Alyce’s New Love

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Alyce shyly stepped from the bathroom, and her hyacinth-colored eyes dropped to the floor when she noticed my eyes upon her full supple breasts that pressed firmly against the sheer thin fabric of the black and pink lacy chemise that seductively outlined her curves. She fidgeted nervously with the hem, trying fruitlessly to tug the fabric lower, but it only served to raise the back of the outfit revealing more of her tight beautiful ass. She timidly walked forward on six inch black and pink stilettos, and whispered, “Please, Master, can’t I wear something a little less embarrassing?” Her voice quivered with her uncertainty and humiliation.

“Indeed not,” I snapped, “You shall wear what I command you to, and you will not feel embarrassed as this outfit suits you quite well, and I will hear nothing more on the matter, do you understand?”

She flicked her eyes upward at me, momentarily, and then nodded. She lowered her arms quietly and smiled weakly at me. She inhaled slowly, closed her eyes, and steeled her resolve before opening them again and looking at me. There was a subtle change in her features, but I could see the fire in her eyes now; a determination to not be defeated by something as simple as fear.

“I apologize, master,” She purred, “I briefly lost my composure. It will not happen again.”

“Good girl, Alyce.” I praised her and ran my fingers through her long dark brown hair. “Now, Alyce, do you understand what I expect of you, my Princess?”

“I do, Master.” She smiled brightly at me, her eyes flickering with desire and fear, “I will do my very best to service you.”

“I do not only wish to have my pleasure, but to see you enjoy yourself as well.” I replied, “If you are not enjoying yourself, then how possibly, am I to experience the ecstasy of the night?”

“I understand, Master.” She smiled, truthfully now.

“Excellent,” I grinned, “Come to me, and stand before me. Let me touch you.”

Alyce walked toward me, a little less wobbly, and presented herself to me. She caught my eyes with hers, and drew me inward. I stared into them, slowly losing myself, and had to fight to keep from drowning in them. I pulled back slightly, surprised by how lost I had gotten, and blinked. A little unsettled, I took a second to recover, and then reached outward for her. She stepped into me, and rested her hands on my shoulders.

I ran my hands lovingly over her breasts, and paused. The lace was beautiful and made a wonderful contrast to her creamy white skin, but it hindered my ability to feel her. I grasped the hidden closure hooks behind her, and unfastened them. The entire outfit fell into a pool at her feet. I methodically drew my fingers across her soft skin, upward over her back and side, to her full breasts, where I began to lightly massage and squeeze them. I kept my eyes on her face, and watched as pleasure washed over her. I forcefully pinched her right nipple between my thumb and forefinger, and felt her tense. I twisted it sharply and she gasped.

“Are you in pain, Alyce?” I inquired as I twisted and pulled her nipple away from her luscious body.

“No, Master,” She breathed.

I pinched her other nipple similarly and tugged on them both. “What about now?”

“If your intention is to cause me pain, Master, I am afraid it has not worked.” She moaned.

“Once again, I remind you that my intention is only to cause the both of us great pleasure.”

“Then you are succeeding, Master.” Hyacinth eyes shimmered delightedly at me.

I glanced around the room in search of something in which to aid me, and I found a basket filled with clothes pins left over from hanging the morning clothing. I parted from Alyce just long enough to take three clothes pins, and then promptly returned to her. I held her breast in the palm of my hand, and then carefully attached one of the clothes pins to her right nipple, and a second to her left. She shivered impressively and whimpered. I tapped the right pin, and watched her clench her fists.

“Alyce, my sweet Alyce,” I softly mewed, “Tell me, my dear Alyce, are you well?”

“I am, Master. I am quite deliriously well.” She exhaled.

“Very good, Alyce, now show me how delighted you truly are, and spread those long silken legs.”

She shifted her positioning, and stood with her legs much further apart.

“Now, my preciously virtuous girl,” I licked my lips in anticipation, “Use your fingers and separate your attractive lips so that I may see exactly how enchanted you are.”

She reached her hand downward, and slid two slender well-manicured fingers between her moist lips and opened them for me.

I knelt before her, and rested my hands on her thighs. She inhaled sharply at my touch. I caressed her thighs as I leaned forward in order to better view her. As I studied her damp nether region, I noticed her shivering increase greatly, and decided to let her sit down. I positioned her on my soft downy mattress, and had her lie on her back, with her legs outstretched fully. I made her continue istanbul escort using her fingers to expose herself to me, and then returned to studying her.

