Alone Together

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She awoke, smiled, and rolled over to look at the clock. Too, early! Why am I awake now? I should be exhausted after last night! She lay there frowning, then, remembering, smiled again. She moved closer toward him, reaching out to touch him. But no, her hand stopped, hovering an inch above his body. As much as she wanted him, needed him right now, she wouldn’t wake him just now. Let him sleep. Yes, let him sleep, he’d been working hard this past week, and he needed to rest on the weekend. Still smiling, yes, especially after last night’s session. Whew, the passion, the lust, the love, she’d felt coming from him last night, well, from both of them really; it felt like the first time they’d made love. She lay back, sighing, remembering. She felt her nipples stiffening, a familiar tingling between her legs. She shifted positions, and oh, the muscles in her upper thighs were sore! She smiled again, remembering that one of the positions they used last night was the reason her legs were sore. Well, she knew if she laid here much longer, thinking about him, she was going to attack him, and she really wanted to be considerate and let him get the rest he needed.

Quietly she rolled out of bed and crossed the room to the closet. As she passed in front of the full-length mirror, she stopped to look at her naked reflection. Wow, her nipples were really hard! She cupped both her breasts with her hands, her nipples between her thumbs and fingers. She rolled them between her fingers, pinching them. Oh, she couldn’t believe how horny she was! And after last night’s utterly complete fucking she’d had! She should have been totally sated, but here she was, wanting more! She watched her hands in the reflection move softly down her body until they stopped between her legs. A finger lightly found her slit, and entered her. Wetness! Oooh her finger felt so good inside her! She pulled it out and licked it, could she taste the both of them, or was that just wishful thinking, a remembrance of last night? She looked back at him, wanting him, but he was still sleeping. No! She would behave herself, for now, anyway. She decided to let him sleep for a while, and then she’ll come back here to continue their session from last night. She went to the closet to grab a robe; which one this morning? Ah, the short silk flowered one. She pulled it on, and thought no, not belted closed; just leave it open, enjoying the feel of the morning air on her body.

She crept quietly out of the room, and down the stairs. The silk robe moved softly Casibom against her hard nipples as she walked. Ah, that felt so good! It was really difficult to hold herself back from charging back up the stairs to him, to his beautiful cock, his wonderful tongue, his caring hands, and his deliciously wicked mind! Stop! She’s got to control herself! Just calm down; think and do something mundane, not sexual. She went to the kitchen and got herself a glass of juice, drinking it all down at once. She smiled, thinking, if I’m this thirsty, he must really be; he was the one losing so much bodily fluids last night! Maybe she should bring him a glass. No! A rationalization like that was not enough to wake him! It’s only been a few minutes since she left, and she was going to stand by her resolve.

She went to the dining room table, sat down, and started to read yesterday’s paper. Some time later, she looked up at the clock and was surprised to see that more than an hour had passed. Was that long enough for him to sleep in? She looked down at her silk covered breasts. Oh, her nipples weren’t stiff anymore; that’s not right! She put her hands on them, caressing them through the silk. Closing her eyes, she used just one finger of each hand to very lightly touch each nipple. She gasped, her nipples hardened immediately. She cupped her breasts, flicking her fingers over her nipples, faster. She shrugged the robe off her shoulders; glad in her decision to leave all the blinds closed this morning. She leaned back and looked down at her body. It felt like her skin was on fire. Her hands caressed her breasts, her belly, traveled down her thighs, and finally to her waiting pussy. She gasped.

He woke up slowly, almost painfully, like having to pull himself up from quicksand. His hands pulling away the covers from his head like breaking the surface, and finding that sweet refreshing air. His arm flopped emptily on her side of the bed. She’s gone, where was she? He looked over at the bedside clock. It’s late and she probably got up early and went downstairs. He closed his eyes again, wondering if he should try to get more sleep. He smiled to himself, remembering why he was so tired; they were up half the night fucking. Wow, that was quite a session they had; one of those times it felt like they’d never make love again, putting everything into it. He smiled again, remembering. Yeah, he sighed, one of those times when they both seemed to be on the same level, wanting the same things, wanting more and more, not being able Casibom Giriş to get enough of each other.

