An Anonymous Relationship Pt. 04

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“I think we should have long talk, Heather.” Said the voice of my friend Stacy.

My fingers gripped my steering wheel as my heart raced with fear. What did my friend know?

“Ok, we can talk at my place.” I said.

“I will see you there.” She replied as the call ended.

The drive home was longest of my life as I wondered just what my best friend now knew. Had she followed me to the porn store? Did she know that I had been having sex tonight? What if she knew my father was in there too?

I pulled into the drive leading to my parent’s farmhouse. I could see Stacy’s headlights follow me to the house. We both got out and I looked at her and saw her grinning as she walked up.

“So you have been getting some cock!” She giggled.

“Stacy, please don’t say anything around my folks.” I pleaded.

“Oh I figured your mom doesn’t know but your dad sure does!” She said as she rolled her eyes.

“What do you mean?” I asked while I felt the blood drain from my head.

“Heather…you know I have been around enough to recognize your dad’s voice! Not to mention his pickup truck.” Stacy said as we walked toward the house.

“Oh god! Oh please don’t say anything! Daddy has no idea it was me!” I pleaded as I understood that she knew everything I had done.

“You really think he doesn’t know that he has been fucking you? You were calling him Daddy while you two were going at it. By the way it was fucking hot listening to you guys thumping against the wall!” She giggled.

“He thinks that I am some stranger from the internet. I told him I would have sex but he could not see who I was.” I said as we headed to my bedroom.

“So how many times you have fucked him? Is he good?” She asked as we headed up the stairs.

“This was the second time. We met the first time on Thursday. I had no idea it was him until after we had finished.” I said as we plopped onto my bed.

“But you knew it was him tonight?” She asked as she smiled and pursued all the illicit details.

“Yes…Stacy. Please don’t hate me! Daddy has had some bad times recently and well you know how horny I have been lately!” I said trying to do damage control.

“Heather! I’m your best friend forever! Besides like I said today your dad is kind of hot! I would fuck him too!” She giggled as her eyes glowed.

“Then you don’t think I’m some kind of a perverted freak?” I asked.

“Of course you are but hey so am I! The only thing is I am just a little jealous since I have no Daddy to get nasty with.” She said and I remembered how her father had left town and never came back.

It was strange as he had been a Deputy Sheriff. Then about ten years ago he suddenly left town and did not come back. Shortly after Stacy’s mom filed for divorce.

“So your daddy likes to meet younger women on the internet, maybe you should show me his profile. He might need another fuck buddy when you are busy.” She laughed.

I was not too sure how I felt about Stacy talking about hooking up with my dad. After all he was my…my what? Was he really my lover or was he just a fuck buddy like Stacy said?

My mind churned on all of this. From my side I felt an emotional connection to my Dad. Then I remembered how when we fucked it was through a hole in the wall. It is hard to call that kind of sex as being lovers. We were just fucking. Then my Dad’s long term love triangle with my mom and Melanie played out in my head. He loved two women at the same time. Somehow I understood that Daddy was the kind of man that liked his variety when it came to sex. My eyes focused on Stacy.

“So do you want to spend the night?” I asked.

“I think that would be fun! Besides I still want more details on what you have been doing. Do you have something I can wear tonight so I do not have to go home?” She asked.

“Sure we can use some of Daddy’s old shirts.” I said as I quickly retrieved two of his old flannel shirts.

We both started to undress and for the first time I took a hard look at my blonde friend as she shimmied out if her jeans. She was several inches taller than gorukle escort bayan me but she was thin like me except for her D cupped boobs and wider hips. She quickly unhooked her bra and caught me looking at her.

“You can take a picture and it will last longer!” She laughed as she struck a pose as stood in just her panties.

“Those things are massive! I wish mine would grow a little more.” I giggled as I cupped my smaller tits.

“Well my big tits are just to compensate for this big butt I have! I wish I had nice tight butt like yours!” She said as her eyes roved over my body.

We were both giggling and gossiping when I heard the door downstairs slam shut. My father was home and suddenly I began to worry that somehow he too knew who his fuck buddy at the glory hole was.

“That’s my Dad! Can you come down with me? I hope he did not figure out it was me!” I said as I held her hand.

We started down the stairs and I heard the TV come on.

“Hi Daddy! I hope you don’t mind but I asked Stacy to spend the night.” I said with as much excitement as I could.

“Oh…hi Stacy! Yeah that will be fine. I stopped and picked up a pizza on the way home. I hope that is ok for dinner.” He said as he looked at my friend standing there in his shirt.

“That’s great!” We both said.