“Such a wonderfully charming woman you are, Alyce. Your wet rosy vagina really does bring me great happiness, soft warmth and a delicious womanly aroma. I am entranced by it.” I told her. “Now, if you will indulge me, and allow me the great honor of tasting your womanhood, I would even more grateful.”

“Oh, please, Master,” She pleaded, “Please, do as you wish. I am yours to do as you please!”

“Ah, indeed, I knew that I was correct in choosing you. You are incredible!”

I leaned inward, placing my head mere inches from her, and inhaled. The fragrant scent of her maturity intoxicated me, and I greedily began to lick her. I traced my tongue gradually across the small protrusion, which was her clit, and then over her drenched hole. As I worked to taste every centimeter of her, I noticed her body feverishly quivering and became even more aroused. I drew my tongue along the edges of her lips, downward to the very bottom of her vagina, and then even further south to her tiny puckered rosebud. I lingered there for a while, before I brought myself back to her appetizing clit. I sucked it into my mouth, brought my teeth down, and delicately nibbled.

“Aaahhh,” Alyce howled, “Mm… m… master, it is so very, very good indeed!”

Her words, the sound of her voice, the obviousness of her delight, caught me, and my penis threatened to explode before I was ready. If she continued to speak in such a manner, I would most certainly lose my composure, and ejaculate before I was ready, so I reached down for her chemise, detached the panties from the rest, and then used them to gag her.

“My sincerest apologizes, Alyce, but your words intensely excite me, and I do not wish to unhinge myself before I have finished pleasuring you. Please, bear with the gag, and try not to speak further less you should swallow it, which would obviously not be good.”

Alyce nodded obediently, and pleaded with her eyes for me to quickly continue.

I returned my attention to her womanhood again, and brought my tongue against her clit once more. The sweetly sour taste of her nectar engulfed my sensibility and I soon lost all control. I shoved my face into her, my tongue pushing deeply into her dripping hole, and I hungrily lapped up her juices. The tip of my tongue flicked over her clit each time I exited her, and soon we were both moaning loudly.

I gripped my intensely hard penis in one hand while I stretched upward with my free hand and firmly clutched her breasts. The clothes pin tapped against my hand as I massaged her breast, and each tap sent a powerful tremor through the both of us. I rapidly stroked my enormous rigid cock in an attempt to relieve some of the pressure.

“Oh heavenly gods,” I exclaimed, “You are bringing the fires of the gods to my loins, and I am having severe trouble maintaining myself, Alyce!”

Suddenly, before I could react, my legs straightened, sending me to my full height, and my cock exploded. My sticky white translucent cum splattered onto Alyce’s chest, stomach, and even her face. Long strands stretched over the length of her milky skin, and glistened in the dim candlelight. I shrank to my knees, and held my shuttering cock. As I attempted to regain some semblance of composure, I locked eyes with Alyce, and saw in her eyes a desire for her own release.

I caught my breath, and leaned into her again. I mentally noted the fact that she had kept her position during the entire ordeal, never once releasing her lips, or attempting to change her posture. I decided to reward her. I moved her hand away from her vagina, replaced it with my fingers, and worked her elegant pussy with my tongue and fingers until I brought her to a climax. Her swollen clit throbbed, her muscles contracted, and she released her own spray of cum, which I happily drank.

I removed the gag, kissed her passionately, and smiled. I could taste her cum, mingling with my cum that had landed on her chin and mouth, and the flavor was interesting; a salty sweetness.

“Oh, Master, you have pleased me greatly! I am so delighted that you have also received release.” She wept.

I tugged her face upward so that our eyes met, and I kissed her again. “My sweet loving Alyce, weep not, for our happiness can be a continual thing if you so choose. Allow me this great pleasure every night, and I will make you my wife! I have always loved you, my Princess, and I shall keep you well. I shall bathe you in the finest attire, and give you everything your heart desires.”

My words surprised her and she pulled from me. She brought her hand to her mouth, and stared at me in bewilderment and awe.

“Now, now, my fine Prince,” she retorted, “Is this part of our nightly games where we switch our roles and I become but a servant while you a Prince. Or are you simply telling me that you are indeed a liar and a real honest to escort bayan the Gods Prince?”