His cock stiffened as he remembered last night. He rolled over onto his back, his hand gripping his cock, stroking it to full hardness. That felt so good, he loved being hard. He grinned to himself; it didn’t take much to get him hard. Usually a touch by himself, or someone else, or even sometimes, like this morning, remembering what they did the night before. Thinking of her breasts, how much she liked him sucking and playing with her hard nipples. He stroked up and down the full length, enjoying the feeling of it. He kicked the covers down and off so he could see his cock. Both hands gripped his cock, continuing to stroke. Thinking more about her body, how much it excited him. The feel of her lips, her tongue, grabbing her hips, licking her pussy, sucking on her clit, how much that drove her crazy! Oh, he was so hard, it felt so good to stroke his cock.

Wanting more, she pulled the chair back away from the table and spread her legs. The fingers of her right hand were stroking her slit up and down, while her left was pinching her right nipple. Two fingers slipped inside her, moistening them, then moving higher, they found her clit. She gasped with a sharp intake of breath. She used both hands to pull open her pussy lips and looked down; she wanted to see her hard clit, sticking out. Using just one finger, she watched it as it teased her clit, touching it so lightly, so softly. She knew that she would soon reach the point of no return; either to go upstairs and attack him, or make herself cum right here. With even this little bit of teasing, she needed to cum right now!

Remembering the feel of his tongue on her clit last night, she decided to go upstairs and wake him, maybe even by sitting on his face. She giggled wickedly at the thought; that would really shock him awake to find a wet pussy on face! She pulled the robe back on her shoulders, got up and quietly climbed up the stairs. She silently approached the open bedroom door and took a step in. She couldn’t believe what she saw on the bed! There he was, with the covers thrown off, lying on his back, his hand wrapped around his hard cock! His eyes were closed, his hand stroking his cock. She stood in the doorway, mesmerized, watching his hand move up and down. As much as she wanted to fuck him, she liked watching him play with himself, too.

Maybe he’ll just get himself ready for when she comes back to check on him. He used Casibom Yeni Giriş only one hand now, stroking a bit faster. Yeah, that feels good. Maybe just continue a little longer. Oh, yeah, faster, squeeze a bit harder. Oh, he wants to cum so much now, he really wants her here now. His eyes are closed, picturing her last night. He’s stroking in earnest now, harder and faster, knowing he’s going to cum. Then he hears a familiar sound from across the room.

She shrugged off the robe, the silk falling to the carpet with a mere whisper. One leg moved a step apart so she could have easier access to her waiting pussy. Two fingers of her right hand plunged into her wetness. Her left hand grabbed her right nipple and pinched hard. Her hand went back and forth between both nipples, rolling, pinching, and flicking them, getting her so excited. Her right two fingers began moving in and out of her pussy, her thumb rubbing her clit. Her eyes never left the sight of his hand stroking his hard cock. Her fingers were getting soaked, making a wet, slurping sound as continued fucking herself with them, going faster and faster. Her thumb was rubbing her clit furiously; she was getting so close. This was so exciting, such a turn-on, watching him jerk off like this. She wanted to cum, watching him.

He knew that sound, it was the sound of a wet pussy being fucked! His eyes flutter open just enough to see her standing in the doorway, naked, her fingers working in and out of her pussy. He loves watching her play with herself; it excites him so much. She was watching him, her eyes locked onto his hand stroking his cock. He didn’t think that she noticed him watching her, so he kept his eyes barely closed, wanting to see her. The vision of her masturbating was enough to send him over the edge, and a moment later, with a grunt, he rolled over on his side and came with a thick spurt of cum.

Her fingers were going faster and faster, making more wet noises. She didn’t care if he heard her; she wanted to cum so badly. Her fingers continued to fuck her pussy, and she used her other hand to rub her clit harder. She watched as his hand was stroking faster and harder. She knew that he was getting close too. Then, with a moan, he turned slightly on his side toward her, and came onto her side of the bed. His hand was still pumping, trying to get it all out, his whole body stiff, then relaxing. At the sight of him cumming, she moaned and closed her eyes, her head falling back. Her fingers flew faster and harder. She gasped; her hand stopped and gripped her pussy as she came. Waves of her orgasm made her take a step back to maintain her balance. A moment later she opened her eyes, and smiled at him. He opened his eyes fully and smiled back. They both started to giggle.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32