An Encounter

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Nancy stood facing the window and enjoyed the spectacular view of the city before her. Lights from windows and street lights bathed the room in soft light. An occasional ship would add a surreal specter to the view. She was wearing boy shorts for her panties and nothing else. They weren’t her normal choice for intimate apparel but Ray had told her that was what he wanted to see her in and she wanted to please him. So there she stood, arms crossed under her breasts, gazing out the window and eagerly awaiting his return.

She had started today by arriving with a dress on and not wearing any panties. She’d loved the look in his eyes when she flashed him, letting him have a lingering look at her freshly shaved pussy. They had enjoyed a satisfying encounter; at least it was for her. He’d spent a lot of time just kissing her, gazing into her eyes while telling her how beautiful she was. He’d also told her that she was his to do as he wished with her. Not one to initially submit, she had fought him at every turn. Nancy loved to deny him an easy conquest. She truly enjoyed the resistance and his ultimate victory in making her do as he desired. Finally, he had had her naked, legs spread on the bed while he used his considerable oral talents to bring to three very pleasurable orgasms.

Basking in the afterglow of her orgasm, Nancy looked at me and asked “When are you going to take your clothes off?”

“I’m not.”


“No, I am going to leave for awhile and you are going to get ready for my return. You are to put these panties on and stand looking out the window with your arms at your side. When I come back you are not to look back and see me. If you do you will be punished. Do you understand?”

He had been gone for only ten minutes or so, but the anticipation of what might happen when he returned made the passage of time seem interminable. She heard the tell tale click of the lock opening when he inserted his key card and a frisson of excitement shot through her body. There was just enough reflected light on the windows for her to see that it really was him and not someone else. In defiance, she kept her arms crossed under her breasts, just to spice things up a little.

Nancy could see the confidence in his stride as he walked across the room, grabbed her shoulders and spun her around. He kissed her hard, his tongue probing and demanding. Ray’s right hand had a handful of her hair so that he could guide her any way he desired. His left hand moved across her lower back and down to cup the right cheek of her taught ass.

Ray smiled and said “Turn around and put your hands behind your back.”

Nancy felt rope winding around her wrists. No doubt Ray could tell her what kind it was, the tensile strength, the diameter and what it was made of. She only knew that it was smooth and thick enough that it didn’t bite into her skin. Inch by inch her arm was swallowed up by the rope. All she could do was stare out at the city through her reflection in the window. The room was cold enough to raise goose bumps on her skin. It would have also made her nipples stiff, but being with Ray had already done that. At the same time she could feel the warmth of the sun on her skin. The rope started at her wrists and went almost halfway to her elbow when she heard Ray speak.


“Before Zod,” Nancy thought to herself. She slowly bent her legs and put her knees on the ground. Ray began to wrap the rope around her ankles, slowly working his way up until the rope wound around her calf muscles.

It was a shame Nancy couldn’t see what he was doing; Ray thought as he completed tying up her legs. The knots were quite intricate and the sight of Nancy’s arms and legs confined was very arousing.

Ray moved to the closet and retrieved the riding crop he had hidden there and placed the tip on Nancy’s shoulder. As he moved it towards her other shoulder Ray could see the hair on the back of Nancy’s neck stand up. He certainly had her attention. Next he stroked her neck with it, watching her reflection in the window. With the tip of the riding crop resting on her quivering lip he spoke.

“If you speak to me from now on you must be respectful. Nod if you understand.” Nancy showed her acquiescence by slowly nodding.

You are going to make me come right here,” he said, tapping the leather against her mouth.

Ray kicked off his shoes and stood up. When he was standing in front of her he unbuttoned his pants and let them fall to the floor, then slipped his boxer shorts off. He wrapped his hand around Escort Ankara his cock and guided it to her mouth. She stared at him defiantly, her green eyes lighting up with mischief and kept her lips tightly pursed together. There was no doubt in his mind that he would make Nancy suck his cock until he came in her mouth.