“My spellbound bewildered Princess, I am indeed a liar and a Prince. I dressed myself as one of your guards in hopes to see you, but I never imagined that you would draw me into your chambers so that we could play such games, and enjoy such wonderful moments while embraced. After many nights of this, I thought to tell you of my deception, but it wasn’t until now that I could do so. Please, I beg of you, do not turn me out, but answer me truthfully and tell me that you will stay by my side!”

“Oh, lecherous Prince… Oh, black hearted deceiver of hearts… “Alyce gasped as she tugged at the sheets of the bed, in a vain attempt to cover herself. “Be still my aching heart, and let me not die from such cowardly ways such as yours! Oh, damnation! Why must you ruin such a blissful moment with such hurtful words!”

“Princess, please … hear my words when I say unto you that I never meant to hurt you, and that I truthfully love you beyond our lustful ways! A lie was a mere catalyst, a means to get you to notice me, when other times you did not. I once appeared before you in my normal self, and you never once looked upon me. It is almost as if you fell for the guards’ uniform as if such a lowly stature appealed to you more than the rank of Prince could ever have! Do you desire such from me? Should I cast aside my position as Prince, and give up my riches so that I could be more of what you crave?”

“What is this that you suggest? Are you so daft as to think that I would desire less than what I deserve? Your being in the guards uniform made no difference to me at all. Instead it was more that you…”

The realization of being about to admit to her darkest secret dawned upon her, and she closed her mouth quickly and turned her eyes from mine. The anger drained from her face, and her eyes weld up with tears. She hugged the downy comforter to herself, and purposefully avoided my curious eyes.

“Could it be, Oh Princess of mine that the fact is that you rather enjoy being dominated by someone of lower stature who acts as if they are of greater stature? Or my simply yet, you merely enjoy being put in the position of submissiveness?” My words were kind, but tinged with amusement. “Is this the secret which makes you act so?”

She nodded, and looked at me innocently.

It was all too much for me to bear. Her adorable cuteness cut through me, and I could no longer explain my actions. I tugged the blanket from her hands forcefully, firmly held her face in my hands, and yanked her forward for a kiss. I felt her body tense then instantly submit. I pushed the comforter aside, straddled her naked form, and pinned her wrists to the bed. She still wore the clothes pins on her nipples, and I used these to begin to pleasure her. I kept one hand binding her wrists to the mattress, and used the other to toy with her breasts.

“Oh, Master, I admit my secret is true, so please, allow us to pleasure each other!” She gasped, “I will submit myself unto you and only you!”

I paused, and smiled ecstatically, “Does this mean that you agree to be my wife?”

“Yes! Yes! Just let us enjoy ourselves now!”


I clamped my mouth over hers, and passionately kissed her. Our tongues intermingled as my hands continued their duties. When we broke our kiss, I released her breast, just long enough to return the panties to her mouth. Once again, her voice made me unable to control myself.

Now knowing her secret, my mind began to race through the various possibilities, and I soon landed upon one that would work. It just meant changing our location. I gathered her up in my arms, carried her to the chamber door, and out into the hallway after making certain that it was clear. I quickly but cautiously, less we be set upon by servants or worse yet the guards, took her through the labyrinth of corridors, and rooms until we finally reached the lowest point of the castle; the dungeon.

I tossed the best blanket I could locate onto the rack to try to secure her comfort, and then set my love down. I bound her wrists and her ankles to the device, and then climbed onto the table myself. I tugged on the chain that bound her legs, and it forced her legs to spread open. I closed the metal clasp around her neck after placing my handkerchief across her neck to keep the metal from damaging her delicate skin, and it kept her from lifting her head.

I walked to the dungeon’s door, closed and locked it, and then stripped naked. My enormous hard-on twitched and oozed happily as I returned to the rack. I climbed onto it once more, and this time straddled her so that I was sitting above her breasts. I rubbed the rip of my penis on her lips, and smiled down at her.

“When I remove the gag from your mouth, I wish for you to satisfy my penis with your tongue and mouth.” I commanded her.

