Amanda Ch. 3

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Big Tits

Amanda meantime had got herself a flat so that her constant absences from home would no longer need explaining. One evening she and Paul met at the hotel bar where everything had started. Things were pretty quiet and in the big open area they saw a couple form Paul’s building. They had recently moved in and were attractive, apparently childless, and in their thirties.

The woman, Margot, had spoken casually in the appartment block’s main lobby with Paul already. She’d noticed his girlfriend and thought she was hot. Margot liked a youngish woman from time to time.

Paul suggested to Amanda that they go over and say hello. They did so. Introductions were made and they settled for an evening of drinks and conversation. Amanda got up to use the toilet and Margot said she needed to go as well. When they got to the toilets there was only one cubicle free thanks to the bar filling up.

Taking her hand Margot pulled Amanda into the cubicle. Without batting an eyelid she hiked her dress and pulled her lacy dark blue micro-panties down.

“God that’s a relief” as she emptied her bladder into the bowl.
“I was having so much fun out there I forgot I was bursting. I might leave these off for the rest of the evening in case I get lucky.” She laughed taking her panties from around her ankle.

She obviously had no problem with showing her pussy to an almost total stranger. She was tipsy but knew what she was doing.

“Won’t your husband be getting some of that?” asked an equally tipsy Amanda.

“Sure but we like to include others.” Came the reply as she wiped herself, stood up and flushed. “Your turn.”

Amanda hiked her tight little skirt to reveal she was pantiless. “My word there’s a sight for sore eyes!”

Emptying her bladder Amanda decided to brazen it out. “Play your cards right and you’ll get a closer look later. You’re not the only people in the building who share.”

Amanda spread and wiped herself slowly, enjoying displaying herself. As she stood Margot came up to Bycasino her and kissed her agressively. Amanda had never done this. It took her a moment to respond properly. Breaking the kiss she explained that she had only been with two women and the extent of her activities with them.

“Shit that’s hot. You mean he hired two whores to take care of you. My God you’re a lucky woman!”

“Wait till you see Paul’s cock.” Amanda replied.

“Speaking of which shall we pick up the guys and head back. Come and use our place.”

They exited the cubicle to all sorts of odd looks. Margot still had her panties in her hand.

The guys had begun to wonder what was going on and were relieved as the women reappeared. Margot handed her panties to a started Paul and told him that Amanda had said he might enjoy them.

Margot looked at Hugh, her husband and said. “We’re off to our place Darling, and by the way if Amanda had been wearing any you wouldn’t have missed out.”

Back at the appartment Margot took the lead again and offered to inspect Paul’s ‘big cock’

“My God you’re thick!” She murmured as she stoked him. A minute later she was swallowing as much of him as she could. Amanda meanwhile was on her hands and knees having her cunt serviced by Hugh’s tongue. He was pretty uninhibited like Margot and was also giving her anus some attention. She slumped forward with her skirt around her hips to enjoy the sensations. She had removed her top, was massaging her clit and rubbing her rosy pucker against Hugh’s face.

Standing Margot dropped her dress and stood naked in front of Paul. She was quite beautiful. She had no pubic hair and her breasts were full with large protruding nipples. She had a slight all over tan.

Margot turned to Amanda and asked her if she let Paul come in her pussy would she clean her up. Right then Amanda would have agreed to anything. She nodded.
“Alright then Paul let’s see if we can get that thing in me.”

She bent over the sofa and used Bycasino giriş her hands to spread herself. Paul bent and ran his tongue along her slit then putting some spit on his cockhead he lined up with Margot’s hole and pressed into her. Just as Kirsty had she took him with only a small effort.

“Fuck me hard and don’t stop.” She hissed. “I just want some cum to feed Amanda”.

Amanda meantime had come on Hugh’s face. He’d put a finger at her anus and she had fucked herself onto it. He hadn’t removed it immediately she came and she continued to rotate slightly on it.

“Would you like something more?” he enquired hopefully.

“Can I see your cock?”

“Sure.” He withdrew stood up and took his clothes off. He was about seven inches long but only about half as thick as Paul.

“Shall I get a condom?” He asked.

“And some lubricant.”

As he disappeared Amanda took off her skirt and knelt on the rug. Hugh returned wearing a sheath and began to kiss her arsehole as a lover would kiss her lips. He ran his tongue around its rim. First one finger then two entered her. She felt the coolness of the lubricant being applied. Finally as she felt quite stretched she felt the end of Hugh’s cock at her hole.

Paul still hadn’t come although he’d fucked Margot senseless. Apologising she asked him to stop in return for the promise of a blowjob later. As Hugh began to penetrate Amanda’s rectum Margot kissed Amanda and told her it would just be her juices she was licking up. She then slithered under Amanda into a 69 postion and opened her legs for Amanda to eat her.

To her own surprise Amanda clamped onto Margot’s wet open pussy and went to work. She wondered why she had not done this ages ago. It was very pleasant especially as she could also catch a very faint taste of
Paul. Her bowel filled with Hugh and Margot sucked on her clit. Hugh was enjoying Amanda’s rear end. His cock was right up her and he warned her he would last long as she was very tight and Bycasino deneme bonusu he was over stimulated.

From between Margot’s legs she told him to cum whenever he pleased. He did this with a mighty lunge into her anus. As he withdrew from her Paul put his cock to Amanda’s pussy lips. She spread wider to take him and in one plunge he was in. Several thrusts and Amanda was coming on Margot’s face. She accidentally bit Margot’s clit. This was the sort of thing Margot loved. She exploded with a howl. Paul had had too much to drink and felt he’d never come. Amanda couldn’t take anymore so Margot set about sucking his fat tool. Sensing his concern she held a finger out to Hugh for some lubricant. Her slippery finger entered Paul’s rear and began to massage his prostate. She sucked and fingered and sucked and fingered and eventually a load hit her mouth with Paul hyper-ventillating and moaning.

Amanda snuggled up to Paul that night and asked him how his arse felt.
“Fine, how’s yours Darling?”

Her eyes waterd slightly “I feel a bit tender. I can’t tell you how sorry I am it couldn’t be you. I’ve always wanted to give you something nobody else has had and now I can’t”

“It’s no big deal. Really I just adore you. I couldn’t love you more. I’m happy you got your little tail seen to and I’m glad I was there. Don’t give this virginity thing another thought. If you want to now that you have some experience we can try.”

“That would be nice but no tears if it doesn’t work.”

“What shall we do for our holidays?”

“I was thinking of a place I’ve heard about a few hours flight from here..”

“Oh yea….?”

“How do you feel about public nudity?”

“Me, you or other peoples’?”

“How about all three! I’m told this place is fully serviced if you catch my drift.”

“Jesus Paul. You mean room service gets you serviced?”

“Apparently. Shall I book?”

Amanda’s hand was moving between her legs rubbing herself. From her bedside table she produced Margot’s panties and sniffed them and she contracted in little spasms.

“I’ll take that as a ‘yes'” as Paul watched her masturbate had one final question. “When you’re finished would you suck me while I have a sniff of those.?”

Amanda nodded and grunted as she soaked her fingers.

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