Amma , The Devil In Me Ch. 2

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I woke up early the following day, excited beyond description. Padma prepared all the food for Amma, changed her dress and then she herself got ready to leave. She seemed to be excited as well thinking of this 3 days break. She looked simply irresistible in a dark green saree and blouse, but then I had to console myself that this bird was not for me. I envied appu, the shop owner-he must be a really lucky bloke to get to fuck her regularly. I even asked simon, our driver to drop Padma to the bus station in my car and she seemed to be embarrassed and pleased as well to get this sort of treatment. She must have thought that I must be a nutcase to behave like this suddenly after that day’s surge of sexual frenzy.

As soon as the car left the house, I ran up the stairs -excited, like a dog released from his kennel after a long day. Amma was sleeping on the bed wearing a light blue saree. The upper part had slipped off exposing her Amazon boobs caged in a transparent blouse. The nipples were standing out through the blouse like pointed tips on a pyramid. The saree was rolled up to the knees exposing her milky white calves-even they looked sexy! I slowly lifted up my lungi and took my ‘kunna’ out of the underwear. Looking at my own Amma’s sexy body, I then started to stroke it with firm, slow movements. The thought that it was my own mother-the woman who gave birth to me-was the source of my desires seemed to escort bayan bursa fuel it further.

I wanted more. I stopped wanking, leant down and slowly opened her blouse releasing those big balls out of its cage. The red nipples seemed to be aroused and was proudly standing on top of those white mountains. I squeezed her nipples gently while continuing to jack off. She was still sleeping, even though small moans seemed to be coming out. I could feel my kunna desperately trying to cum soon and therefore I took my hands off again. I really wanted to do this slowly and properly to get the best satisfaction. I knelt down and rolled the saree up the thighs. Her big buttocks was however stopping me from lifting it fully, thus blocking a good view of her ‘pooru.’

I lifted her big bums and folded the saree onto her tummy. Now I could see her panties-red again-was that her favorite colour????! I pulled her panties down thus having a close view of my Amma’s pooru for the first time! Yes, I had seen a lot before but this was special. It wasn’t just because it was forbidden fruit. Her cunt lips were red and heavy. They seemed to be hiding behind that thick monsoon forest. There was a erotic smell of cunt juices emitting from her pooru. I slowly cupped them with my hands and started massaging them. Now the moans became louder-her body was definitely enjoying it! I hands became soaked with bursa sinirsiz eskort my mothers love juices. I then put them on my kunna and started to jack off again. This time I knew I could not hold on for long.

My kunna soon exploded with warm ‘lava’ squirting allover my hand and also on Amma’s saree. It took me quite a while to get my breath back. Man, this was much better than the first day! This can only get better. I rearranged her saree and went down. I dropped dead on the sofa in the main room and went off to sleep. I was woken up by repeated calling bells. I tightened up my lungi and opened the door. I was still feeling dazy after my masturbation and so it took me some time to realise that the lady standing there was my old maid-thankam, Padma’s mother.

She was wearing a bright red saree which on her dark complexion and sexy body made her look like a top class slut! ‘What are you looking at, mon?’ she asked me. She calls me affectionately mon [malayalam for son]. She was our maid when she was 20 odd, when I was a toddler and she must have now been something like mid 40s. Her lips were reddened after chewing betel leaves[all these servants have that disgusting habit!! ], which in her case made her look even sluttier!

‘wow, you have changed ‘ I blurted out. ‘Yes, I have become an old hag now.’

‘well, I can’t see what part escort bayan has become old’ i realised that it had other connotations only after it left my mouth. surprisingly she seemed to enjoy that and started laughing-‘so, you know have my body is then, you havent forgotten anything.’ Now why did she say that? Did she know that I used to peep in through the servants bathroom when she was bathing?

My friend at that time, najeeb, had fuelled my teenage sexual desires with pornography books and tales of his sexual escapades [mostly made up?]. It was he who pointed out that I was a lucky guy to have such a sexy servant in my house and that I should be enjoying it more. I then started to look at her from a different perspective and realised how blind I was. I used to take sneaky looks at her when she comes to my room for sweeping and also in the kitchen. She seemed to catch me at times but instead of covering her breasts with the saree she used to give me a strange look.

That emboldened me to take it a step further. The servants bathroom is a bit far from the main house near the rubber estates. I used to take a wooden stool, stand on it and look inside and with shaking hands and racing heart jack off looking at her dark sexy body.

‘What are you dreaming, the good old days?’ again a double innuendo and naughty laugh. I could feel my kunna ‘rising’ again from the dead!! She went up to see Amma, went to her room and came out wearing a dark red lungi [the working women class wear lungi at home], a tight blouse which was revealing its contents more than hiding and a thin ‘thorthu’ [a thin transparent cotton cloth to cover the blouse]. I then knew that I was in for the life of my time.

To Be Continued…

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