I removed the gag, and, without prompting, she licked the head. I shivered, and groaned loudly. I pressed Pendik escort my head against her tongue, and rubbed. It felt incredible, and I fought to keep myself in check. I pushed myself further inside, the shaft sliding over her tongue, and the head eventually hit the back of her throat. I began to steadily move back and forth rhythmically, each time slamming my cock deeper down her throat. However, I was cautious of her gag reflex, and each time she looked as if she might gag, I slowed my pace, and allowed her to breathe.

“Unbelievable, my sweet darling Alyce, your mouth, so wet, so warm, is making me go insane,” I panted.

I withdrew my cock before I lost myself, and then moved lower. I straddled her waist, tightly gripped her breasts with both hands, and forced myself between them. Their ample size caused them to wrap around my penis, and as I moved they rubbed and massaged me. The feelings and sensations created by this act felt just as good as her mouth, if not more so, and soon I had to stop.

Taking a break from pleasuring myself, I left my cock to drool on her stomach, and returned to forcefully massaging her breasts. The clothes pins bounced and tapped against my hands. I leaned forward, smashing my cock against her stomach, and began to chew on what I could reach of her nipples. I flicked my tongue over them as I bit and chomped them.

Alyce moaned excitedly through her panties, and reminded me of the intensity of the night. I humped myself against her stomach and smeared my oozing juices everywhere. My moaning mixed with hers, and soon I found myself forced to separate myself from her until I could calm down. Unable to physically touch her, lest I explode prematurely, I took up the whip that hung on the wall behind me.

“Naughty girl, Alyce, you excite me so much that I am now unable to touch you until I calm myself some. I think this deserves some punishment! I shall whip you until you cream yourself!” I informed her as I dragged the tails of the whip over her legs. I quickly flipped the whip, and it cracked against her thigh, two tails wrapping around her thigh, leaving behind thin red welts. She jumped, and tugged at the restraints. The surprise evident in her eyes, but there was also pleasure in them. I cracked the whip several more times against her thighs, legs, and feet. Long slender red welts rose up contrasting with the whiteness of her skin, and she became even more attractive.

“A porcelain doll with webbing of red across her legs; absolutely magnificent, my darling! You are indeed incredible!” I complimented her. “Look! Look here! Look at my penis! See how large it has grown and how hard it has become? Do you know that this is all because of you! All because you are such a dirty girl with such a dark lustful secret desire! My current condition is all due to you allowing me the greatest honor of fulfilling your fantasies!”

I stepped closer, and shoved the handle of the whip into her wet dripping womanhood. She bucked against it, trying to draw more of it inside herself, and I laughed.

“You are like a dog in heat! You crave something hard and big inside yourself! You are such a lustful woman!”

I rammed the handled in and out of her several times making her strain against the restraints and scream through the gag.

“You filthy decadent whore, see how your pussy craves the feeling of this whip’s handle? Can you feel how wet you have become? Such a sex hungry woman! You naughty, naughty woman! Should I punish you some more by adding to your pleasure? Does your virgin ass desire the same feelings?”

I climbed between her legs, lifted her ass and shoved a folded blanket beneath her. I yanked on the chain, and forced her legs to the maximum wideness and pried open her cheeks. Her tiny rose colored bud twitched in excitement. I licked my finger and rubbed her bud. She wiggled her bottom, and I moved the whip handle. She gasped, and moaned through the gag.

I surveyed the room, walked to the table set up in the corner, and grabbed the olive oil, sometimes used to mend the wounds left by the whip. I returned to Alyce, and poured some of the oil on to her bud. I massaged it in, and shoved my finger inside her. She screamed, but not in pain. I wiggled my finger, and she wiggled her hips. Her bud indecisively pushed and pulled at my finger. I slide another finger inside her, and she bucked her hips. Her eyes pleaded with me.

“You are such a hungry woman; even your ass hungers for my massive cock. However, I fear that I may be too large for your delicate anus. I would not wish to hurt you, but I think that if I stretch you and make you accept me, you will be alright.”

I inserted a third finger into her, and could feel the skin around them loosen. I, again, searched the dungeon for something of use, and found a long cylindrical tool designed for a purpose that was lost to me, but I had a different use for it. Removed my fingers much to my loves dismay, and quickly grabbed the item.

I poured the oil onto it, slicked the smooth surface, and then unceremoniously inserted it deep into Alyce’s ass. The tool was maybe seven inches long, and three inches wide, which made it two inches shorter then my cock but an inch thicker. She took most of it inside and begged me for more.

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