American Mom Ch. 10

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At four thirty that afternoon Francine heard the front door creak open quietly as she prepared dinner, followed soon after by footsteps walking quietly up the stairs.

“Steve!” she called out as she walked towards the living room. “Is that you?”

Standing on the stairs Steve Smith looked towards his mother, and was somewhat relieved to see her wearing her regular pink dress. He was becoming concerned about his recent obsession of her.

“Oh, hey mom. What’s for dinner?”

“Your favorite sweetie, lasagna. It should be ready in an hour.”

“Great!” he enthusiastically responded while rubbing his belly.”

‘Yes indeedie…it looks like things are back to normal around here.’ He told himself as he headed up the stairs.

Before he reached the top of the stairs Francine called out softly.

“Steve; I think I may have gotten burned today at the pool. What do you think?”

As he slowly turned he saw his mother holding open the top of her dress, fully exposing her bra clad breasts. Steve was in a cloudlike state as Francine gazed up longingly at him. When he didn’t reply, she quickly responded. “Oh silly me. You can’t tell because my new bathing suit top is SO much smaller than my bra.” With that, she pulled down the straps of her bra until her nipples were nearly exposed, her twin mounds pushing up and over the delicate lace cups.

Steve Smith stared blankly for twenty second before slowly turning once more and stumbling up the stairs. “Uh; yeah; you might be a little red. Can you call me when dinner is ready mom.”

And with that he disappeared up the stairs without seeing the devilish grin on his mother’s face.

Tucking herself back in her dress, Francine continued to prepare dinner, feeling so much happier than she had been twenty minutes earlier. Soon she looked at the clock and saw that ten minutes had passed since Steve had gone upstairs.

‘Haley isn’t due home for an hour still, and everything is ready for dinner.’ She reasoned as her mind involuntarily wondered to what Steve must be doing.

Flashes of images; filthy images; filled her mind. Her hand found the edge of her dress for a moment, absentmindedly playing with it; slowly lifting it up.

‘I wonder if he’s thinking about seeing me in the hall last night in my cute little robe?’ Francine giggled to herself. ‘Oh, I am so much a naughty perv. But seriously; I wonder if he’s playing with that big cock of his?’ She looked down and saw her tiny red panties were now exposed, her steaming pussy nearly visible.

Her hand pulled her dress up, revealing her panties completely and exposing her curvy hips. Francine moaned and let out a sigh as she used her finger to trace her engorged lips through the transparent silk material. It was frustrating to the newly reenergized sexy mom, knowing she would be without any sex since Stan was now gone on assignment for three weeks.

Francine lifted the hem of her dress completely over her hips and spread her legs further apart as she pushed her hand down under the fabric of her panties. She immediately felt how wet she was. Her finger slid along the slit of her sex, lubricated with her wetness, and found the opening of her pussy. “Uhmmmmmmm,” she moaned.

Francine stood in her kitchen with her skirt pushed up around her waist and slowly began finger fucking herself, enjoying the feeling of something inside of her.

Leaving her skirt perched above her hips, Francine walked out of the kitchen. Her round ass cheeks bouncing softly along with her swaying hips. ‘God! It feels sooo naughty to be exposed like this. Now if I only had someone to show off for.’ Francine brought her wet fingers to her mouth and licked her own juices off of them, drunk with the sexual anticipation of what she was about to see.

Her pussy was exposed now since she had slid her panties to the side, but no one was there to see her. No one except Francine knew what she was doing. She deftly reached around and felt her ass, spreading her cheeks apart with a naughtiness she hadn’t felt for a long while. ‘I need to showoff for an appreciative audience!’

The newly found thrill of exposing herself in front of people had surprised her. It implied so much; so much Francine wasn’t ready to analyze. The feeling was very powerful and she knew she had to bury it deep inside of her so she would not lose control.

Francine looked down at herself and realized how sexy she looked; how nicely tanned her legs were; how smooth her skin was; how nice her newly trimmed pussy was; how moist her pussy lips were; how puffy and slightly separated her pussy lips had become.

She walked up the stairs, trembling and breathing deeply. Rounding the corner Francine saw Steve’s door slightly open, the light from his room shining into the darkened hallway. She stopped, listening for any sounds.

