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I love the sit out on the back porch and watch the sun come up in the morning. One morning I was sitting out on our back porch enjoying the sun coming up when my wife walked out. She usually don’t get up this early, much less come outside in just her night shirt, so I was very surprised when she came out there. Sitting down on my lap I could smell the freshness from the shower she has just took. This was so unusual for her I thought to myself.

I kissed her gently on her neck and hugged her tightly. She smiled took my hand and guided it between her legs. My heart jumped when I my hand reached her clean shaved pussy, and she was so hot and wet.

She had no panties or a bra on under her shirt, I couldn’t believe this was my wife.

I starting kissing her and rubbing her pussy, she starting moaning instantly. She was so horny and I was going to take her right there on the back porch if she would let me. Her juices was dripping off my fingers as I was sliding 2 into her pussy. Closing her eyes and leaning back her body starts to shake and I know she is gonna cum. Rubbing her clit hard with my fingers she pinches her nipples and lets out a soft moan, her pussy quivers in my hand as she cums.

Slowly she gets up and takes her shirt off and stands in front on me completely naked, so beautiful in the morning light, it was like a dream. Leaning down she pulls my shorts down and takes my cock out.

Taking it into her mouth and sucking it eagerly, I hold her head and move my hips to slide my cock in and out of her mouth. My cock is so hard at this point I could shoot almanbahis my load any second. Sensing this she stops sucking my cock and gets down on the floor on her knees. With her ass up in the air to me she begs me to fuck her pussy. Getting behind her I guide my hard cock to her wet pussy. Putting the head of my cock to her pussy, I push and it slides into her easy. Pushing back against me she takes my whole cock into her.

Breathing harder she reaches back and spreads her ass cheeks wide and exposes her tiny pink asshole to me as I fuck her pussy harder. Holding her hips I start thrusting my cock into her faster and harder, moaning louder she takes a finger and pushes it into her own asshole, this sends her to a another orgasm, I feel the hot cum rush out of her onto my cock as I push into her deeper.

Suddenly she looks back at me and tells me to fuck her in the ass. I had always wanted to put my cock up her beautiful ass, but she would never let me do more than slide a finger into it, or a small vibrator when we fucked. Pulling my cock out of her pussy, I placed the head against her small hole and rubbed some juice from her pussy on it. Not sure if I gonna even fit in this small hole I pushed against it. To my surprise the head pops in her ass. Rubbing her asscheeks with my hands to relax her more, I push a little more into her ass, now I got about a inch of my cock into her tight ass. Pulling back out and rubbing some more juice from her pussy into her ass I push my cock back into her and it slides into her easier.

Now she pushes back against me, my cock slides almanbahis yeni giriş deeper into her ass. She reaches down to her pussy and rubs her clit hard and I push my entire cock into her asshole. Her ass was so hot and tight, I thought I was going to pass out I was breathing so hard. Picking up some speed I fuck her ass faster, my cock sliding in and out of her asshole. Rubbing her clit faster she is moaning louder almost in a scream. Pulling my cock out I notice her hole stayed open to the size of my cock. I just looked at it a second then plunged my cock back into her all the way. Doing this a few times watching her asshole gape open each time I did this I was

getting close to shooting my hot cum all over her, suddenly she starts moaning real loud and her body shakes. I pulled my cock out and could see her asshole even throbbing as she cums so hard this time.

She turned around quickly and took my cock in her hand, guided it to her mouth and started sucking hard.

Rubbing my balls and sucking my cock was almost too much for me to stand, the she slid her hand back and rubbed my asshole with her finger. This was a new feeling to me, and I was enjoying it very much. Suddenly she pushed a finger into my asshole as she sucked my cock hard. Trying to relax and let her do to me what she wanted at this point was hard to do. After I got used to the feeling of her finger up my ass it was easy. Pushing 2 fingers up my ass now I feel my own asshole stretch open like I had seen hers do.

There was a feeling coming over my whole body that was strange, almanbahis giriş but at same time was a awesome feeling.

My wife asked me to turn around and bend over, at this point I would do anything she wanted.

Rubbing some juice against my hole from her pussy she shoves 2 fingers up my ass, reaching around she takes hold of my cock with her other hand. Sliding her fingers in and out of my ass she starts stroking my cock with her hand. I had electricity going through my whole body, each time her fingers would go all the way into my ass my cock would jerk. This was it, I couldn’t hold it back no more. My cock jerked fast in her hand and my cum starting shooting out. She pushed her fingers deeper into my asshole and stroked my cock faster as I shot my cum all over the place.

I didn’t think I was going to stop cumming, it just kept shooting out of my hard cock, every time she would move her fingers in my ass my cock would jerk and more cum would come out. Finally I was done, my cock still throbbing as it went limp from cumming so hard, my legs were like rubber I could hardly stand. Now the sun was shinning on our bodies, all covered with sweat, we embraced, kissed and sit back down. Rubbing her back while she laid her head on my shoulder I had to sneak one more feel. Sliding my hand down to her ass I rubbed her asshole one more time. Smiling at me she takes my hand and pushes one of my fingers into her ass and moans.

Kissing her on the lips I tell her lets go take a shower and go back to bed. Walking back into the house my legs still weak from the fucking we has just had, she stops in front of me bends over and spreads her ass cheeks one more time. Damn I cant wait till next time, maybe I will let her fuck me in the ass with her vibrator, or even buy her a strap on so we can both enjoy a good ass fucking.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32