Among Friends

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It was a hot summer day and Tom was spending it drinking mojitos with his wife Esther and their best friends, Mark and Susan, around the pool in the backyard. The men were lying in the sun and the women were swimming lazily in the warm water, chatting and laughing about things that happened in their youth.

All four of them were friends since high school and they were married soon after they graduated from college. Now they were among the most important personalities of their small town, Tom being the town mayor and Mark the pastor of the community and both their wives were teaching at the local high school. They were in their early ’40s and in good shape due to the outdoor activities they were doing together frequently. Both couples had children, Tom and Esther a boy, Rudy, 18 years old and Mark and Susan a girl, Rebecca, 19 years old. The kids were also very good friends and their parents used to joke often about marrying them.

The conversation was about the vacation Tom and Esther had two years before in Greece, when their friends couldn’t make it due to the passing away of Susan’s mother.

“Man, you should have seen all those beauties. It was full of German and Russian girls and the best part is they were all topless! Every way you looked around – tits! All sizes and shapes! It was like tit heaven!” laughed out loudly Tom.

“And you, Susan,” asked Esther, “you weren’t jealous?”

“Not at all, my dear,” smiled Esther back, “I was topless myself! And anyway, he was suffering too much from a constant hard-on caused from starring too much at all those women!”

After saying that, Esther started to whisper something at Susan’s ear and both started giggling.

“What is it?” asked Mark curious.

“What are you both laughing about?”

“Girl talk,” blushed his wife.

“In fact, I think I can say it out loud, since I can see that both guys liked the story,” said Esther looking at the tents which started to rise in the men’s shorts.

“I was telling Susan that there was a positive side to Tom’s hornyness, since we were fucking two or three times a day, not to mention two occasions when I gave him blowjobs on the beach.”

By now both men were at full erection and their shorts were on the verge of ripping apart. Susan and Esther were laughing hard, starring from the water at those tents. Their faces were flushed and one could see that even in the warm water their nipples were hard from the sexual tension brought on by the conversation. Susan’s breathing was even more agitated and, leaving the shame beside and encouraged by the mojitos, she provoked her good friend:

“I don’t believe you have the guts to stay topless on a public beach! Hell, you don’t have the guts to take of your top here, between friends!”

“You wanna’ bet?” asked Esther.

“OK, why not, I have nothing to lose,” smiled Susan back.

At this point Esther’s face became serious.

“Then we should bet on something! How about the loser will do whatever the winner requests of her until sunset?”

“Like preparing mojitos and such or do you have something else in mind?” said Susan, presenting her most innocent expression.

“I said whatever, no refuses are allowed for no matter what reasons.”

“I think I can take this bet, no way are you taking off your top in front of a man, other then your husband.”

Hearing this, a devilish grin started to appear on Esther’s face. The men had slowly approached the girls during this conversation and were now sitting on the edge of the pool, with their feet in water and their dicks almost springing out of their shorts. Both of them, feeling a little tipsy from the alcohol and hormones, started humming Joe Cocker’s song “You can leave your hat on.”

Susan, as for intimidating Esther, placed herself between the men’s legs and joined them in singing. The level of sexual tension was almost unbearable.

Esther, who was a petite slender blonde with generous tits, started to slowly take down the left strap of the bikini top, followed by the right strap. Her upper half was out of the water, so everybody could see clearly this partial strip tease. By now, the bikini top was fastened only in the back and the public started singing more loudly.

Esther could even see that her husband inserted his right hand in his shorts and was caressing himself. Mark, seeing how bold Tom was, followed his example.

Esther was feeling like in an out of body experience. It was like other hands were undressing her, while she was caressing her nipples through the fabric of the bikini top.

Even Susan, who was as innocent as a pastor’s wife should be, was feeling wet down there, and it wasn’t the water. Her hands were holding onto both men’s legs and she started to caress them, unconsciously.

“Come on, Esther baby, take it down!” said Susan.

Finally, Esther unfastened the bikini top and it fell into the pool. Her beautiful tits were free in the sun, the tan lines emphasizing their shape and firmness. Everybody stopped singing. Both men gasped and started stroking Bycasino their cocks vigorously inside their pants, while Susan was gripping on their legs.

“So who’s the loser now?” asked Esther smiling, while caressing her tits and playing with the nipples.

“I…I am,” blushed Susan.