It was pretty clear what he wanted. Nancy wanted to please him, but at the same time she wasn’t sure she wanted a mouth full of hot salty cum. She felt Ray’s hand on her chin, pushing down, forcing her mouth open. Then his cock slipped past her lips.

“Very good, that’s very, very good,” Ray moaned.

With one hand guiding his erection into Nancy’s mouth and the other gripping her hair to hold her head still Ray watched his woman swallow his cock. He loved the way her lips stretched around his dick. As he pulled it back out it glistened with her saliva. Ray pulled her head down, forcing his cock back into her. He moaned as she began to use her tongue. His balls were already aching to release their load.

Each time Ray pushed her head down onto his cock Nancy almost gagged. She was trapped by the ropes that bound her arms and legs, she was unable to resist the way Ray bobbed her head up and down on his erection. For the first time she was aroused by giving a blowjob. Stopping wasn’t an option; she knew Ray’s cock would keep invading her mouth until he came. She watched it slip out of her mouth and retreat into the grip of his hand, then re-emerge and plunge between her lips again. On her tongue Nancy could feel the pre-cum leaking out of Ray’s erection. She tried to swallow it to get the feeling out of her mouth. She didn’t revel in the thought of Ray filling her mouth with cum, but she was excited to bring him pleasure.

Ray knew he wouldn’t last much longer. He thought it only fair to at least warn Nancy.

“I’m going to come,” he gasped.

Ray looked down at his paramour. She had half his cock in her mouth. The sight of her lips wrapped around the shaft pushed him over the edge. He moaned loudly as his orgasm exploded. Nancy’s head snapped back like she had been slapped. Ray held on to her hair, keeping her from moving. The tip of his cock was resting on her lower lip and she had her mouth wide open. He could see cum pouring out of his dick and filling her mouth. His knees felt weak and his head was spinning.

To call it an eruption would be an understatement, Nancy thought. The first jet of the hot, salty fluid splattered against the roof of her mouth. She reflexively pulled away from it, but Ray stopped her before she could get his dick out of her mouth. When she heard him moan she closed her lips around him and lowered her head. She suddenly wanted to suck him dry. Nancy felt Ray stumble and catch himself as his cock jerked in her mouth. She swallowed every drop he offered her. When his penis finally slipped out of her mouth it was no longer the throbbing erection that Ray had been ramming down her throat. For a moment she wondered if she had gone too far. Maybe she had finally exhausted him. Then he reached down and put one hand on her throat. He tipped her head back with his other hand and pressed his mouth against hers. Ray kissed Nancy passionately for almost a full minute before releasing her.

After he stood up Ray took a moment to steady himself. He had never felt so drained. His now flaccid penis still jerked with aftershocks of his orgasm. Slowly the details of his plan reassembled in his mind. He peered down at his woman. Her body was covered with a thin sheen of sweat despite the cool temperature of the room. Her arms and legs were still bound and she had never looked more alluring.

Ray mentally chastised his cock for not being hard again yet, and then he stepped behind Nancy and picked up the riding crop. With the leather tip he touched Nancy on the mouth.

“You made me come with your mouth,” he whispered.

Nancy couldn’t deny the arousal she felt from bringing Ray to climax with only her mouth. Her breasts ached to be touched and her pussy longed for the full feeling of Ray’s cock. She could sense him standing behind her, his eyes locked at her tits and swollen nipples. The riding crop moved from her lips to her jaw, and then down along her neck. She craved the sensation of being touched. Nancy struggled against the ropes binding her just to feel something against her skin. Ray’s warm breath flowed across the back of her neck.

“You know I’m going to fuck you, but not until you beg for my hard cock in your tight, wet pussy. Do you Ankara Escort understand?” Ray whispered.

“Are you wet?” Ray asked.