Francine took a few steps in that direction when suddenly she heard Steve softly mumbling. “Oh fuck…oh fuck…fuck me Mom…yes…just like that…fuck my cock mom!” With her heart pounding in her chest Francine Giresun Escort snuck up to the door and peered in.

She saw Steve lying on top of his covers, completely naked and pounding his thick cock up and down in his fist! His bed was parallel to the door, so Francine had a perfect view of her son’s giant cock as he stroked it up and down. “Oh my God…oh my God…He’s sooo huge!” Francine silently moaned as she slowly reached down with her hand, placing it on her pussy.

Her fingers automatically found her soft and wet pussy lips spreading them apart, watching as her son fucked his hand “Uhhhhmmmm.” Francine moaned as well.

“What’s that mom?” Steve asked out loud, shaking Francine in a start from her depth of depravity.

‘Oh fuck…does he see me?’ she feared, before he continued role playing with himself

“You say my cock is too big for your little pussy? You think my cock is so fucking hard; you say you want to feel it?” He moaned. Steve stopped for a moment and Francine watched as nine inches of hard, wet cock flopped against his belly, his small fist still wrapped around the base of his shaft. Francine held her breath looking at the throbbing meat he held, her mouth immediately watering as if she had seen the best tasting treat in the world.

His small fist moved up and down slowly; enticingly milking himself in front of his horney mother. Francine tried to look away; but she couldn’t. She stood there powerless, driving another finger inside of herself while spreading her legs apart wider to give herself easier access to her dripping pussy. She was weak from watching him.

Francine watched his cock with hunger, losing track of the fact that this was her son. Losing track of the fact that this was the person she had set out days ago to tease by tanning in the nude while he hid, but who was now unintentionally teasing her.

The more time passed by, the more Francine wanted to suck his hard cock. She bit her lower lip watching, and came without making any noise as she plunged three of her fingers deep inside her convulsing pussy. Holding her breath Francine fought not to make a sound as waves of pleasure overtook her weak body with profound intensity.

After few moments of this Francine was able to look inside to see that Steve was still pounding away at his big cock, no closer to cumming than he had been earlier. With Haley due home any moment, Francine put her panties into place and pulled her skirt back down over her waist, and grudgingly walked away.

Francine was still frenetic with excitement when Haley came home ten minutes later. Haley walked into the kitchen dropping a bag of groceries her mother had asked her to get and sighed. “How much time do we have before dinner?” She asked looking in her mother’s direction.

“You have plenty of time sweetie, we won’t be eating for another hour.”

“Mom, are you all right? You look a little flushed,” Haley asked.

Francine turned away from her daughter, feeling her face warm up even more. ‘Sure I’m a little flushed, I just watched your brother jack off his monster cock for the past fifteen minutes; and I got off on it!’ she thought to herself before responding.

“Just out of breath from cleaning and getting everything ready, that’s all,” Francine said hoping she sounded casual enough. Her daughter looked at her for a while longer and then walked away.

“I’m going to take a long bath. Let me know if you think we are going to eat early, Mom.” She said over her shoulder. Francine was finally able to breathe a little easier as she put away the groceries.

After putting everything up she had a sudden panic attack.

‘Oh my God, Oh My God! Steve’s door is still open and Haley has to walk by it to get to her room!’

Panicking that Haley might see her brother jacking off, Francine ran up the stairs. When she rounded the corner, she stopped dead in her tracks as she saw Haley peeking through the opening into her brother’s room!

‘Oh god, she’s watching him jack off!’ Francine took a deep breath and silently walked up to her.

“Haley what are you doing?” Francine whispered hoarsely.

Haley jumped, startled at her mother’s words and immediately put her finger to her lips motioning for her mother to be quite. Francine peeked in to see what she was looking at and saw Steve, still lying flat on his back, his legs spread and cock still sticking straight up.

“Ohhhhh God.” Francine moaned softly at the sight. Haley pulled her mother in front of her and plastered herself to her mother’s back, watching what was going on over her mother’s shoulder. Francine was afraid to make a sound. She wanted to pull her daughter away but she couldn’t yet draw herself away again from the erotic scene of Steve’s cock standing so majestically. Francine felt Haley’s hands wrap themselves around her stomach in a tense hug.

“Haley, we need to leave,” Francine whispered to her, over her shoulder.

“Not yet. Oh my god mom, look at how big he is; I had no idea. Did you know mom?” Giresun Escort Bayan She whispered back.

