An S,M-lite Afternoon

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You’re naked and blindfolded. In fact, your hands are tied securely together above your head to the bed. I’d tie your ankles as well but with you so new to this, I want you to have the illusion of some freedom. In fact, you do not have any freedom. You are fully under my command. But I am a merciful mistress, and although I will take delight in your discomfort, I do not necessarily want you in pain. Today’s agenda will be to keep you guessing, keep your beautiful tumescent cock just the way it is right now, pointing to the ceiling, aching to be touched and stroked to release. This is going to be an exhausting afternoon for you. Yes, I said the whole afternoon since I will be taking my time with you, bringing you to places of misery and joy you never thought existed.

You’re hard but I can tell you’re also quite nervous. You know not to speak, and that I have reserved the right to gag you, as well. What I don’t tell you is that I want to hear you talk, to beg. And I also have plans for that mouth later. But first here you lie, both unable to contain your excitement but also wondering how you agreed to such a thing.

I stare down at that beautiful body of yours, lean and fit, all flat planes save for your proud cock. I get wet just thinking of what I’ll be putting you through today. I reach into a drawer and I can tell you are zeroed in on my motions, listening for clues. I draw a large feather down across your chest lightly and although you’re not ticklish, you lurch a bit off the bed from the unexpected sensation. I lightly dust off your cock with it and you settle in a bit, thinking this may just be easier than you’d originally thought. You relax and succumb to the feel of the dancing feather. You know better than to talk but I can see a certain sureness in the way you hold your mouth, as if you want to ask if that’s all I’ve got for you. It isn’t. I abruptly remove the feather from your cock and leave the room.

I know you’re listening for my return but I’m off in other parts of the house, leaving you to your thoughts for 15 minutes or so. I want to gauge your level of arousal, want to see how much you can withstand. You’ll never know what I’m doing when I’m gone or when I’m coming back. This will be worse than Chinese water torture as I break you down mentally with the complete loss of control over your own body’s needs and wants.

When I eventually return, I see your cock has shrunk in my absence, probably more out of doubt than anything. The moment I enter the room again, however, I see it coming to life again, roused by the promise of more to come. I place a bowl quietly on the table next to your bed and reach in, pulling something out. Your ears are now straining for clues. Pendik Esmer Escort You gasp slightly as I place an ice cube on your nipple. I rub it around and across the nipple, making you shiver. I then place my warm mouth over it and the change is immediately felt and reflected in your cock coming fully to life again. My tongue runs over your nipple again and again before I enclose your nipple with my whole mouth. I now place the ice cube on your other nipple so that you have two very different sensations to process. The excitement is mixed with some confusion as your brain tries to focus on one or the other. I again remove the ice and place my hot mouth over the cold nipple, warming it with teeth and lips and tongue. With no more cold to concern yourself with, you relax under the spell of my mouth.

And then I leave you again.

This time when I rejoin the party, you are still hard. You know there is more and are going to now remain erect and impatient to know what’s next. When I turn on the vibrator, however, you look worried. I slowly walk closer to the bed and you keep yourself from protesting just yet. I climb onto the bed next to you and you are just about to beg for mercy when you realize you’re hearing another sound apart from the vibrator. It takes you a moment to realize that the sound is me, or rather the vibrator as it’s pressed up against my pussy.

Your hands pull at the restraints, your cock hardens even further if that’s possible, and you moan in disappointment as it sinks in that I’m pleasuring myself a mere few inches from you and you can’t see or participate. You can only lie there helpless as I slowly purr and sigh next to your ear. It’s killing you not being allowed to watch. I take my time with the vibrator. After all, we have the afternoon! I slowly build myself to a climax, and I make sure to provide you with clear signals as I go, my breath speeding up, small gasps, and letting my body jerk on the bed so you can feel it a few inches away. Then I come and buck up, crying out. You echo my cries with darker ones of your own. You quietly curse under your breath in frustration as I get up and exit the room.

When I come back this time, you look far less confident. Your cock remains hard but your body shows no signs of the earlier bravado. It’s now time to get serious. Without any warning, I drop my mouth down on your cock and you practically leap off the bed. Well, you would if you could. I begin to blow you in earnest now and just as you think there might be a chance of cumming, I walk out again.