Nancy responded with an energetic nod. She wasn’t quite ready to give in to his desire to hear her talk dirty. When the leather tip of the riding crop touched the top of her breast it sent a bolt of pleasure through her body. She pushed her chest forward, trying to increase the pressure, but Ray quickly withdrew the implement.

“Hold still,” he instructed.

The next time she felt the riding crop it was just below her navel. Ray wedged it between her skin and her panties, pulling the garment away from her body so he could see the hair on her neatly trimmed mound.

“You are wet, your panties are drenched,” he said as he let them snap back into place. The riding crop slowly traced a path up the center of her body, the rough edges of the leather patch dragging along her breasts as it passed through her cleavage. Nancy wondered if Ray’s erection had returned. She wanted to push her hips back and feel it against her ass, but she complied with his directive to hold still.

With only an occasional glance in the window to check his progress, Ray caressed Nancy’s breasts with the riding crop. Even standing behind her Ray could picture the gentle slope of her tits as he moved the tip closer and closer to her erect nipple. He looked at her reflection just long enough to make sure he taunted her by dragging the riding crop a fraction of an inch from the erect amber bumps on her chest. His cock struggled to rise. Ray was in no rush to fuck Nancy; he was thoroughly enjoying toying with her breasts.

She wondered if it was too soon to start begging for his cock. Nancy wanted her man to fuck her in the worst possible way, but a nagging voice in the back of her head told her to make him wait. Don’t give in to him yet, the voice said. A quiet moan escaped her lips as Ray lifted one of her tits with the riding crop. Normally her breasts were not much of an erogenous zone but the sensation of the smooth leather tip sliding across her skin was turning her on much more than she expected. If her hands had not been tied behind her back she would be pinching and tugging her nipples.

When Ray appeared in front of her his cock was fully erect and Nancy wondered if he was going to make her suck it again. Instead he sank to his knees and looked into her eyes. The tip of the riding crop pressed against the bottom of her chin. As the pressure increased Nancy raised her ass off her legs. She felt the riding crop moving along the inside of her thigh. When it reached the apex of her legs Ray moved it back so it touched her ass. She wondered if Ray saw the longing in her eyes as he taunted her. When the riding crop had gone down her other leg Ray moved it to the back of her thigh. She felt it slide over the curve of her ass and come to a rest in the small over her back. The entire time Ray had been staring deep into her eyes. His mouth twisted into a seductive grin and he began to kiss her.

Much to Ray’s disappointment, the padded handle of the riding crop absorbed the sensation of touching Nancy’s body. He was vaguely aware of the contours and curves, but missed the nuances of touching her. What he missed most was the subtle dip between her ass cheeks. For now, the riding crop had done its job, bringing his her to a heightened state of arousal. Ray leaned forward and kissed Nancy on the lips. It was a gentle kiss, and he quickly moved on to her cheeks, jaw, ears and neck. When he leaned forward Ray planted the handle of the riding crop on the floor, using it to help him balance. The shaft of the toy nestled between Nancy’s ass cheeks as Ray’s lips moved to her shoulders. With the fingertips of his free hand he lightly stroked her naked breast.

Nancy could feel the rumblings of her approaching orgasm build as Ray’s lips progressed on a meandering path from her neck to her breasts. Just the feel of his warm breath cascading over her skin made her tingle all over. Ray began to kiss one breast and caress the other with his hand, but he carefully avoided any contact with her swollen nipples. Nancy could feel the material of her panties against her clit. She was certain the fabric was soaked through and dripping onto the floor.

It was almost unbearable being this close to climax, Nancy thought. It was time for the delightful torture to end, but the flood of endorphins in her brain had muddled her memory. Nancy had forgotten what she was supposed to say to make her man fuck her.

“I Ankara Escort Bayan want you inside me,” she groaned.

Ray couldn’t tell if she was trying to match his teasing with some taunting of her own or if she had forgotten what he had insisted she say. Despite his aching cock he decided to toy with her a bit longer. Ray pinched her nipple between his fingers and pulled the skin tight.