“Haley, we shouldn’t…” Again Francine whispered knowing her daughter should not be watching this. As wrong as it was, Francine hesitated mainly due to the fact she was enjoying looking at Steve’s cock so much.

Haley and Francine had a perfect view of his cock driving into his hand like a piston. Francine turned to Haley and saw her wide eyes shining with excitement fixed on her brother’s cock. Francine needed to break this up quickly so that her daughter would not get any wrong ideas about her brother.

“Haley, we have to go,” Francine whispered firmly. Haley turned her head towards her mother with difficulty, slowly peeling her eyes from the erotic scene in front of her.

“Oh Mom…do we have to?” She asked, but her mother gave her a firm stare. Haley sighed and slowly peeled herself away giving Steve’s big cock a last longing glance. She turned and walked into her room silently closing the door behind her.

Francine glanced into the room absorbing the sexual scene herself one last time, sighing and wishing she was riding her son’s cock at that very moment before she walked downstairs.

Suddenly her relationship with her kids had just become more complicated than ever. ‘If Haley was openly willing to watch her brother then there is a strong chance she might like to take “watching” just a step further.’ Francine thought as she sat down on the living room couch, reasoning through the whole situation for a few minutes.

‘What the hell am I going to do now?’ she contemplated to herself.

‘Damnit, this could mess up everything. I just found the perfect outlet for me; a safe boy to tease.’ she thought as she nervously bit her lower lip. ‘But I never expected to find out that he had such a massive cock; and now Haley has seen it too.’

Francine sat looking dejectedly out the window for a few seconds before another thought came to her. ‘But does this really change anything?’ she smiled

‘Really what has changed?’ she countered her self.

‘I have to take care of my urges, as safely as I can; and I can’t think of anyone safer for me to tease than my Steve.’ she continued.

‘And it’s not like he can’t handle it physically. My gawd, he must have been stroking that big cock of his for forty-five minutes.’ She smiled.

‘I’ll just keep an eye on Haley and make sure she doesn’t get out of hand with her brother.’

Francine stood up and headed to the kitchen. Stopping at the mirror hanging in the hallway Francine stared at her reflection with a confidently smiling look on her beautiful face. “Starting now, the game is really on. I’m going to turn the heat up. That big dicked boy of mine is not going to know what hit him. Tomorrow night when Haley is out of the house at that rock festival through the weekend, things will really go into overdrive.”

Meanwhile, behind the safety of her bedroom door, Haley stretched out on her bed. She reran in her mind the image of what she had just seen, trying to hold onto the sensuous feeling it had imparted upon her. The more she thought about her brother jacking his big cock, the more aroused she became. Her nipples hard and her pussy soaking, she couldn’t believe just how desperately horny she was.

‘Oh, what the hell.’ she thought as she slid a hand under the bedding, and down into her panties and between her legs, feeling the scorching heat and soaking smooth flesh of her pussy. Lying on her back and pulling her knees up, Haley ran a finger along her swollen pussy lips a few times. Unable to stand it any longer, she inserted her middle finger into her wet slit, pumping it into her throbbing, fever-hot pussy. “UHHHmmmmmmmm,” she moaned.

She began stroking her finger in and out of her wet, clasping cunt. Faster and faster she thrust into her hungry little pussy, feeling a delicious orgasm steadily rising toward the surface. Haley parted her legs further and began to hump her hips slightly against her hand as she steadily worked her finger in and out of her completely aroused pussy.

Images from the hallway filled her head, and fantasies began to take shape. She was breathing heavily and thrashing her head back and forth on her pillow as she worked herself to the very brink of orgasm. An image of Steve’s massive prick plowing into her cock-starved cunt flooded into Haley’s mind.

She imagined herself on her hands and knees, her little brother behind her, furiously pounding his big, stiff prick into her as she loudly and shamelessly urged him on. She groaned at the enhanced blissful feeling in her cunt as she worked another stiff finger into her horny pussy, greedily pumping both of them deeply into the creamy, pink folds. She sped up her finger-fucking, her orgasm crashing forth as she slammed her little fingers harder and faster into her seething hot pussy-hole.

