Amy’s First Time

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Big Dick

“How did it happen with you?”

Amy looked at the young man in her lap and slowly closed her eyes, her fingers drifting through his hair.

“I was eighteen,” she leaned her head back on the wall and sat in silence, letting her mind drift aimlessly in thought.


Was I eighteen?

I don’t remember really. I remember it was the night before my birthday and they had a party for me. Beth, she kept handing me glasses of champagne and telling me, “Mom said it was okay,” and “Don’t worry, it’s your birthday.”

The champagne really hit me and I remember her pushing me towards the stairs, telling me to go to bed.

“It’s after midnight,” she held me up by my elbow, “everyone is going to go home.”

Why was she screaming?

I made it up the stairs. I remember that much. Somehow I had gotten undressed and into my bed, I don’t remember how exactly.

Then mommy came in and turned out the light and wished me happy birthday. She told me she’d have a special surprise for me when I woke up.

I fell asleep.

It was two-thirty and Beth came into my room. I remember that, because I looked at the clock and started to complain. She was lying in the bed next to me before I even woke up, under my covers.

“Are you okay?” she asked me, her hand gently soothing my face, “I feel somehow responsible.”

I remember telling her it was okay, and that I was feeling better.

Her hand was so soft against my cheek, I still think back to how it felt. She stayed with me for a few more minutes like that, slowly pulling my head to her chest, until it was on top of her arm.

I remember cuddling against her, against her breast. My head gently lodged over her arm. She kept running her fingers through my hair. I felt her other hand start to soothe my hip before sliding up and down my side.

She pulled me in closer, her hand rising higher and higher until I felt her slowly circling my breast.

I really didn’t realize what was happening, still in a daze from being woken up and not quite sober from the champagne earlier. I just stayed there and relaxed, her touch was so soothing, everything felt so good.

“Is this okay,” she whispered softly towards my ear.

I remember nodding yes almost immediately. Not really taking time to think about what was happening.

She slid down into the bed a little more until we were face to face. She looked escort bayan into my face for a little while, her hand still soothing my bare hips and side.

“You are so sweet,” she whispered before gently placing her lips against mine.

I kissed back almost instinctively. Her mouth was so wet and soft. I felt her tugging at her night shirt as our tongues slid together in each other’s mouth.

I felt my body twitch with excitement when she pulled the shirt over her head and her soft breasts pressed against my bare chest. I reached my arm around her and caressed the small of her back, pulling her closer to me.

Something started to come over me. I felt a sexual energy start to build inside of me, even though I was still half asleep.

She slid her hand around to my back, slowly tracing her finger down to my bottom. I felt her legs spread open, using her hand to push my thigh between them.

I felt her moistness pressing against my leg as her kisses became more and more passionate. Her hips writhed against my thigh.

I hesitantly reached my hand down to touch her breast. They were so soft, so round. I let out an uncontrollable moan as I felt my hand drifting over her nipple.

I opened my eyes. It’s the first time I really remember opening them. She was so beautiful. Her blue eyes radiant even in the dim light, her blonde hair easily evident.

I looked into her eyes as I let my fingers tease and twist her nipple. She looked up at me smiling, her teeth barely biting her lower lip.

I felt her hand drift further and further down into my bottom. She slowly caressed me back and forth until her fingers brushed deep between my legs.

She lowered her body slowly, her fingers now reaching deeper and deeper inside of me.

I arched my back, pressing my moist lips out to her hand. It felt so good. I had never felt anything like it, her little fingers caressing deep within me.

I gasped as I felt her mouth start to surround my nipple, her hand squeezing and guiding my breast towards her mouth. My body shivered with excitement as her tongue rolled repeatedly over my nipple, her mouth suckling me in.

I reached my hands behind her head and pulled her tighter to my chest. Her mouth felt so good pressed against me.

She slowly parted my legs with one of hers as she shifted and suckled in my other breast. I felt my body tense and then quiver out of my control as I felt altıparmak escort bayan her thigh spreading me apart, pressing tightly between my legs.

“Oh god,” I remember moaning loudly.

