An Unbelievable Night

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Big Tits

This story is fiction and any resemblance to true events or people is purely coincidence. All people in the story are over 18. If you are just looking for the sex in the story, scroll down to chapter three.


Chapter 1

My wife took my two sons to Florida to stay with her sister for two weeks. We agreed I shouldn’t take time off of work to go with them because her sister and I cannot be in the same room without arguing. I stopped at a taco fast food restaurant on the way home from work Monday night. I ordered 10 soft tacos and a large cola thinking to myself that I was laying the groundwork for an eventual heart attack.

I sat at a small table by myself and that’s when I saw her. She was young, her dirty blonde hair pulled back in a pony tail. She was slim but her baggy purple t-shirt and grey sweatpants hid her figure. She was wearing black flip-flops, toe nails painted red.

I have no idea why I was instantly infatuated with her. Generally I like a full figured woman, large breasts and a round ass. I find my wife just as sexy today as I did when we started dating fifteen years ago. Bear in mind, I was not thinking of sex when I was looking at this young girl. Just explaining it’s strange that I couldn’t help but look at her.

I tried to look down at my tacos while I ate but I ended up staring at her. She looked over and I smiled, mouth closed as I was chewing taco. She smiled back then started talking to her friend again. I figured the girl was polite and the smile didn’t mean anything.

I was scarfing down taco number 7 when her friend came over and sat down at my table, uninvited. She smirked at me and remarked, “You’ve been waiting for this for a long time.”

I gave her a confused look then my eyes went wide as I swallowed a mouth full of taco I didn’t quite chew enough. “Excuse me”, I asked.

She replied, “You taking that tray full o tacos and just about swallowing them whole. I figured

you haven’t eaten for a day and a half. Long time to wait for tacos”

I looked at her, slim like her friend, olive skin, electric green eyes, black hair down to her shoulders. She wore a black t-shirt with the logo of some band I’ve never heard of. When she

walked over I noticed she was wearing leggings with a green and black zigzag pattern.

“I’m just a big eater”, I explained.

She did not have the same effect on me that her friend did and she knew it.

She asked, “How hard is it to not shift in your chair so you can look past me at the blonde behind me?”

I stammered, “Sorry if I made your friend uncomfortable, I’ll take the rest of my tacos home.

I started getting up and she said, “sit” and I sat.

She continued, “Don’t you think it’s rude to get up in the middle of a conversation? I’m Julie, what’s your name?”

“Tom” I blurted out, thinking to myself there must be Zonguldak Escort something rude about sitting down with someone you don’t know and saying whatever comes to mind.

Julie – “So my friend Chrissy is cute, isn’t she?”

Me – “Yeah, of course she is”

Julie – “So, how would you like to get to know her better”

Me – “Aren’t I a little old for you and your friend to chatting up”

Julie, glancing at my wedding ring, states, “Your about to cheat on your wife and you’re worried about whether or not it is statutory rape?”

Me – “Hey!” As I yelled the four other customers and the guy behind the counter looked at us.

Julie – “Calm down, she’s 18, she’ll show you ID if you want”

Me – “What are you, her pimp or something?”

Julie – “I say she’s 18 and all of sudden you’re ready to pay for it? No she not a hooker, she’s a nice girl. She didn’t want to come over here, have you turn her down. How great is she gonna feel about herself when she can’t even get the middle aged over weight guy to give her the time of day?”

Me – “I’m married”

Julie – “I didn’t ask you to bend her over the order counter and fuck her silly. Just talk to her, be nice to her, and you two decide where it goes after that.”

Me – “Why me?”

Julie – “You’re the one staring at her like a man in the desert would stare at tall glass of ice water if he couldn’t grab it.”

Me – “I admit I did that but why me?”

Julie – “You want me to be blunt, even if someone is old and fat, if they look at you with that much desire, it’s sexy. Probably not enough for most people but it is for her I guess”

Me – “You’re her friend, what if I’m a serial killer or something?”

Julie – “If you were dragging bodies around the woods, you’d be in better shape. I’m going to tell her to come on over. If you hurt her, I’ll tear your balls off and shove them down your throat.”

Julie sauntered back to her table without waiting for me to respond.

Chapter 2

Chrissy walked over, smiling at me. I smiled back. She asked sheepishly, “Can I sit down?”

“Of course, please.” I replied

Chrissy – “So Julie tells me your name is Tom, I’m Chrissy”

Me – “It’s a pleasure to meet you”

Chrissy – “So you were staring”

Me – “You’re beautiful”

Julie came over and asked Chrissy if she was ready to go. Chrissy asked me and if I could drive her home and told me her address. It was about three miles from the restaurant so I said sure. Julie smirked and said, “Later kids”, and walked out the door.

Chrissy, “So what do you want to do?”

I stammered, “Um I’m married”

Chrissy blushed, “I know, I have a boyfriend”

Me – “So what do you want to do?”