I return 15 minutes later with another bowl. When I glance down at you, I see pre-cum has slowly dripped down your cock. I chastise you for being Pendik Eve Gelen Escort a dirty boy and inform you that the mess needs to be cleaned up. I reach for the soapy sponge and proceed to wipe you down, starting with your neck. The warmth of it relaxes you but the idea of me being a naughty nurse to you has your cock straining almost beyond its limits. You’re muttering to yourself now, not even trying to have a conversation with me. I work my way down your torso and down your legs before I return to your naughty, naughty cock. I swab the tip with the sponge and you groan. I work down slowly, taking my time to make sure the area is completely clean again. Unfortunately, pre-cum keeps appearing so I’ll have to be diligent.

But first, I have one more thing to attend to, which is shaving you. When the razor touches your skin, you are stunned by the feel and sound of it rasping against your most delicate skin. Your inclination is to move but common sense kicks in and you remain as still as possible for me. We don’t want any injuries from our day. Your cock has remained solid throughout though, so I know you aren’t as fearful as you make out. When I finish, I wipe you down one more time to make sure the area is clean.

I reach into the drawer and explain that the soap may have dried your skin so I will be now applying some oil to keep your skin supple. I squeeze some into my hands and place my palms on your chest. You are full-out talking to yourself now, trying to decide if you can stay put or whether you might be able to rip the ties from the bed and get your hands on me. I remain silent in my work and wait for your next reaction. As I work my way slowly down, the oil begins to work on you and you groan again, cluing into the fact that it’s a warming oil, and your skin is heating up as I work on your body. You’re already warm enough and now the added heat is heating your brain, as well. You no longer make much sense, and look beaten down. When I reach your cock, I apply a different lotion all over your genital area. I’m sure you want the heat there but you’re not going to get it. Alas, time to leave again. You’re completely quiet as I walk out.

I wait quite some time before coming back to you. The heat of the oil has dissipated some and you are going to take anything I give you. That’s when I reach for your cock again. I stroke it and you yelp. I stroke it with some force and speed and you know you’re so hard you should be cumming instantaneously but you’re not. Again, I wait for it to dawn on you and you’re surprisingly quick despite your current mental state. You finally speak to me, asking what I did, what it was that I put on your cock. I let you work through Pendik Evi Olan Escort it yourself and you come to the correct conclusion that it was some sort of numbing lotion to desensitize you and keep you from cumming too quickly. Standing above you, I can smell the cum in your balls, which are full and waiting.

You curse at the gods and me, and don’t even fight it when I reach under you slightly to place a tiny vibrator at the opening of your ass. I haven’t touched you there yet but you are beyond being surprised by new developments, and are accepting them as they come. I use the numbing lotion there to lube the vibrator and slip it just into the entrance, barely penetrating you there. I turn it on and wait for you to jerk again off the bed, which you do.

That’s when I walk over and kiss you. You eagerly strain your head up to meet my mouth just for the sake of being able to do something actively for the first time all afternoon. This turned you on incredibly and the combination of that and the vibrator have your nerves frayed. I end the kiss and slip a Life Saver into your mouth. You spit it out in frustration, saying you want my mouth again. I instruct you to keep the next Life Saver in your mouth, to bite down on it for me. I feed you another and you chomp away angrily before swallowing and demanding to know if that satisfied me. It did. I then inform you I’ve slipped four Life Savers into my pussy and it will be your job to fish them out again and eat them, hands-free. You stop moving completely and are in shock that you’re being given a job!

I straddle your head with my knees and lower myself onto your face. Your tongue eagerly darts out and into my snatch, slithering everywhere it can, kissing, licking, as you moan in ecstasy. I am overcome but still reach down to your poor numbed cock and begin to stroke it again for you. You all but ignore that in favour of your task of hand, and you are an excellent slave, dipping your tongue into me as far as you can go. I can hear the crunch of the first two Life Savers and the sound of triumph from you. I attempt to sit still while you complete the second half of the chore. When you make quick work of it, I get off you again, resulting in you cursing again, but complete joys overtakes you when I untie your hands!

You pull your wrists away from the ties, rip the vibrator away from your ass, and tear the blindfold off your face. Even blinded by the light you’re no longer used to, you see me long enough to know where I stand and grab me with as much speed and force as you can muster, throw me under you and plough into my cunt as far as hard as you can. The numbness is wearing off your cock but you’re still able to fuck me to three orgasms with such animal ferocity before you scream as loud as you can and cum inside me, shaking and yelling unintelligible sounds. You collapse completely, still groaning with every exhaled breath. When you finally calm down minutes later, you open your eyes and we smile broadly at each other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32