Suddenly Ray lashed out with the leather flap of the riding crop and Nancy felt the sting as it impacted her ass. She stared at him with a burning desire flashing in her eyes.

“You didn’t say please”, he intoned.

“Please, please fuck my pussy; I want to feel your cock…” Nancy begged.

Ray released Nancy’s breast. Then he reached down and grabbed the waistband of her panties and pulled them up. He heard her gasp as the material rubbed against her clit.

As she balanced on the precipice of climax the words she had been straining to recall popped into her head.

“I want your hard cock in my tight, wet cunt. I want to fuck you till we both cum,” Nancy cried out triumphantly.

Again she felt the sting of the riding crop on her ass. “Is that the proper way to ask?”

“Please fuck me, fuck me until we both cum,” she begged.

Ray rose up and put his hands on her shoulders. She couldn’t move with her legs tied so he untied her legs and then spun her around until she was facing the chair he had sat in while she stripped for him. With a gentle shove he pushed her forward until her shoulders rested on the edge of the chair. As he retreated Ray dragged his fingers along her body, caressing her breasts and ribs. Finally they came to a rest on her hips. Ray hooked his fingers under her panties and pulled them mid way down her thighs.

The sight of his Nancy’s ass gave Ray pause. He again used the crop to heat up the exposed flesh of her tight ass. He would gently caress her skin with it and then with no particular rhythm, strike her with enough force to leave a red mark.

“oooohhhh” she moaned. The domination Ray was showing and the warmth of her hot skin where he’d struck her was arousing her like no other time in the past.

He wanted to feel her hot wet pussy with his mouth, but he had an urgent need to be inside her. Ray grabbed his erection and guided it between her legs. Ray felt her flow around him the moment the head of his cock penetrated her labia. Bit by bit he filled Nancy’s pussy.

“Fuck my cock,” Ray said once he had buried his entire shaft inside his paramour. He was calling her bluff and making her carry through with her ad lib.

With her arms still bound and Ray’s cock impaling her Nancy didn’t have a lot of options. She started by flexing her hips, rubbing her labia against the rigid shaft of Ray’s cock. Then she began to rock back and forth. She could feel every inch of his throbbing erection is it slid in and out of her pussy. When the flared head of his cock was stretching her labia she pushed back, once again taking in his entire length.

“I’m going to fuck you with my pussy, my hot, wet pussy,” Nancy whispered, forcing herself to enunciate every word. Just saying the word pussy made her feel wicked.

Ray reached forward and pressed his fingers against Nancy’s tits. He slowly dragged his fingers over her breast until he felt her swollen nipple. He pinched them between his finger and thumb and tugged until they slipped from his grasp. Then he started the entire process over.

The feeling of helplessness, the constricted feeling of the ropes, the tugging her on nipples and the wonderful fullness of Ray’s cock were overwhelming Nancy. An avalanche of endorphins was cascading through her body. It was all she could do to stop from slipping off the chair.

“Oh yes, yes, yes. I’m coming.” she moaned, knowing full well that her vocalization would probably trigger Ray’s orgasm.

Ray knew exactly was Nancy was trying to do, and he was helpless to resist. His climax followed her siren’s song. A thick jet of cum shot out of his cock and flooded into her. He reflexively shoved his hips forward even though it was impossible to be any deeper inside his captive. He could feel her muscles clench down on his throbbing erection…

It had only been seconds since her orgasm ended when Ray abruptly pulled his cock out of her Before Nancy realized what was happening he was in front of her, guiding her head towards his erection. Without thinking she opened her mouth and swallowed his dick. He held her head down until she had licked his cock clean. She swallowed every bit of cum, both his and her. When she was done he scooped her up and deposited her on the bed. Nancy realized she was completely exhausted. Even as Ray untied her arms she began to drift off. By the time she was free she was also fast asleep.

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