An Angelic New Year Ch. 02

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This is an ongoing story. The reader is strongly advised to go to my author page and read Intro, Massaging Trish, and the Angels series, then Ch 1 of this story. It will be much more meaningful.

Tracy and I arrived home too late for supper, but Trish was understanding and not upset. Teri couldn’t wait to look at the DVDs that Tracy had picked out for us for Friday night. When she saw the titles she was sure that she would get to see what she was looking for.

‘Amy is coming over in the afternoon to help us fix dinner.’ Teri told me. ‘Melinda will be here at noon to get everything set and then she wants to leave by four o’clock if that’s OK.’

‘I managed to clear my schedule for the day on Friday.’ Trish said. ‘Did you and Tracy have a good time today?’

‘Oh God Mom, we had so much fun. I met your friend Ally. She has a really cool store!’

‘Did you buy some new things?’

‘Oh yeah! Wait till you see.’

‘Honey, I think Tracy is growing up to be just like you in so many ways.’ I told Trish. ‘She seems to catch the eyes of most men, and she certainly enjoys the attention, if you know what I mean.’

Trish looked over at Tracy with a wink. ‘You weren’t doing too much teasing today were you?’

Tracy blushed. ‘Oh Mom, you know I wouldn’t do anything that you wouldn’t do!’

‘That’s what I’m afraid of.’ Trish smiled.

I grinned at Tracy and then at Trish. It really had been a fun day.

New Year’s Eve arrived quickly. Melinda came by late in the morning to prepare our evening meal and leave it for us to finish. She was excited to see the progress on the new house that would soon be home for her and her sister Lucinda. Teri was helping her in the kitchen when Dawn stopped by to drop off Amy.

Dawn looked radiant when I answered the door. She had just come from her morning appointment at the spa where she had been pampered and made up for the evening. I complimented her on her beauty and she blushed. She told me that she and Tom were invited to a formal affair that was being hosted by his employer. Then she confided that she really wished she could just stay at home with us instead. I told her she should go and have lots of fun and that we’d have time to relax at home some other time.

‘In fact,’ I said, ‘why don’t you guys come over tomorrow after you’ve recovered from tonight and we can watch football and hang out? I’m sure Amy won’t be in a hurry to go home. And if tonight is too strenuous for you, I’ll give you a massage tomorrow afternoon.’

Dawn’s eyes lit up. ‘Now that sounds like a plan!’ she said. ‘I’ve been longing for one of your special massages. I’d have you do me right now if I wasn’t all made up for tonight. But tomorrow you can mess up my make up as much as you want!’

I thought about getting my hands on Dawn’s body and into her butt again, and immediately filed the fantasy in my head for later.

Teri and Amy were already back in Teri’s room when Dawn called ‘good-bye’ to Amy. I kissed her softly so as not to smear her lipstick, but she forced her tongue into my mouth and we enjoyed tasting each other before I patted her ass and sent her off. I watched her strut down the walkway to her car and then closed the door and went back inside.

Melinda was just finishing up with the dinner preparation. Trish was helping her put the food in the refrigerator. Teri and Amy appeared in the kitchen on their way out to the hot tub. They were both naked and carrying towels.

‘We’re going to sit in the spa.’ Teri announced. ‘Anyone want to join us?’

‘Yes, I think I will.’ Trish said. ‘I feel like relaxing for a while. I might even want to take a little nap afterwards.’

She kissed me and asked ‘Do you want to join us too?’

‘I might.’ I said, ‘Let me make sure that Melinda is all finished up here and maybe I’ll come out there.’

Trish turned to Melinda and kissed her. ‘Melinda, thank you so much for your help today. Have a happy and safe New Year. We’ll see you next week.’

‘Thank you Ms Trish. You are so good to me. This year is going to be so wonderful. My sister will be moving up next week, and when we come to live and work here in our new house it will be a dream come true for us. My family in Mexico are so pleased. I love you all!’

Trish headed off to our bedroom to undress. I turned to Melinda and said, ‘We are just as excited to have you and Lucinda moving here.’ I hugged her and patted her ass. She responded with a passionate kiss on my lips. Our bodies pressed together and I felt her pushing her pelvis into mine. My cock began to grow. Melinda gave it an assist by reaching down and squeezing it through my pants.

