Amanda Teasing Two Ch. 06

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I clung to Don wondering about my husband listening downstairs. I’m sure he would have loved to get hold of his cock, but with his one good arm secured to the bed, he was fucked!

I moaned and groaned loudly. But try as I did I just could not get the thought of Jeff out of my mind. He was helpless with my panties stuffed in his mouth, and a condom stretched over his cock, with my boyfriend’s spunk drying in it.

Don rammed me into the bed, this wasn’t love making it was just getting off as hard as possible. He hurt me a little, in fact I did cry at one stage. But he told me I just made him mad for it. It would have been nice if he had said he was mad for me, but I knew he meant that really.

We lay on the bed recovering. He said I was better than Jill, and about equal with Rita. I began crying, and he cuddled me, telling me he was only teasing.

When I asked him if he loved me, that’s when he clammed up. I pushed him a little and he told me that it was too early to talk about love. I rolled close to him realising that he was right; he said he was tired and needed to sleep and we could talk later.

I awoke in the early hours to find Don between my legs. He was trying to push himself into me.

“Don please don’t I’m too dry.”

He didn’t respond he just pushed harder. I tried to push him off but he just pinned my arms down, and told me that if I loved him I would let him.

I winced with pain and tried. I had tears in my eyes and he obliviously didn’t know or he would have stopped.

“Fuck Mandy come on!” he spat.

“Sorry but I’m just not turned on yet.”

He pulled out and I sensed he was annoyed with me.

“It’s 4 o’clock in the morning. I’m not ready,” I protested.

“Christ Amanda I just need to fuck you!”

I began to play with his cock hoping to appease him.

“I thought you wanted me babe. All I wanted is a fuck is that too much to ask?”

“Don, please don’t get angry with me.”

“Well you want me to be your boyfriend don’t you?” he moaned.

“Yeah of course I do,” I answered, feeling a little exasperated.

“Then suck me off or something. Christ I did what you wanted with that twat downstairs, and you won’t even please me!”

I crawled under the sheets. I really didn’t want to do this. I could smell myself on his cock and he smelt a little sweaty.

“You will tell me when you are going to come won’t you?” I whimpered.

“Well if you don’t get a move on I’m not likely too!”

“Sorry,” I mumbled.

I tried but my heart just wasn’t in it.

“Fucking hell Mandy you can do better than that!” he groaned.

I coughed and gagged on the stale smell of sweat and spunk. I brushed away a tear then spent a few seconds, trying to get a pubic hair out of my mouth.

I resumed sucking him but I could hear his groans of disapproval.

“Sorry love I’m just not awake enough,” I moaned.

“Come on babies suck in their sleep.”

“All right I’ll do it,” I said, trying to show a little enthusiasm.

I sucked again trying to ignore his odour. He pulled back the sheets and stared down at me.

“You will tell me when you are coming?”

“Jesus Mandy stop fucking bitching at me. Do you want me or not?”

I felt tears roll down my cheeks. Couldn’t he see that I loved him?

I started sucking him again. He was looking at me in quite a strange way. I wiped away a tear that was soon replaced by another.

“Are you crying?” he asked softly.

I tried to smile.

“Did I tell you to stop!” he spat.

I quickly returned to sucking him.

“You know Maria would go out with me if I told her.”

“Don, please don’t tease me.”

He opened his eyes wide angry that I had stopped sucking him. I quickly started again.

“I could persuade her to dump her new boyfriend. Hey I might even offer her your job as supervisor if you don’t put some enthusiasm into it. Why are you crying?”

I choked as he pushed into my throat. I had started sobbing now and for some reason Don didn’t seem to care. Not only that, he was holding my head tight.

“You’re worried in case I dump you, and I will if you don’t pull yourself together,” he said, with a strange smile.

I nodded still sucking him.

He wiped a tear from my eye. I was struggling to stop my sobbing getting in the way of Don’s blowjob.

“God you look like shit, all red eyed and full of tears. escort bayan bursa You know you’ll have to sort yourself out.”

I was shaking now I didn’t want to do this anymore. I tried to pull off but he grabbed my head harder.

“No you are going to do it. You are going to swallow it all, if you don’t I’ll sack you!”

I struggled harder but I was no match for him. He crossed his legs over my back pinning me to him. He was now pushing his hips up. His cock thrust into my throat. I choked and gagged on his musty dick.

“Yeah I don’t fucking want you anymore. Here this is my leaving present. Ah!”

I felt his spunk slip down the back of my throat. I was choking and beginning to panic.

I could feel myself becoming short of breath. Don had hold of my ears now; he was pulling me off and on his cock. At least I could manage a gulp of air. His spunk splattered over my face and in my eyes. He was now wanking himself off on me.

He pushed me off when he had finished. I rubbed my face in the bed clothes.

I heard him getting dressed as I sobbed.

“Get out you bastard,” I mumbled.

“Don’t worry I’m going. Here your wages.”

I looked at the rolled up notes that he had thrown in my face.

I cried my eyes out silently into the pillow. I couldn’t be bothered to rinse my mouth out. Perhaps I deserved to be treated like this? I just didn’t know anymore.

