An Unorthodox Sales Contest Ch. 05

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George had closed the meeting (“orgy” was more like it) with the same rules and directives. Leaving with Bob and for several days after, I was quite concerned about talking to him about what I had done. As it turned out, Bob had to leave on a sales trip before we talked. I was also shy around the other wives. I couldn’t help but think that I would be ostracized. My concerns were lifted when I got a call from Jenny to come to her house for a little get together. “We just have to talk about that last meeting,” she had said in a highly confidential voice.

Knowing that she and several others had behaved much as I did, I felt comfortable joining them. Even so, as I walked up to Jenny’s house, I wasn’t sure what I’d find when I got inside.

Sitting in the upholstered chairs in her living room sipping coffee and cokes, we talked about this and that for about twenty minutes before Jenny said in a rush, “I just can’t hold it inside any longer. Was that last meeting great or what?” That was an ice breaker of the first order.

Suzanne wasn’t there, but Freddie was. Freddie began what was to become a narrative of her experience, “When I realized I was about to be passed around, I could have died.” Immediately we all fell quiet. I, for one, was dying to hear what it had been like to be completely undressed, your body exposed and put on display, then fucked repeatedly by your husband’s friends and co-workers in front of everybody.

“I actually got light headed as I realized that I would be stripped naked in front of all of you and your husbands. It felt like something out of the days of slavery. I mean George standing behind me . . . . ” She put her hands under her boobs and pushed them up and around duplicating what George had done. “It wasn’t until he started actually unbuttoning my blouse that I realized how serious he was. It took real will power not to faint.”

She had stopped the lifting and massaging her breasts in her mocking repeat of George feeling her up that night. During this she had managed to unbutton the blouse’s three buttons. The blouse now hung open as she continued. “I kept hoping it would end. When he took my blouse and dropped it on the stage, I thought it might end there.” She was wearing a much skimpier garment than she had been at the meeting. She now unceremoniously flipped it aside. “Standing there in my bra was just unimaginable, but having him . . . .” Now without narrative she pulled her breasts from the constraints of her bra. She looked around at us. “Can you imagine? Not only are you half naked, but standing there with your boobs hanging out over your bra. My god, I was speechless. If you remember, he certainly didn’t stop there. And now there were men,” she looked around at us individually, “your husbands standing within a foot or so watching me be stripped. They stared at my boobs, my naked boobs. Your husbands, guys I knew well just stood there practically drooling staring.”

The look on her face was one of incredulity. She looked strange sitting there with her breasts hanging over her bra, but she was quite intense as she related her feelings. “I never expected to react like I did to all this. When he played with . . .,” she began to rub her nipples as George had done. “When he began to play with me, I actually got hot. I couldn’t believe it. I looked at your husbands plainly getting hard, thoroughly expecting to . . . to . . . .” She didn’t finish the sentence. She just kept rubbing her nipples, apparently reliving the experience of the meeting. “Do you remember he had someone, I don’t remember who come up and feel me up like a . . . I don’t know what. I really was getting hot. Then George put his hand down inside my panties. That was it. I let myself go . . . .” She trailed off. “I just wanted . . . .” she trailed off again, her butt squirming on the chair. She put a hand between her legs.

“I got so hot watching . . . ,” Claire started before she, too trailed off.

“You mean that I’m not the only one that just wanted to feel like a slut and have everyone in the room, well, ‘use’ me?” I actually stammered a bit as I let it out.

“Is there something wrong with us,” Barb asked. “When you lay down on that bed, naked! Then you spread you legs. I think I actually wanted to run up there, strip myself and let them all have me!”

“If there is something wrong with us, I don’t kaynarca escort want anyone to cure me,” I said. After a flurry of agreements we realized that we could make this life around the golf course pretty interesting.

One of the big questions, we realized, was how much our husbands would play along. Would they be aghast at their wives being so wanton or would they be energized at having so much variety. How to find out. How could we determine if our husbands would be freaked out or jump in the pile and join the orgy. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one getting really wet just considering it.

We talked for a bit without coming up with any ideas that we liked. As the afternoon wore on coffee gave way to wine, one bottle gave way to two.

“Anyone ever tried one of these?” I hadn’t noticed that Jenny had left the room when she returned holding several dildos. I know I blushed. I wasn’t alone.

“Where did you get those,” May asked apparently as astonished as the rest of us.

“They keep me company when Joe is out of town and sometimes when he’s in town, but playing golf instead of playing with me,” Jenny responded passing them around.

“Oh, my god,” Clair said. “How do they feel?”

“Try it and see,” Jenny said with a giggle. “Go ahead. We’re all friends here.”

That was an understatement, I thought. I also reflected on the fact that we had all had quite a bit of wine.

“Oh, I couldn’t,” Clair stared at the dildos. Her head bobbed up suddenly, “You mean right here . . . here in front of everybody?” She stared at Jenny. I thought then that she was really asking permission to try one ‘right here in front of everybody’.