‘Mmm, Mr. Rob, I think I have one more job to do before I leave you today…’

My hands were all over her ass. I caressed Gümüşhane Escort her lower back and then moved around to cup her breasts. I was kneading them as we continued our kiss. I heard the bedroom door close as Trish went outside to join Teri and Amy. Melinda broke the kiss and slowly moved her face down my body. Her hands were busy undoing my pants. By the time her mouth reached my fly she had removed my cock and she hungrily engulfed it. I put my hand out to steady myself on the countertop while Melinda’s tongue eagerly licked the underside of my dick. My ecstatic state was interrupted by Teri’s voice.

‘Hey Rob! Don’t let her suck all of your cum. I want some of that later.’

Melinda looked up to see Tracy smiling down at her. But she continued to suck me. I reached out for Tracy and hugged her to my side. She cuddled close and turned her face to kiss me. It was a deep, wet, open mouthed kiss. She tasted fresh and hot. I thought about how amazing it was to be kissing my fiancé’s daughter this way. Melinda was stroking my balls as she sucked my cock all the way down her throat. I couldn’t last much longer. My hand wandered up Tracy’s ribs until I cupped her left breast. She moaned a sigh of approval and I tweaked her nipple between my fingers as I felt myself beginning to cum.

Now it was my turn to moan. Melinda knew what was coming and she pumped my dick with her fist and pointed it into her open mouth. The first spurt shot into her mouth and then she clamped her lips down and sucked the next few shots. Tracy was sucking on my tongue at the same time and I hoped that the moment would last forever. Unfortunately, my orgasm had a limit, and Melinda took it as long as it would go, but soon I felt my knees weakening and I shifted my weight onto my arm on the counter to keep from collapsing. Tracy leaned into me more and relaxed the pressure on my mouth. We broke our kiss and looked down to see Melinda smiling up at us as she wiped a stray drop of my cum from her lips.

‘Oh Mr. Rob, you taste so good. You will give me more of that when we live here, yes?’

‘Melinda, the only thing that worries me is whether I’ll have enough left for you after I take care of Trish and Tracy and Teri everyday. And of course we don’t want to forget about Lucinda. I hope you understand that I’m only one man!’

In my mind I wondered how I could be so lucky. This has surely been the best year of my life. But the prospect for the future is even better.

Tracy grinned at me. ‘Are you saying we need to bring in reinforcements?’

‘Not yet.’ I chuckled. ‘I’ll do my best. I promise.’

We all laughed. Melinda stood up. We shared a three way kiss.

‘Mr. Rob, Miss Tracy, you have a happy time tonight. I hope you like the dinner I make for you. I be back next week. I love you.’

‘We love you too.’ Tracy said. ‘Hurry back soon.’ Melinda gathered her things and waved goodbye as she walked out the door.

‘Where’s Mom?’ Tracy asked, realizing that we were now alone.

I turned my head pointing outside. ‘She’s out in the spa with Teri and Amy. Should we go out and join them?’

‘Sure, but maybe you should pull your pants up first.’ Tracy giggled.

I laughed and gave her another hug. ‘Oops, I almost forgot.’

We turned and walked out into the afternoon sunshine. I was stripping off my pants as we approached the spa and my cock was still in a semi hard state when Tracy and I stepped down into the hot tub to join Trish, Teri and Amy.

Trish smiled up at me when she saw my dick. ‘Did Melinda wish you a happy new year?’

Tracy giggled. ‘She sure did Mom. And she said she hopes she gets to wish him happy days like that next year too when she and Lucinda move here.’

I rolled my eyes knowing that I had been caught and that there were no secrets around here anyway.

‘But you know Mom,’ Tracy continued, ‘Rob told her he didn’t know if he’d be able to since he has to take care of you…and me…and Teri… And so I’ve been wondering… How many orgasms can you have in one day?’

Trish looked at her. ‘Me? Gosh I don’t really know. I know I can have several in an hour, but I’m not sure how many of those hours I can fit into one day.’ She smiled and laughed at the thought.

Tracy turned to me. ‘Rob, how many times can you cum in one day?’

‘Well,’ I said, ‘I can usually rebound within a half hour or so, but I’m sure I have a limit!’

‘I can cum over and over all day long!’ Teri chimed in. ‘But my hand gets tired so it’s nice to have a cum buddy to do it with.’ She turned and kissed Amy on her cheek. The message was clear. Amy blushed.