Chrissy – “My boyfriend and I have been together for a year and half, we’ve never done it. He wants to but it’s too much stress, Zonguldak Escort Bayan what if I screw up.”

Me – “Whatever happens, guys just like sex. Just don’t let him do anything you’re not ready for”

Chrissy – “I might spend the rest of my life with him, I just want to do this with someone that won’t be there for the rest of my life”

Me – “I feel like I’m on one of those to catch a predator TV shows.”

Chrissy reached in her purse and put something in front of me. It was her license, she turned 18 a month ago. I handed it back her hand lingered on mine for a minute before taking it. She whispered, “Let’s just have tonight, for us”

I threw away the rest of my drink and the three uneaten tacos and we got in my car. I asked her,

“So, you want to get something to eat.”

She giggled, “We just ate”

I replied, “Want to go to a movie?”

She leaned over the gearshift, her lips almost touching mine, and almost moaned, “You know what I want.”

I quickly turned away from her and buckled my seat belt, the parking lot was too public to go any further. I drove to the drug store and told Chrissy I had to grab something and asked her to get in the driver’s seat. Leaving the store, I got in the passenger seat with a box of condoms. I gave her directions to secluded place.

I told her to park the car and shut it off.

Chapter 3

We leaned over the gearshift and started kissing. Our tongues were swirling and I reached for the hem of her T-shirt and pulled it over her head. We went back to kissing as I reached behind her and unfastened her bra

She pulled the white lace away from her pale skin as we kept kissing, I worked my way down her neck to her small breasts and sucked her nipples, flicking them with my tongue and fingers. Her breathing deepened and I murmured, “take em off” as I continued to work on her breasts. She shimmied out of sweat pants and black satin panties.

I worked my way down between her legs.

At this point I’m on all fours my head upside down between her her legs. I felt her hands working through my hair. I was starting to

get lightheaded with my head upside down but I could hear her practically panting so it would be cruel to stop.

I licked and lapped and the panting turned to moaning. It felt like forever but the moaning was like orchestra music, getting louder and louder. She emitted a grunt and locked my head between her thighs. I stopped eating her out and she completely relaxed. Her thighs parted and she laid back in the driver’s seat, out of breath.

I sat up and looked at her. She was even more beautiful, contented smile, moon light playing over her athletic frame.

I asked, “So was that what you wanted?”

She purred, “You know what I want, as she leaned over my lap and unbuttoned my slacks. She unzipped my fly and pulled Escort Zonguldak my pants down enough to free my erection. I opened a condom and handed it to her and said, “Just put it on the tip and roll it down.” She put the condom on me then straddled me.

She smiled from ear to ear, and kissed me passionately. We kept kissing as she lowered herself onto my manhood. She was so wet that it slid right in.

She rode me, slow at first but quickly picked up the pace. I heard the familiar moaning and she was starting to moan faster as I filled the condom and went soft. I started to apologize but she put one finger on my lips and shook her head. She carefully took the condom off me and handed it to me, not sure what to do with it. I carefully put it back in the foil package and dropped it in the ashtray.

I jumped because I didn’t expect her to start

lapping the cum off my cock. Her head turned to look at me, she asked with a sad little pout, “Did I do something wrong”

I replied, “No baby, it was so right. I just didn’t expect it.”

She went right back to work lap my cock then gently moving her mouth up and down on it.

I instructed, “Suck and let off, suck and let off”…”That’s right a little harder”…”That’s it, That’s it!” I summoned all my willpower and said “Okay, sto-aw-aw-p”

She looked at me confused and I told her, “Put another condom on that thing, I want finish what I started” She flashed her perfect teeth in a brilliant smile, sheathed my cock and practically bounded on to it. I kissed her nipples as she bounced on my cock, breathing so hard I thought she might hyperventilate. She bounced and moaned

faster and faster and I heard that familiar grunt and she collapsed onto me. Satisfying her pushed me over the edge and I filled the condom again.

Chapter 4

We laid there for a while then she climbed off of me and got dressed. I pulled myself together. She said, you should probably drive now. I drove her home and asked, “I thought you were a virgin, you certainly seemed like you knew what you were doing”

Chrissy explained, “I’ve never done any of that before but I’ve watched movies and read stories. Julie and I have talked a lot. She probably wouldn’t care if I told you she knows her way around a man’s thing”

I laughed, “You just sucked my cock but you can’t say cock?” She smiled and shrugged. A minute later, she said,”cock” and we both laughed.

I stopped at the curb outside her building she grabbed my hand and said, “Thanks, that was just what I needed”. She got out of my car and jogged back to the building. I pulled away from the curb, sorry she was gone but knowing she was right. This could only happen once. I love my family and this night will just be a wet dream a little more real than the others.

Two hours later, I’m watching tv and my cell phone rings, caller ID says unavailable. I instantly recognize Julie’s voice, “Hey Romeo, great job. As I promised, we won’t mess with your family. Next time they go on vacation, I may turn up again when you’re eating dinner. The line went dead and my cock stirred as I pictured her smirking.

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