“Why not?” With that Jenny took one from the table in front of her. She stood and wriggled out of the tight shorts she wore. The shorts fell to the mauve carpet and lay in a puddle at her feet. She looked round at all of us, got a conspiratorial look and pulled her panties off. She flipped them in the air with abandon. Her sandals followed sailing across the room in different directions. Those in the vicinity of their landing zones ducked. She stood letting all of us see her nakedness. Her eyes sparkled. Grinning impishly she applied a bit of lotion to the device and turned it on. It buzzed quietly.

A glance at her pussy. Another look at us. She spread her legs widely. She had shaved herself leaving only a narrow V which, itself, was closely trimmed. With two fingers she spread her now puffy lips revealing her clit. She looked up at at us, wriggled her hips and winked. Carefully watching herself she pointedly guided the tip of the dildo. When it touched her engorged clit, we could see the effect immediately.

She hesitated, then holding the buzzing dildo in one hand she she pulled her tube top up pushing her bra from her breasts as she did.

She took aim with the dildo again, then pressed it again lightly against her clit. She stood for a minute, then sat on the floor. She watched herself closely as she applied the dildo. She ran it up and down, around and around. Finally, her eyes staring blankly, she lay back and plunged the humming device deep inside. She pulled it out then pushed it back in. She lay on her back with her knees bent. She pinched and pulled her nipples with her free hand. She pushed the dildo in and out ever more rapidly until she almost doubled up in a climax. It was a surprisingly noisy climax which included her hips pounding against the floor and loud gasps.

When it seemed to have passed, she quieted, then lay still. She left the dildo inside her, whirring, and said rather breathlessly, “Who’s next?”

Barb spoke up tentatively, “I’ll try it.” Then, “Do I have to take my clothes off?”

“Of course, silly,” Jenny said from her position on the floor, vibrator buzzing. “That’s half the naughtiness. Being naked in front of other people.”

She seemed reluctant to do it, but now Jenny removed the dildo she had held with her tightly closed legs. She turned it off and set it aside after wiping it.

There was widespread encouragement from the others. Barb stood. “Well, here goes.” She unbuttoned her Capri’s and let the zipper down, rather slowly, I thought.

I couldn’t wait to watch someone else do it. God was I hot.

She wore low rise panties in a shade of rose. She looked around at the küçükyalı escort variety of dildos. “Which one . . .?” She gestured at the table with the dildos.

Jenny made a selection. It was a smooth, slender one, pink. It might have been a beginner’s model. “You turn it on by twisting the base like this,” she said demonstrating then turned it off and handed it to Barb.

Barb was still standing somewhat awkwardly in her panties. Her top hung only to her waist well above her panties. It was meant to reveal her flat stomach and perfectly shaped navel. She looked like a model in an underwear ad. Her lightweight top let her nipples reveal her excitement.

She pulled at the crotch of her panties as if to try to insert the dildo with her panties just pulled to the side.

Jenny poured a glass of wine. “Chug this, then take those panties off, all the way off,” she said handing the wine to Barb.

Barb hesitated then set the dildo down as she took the glass from Jenny. “Down the hatch,” she said with a tense smile and threw back her head. She coughed as she guzzled the entire glass. “OK. Let’s do it,” she said with confidence even before the wine had had a chance to take effect.

Jenny took the glass back and set it down. She turned quickly back to Barb and pulled the rose colored panties off surprising Barb and the rest of us.

“Oh, OK,” Barb sputtered. She stepped out of the panties Jenny was holding on the floor at her feet.

Jenny stood holding up the panties as a sort of trophy, then sat to watch with the rest as Barb learned about dildos.

Still tentative Barb turned the base of the dildo. It quietly came to life. She turned it off, embarrassed.

“Put some lotion on it first,” Jenny suggested.

Barb took the lotion and carefully applied a small bit to its tip.

“Use it just like your husband’s cock only this time you can make it do just what you want, not what he wants!” We all laughed appreciatively.

Still tentative, she gently touched it to her clit. “Mmmm,” she said.

Jenny got up from her chair. “Let me show you something,” she said approaching Barb. Still without her panties on she demonstrated on herself how to uncover her clit. “Do that, then try the vibrator. I think you’ll like the difference.”

Barb was fully self-conscious again given this assignment. She hesitated and looked around the room. “Go ahead,” Jenny instructed her. The rest murmured their agreement.

She did not shave as much as Jenny so had a bit more pubic hair to part. Fumbling she parted the hair, then spread her lips.

“Rub it a bit with your finger so it’s good and hard, then try the dildo,” Jenny continued her instruction.

Ever so lightly Barb rubbed her finger in circles where Jenny indicated.

“Like this,” Jenny, who was on her knees in front of Barb, had apparently tired of waiting. She put her finger on Barb’s clit. Barb jumped back, but was stopped by a wall. Dishes and pictured rattled with the collision. Undeterred Jenny inched forward on her knees following her. Frustrated, Jenny continued for rubbing Barb’s clit for a few seconds then said, “Now you do it.”