“OK, I thought so,” laughed Esther.

“But I am not flashing out my tits for nothing! At least everybody is enjoying their selves.”

Esther was now looking at her husband and Mark, who were still teasing their hidden pricks.

“Boys, slow down, or you’ll cum in your shorts!”

Only then noticed Susan the erections barely hidden in the shorts, at both her left and right her sides.

“Susan, it’s my time now to enjoy spoils of victory!” said Esther, as she approached the small group.

“Remember it was all a joke,” told her Susan sheepishly.

“What do you mean? Are my boobs a joke? Because I see them bare, just as you dared me to!”

“I didn’t mean that. I was saying that… oh, never mind. What do you want me to do?”

“So, boys, what should I ask her to do first?” the winner asked Mark and Tom.

“Should she go topless too?”

“Yes! Topless!” shouted both men.

It was obvious now that the mojitos, combined with the small striptease, had a very strong effect on them, leaving the boys without any inhibitions what so ever. And if in Tom’s case was an ancient desire of seeing his best friend’s wife naked, Mark was hoping that this will lead to more…

Susan’s face was all red, as if burnt by the sun, but Esther was gently pulling her by the hand away from the men and was trying to encourage her.

“It’s your time now. You’ll see its simple… and you’ll feel a lot better topless. The sensation is unique!”

“It’s not the sensation that scares me… it’s the fact that I never been naked in front of another men beside my husband,” said Susan innocently and enquiring her husband’s eyes.

“So, if Mark gives you his blessing, you have no problem going topless?” asked Esther, while, in the mean time, her right hand was slowly entering her husband’s shorts.

Susan’s eyes were now glued to Tom’s shorts, where a very obvious and hot handjob was commencing.

“I guess not,” said Susan.

“So what do you say Mark, should your wifey respect the deal she’s made and go topless? Not to mention that poor Tom here exposed his dear wife to you and he didn’t get anything in exchange,” said Esther laughing.

“And it’s obvious that your cock loved my boobs,” she added, looking intently at the shape of his concealed dick.

Hearing these words, everybody started laughing and even Susan became more relaxed. It was now Esther’s turn to hum the striptease melody, eagerly followed by both men.

“OK… there is no way to back down now,”thought Susan, in her drunken and horny mind.

So, as she saw Esther do, she proceeded to slowly unfasten her strapless top. All the eyes were glued on her bosom, as she was still keeping her bare tits covered with both hands.

Susan was a tall redhead, with an athletic body and smallish tits. But as she slowly lowered her hands, you could see that her nipples were gorgeous, now also accentuated by the sexual excitement.

“You like what I’m doing, honey?” she asked her husband, as her eyes were glued to is.

But, as she moved her gaze over to the other couple, she was bewildered by the sight!

Esther had lowered Tom’s shorts to his feet and was now kissing her way up his legs, dangerously approaching his fully erected cock. Susan couldn’t believe what she was seeing and was hypnotized by that 7 inch cock which was slowly caressed by Esther’s small hand.

“Stop all this madness!” she wanted to say out loud, she wanted to ask her husband to take her home, but no words were coming out of her mouth.

Instead, she could feel her mouth full with saliva, as if she was thinking about eating chocolate. Her moral self was demanding to be outraged and to forever break the friendship with these immoral persons. Her lustful self was strongly arguing against it, reminding her of their long friendship and promising unknown and unimaginable pleasures.

Finally, as she looked at her husband, Mark had gotten his cock out too and was stroking it vigorously while watching their friends. And when Esther’s lips started to apply soft kisses on Tom’s cock, Mark almost shot his load. That was the final argument in her inner debate.

“You like what you’re seeing baby?” Susan asked innocently her husband.

And saying these words, she bent between his husband’s legs, gently pulled off his hand from the cock and started kissing and licking it.

“I love your cock,” she was whispering to Mark, while applying soft kisses on the one and only cock in her life.

But she couldn’t help herself from stealing glances at Tom’s cock. While both cocks were about the same length, Tom’s was wider and it had a small curve that made it almost to touch his belly when fully erect.

The only Bycasino giriş sounds one could hear around that pool was the slurping the women made while sucking their husbands’ cocks and the men’s delighted moans. The backyard was surrounded by a high fence, dressed with plants, so there was no danger of any neighbor seeing them. Also, both kids were gone in a trip for the whole week-end with their friends, leaving the four adults free to play around the house.

