daddy!” and twirled around to look at me with just a hint of disapproval in her eyes.

“What?” I asked “you’re gonna have to get used to daddy touching you whenever and wherever he wants, it’s just part of being daddy’s girl, you do want to be daddy’s good girl right?”

“Yes daddy, I do,” she said quickly, looking longingly up at me, fearing that any wrong move on her part would bring an end to our situation that I knew she was already enjoying immensely.

“Alright then,” I said, cupping her chin in between my thumb and index finger and looking down lovingly at her sweet, pale face. After a pause I said “ok then, I think it’s about time we took that shirt off, don’t you think sweetheart?” She blushed and looked away, removing any doubt from my mind that she was self conscious about her chest.

“What’s wrong sweetness? don’t you want to show daddy your tits?” I said, cupping her waist and stepping closer to her.

“It’s just that…” she trailed off, bit her lip and looked away, a small tear forming in her eye.

I went down to one knee so I could look up at her and asked in my sweetest voice “oh princess, what is it? What’s wrong? you know you can tell daddy.”

“It’s just… daddy they’re so small!” she said, raising her voice and stomping her foot like a petulant child “no boy would ever like my boobies! You wouldn’t even like them! they’re too *sniff* they’re too small!” She was now openly bawling, crying her eyes out, and god save me I was turned on. She was so vulnerable, so worked up over what I would think of her body, I wanted to take her right nilüfer escort bayan then and there and show her just how sexy and irresistible she was to me. But I decided to soothe her, I hugged her and kissed the back of her neck as she cried onto my shoulder.

“shhh baby shhh,” I said as I rubbed her back. I pulled her away from me when she started to let up, I held her shoulders and looked into her puffy red eyes and down at her quivering lip. “Allie honey, you know daddy thinks you’re absolutely beautiful, you’re my sexy little girl no matter what. Now, you’re gonna be a good girl and let daddy take that shirt off and see your beautiful tits, ok?”

In response she gave nothing but a shy moan, clearly not convinced that her body was satisfactory. Her reluctance was starting to get on my nerves a little, I didn’t want to force her or get angry with her, but I had decided that this was happening one way or the other, and if she needed a more stern daddy to get her there then so be it.

“Alexandra!” I said, standing up and raising my voice a little, the use of her full name immediately catching her attention, “I love you, I do, but daddy’s cock is stiff and I’m getting a little impatient waiting for certain little girl to take care of it. Now,” I said as I stepped closer, standing over her with a little menace in my now softer voice “why don’t you be a good. little. girl… and let daddy take that shirt off.”

She stared at me, seemingly unsure of what was happening, I never did raise my voice to her, and she was surely taken aback by my sudden insistence. I didn’t like being stern with her, but she’d have to learn that it was a two way road, if she wanted to learn about sex and be the submissive slut that I know she latently enjoyed being, she would have to understand that my pleasure was a priority and that she’d have to do what I say, even if she didn’t want to. But still, her arms were firmly at her sides, holding down her shirt.

“Now Allie!” my voice raised once again. Choking back tears, she slowly lifted her arms, visibly trembling all over. I bent back down to her level, grabbed the hem of her shirt and lifted it over her head, pulling up her long black hair and letting it fall back into place as I removed her top completely. She was adorable, her entire face and chest flushed red, naked, trembling, and with the cutest, most precious little light pink nipples I had ever seen on top of perky little breasts that were still small but actually larger than I had imagined. I had pictured complete flatness, but she had small little mounds standing at perfect attention. She was no supermodel, but to me, she was nothing short of breathtaking.

“Babygirl, you’re stunning!” I said with a big, warm smile, shifting back into sweet, loving daddy mode. She looked up from behind the dark hair that was sticking to her tear soaked face, gave a quick smile, then glanced around nervously.

“Sweetheart, you are, you really are gorgeous, now let’s get in the shower,” I said as I removed my own shirt.

I looked back and saw she was still frozen and little scared, so I bent down once more “aww honey, daddy’s sorry he yelled before, but you need to know how perfect you are and how much I love you. You know daddy loves you more than anything right?”