I thought of Jeff downstairs. God all I had done to him last night. Maybe he didn’t want or deserve that. Maybe he was too frightened to say no! I thought of him no doubt still cuffed to the bed, still with my dirty disgusting panties stuffed in his mouth, and still with that bastard’s spunk squeezed against his cock in the condom. It was then I puked spunk into my hand. I just held it. If I was any sort of a woman I would force myself to swallow it as punishment, but I couldn’t!

It was nearly 6 when I went downstairs. Just seeing Jeff with my panties still in his mouth had me bursting into tears. I rushed over to him and gently pulled them out as he woke up.

“Are you alright?” he asked.

Why the hell was he worrying about me!

“Jeff I’m so sorry, forgive me please Jeff?”

I looked up to his arm it looked blue with cold. It was freezing to touch.

“Why didn’t you call out?”

Stupid cow how could he!

“I haven’t got the key,” I sobbed in panic.

“He put it in the glass just before he left.”

I looked at the glass with the spunk stains in it. I cringed as I pulled it out. I undid the lock and rubbed his arm.

“Can you get a bag?”

I looked at him mystified.

“The, condom,” he mumbled.

I screwed my eyes up. I went to the kitchen and got a carrier bag.

“You won’t tell anyone will you?” I said, brushing away a tear.

“Can you take it off,” he said with a gulp.

I pulled back the sheets slowly. I looked at his cock then I looked him in the eyes.

“You’re hard,” I mumbled in disbelief.

I pulled the rubber off his dick. Don’s spunk hadn’t dried.

“I’ll get a flannel.”

I began to wipe his cock clean. Then as I started to dry it in a small towel Jeff started to groan. I looked into his eyes and then closed mine.

“Do you want me to…?”

“Yes!” he hissed.

I removed the towel and pumped him with my bare hand. It soon became slick with his spunk as he groaned and jerked. I felt it trickle through my fingers until Jeff grabbed my wrist stopping my motion.

He moved my hand down to my open dressing gown.

“Please God Jeff, NOOOO!”

He smeared my spunk stained hand onto my pussy, as I stood shaking and crying.

I went back to bed carrying my husband’s spunk matted into my pussy hair. Eventually I drifted to sleep hoping I could face him in the morning.

I got him up and could hardily look at him. Again he acted like nothing had happened. It was almost as if he was enjoying my humiliation now.

Gradually my answers to his questions went from just yes and no to short conversations. I gave him the divorce papers to sign and he did with some difficulty.

His mother turned up to take him to the hospital.

When he came back I could see his mother was miffed about something. I got Jeff settled in his room he seemed tired from the hospital visit. I walked his mother to the door she hadn’t spoke one word to me; all I got was frosty looks.

“Well bursa sinirsiz eskort I hope you take better care of him now. I’m not happy with this at all, for some reason he refuses to go back to Hazel at the moment.”

“But I thought he wanted to?” I asked amazed.

“Yes well, we had planned to take him to her house right after his check up. But he became annoyed and said he wanted to stay with you,”

“You could have mentioned it to me when you picked him up,” I grizzled.

She took a deep breath and looked down her nose at me.

“She was there you know, at the hospital. Then when they asked him if his wife would like to accompany him, he said yes,” she spat, not being able to or not wanting to hide her smug grin.

I could feel tears in my eyes, angry tears!

“I thought you would be glad to see the back of him, he told me you and lover boy had split up,” she said, with that smug grin getting wider by the second.

I looked away from her feeling very angry and very embarrassed.

“So he has found another girlfriend. Yes we all had quite a laugh over you, Jeff, Hazel, and me,” she sneered.

“What did he say?” I asked, looking at Jeff’s closed door.

She chuckled, “Something about you sleeping around behind his back. Honestly you should have let the bed get cold before the next one took over. You really are a whore aren’t you?”

“That’s a damn lie!” I spat.

“He said you would say that, he said you have had 4 different lovers in the last few months, I bet you had to write names down to remember who was in your bed next!”

I slammed the door after her.

“You bastard what have you told her that for?” I screeched.

He just stared at me with a strange grin on his face.

“You know mum wanted me to go to Hazel’s, until I told her that if I moved out of the house it would be harder to get.”

I slapped his face as hard as I could.

“This is my house. Mine! You are not taking this from me, ever!” I bellowed.

I ran up stairs and threw myself on the bed.

That afternoon I phoned my solicitor and told him to press ahead with the divorce. Now he was showing his true colours. His bloody mother and his ex-wife now had him trying to take my house from me. I wanted to kill him! He agreed to leave, and now if I wasn’t careful I’d be the one looking for somewhere to live!


Some people might ask why I had him back here in the first place. Well I wasn’t a vicious cow. I gave him the choice; I even asked if he wanted to go back to his mother’s. No he said he would prefer to be with me, even after his ex-wife had been to see him. I knew he told me to wind me up, but he said he didn’t want to go back to her at that time. As for a nursing home, he wasn’t keen on that, and at the time I felt responsible for his accident. So I hope that makes sense to you all.