In few minutes we were enjoying our dinner in front of the TV. I was on the couch with Daddy while Stacy sat in a chair. As usual I cuddled up to my father as his hand rubbed my back. I looked over at Stacy and she rolled her eyes when she was sure that Daddy could not see.

“I’m going to get a soda. Do either of you want anything?” Stacy asked as she stood up and stretched.

I watched the shirt lifted just enough to reveal her light blue panties. I suddenly remembered that I was wearing the cum stained black thong that Daddy had pushed through the glory hole. Nervously I look up at my daddy and noticed that his eyes were fixed on Stacy as she headed toward the kitchen with ass her moving from side to side. I looked down and noticed that his bulge was suddenly much bigger.

“I’ll have a coke. Thanks Stacy!” My dad said as she left the room.

A few minutes later Stacy reappeared and walked right in from of my dad. She bent over to set his drink on the coffee table. As she did the shirt dropped away from her body and my father and I got a good view of my friend’s large tits. I looked down and could see a definite erection tenting my father’s pants. Stacy returned to her chair where she pretended to watch the movie as her legs moved around making her braless tits shake in a teasing way.

The movie ended and Stacy and I headed up the stairs while Dad indicated that he was going to unwind for a while. I suspected that he would to reach out for his anonymous lover.

“You are such a cock tease!” I said her as I closed the bedroom door.

“Well it was fun! Did you see how hard I made his cock? He really likes me!” She teased.

“Yeah well right now he is going to see if I’m online to chat.” I said as I grabbed my laptop.

In a flash I was online and sent him a message.

“Hi there! I really had good time at the glory hole! I hope you did too!” I typed and hit send.

“You know I did. I really like our little anonymous relationship! So glad we have hooked up!” He replied.

“So is your wife or daughter home?” I asked.

“The wife is off shacked up with her girlfriend. My daughter is home and has a friend spending the night.” He replied.

Suddenly Stacy pulled the laptop over and she quickly typed something before I could stop her.

“Is her friend someone you want to fuck?” It read.

“Hot blonde with big tits! I would love to bang thar pussy all night!” He replied as Stacy giggled.

“So her tits are bigger than your daughter’s?” I replied.

“Yeah…” He replied as Stacy pulled the keyboard back her control.

“You should see if she wants to try a daddy cock out…she probably has been teasing you but really wants to please you!” She had typed.

“Not sure nilüfer escort bayan that would such a great idea. I’m just an old man to her. She and my daughter could have any guy they want.” He replied.

I started to watch as Stacy impersonated me and chatted with my dad. Suddenly I had a thought.

“Be right back!” I told Stacy as I headed downstairs.

My dad had his laptop in his lap and at first did not notice me as he was typing. He jumped at the realization that I was entering the room. I walked over and picked up a magazine and he quickly closed the computer.

“I wanted to show Stacy something. Good night Daddy.” I said as I gave him a peck on the cheek.

In my mind I had just added a reason for my father to never suspect me of being his anonymous friend. After all he could not be chatting online with me as I walked in on him. I thought it was brilliant! When I rejoined Stacy she was reading another message and had her mouth open. She pointed at the message.

“Did you really make him blow his load just by licking his cock?” She said in wonder.

“Well I did not mean too but he did seem to get excited. He shot all over my face!” I giggled as I remembered how turned on I had made him.

“Yes, but what you did with your tongue was just as amazing!” I quickly typed into the message box.

“Hey having a lesbian for a wife will teach a man a thing or two about pleasing a woman.” He replied.

“Your mom is a lesbian?” Stacy asked as her eyes probed me.

After that we chatted with my dad on the net while I filled in gaps to bring Stacy current.

“Wow! You have the kinkiest parents ever! Your Dad must really be a stud! He was doing your mom and Melanie. You know every guy in town would love a shot at her. I saw her walking to her office the other day and every guy stopped to watch her.” Stacy said after I finished telling her about my father’s long running love triangle.

“Yeah, I guess that I could see why Mom is attracted to her.” I said as I remembered watching the stunning redhead earlier that morning.

“Do you think you could be attracted to a woman sexually?” Stacy asked but her voice suddenly became soft.

“I had never really thought about it before. I always kind of thought of it as weird and you know how much I like guys.” I said with a giggle.

Stacy looked at me in a strange way. She almost looked like she was about to say something but then she looked away. I could not help but wonder if she was about to tell me something before she looked away.

“What is it like to have sex with two women at the same time?” I asked my father through a message.

“It was fantastic! What guy would not want two willing lovers want to please and be pleased by? Have you ever wanted to have a threesome?” he replied.