As Susan was busy sucking her husband’s cock and was enjoying Esther’s caresses on her boobs, she noticed that both Mark’s hands were on her head. It was then she realized that Esther and Tom had stopped their sucking and were watching them, while Esther was playing with her tits. Susan wanted to protest, but no sound escaped from her mouth full of cock, as Mark’s hands were holding her head in place.

“And all this is because I lost that stupid bet to Esther,” she remembered.

So there was nothing to be done, which was a good thing, given the fact that she really enjoyed all this attention.

“You are so beautiful,” said Esther from Susan’s behind, caressing both her smallish tits and softly kissing her shoulders, her neck, her cheeks… and when she was only two inches away from Tom’s cock, she gently pulled Susan’s mouth free from the cock and started to apply kisses on her lips.

The women were kissing right next to Mark’s cock, their faces rubbing on it from time to time. Tom was looking at his wife lost in delight. It was an old dream of his to share his wife with his best friend and, in exchange, to fuck Susan. He even discussed this couple of times with Esther and each time the conversation finished with a good fuck.

It was clear that the women were getting even hornier, as their kisses on the lips became full tongue kisses and Esther’s hand travelled into Susan’s panties. When the first finger penetrated the velvet folds, Susan gasped for air and her body begun shacking.

“Ohhh my God!” yelled Susan feeling the intrusion in her most private parts.

Seeing that reaction, Esther introduced one more finger and started to move both fingers inside while using her thumb to caress Susan’s clitoris.

“Wow…. it’s like a wet dream,” whispered Mark, who was afraid to even touch his cock as the girls where kissing right next to it, as if scared that all this will just vanish into thin air.

It was a heavenly sensation to feel the occasional touch by their cheeks while they were making out and he looked up to his friend.

“Kiss her sweet mouth,” said Tom, who was watching intensely the hot scene, while slowly stroking his cock and when he saw Mark’s puppy eyes he smiled at him with approval.

“It’s a one in a lifetime opportunity, mate! We shoudn’t blow it!” said Tom, encouraging Mark.

Mark needed no more: he slowly lowered his cock until it was between the girls’ voluptuous mouths. And then it happened. For the first time in their friendship of over two decades, Esther sucked his cock into her hot mouth.

“It feels like heaven!” gasped Mark with pleasure as another pair of lips touched his cock.

It was all a man could take!

“I’m cumming, I can’t hold it back!” yelled Mark as his cock started spurting, filling Esther’s mouth with hot and thick cum.

It was so much cum that it begins dribbling out the corners of her mouth.

Slowly, Esther took away her mouth from the still hard cock and, without breaking the eye contact with Mark, swallowed the load.

“You are such a slut,” said Susan lovingly and she pulled Esther’s head closer and started licking cum from her face and kissing her deeply.

Between the kisses, while throwing smiling glances to her husband, knowing that now half of his dream came true, she began approaching her husband.

“I think now it’s time to reciprocate,” she told Susan.

Hearing that, Susan began to wake up from her sensual dream.

“No way am I doing that!” she said while getting closer to her husband’s cock, as for finding protection.

“I… can’t do that.”

She looked very pretty, all wet and topless, her mouth smirked with traces of sperm, looking for shelter between Mark’s thighs.

“Please Mark, tell them I can’t do that.”

“I don’t think its fair Susan, after all, she helped you… err…”

“I helped her blow you!” laughed Esther.

“Err… blow me… and you lost the bet…” said Mark.

“So, you are saying I have to?” demanded Susan to her husband.

“I don’t think there is any other way now,” replied Mark.

“Come on now, you’ll see that you’re going to enjoy yourself!” said Esther while slowly pulling her out of the water.

By now, Tom was sitting on the edge of a pool chair, waiting eagerly for the beautiful prize his wife had won for him. Mark came too and took a seat on a chair close by, so he would have a good view on the scene. His heart was pounding like a sledgehammer, having mixed feelings of jealousy and lust towards what was going to happen. His Bycasino deneme bonusu wife, gently helped by Esther, was kneeling near Tom, but she could not find the nerve to touch his cock.

“Come on girl, feel it how hard it is for you,” Esther encouraged her.

Slowly, inch by inch, Susan’s hand travelled until it wrapped itself around that beautiful and a little bit curved cock. But after she stroked it twice, her hand retreated rapidly.