I slammed his tea down on his tray. As soon as he finished it I wheeled him into his room. I slammed the door leaving him there.

I spent the night crying on the sofa. I wanted out of my life; I hated everything about it right now.

It took me three days to utter a couple of words to him, and that was ‘sick bastard’ after he got a hard on as I got him ready for bed!

Then he gripped my wrist and pulled my hand to his cock. I slapped his face again only this time with full force that even amazed me!

The next morning I didn’t want to go into his room. How the fucking hell I just didn’t leave him there to rot was beyond me!

The final straw came a week later. I knew he had been phoning his ex. His mum had given him a mobile phone. I listened at the door not that I needed to because he made it quite obvious. I pushed open the door. He sat in his wheelchair and gave me such a sickly grin.

“See you soon,” he said, then closed the phone.

“Over my dead body is she coming in here,” I growled.

“She wants to come and measure up for curtains. I can buy you out Amanda.”

“When will you get it through your thick skull, this is my house!” I screamed with rage.

“It is our house until I sign it over to you. All you have to do is keep me happy for a couple of months, and then I’ll sign it back in your name only.”

I shook my head, was he really telling me he escort bayan was going to let me have the house?

I sat on the bed feeling disgusted with what he told me he wanted. I left his room to think about everything.

Two days later I agreed.

“How do I know you will sign?”

“You just have to trust me. But I promise I will. So what is it to be, take the chance with the courts, or give me what I want?”

“You really don’t care how sick this makes me feel do you?” I groaned.

“You saw the way I was when you and Don played with me. Believe me Amanda I loved it. And I bet you did too if you are honest.”

“OK but I promise you I’ll make it 10 times worse than that!”

He nodded, “Then we start tomorrow?”

“Yes you sick bastard! I’ll treat you like shit, that’s how much I want my house back!”

I wasn’t really sure what to do, all I knew was I had to come up with something along the lines that he had told me. Tease and dominate seemed to be his key words, but sleeping around was something that made me cringe. I know that sounds silly after Don and Gerry, but Jeff wanted me to sleep with any man who bought me a drink! Even though Don was a real bastard to me he could play the game. But he was now out of the picture, but who could fill his shoes?

It took me several days to come up with a plan. Our spare room was in the middle of being decorated when Jeff and I split up. I thought about phoning one of Jeff’s friends. I knew he fancied me but it was all just harmless flirting, although I did wonder if he had ever been with Hazel. I quickly dismissed the idea as he was married and it wouldn’t really be fair on his wife.

I got a break when I went shopping although at the time I didn’t see it as such. I bumped into Gerry we just glanced at each other. He wasn’t top of my list of friends, and he gave me a dirty sneer later on round the supermarket.

“Is Marcus home?” I asked him, as I reached for the cornflakes box.

He looked at me, and I’m sure he could see how nervous I was, as he seemed amused.

“Not for a couple of days, why do you ask?”

“I just thought he would want to see his father,” I mumbled, studying the packet.

“Why is that so you can leave him to baby sit while you go out?”

I glanced at his face for the first time. I could see a sly grin on his lips.

“Jeff doesn’t need a babysitter, I can go out when I like, although I haven’t got anyone to go with.”

I looked away realising just how desperate my last statement sounded.

“Oh that is a shame; I’d offer to take you out but after the last time you would probably get upset again.”

I took a deep breath and mentally crossed my fingers.

“You did treat me like shit. But I took it out on Jeff,” I whispered.

He was a little quiet so I jumped in.

“I’m free Saturday night, if, if you want to take me out?” I said nervously.

“I can get guaranteed shag, what makes you think I would fuck you?” he hissed close to my ear.

I was quaking a little now and feeling a little stupid. Two women passed me that I vaguely knew. I could see them watching Gerry and me. He was stood so close to me they must have thought something was going on.

I closed my eyes and swallowed.

“You could stay the night, and I’ll do, better,” I said cringing.

“Are you that desperate?” he said with a chuckle.

I looked at the two women, they glanced back at me.

“And what about your hubby?”

“It is my house, and he would probably enjoy it. In fact we could give him a little show,” I gulped hard.

I stood my ground as I felt his hand on my backside. I saw one of the women nudge the other. She looked back and I could see the look of disgust on her face.

“OK sexy, you’ve got a deal I’ll pick you up at 8.”

I felt him give my backside a hard pinch and he chuckled and moved away. The two women just looked on in disbelief and one shook her head. I gripped the shopping trolley hard as hell, and tried to compose myself without much success.

When I got home I felt quite relieved, but at the same time I hoped I wouldn’t regret what I had done.

I unpacked the shopping, Jeff was outside.

I stood before my husband letting him take in my appearance. A see-through black blouse with black bra underneath, a tight green skirt 6 inches off my knee, and black tights with black court shoes with a 3 ½ inch heel.

“I’m going out on a date,” I told him straight.

I watched his eyes run over my body again.

“I’m going to bring him back here, and he is going to spend the night in my bed,” I said, with very little emotion.

“Yeah,” he panted, expectantly.

“I’m sure you’ll enjoy it,” I said, with a sneer.

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