Stacy just looked at me and smiled. I suddenly felt very self-conscience. What would she say if I said “yes”? I was suddenly aware that my friend looked really hot. Maybe I should say that I had and then use that opportunity to make a lesbian move on her. I could see myself kissing Stacy and letting my hands roam over those big tits. My thoughts turned to what would it be like to have sex with another woman. I tried to imagine what would be like to make her orgasm. My pussy was steaming. All I had to do was say yes to my father’s question and then pull her lips on to mine. I was certain that Stacy wanted this too! Then a different scene played out in my mind as she pushed me away and our relationship was destroyed forever. I knew that there was no way I would want that to happen. I tried to think desperately on how to get out of this. Then I smiled as another thought entered my head.

“Sure! I often have thought about fucking two hot guys! Do you have a friend?” I joked in my response.

Stacy giggled as she read my response.

“Never thought about having a second guy but as hot as you are I would love a chance to try. If you ever get up the courage to meet me face to face I would give it a try!” He replied.

I was getting really bursa otele gelen escort bayan turned on. I was really wishing I could pull out buzzy for some fun. Then Stacy stood up and walked to the door. She looked at me and then smiled.

“I’ll be back in a little bit!” She said as she left the room.

I suspected that she was headed to the bathroom for a little self-stimulation. I reached for buzzy and quickly ran him up and down my pussy lips as I continued to chat. I was really getting into my masturbation when I was suddenly aware that my father was no longer sending messages.

“Still there?” I typed and waited.

About ten minutes later there had been no response and Stacy had not returned. My curiosity built and I soon found myself on edge. Something was going on.

I stood up and slowly eased my way down the hall. The bathroom was empty. I looked in my parent’s bedroom but it too was vacant. As I moved to the head of the stairs I heard a noise coming from the living room downstairs. I slowly moved down and stood just outside of the entrance to the room. I could hear heavy breathing and a slight squishing noise.

I cautiously looked around the doorframe and my mouth drop open. On the couch was my dad completely naked. He was on his back and Stacy was straddling his face. Her head was bobbing up and down and I could hear the sound of a sloppy wet blow job. Stacy’s hips were grinding her pussy onto his face.

Stacy lifted her head and moaned loudly as her hips jerked in orgasmic motion.

“Oh fuck! You eat pussy the best. That’s making that pussy cum. Oh fuck…fuck…fuck!” She moaned as her mouth moved back onto his cock.

Her blonde head bobbed even faster. My own hand found my pussy and I rubbed as I watch the couple go at their sixty-nine. Then Stacy lifted her head again and when she did she noticed me there. She stroked his cock with her hand and smiled at me.

“Please fuck me!” She moaned.

I stepped back out of sight and listened as they changed position.

“Ohhhh fuck yes!” Stacy groaned.

I glanced around the corner and saw that Stacy was on her back with her legs over my Dad’s shoulders. My vantage point was such that I could see his cock sliding in and out of her pussy. His balls would slam against her ass each time he thrust into her. There was the sound of an extremely wet pussy being fucked, the slap of two excited bodies and the heavy breathing of two people fucking. Stacy looked my way and quickly stuck her tongue out at me as if teasing me.

“Mmm you like that pussy! Give me that fucking cock!” Stacy said.

“Yeah that fucking pussy is great. Nice and hot and wet! Fuck yes!” Daddy said as he pumped his cock into my friend.

“Would you fuck me doggy style?” Stacy asked.

I quickly ducked out of sight again. Very shortly I could hear the slap, slap, slap of fucking resume. I looked and saw Daddy holding Stacy’s ample hips as he fucked her from behind. I could tell that they both were getting close to an orgasm.

“Oh fuck I need to cum! Please stick your finger in my ass! Please it makes me cum so good!” Stacy moaned.

Daddy chuckled and then Stacy screamed. I could see Daddy’s right arm move in a fucking motion.

“Ohhhh Cummmmmming!” Stacy screamed as Daddy grunted.

Daddy’s ass jerked and his head rolled as he grunted. I had no doubt that he was blowing his cum deep in her pussy. I figured I better leave before they recovered.

I returned to my bedroom and waited. I was just starting to wonder if they were fucking again when the door opened and Stacy came in.

“Your Dad is the best lover ever!” She said as she joined me on the bed.

“So does he know about me?” I asked.

“No! I went down and he was jerking his cock so I just asked if I could help. After that it was on!” She said with a smile.

We both giggled but in the back of my mind I wondered where this was all going. Then an even stranger thought hit me!

“What if Daddy preferred a lover who he could see to one who hid behind the wall of the glory hole?” I thought as I listened to Stacy drift to sleep.

To be continued…


A word from the author: I do appreciate all of the kind comments and encouragement. Frankly I am having fun with this tale but there is a way to go before all is revealed so please read on. If you are enjoying please show your support with your vote.

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