As Haley arched her back and hunched her cunt up at her deeply-plunging fingers, her mouth fell open and she emitted a low, guttural Escort Giresun moan as she came. It was almost like some hidden, previously unknown, horny slut within her had been unleashed, and now that it was out, she wasn’t strong enough to corral it and lock it back up. Sighing, as her orgasm subsided, she slipped her cunt-cream soaked fingers out of her still horny, slippery little pink pussy slit. “Uhmmm…I have to get a hold of that big cock somehow.”

The dinner table that night was intense to say the least.

Francine was still completely wound up sexually, despite getting herself off multiple times during the day.

Steve was both excited and confused about his mother’s recent behavior. He enjoyed the new found openness she was showing him, but was confused about his own response. ‘And what is with Haley tonight?’ he thought. ‘She sure is acting strange.’

“So Steve, how are your new classes going?” Haley asked between bites, with a warm smile.

“What? Uh; what?” Steve repeated himself, confused.

“I asked how your classes are going, silly.” She repeated sweetly.

“Why do you care? You said I was a dork for taking photography and astronomy electives” He asked mystified.

“Oh Steve,” his sister giggled. “I was just kidding you.”

Francine shot her daughter a cynical look, thinking to herself. ‘I know she is not flirting with her brother.’

“Seriously Steve, I think those classes sound fascinating; especially the photography course.”

“If you say so…” Steve replied distrustfully as he turned his attention back to his meal.

After dinner Francine decided that what she really needed was to relax was a nice, warm bubble bath.

She began to fill the tub with hot water and poured some strawberry scented bubble bath into the tub. As the water flowed into the tub, she began to undress. She lifted her pink dress up and over her head and dropped it on the floor near the bathroom door. She reached around behind her with both hands to unfasten her satin bra and took it off, throwing it on top of her dress.

She stopped for a minute, looking in the bathroom mirror to marvel at her big breasts. She held them, lifting them up with her hands, as she stood there admiring them in the mirror. When she was a pre-teenager, she wished she had larger boobs like some of the girls in high school. With 38DD tits today, she was pleased with how they finally turned out. They were firm breasts and she liked the way they curved underneath.

She began to run her hands over her massive breasts, her fingers tweaking her nipples, causing them to stand hard and erect. Slowly, she turned to inspect her profile in the mirror. She loved the way her nipples pointed from her breasts when they were erect. Her fingers began to run circles around the swollen tips, causing her nipples to stiffen even more.

Finally, Francine pushed her panties over her hips and down her legs. Stepping out of them, she again turned to the mirror to view herself. Proud of herself, her silky, smooth skin covered a well-proportioned frame. Stan, as well as several other men she knew had told her she had a “classic ass”, with curves gently rounding out where her butt met her legs.

Picking up her brush, Francine began running it through her bottle blonde hair. Ready for the bath, Francine turned off the water and stepped ever so gingerly into the hot water, her feet disappearing beneath the bubbles.

Easing herself into the tub, she sighed as her muscles relaxed from the strain of the day. Leaning back against the end of the tub, she began to scoop up some of the bubbly water and poured it over her breasts. She closed her eyes and felt the warmth of the water running over her nipples as she continued applying the water again and again. Gently, almost sensually, she began to run her hands up and down her arms and her shoulders as she sank farther into the water.

Her hands returned to breasts as she caressed herself. Out of nowhere the memory of the events with Steve earlier played out. ‘God, what a hunk of a young man he has turned into,’ she recalled. ‘At least from the waist down.’ She laughed.

Francine grinned as she allowed the image of her son stroking his cock to enter her head. ‘Just a teenager; and he has a cock that even a fully grown man would envy. Has he finished growing yet; or will he be blessed with another inch or two before he reaches adulthood? Either way, he is one lucky boy.’

As she began to run her hands down to her stomach, Francine thought about the sight of him in his bedroom as she peered in. She could still see very clearly in her mind his hand wrapped around his stiff cock, pleasuring himself, stroking it faster and faster. She was fascinated by the sight of her young man-child masturbating and bringing himself to climax.

In all her years, she had never seen a man stroking himself right out in the open like that. ‘I wonder what his hard cock feels like,’ Francine wondered, as her hands began to rub her inner thighs. She imagined herself trying to wrap her own little dainty fingers around her boy’s monster organ, pumping it and jerking him off the same way he had done to himself earlier that day. Without realizing it, her fingers had left her thighs and began exploring her pussy lips as she pictured herself stroking her son’s dick.

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