‘So Rob, do you think that we are more than you can handle?’ Tracy asked me. ‘I mean, we all enjoy having sex together, but do we wear Gümüşhane Escort Bayan you out?’

I glanced at Trish knowing that she was anxious to hear my answer.

‘Tracy, I’ve got to tell you that my sex life with you and your mom and Teri, is the most satisfying and exciting thing that has ever happened to me. We have a special family thing that most other people could never even imagine. And no, you haven’t worn me out yet. You girls are so beautiful and exciting that I’m always able to find the stimulation I need for my sexual performance. But, I probably do have my limits. You just haven’t taken me that far yet.’

I realized what I had said, and instantly wished I could have taken that last sentence back. But it was too late.

‘I have an idea!’ Tracy exclaimed. ‘We’re all planning on enjoying a night of porno movies and you know we’re going to be having sex and making each other cum a lot. So why don’t we keep track of how many times we each have an orgasm?’ She grinned at me and added, ‘Rob, we’ll even give you credit for the one you had in the kitchen already.’

Trish burst out a quick laugh. I looked at her and grinned. Teri was already nodding her approval of the idea. Amy had been quiet all this time, but her smile let us know that she was OK with it.

Trish giggled as she noted, ‘I can always count on my girls to come up with a way to make loving even more fun! So let’s see if each one of us can make everyone else cum at least one time tonight. That’s a pretty good goal to start with, don’t you think?’

Tracy grinned at me as she announced, ‘I know I can always make Rob cum. I bet I can even do it after he’s done it with all of you first. So I’ll save you for last Rob.’ She batted her eyes in a flirtatious way that made me know she would keep her promise.

‘Well all this talk has got me excited already!’ Trish exclaimed. ‘I want to feel a tongue on my pussy and I bet I’ll explode in a minute.’

I took the hint and snuggled up beside her. I told her to sit up on the edge of the tub so I could get between her legs and do the deed.

Teri was pulling Amy up at the same time.

‘I bet I can make Amy cum even faster!’ she cried. ‘I know just where to touch her. Watch this.’

She settled in between Amy’s legs and dove into her hot young pussy. I assumed the same position with Trish, but kept Amy and Teri in the corner of my view. Trish pulled my face tightly to her warm folds. I teased her by tugging on her clit ring with my teeth. She moaned and rubbed my head.

Teri was busy lapping at Amy’s tight little snatch and she pushed her finger up inside of her. Immediately Amy started sighing and her breathing was hot and heavy. Trish was moaning away as I kept up my pace with my tongue and added little nips with my teeth. But Amy was crying out and holding Teri tightly to her crotch.

‘Oh yes! Oh God yes Teri! Mmm, that’s the spot. Oh yeah!’

I could tell she was cumming and I felt Trish pull me even closer as her orgasm commenced. She let loose a flow of sweet nectar and it filled my mouth. I drank it down and waited for more. A second wave was even juicier and I kept up my slurping and swallowing.

‘Oh yeah Rob! Mmm, oh yes. God I love your tongue!’

When she finally let me loose I could see Amy off to my left. She had collapsed back onto her elbows and her eyes were glazed over. Teri was standing up and snuggling into her belly. Tracy moved over and began to stroke her younger sister’s ass. Teri responded by rotating her hips and pushing her butt back into Tracy’s hands. Tracy understood the signal and moved her fingers into the crack of Teri’s ass and on down to the puffy vaginal lips below.

Trish had released me now and I turned around so that we both could watch. She pulled the back of my head so I was resting against her mound. Her fingers gently tugged on my ears.

Amy was Pulling Teri further up out of the water and Teri was nibbling on Amy’s puffy young nipples now. Her position allowed Tracy to put her face into her sister’s ass now and Tracy eagerly did so. She used her tongue to do what her fingers had been doing moments before. I could tell that she was pressing the tip right into Teri’s anus and then licking all the way down to her clit. Her nose would push into Teri’s pussy and then back up into her asshole as she worked her way back and forth. Teri was enjoying her sister’s attention and Tracy was really getting into it.

Trish swung her leg over my head and released me from her grasp. Then she slipped down into the water and floated over to where she could fondle Tracy from the rear. I watched as she softly pinched Tracy nipples and then slid her hand down across her belly and beyond. Tracy responded by spreading her legs Escort Gümüşhane apart and allowing her mother’s hand to open the flower that was waiting there.