She quick held her finger up to my mouth. I had almost forgotten where I was, almost lost myself in the moment. I bit my lip.

My body felt like it was going to explode. Every touch of her hand or her mouth sent shivers down my spine. I reached out and massaged her, feeling her hair, her breasts, anything I could find to touch.

She felt so soft, so perfect. I drifted my hands across her shoulders, feeling the soft skin up her neck as she leaned away from my breast.

“That feels so incredible,” I half moaned, my head drifting down her cheek towards her mouth.

I ran my finger over her lips, she pulled it in softly, her tongue sliding against it, soaking it.

She took both her hands and grabbed the finger from her mouth. Slowly she backed away from me and spread her legs, pulling my hand down.

She guided my finger between her legs. It was so wet, so hot. Even my own had never felt like that before. I found her clit and gently touched it.

I felt her thighs twitch as I let my hand explore deeper and deeper, my body lying next to hers.

I slowly slid my finger deep inside of her, my thumb gently parting her lips. She let out a moan, her body tensing.

I bent over ran my tongue across her breast before slowly pulling the nipple to my mouth. Her nipple felt so good in my mouth, so soothing.

I started lowering my body further and further down her. First kissing her side, then her hips and finally working my way between her legs.

I used my hands to part her soft flesh, my tongue hesitantly exploring her, taking in the tastes and the smells. I felt my own body rushed with excitement as I let my tongue twist inside of her.

She let out a groan as her hips pressed up against my face. I felt her legs tighten around me, her hands clutching at my head.

My tongue pressed deeper and deeper inside of her. She was all I could smell, see, feel and taste. Her body broke into orgasm as my tongue writhed deep within her, her hips rotating against my face, covering me with her smell.

Slowly her body relaxed, her breathing slowly returning to normal.

I let my tongue drift around her legs and her hips for a while, my hands reaching nilüfer eskort up and caressing her belly.

“Oh god is right,” she whispered as she pulled my face towards her.

She started by gently kissing my forehead, then my face. Slowly she worked her way towards my mouth.

I felt my body tense as our mouths met. I was so excited to think of her kissing me after what I had just done. Her smell still filled my mind.

She let her tongue search inside of my mouth, my body melting more and more the longer we kissed. I felt her hands searching around me, feeling my breasts, my hips.

“I think it’s your turn,” she cooed into my ear.

I remember biting my lip I was so afraid. She lowered herself down my body, first kissing my breasts. I could have come right there, but she sensed my excitement and slowly drifted on.

Her hands were everywhere, touching me. My skin felt electric. I remember lying there so still, afraid to move, to do anything.

Her breasts felt so good against my thighs as she parted them. I remember her nipples pressing between my legs, rubbing me.

She lowered her mouth to my lips and I felt my body jolt with excitement before she even parted my lips. Her tongue gently rolled over my thighs before burrowing between them.

I let out a yelp as her tongue headed for my clit, slowly suckling her lips around it.

My body broke into orgasm almost immediately. She pulled me into her mouth slowly pressing me back out, her tongue always shifting across me.

My hips shot up towards her face, pressing her nose tight against me. I felt my body shake repeatedly, over and over, my hands gripping at the sheets for dear life.

Beth kept sliding deeper and deeper inside of me, her hands touching me everywhere.

I shook for what seemed like hours, her face pressed tightly between my legs, reaching places I didn’t know I had.

Finally, as I felt my body calm down, she pulled herself up next to me. I could smell myself all over her face, my juices glistening on her cheeks.

I leaned towards her and kissed her on the forehead and then all over her face, taking my own taste into my mouth with hers.

I felt the stirring of excitement again as I moved my lips next to hers and let my tongue explore the mouth that had just brought me so much pleasure.

I pulled her body tightly against mine, our lips locked until we fell asleep in each other’s arms.


“That’s it,” Amy looked down.

“You mean to tell me that Aunt Beth was your first sexual experience?” the young man looked up into her eyes.

Amy nodded.

“Yes she was.” Amy reached her hands down and caressed his bare chest, “Yes she was.”

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