“Yeah,” she said meekly.

“Do you love daddy? do you like being daddy’s sexy girl?” I said as I smiled and kissed her tummy looking up at her.

“yes daddy,” she said, finally cracking a smile and giggling a little, realizing that angry daddy was gone.

“ok, then let’s get this pretty little face cleaned up and get daddy taken care of,” I said as I pushed the hair out of her face and kissed her on the nose. I stepped into the shower, my cock still rock hard with Allie following bursa otele gelen escort bayan obediently behind me.

I turned the water on and began to wash my little girl, just like I used to when she was younger. I soaped up her tits and ass, making sure to take in the feeling of every part of her supple young body. It wasn’t until then, reaching all the nooks and crannies of her body that I really took in the size difference between us, I stood at 6’5″ while Allie couldn’t have been much more than 5 feet tall. I guess that’s why I was able to see my mostly grown daughter as my little girl, leaving aside her innocence and childish mannerisms, she was still so physically small to me, and I never really realized that until I had the opportunity to meticulously go over every inch of her naked body.

After rinsing off, she said the words that almost made me come right then and there “Daddy? can I please take care of your cock now?” Such a perfect good girl, not asking if she should, but if she could, she was learning very quickly what was expected of her, my harshness earlier no doubt playing a role. And above all that, she said the word cock for the first time, in a way I liked her unsurely calling it a “thingy,” but hearing dirty words come from such a sweet, background voice had it’s own allure.

“Yes sweetie,” I said as I pinched and tweaked one of her almost skin tone nipples, “do it just like you did before, but use the suds to slide your hand up and down daddy’s dick,” I gave myself a few strokes then let her take over.

“Daddy won’t last long, I’ve been hard for a while and you kept daddy waiting before,” I said in a mock scolding tone. She looked down guiltily, recalling her lack of compliance earlier, but didn’t slow down milking my cock.

“You liked daddy’s cum before right princess?”

She nodded in reply from her knees as she continued to slide her young, silky hand over my dark, veined shaft.

“Do you want daddy to come right into your mouth this time?”

“yes daddy, please.”

“Ok, I’m almost there, I want you to sit back, open your mouth wide and be a patient good girl and daddy will stroke himself into your mouth.”

She eagerly complied and looked up with such anticipation as I lowered myself to her face and stroked hard and fast. “Get ready sweetheart, daddy’s cumming, daddy’s gonna cum in your sweet little mouth darling…” My words trailed off as I unloaded onto her waiting tongue. As I continued to cum, I groaned “oh Allie, oh sweet sweet Allie baby, baby girl, so sexy…”

When I composed myself, I opened my eyes and looked down at a sight any father would kill to see: my daughter smiling up at me with a mouthful of cum and little dribbling down her chin. “Go ahead and swallow it sweetie,” I encouraged her, and she did, obediently, sweet thing that she is.

As we got out of the shower and began to dry off I told her “you know sweetness, tomorrow I can teach you how to use your mouth to suck the cum right out of daddy’s cock all by yourself, would you like that princess?”

Her eyes lit up at the idea and she beamed at me “Daddy that sounds like so much fun, why can’t we do it now?”

I chuckled “babydoll, daddy can only cum so much at a time, besides it’s time to go to bed, you must be tired.”

“Ok daddy,” she said with a little pout and then a yawn as she headed to her room, but I grabbed her before she got to the door.

“Honey, you’re gonna be sleeping with daddy from now on, come with me.”

“ok daddy, just let me get my pjs”

“Haha, no hun, big girls sleep naked or with just panties, besides, most nights in bed daddy’s gonna want to fool around with you so you need to be accessible for daddy.”

Again she lit up at the idea of doing ‘big girl’ things and sauntered off towards my bed, allowing me to enjoy the view as she jumped onto the king size mattress, I wasn’t far behind, and cuddled up with my little girl under the covers before we fell asleep for the night.


To be continued, stay tuned! And please let me know what you think and if there is anything I can work on! 🙂

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