Teri was sighing with a pleasure that told us she was getting close. Tracy put her finger into her sister’s waiting pussy and searched for her g-spot. She continued to probe Teri’s anus with the tip of her tongue and in moments she had Teri crying out in orgasmic delight.

Trish decided to use the same technique of Tracy. We’ve all learned that we tend to do to our partners that which we enjoy most ourselves, and Tracy is a dead giveaway in that department. So as Teri was cumming in older sister’s face, their mom was applying the same treatment to Tracy. Her fingers found Tracy’s hot spot in seconds and she drove her tongue tip sharply into Tracy’s tight anal opening. Tracy’s cries of pleasure were muffled into Teri’s ass cheeks, but the effect Trish was having her was loud and clear.

We had all managed to achieve our first round of orgasms in just a matter of minutes without even leaving the hot tub! That is, everyone but me. But I had a head start so in effect we were all even now.

Tracy gently pulled Teri back down into the water, and Teri helped Amy slip back down too. We all pulled together in the center of the spa and shared a warm wet group kiss. Trish and I were deeply and passionately probing each other’s mouths. When I turned to Tracy and then Teri, the kisses were softer and gentler, but with lots of tongue licking. Then to my surprise and delight I shared a kiss with Amy that was every bit as hungry as the one with Trish. I wondered about her style as we kissed. Who had taught her to kiss like that? Was it Dawn or Tom? Teri perhaps? Was she trying to tell me something with the level of passion? Did she want me next? What else could I expect from the daughter of some of our best friends? I knew that I had plenty to look forward to tonight.

Amid the smiles and sighs of pleasure we agreed that it was time to get out of the water. I stepped out first and then assisted each of the girls as they walked up the steps. I handed them each a towel and received another kiss in return. We gathered our few remaining things and walked back inside the house together.

‘Mmm, I feel nice and warm from the spa, but I think I want some hot cocoa now.’ Trish said. ‘Anyone else want some too?’

We all chimed in our desire for the same.

‘I’m going to rinse off in the shower though first.’ Said Tracy.

‘Me too.’ Added Teri. ‘Can we use your shower Mom?’ It’s so nice and big. We can all get in together.’

‘Sure honey. Why don’t you all go in there while I get things started here in the kitchen? I’ll join you in a few minutes.’

Teri and Tracy stepped quickly into the bedroom. Amy was standing quietly next to me. I took her hand and we followed the other two girls. As we walked behind them she stepped close to me and I felt our legs and hips touching.

‘Rob, I just want to thank you again for inviting me to stay with you tonight. I really love being here with you and Trish and of course Tracy and Teri. You make me feel so at home. Thanks again.’

I looked into her eyes and saw a little spark of sincerity that touched me inside. I put my arm around her waist and pulled her close to me.

‘Amy you are always welcome here. You should consider yourself a part of our family and our home is always open to you.’

I felt her closeness as I shared my thoughts and she pursed her lips for another kiss. I responded and again we enjoyed a full passionate, probing kiss. We hugged each other and I allowed my hand to caress her back and on down to her firm young ass. Her hands did the same and we pulled each other closer as I enjoyed the feeling of her nubile young body pressing into mine. I felt my cock growing firm between her legs. This was a new feeling for me with Amy. Until now, I had enjoyed her company, but more so as Teri’s friend and Tom and Dawn’s daughter. At this moment she was becoming a potential lover and sex partner. And I liked the idea.

‘Hey! Are you guys coming?’ I heard Teri calling from the bathroom.

Amy and I broke our kiss and smiled warmly into each other’s eyes. There was an understanding. We would soon be enjoying each other, intimately. I took her hand and we entered the bathroom. Tracy and Teri were already in the shower and soaping each other up. Amy and I stepped in together. Teri grabbed my semi erect cock and worked up a soapy lather as she stroked it to a firm state. Tracy took Amy and began to wash her. We were all covered in soap suds when Trish appeared at the entrance and stepped in to join us.

Our shower is built for two people to enjoy comfortably, but with five of us, we were testing the limit. We all rinsed each other off and turned off the water. Another set of fresh towels allowed us to dry off again, this time, clean and chlorine free. We discarded our towels in the hamper and we all walked into the kitchen, still undressed, and eager to enjoy a round of hot cocoa.

To be continued…

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