“I can’t do it,” she moaned.

“I want to, but I just can’t.”

But her body was telling her otherwise. Her mouth was full of saliva and, while she was resting her beautiful face on Tom’s right thigh, she couldn’t take her eyes away from his cock.

“Please Susan, it’s so hard it hurts,” pleaded Tom.

“Have mercy on him, stop teasing and just do it,” added Mark.

“Ok…” she whispered and her mouth came even closer to Tom’s cock.

He could now feel her hot breath blowing on the tip and this made him escape a moan of pleasure.

“It’s so hard… and hot… and tasty…” Susan whispered as Hhr lips started to gently probe on sensitive skin making his cock twitch with pleasure.

He didn’t dare touch her with his hands, afraid that this might scare her away.

“Yes baby, take that delicious cock in your mouth,” encouraged her Esther, who was now sitting on Mark’s lap.

It was now Susan’s tongue’s turn to make contact with Tom’s cock.

“That is so fucking hot!” moaned Mark, looking at his wife preparing to suck his best friend’s cock.

His own shaft was still erect and was now resting between the folds of Esther’s pussy, who was dry humping him while looking at her husbands exploits.

At this point, Susan felt that her pussy was dripping wet and that she reached at a point of no return.

Ï have to have this cock in me, it is so hard and warm!” Susan was thinking and she closed her eyes and engulfed the entire head in her mouth, making Tom almost scream from pleasure.

“Yeah baby! Suck it!” was all Tom could say at this sudden attack.

Seeing this, Esther repositioned herself, allowing Mark’s cock to penetrate her, sending electric shivers from her pussy to her ears.

“It is like a day in paradise!” said Esther, feeling that strange manhood ripping her apart.

Now, that Susan dropped all her inhibitions, she was giving Tom the best blow job of his life, deepthroating him. Esther could never do that! And next to him, his wife was involved in an equally hot scene, impaling herself over and over on Mark’s shaft. Soon, the sucking and the view of his beautiful wife started to overwhelm him and the feeling that he’ll explode soon was becoming more urgent.

“I’m cumming baby…,” he whispered to Susan, for the first time touching her head with his hands.

Hearing this, Susan’s movements became even more rapid and she was now taking his cock even more deeply into her throat.

“I can’t … hold it… anymore… I’m cumming!” and at that very moment Tom started spurting, filling Susan’s mouth with hot sperm!

Both of them were connected like a single organism through his cock and were panting and moaning together! When Tom’s spasms finished, Susan did something Esther never tried: she lifted her head and kissed him with her mouth still full of cum, forcing it into his own mouth. It was thick and had a weird taste but he swallowed it, not wanting to refuse her.

“Thank you for this sweet nectar,” she said, looking so beautiful, the way she smiled at him, with a sense of achievement and with drops of cum on her pretty face.

In the next pool chair his wife was working hard on Mark’s cock, sliding up and down on it in a position usually called reverse cowboy.

“Your dick is filling my so good!” Esther was moaning abd one could read an expression of sheer pleasure on her face, as that slender and long cock was buried inside her.

“Baby, will you put it in the other hole too?” she purred toward Mark.

“Your… backdoor?”

“Yes baby, put it in my ass, pretty please…”

As they were having this conversation, their bodies had already begun preparing for the new position. Using her pussy juices as lube, Mark’s cock had started to slowly insinuate itself into her tight hole. A deep, sensual moan escaped both.

“I love this! I can feel it all the way up to my guts!” she was panting on top of Mark’s shaft.

She loved anal sex and now everything was going even smoother, as Mark’s cock was thinner than Tom’s.

“Oh… that feels so good… I am so full!” Esther moaned ecstatically.

It was only now that she realized that her husband finished his deed and was relaxing side by side wit Susan, slowly caressing her body as they watched them fucking.

“You like what you see? It turns you on seeing your wife’s ass stretched by your best friend’s cock?” demanded Esther while riding Mark.

“I have to say I am still horny, even after I blown a huge load into this ass fucker’s wife mouth!” laughed out loud Tom.

“Then why don’t you come here and kiss me?” called Esther for him.

Tom needed no more encouragement. He left the chair, not without first kissing again Susan fully on her lips, and came next to his wife. Esther was riding Mark with energy and she moaned loudly when her husbands tongue penetrated her mouth.

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