Taking charge, Barb stroked and rubbed her clit. It responded well. Jenny watched on her knees right in front of Barb’s pussy. “Now use the dildo,” she said quietly.

Barb applied the dildo to her engorged clit. The effect was far different that the first time. Very shortly her breathing became more rapid, her hips moved. Accommodatingly Jenny slipped a finger inside further increasing the motion of Barb’s hips.

Suddenly Barb sat in the chair next to her. She sat hard making the chair bang against the wall. Slouching, she spread her legs wide as Jenny took Barb’s hand and guided the dildo from her clit into her pussy. Jenny then took over the dildo and operated it like a proper cock. She also kept up the stimulation on Barb’s clit with her finger.

We watched fascinated as Barb’s hips battered the chair until with short gasps and a muted scream she sent her fluid streaming down the dildo Jenny held and down her legs. “My god,” she whispered, “who needs a man?”

We snickered at the thought.

“I’m next,” I said. “Jenny will you do that for me, too?” I asked.

Jenny wiped Barb’s juices from the dildo and pointed it at my crotch. “Have dildo, sancaktepe escort will fuck,” was her affirmation.

I stood. By now I needed no wine for encouragement. I peeled my shorts and underwear off in one movement and sought out the dildo I would use on my clit. I was fiddling with a rather large, neon pink one with an appendage that looked as if it might find my clit even as the main barrel was providing a sense of heaven from the inside.

“You might try this. I think you’ll like it.” Jenny approached me with a smaller device which seemed to be made of a soft latex. It had a two similar devices attached by what looked like headset wires. I reached for it. Jenny pulled it back quickly. “Ah, ah, not yet. Take off your top.”

Intrigued, I pulled my top over my head and dropped it. “Bra, too,” I asked hopefully.

“Of course,” Jenny replied adding a note of incredulity to her voice.

I quickly added my bra to the pile of clothes at my feet. I stood naked, surprised at myself, but with no apologies. The device was now buzzing. I looked at it and Jenny waiting to see what would be next.

“Lean over this table,” Jenny instructed pointing to the well-polished mahogany dining table. She moved a chair out of my way. “Put your hands on the edge. Your back should about parallel to the floor. I want your tits hanging straight down.”

I moved my hips back and lowered my head until I thought I was in compliance.

“Spread your legs,” Jenny instructed. Turning she said, “May, bring me that dildo.” Looking under my body between my breasts I saw her point to the slender one Barb had used. “And stand here,” she finished.

I couldn’t see where she placed May, but it didn’t matter, I was getting more and more excited just being the center of attention.

Bent over the table, my legs spread, my “tits” (I’d only heard my husband occasionally use that term for them) hanging down, I was almost ready to climax without any further attention.

As I watched, my head down looking back along my body, Jenny moved the device toward one now very erect nipple. I shied a bit. “Now, now, you have to trust me,” she counseled.

Holding the clip open with one hand she used the other to excite and further engorge my nipple. I felt this touch in the depths of my pussy. My hips responded demanding something be inserted.

Apparently satisfied, she clipped the device to the nipple. The initial smarting died away quickly and I felt more demand in my pussy. She repeated the process on the other nipple. By now I thought I would die waiting for release. I was rocking back and forth. I was sure I was dripping.

“OK, turn the larger one on and slide it in,” she told May. I heard the buzzing then felt something enter me. It must have been rather large, it seemed to stretch me more than the best I cock I could remember. I felt her slide it slowly in. As it seemed to completely fill me, something touched my clit. It, too, was vibrating. I gasped. An orgasm swept over me almost instantaneously.

Then there was more as the nipple clamps started delivering additional stimulation to my breasts. I put my head on the table to stabilize myself and held on tightly. More climaxes. I think I was screaming now.

“Stop,” I pleaded, “no more.”

“One more,” Jenny said calmly, “one more.”

I heard another vibrator start. Someone put something cool on my ass. I was panting. Quickly my ass turned warm where ever the lotion had been applied, then my ass started to tingle. I couldn’t help but relax my entryway. I knew what was coming, but I couldn’t stop my body from accepting it.

I felt the nose of the device being rubbed in small circles around my entrance. I relaxed inviting it in. She pushed it inward. I relaxed more. She pushed harder. It felt wonderful. I wanted more of it. She pushed harder. I relaxed more and it slid in. Once in I could feel the vibrations from all over my body and the climaxes swept through me again and again.

I must have passed out because I came around on the floor on my back. The girls were chattering about how great that must have been, etc., etc. I wanted more. I lay with my legs spread, but the dildos were gone. I was to go begging.

Freddie got some warm cloths and helped clean me up. Once cleaned and dressed I could hardly believe it had all happened, but I still wanted more.

We left sometime later promising to think about the problem of feeling out our husbands’ attitudes and get back together with for more planning.


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