Anal Alice Act 06

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Preface – PLEASE READ!:

This is the SIXTH part of what is a running story. It is all about the taboo. You will not find romance here. Any notion and talk of love is subverted to serve the taboo.

Anal sex and incest are MAJOR themes of this story.

You may want to not read this part and other parts if you take offence to any of the following in a lurid, obscene (and of course fantastical) context: incest, rough sex, extreme sodomy, objectification and degradation, and nonconsensual/reluctance themes.

All characters involved are 18 or older!

I am thankful for all my readers, patient fans (and impatient ones!), and especially comments, ratings and emails. Thanks to you I finally got my first ‘Hot’ rated story, that being the previous chapter in this story!

P.S. The fantasy is everything.


As soon as Alice heard Mike was done in the shower she rushed quickly out and into the bathroom, holding her lady parts and hoping nobody would see. Mike was stepping out the shower, his soft cock swaying, and she tried to ignore him as he slapped it against her thighs and asscheeks with a grin.

Thankfully he must not have still been in the mood after just cumming inside her bottom, or maybe he was feeling guilty for being a bit rough earlier, or was simply in a pleasant kind of temperament. She knew he didn’t have to say anything out loud; he only had to look at her with that smile for her to forgive him and Dan both (she knew innately that Dan and Mike shared their true feelings on the matter). It was a simple, undeniable fact to her that they were both kind, thoughtful and loving souls at heart; after all, they were her brothers!

She shut the door after Mike left and took a much-needed shower. She washed away all the stickiness from her body, and gave her hair a shampoo. She reflexively tightened her bottom – despite the twinge of pain – to stop any cum running out down her leg and having to be washed off again. Besides, better in than out. This way it could soothe her softly aching insides.

She left the shower when the hot water ran out, then went back to the bedroom wrapped in two towels, and was relieved to see Mike wasn’t there. He must have already left, same as Dan. She got dressed in her bikini (a top that barely held her big boobs, and a thong slipped almost unseen into the crack of her bottom), a short skirt over her lower half for modesty, and then slipped her feet in some sandals. It was another hot summer day and she thought about going to see one of her friends, before she remembered she had to talk to her mom about recent events.

She glanced at her parents’ door; it was still shut. The prospect of talking to her mom about it all filled her with uncertainty and embarrassment, so she put it off for a while. She heated up some pop-tarts, put on a little sunscreen, popped on her sunglasses and then stepped out the trailer to lie on the lounger by the door, closing her eyes against the bright sun that filtered through her shades. The heat relaxed her even more than the shower, though she knew if she stayed out it could become punishing.

Her bottom was still sore and distracting, and an idea sparked in her head. She got up and found some soothing cream in the bathroom cabinet. She lay back down on the outside lounger, this time face down, and, after quickly checking nobody else was about, that none of their closest neighbors had left their own trailers, she pulled the flap of her skirt up and pulled her bikini thong down to her pussy.

She put a dollop of the cream on her finger and tentatively touched her tender asshole. It gave her a little jump with the cold. It was weird also, touching it like that. She gave it a little rub and decided it felt nice. She continued rubbing the cream in, then came back for another dollop. This time her finger plopped inside, surprising her. She wasn’t sure she’d meant to put her finger inside, only apply a little bit of pressure to rub the cream in. Then again, she remembered, it’d just been stretched by her brother’s rather large penis, so her little finger was easily swallowed up in comparison.

It felt soothing, so she rubbed the cream on the inside of her anus, coming back a few times to get more cream and put her finger back in her bottom to wiggle it around some more. It mixed with the cum kept warm in her bottom, although she soon enough completely forgot about the cum, and thought of the cream inside her as only of the medical kind. Deep relaxation from lying in the baking sun caused memories of her brothers fucking her ass to dissipate from her mind. Even the ache was subsiding, the sun’s heavy embrace on her stuck-out bottom and her finger idly rubbing her sensitive backdoor entrance making her melt into the lounger.

She was drifting off, unaware of her surroundings, when a voice speaking beside her brought her back to reality with a thump.

‘And what do you think you’re doing, young lady? Where the neighbors can see you?’

Alice quickly pulled Casibom her finger away from her bottom and looked up at her mom standing over her. She could her feel her face going bright red and hoped her mom didn’t notice.

‘I was just. . . being in the sun, and, um. . . My bottom was sore, that’s all,’ Alice mumbled, forgetting to pull her thong back up and her miniskirt back down.

‘Felt good, did it?’

‘Yeah,’ Alice said. When she unsure about a question she always and immediately resorted to her default honesty.

‘Mom, I’ve got something I need to tell you,’ she said after an awkward moment, squirming a little and hanging her head. She better get it over with.

‘Oh yeah?’

‘My brothers were… I dunno how to say this. . .’

‘Were they teasing you again?’ Her mom asked in a not-really-paying-attention voice, as she started hanging out some washing on the line.

‘I guess.’

‘It’s totally harmless, you know that. Just laugh it off.’

‘But they touched me…’

‘They’re just having fun with you, silly. It’s not their fault you have a body like yours.’

‘What do you mean?’

‘Well that booty of yours. It’s even bigger than mine at your age. I’m not surprised they like to play with it. And you do tease them a lot yourself.’

‘Mom… they had sex with me!’ Alice blurted out.

Her mom stopped doing the washing and looked at her through her own large sunglasses. ‘Oh Alice,’ she said, after a pause, ‘you know you’re not supposed to have sex with your brothers. I thought we’d raised you better.’

‘I didn’t—’ Alice started.

‘Now I know your hormones are rushing about and you’re probably really wanting cock, don’t think I don’t know what that’s like! But it’s just not right for you to do it with your own brothers.’

‘But it was them that did it!’

Her mom put her hands on her hips. ‘Alice, what did you expect them to do with you waving your big boobs around and of course that big round ass that’s always sticking out a mile from your back, and teasing them with it like you always do? Why you may as well just present it to them on a plate. That doesn’t mean you go ahead and let your brothers push their cocks in you. You could get pregnant! Then what?’

Alice squirmed. ‘I’m not gonna get pregnant.’

‘You don’t know that.’

‘I do,’ she said in a small voice.

‘Why’s that? I didn’t think anyone in our family wore condoms.’

‘They only put it in my, um, my bum.’

Her mom stared at her, then affected an expression of horror. ‘Oh Alice! Don’t be so dirty! How could you?’

‘I didn’t want to—’

‘I never thought I’d raised my daughter up to be a little anal slut.’

‘I’m nottt,’ whined Alice. ‘They just put them there!’

‘This explains all those noises me and your dad heard last night. How often have you let them have your ass?

‘Erm I’m not sure,’ said Alice. ‘A few times. They put them both in too.’

‘How do you mean?’

‘Both their… things… in at the same time.’ Alice was beetroot red at this point, and wanted to be anywhere else but here. She was really starting to regret having this conversation. Still, that was the worst of it out there.

Her mom put her hand to her mouth. ‘Oh my god, I don’t believe it! Both your brothers’ big cocks in your ass at the same time? How on earth did they fit?!’

‘They just… went in,’ said Alice meekly, avoiding all eye contact with her mom.

Her mother shook her head repeatedly. ‘My own teenage daughter, a double anal slut. With your own brothers too. I expect you’ll be wanting anal sex all the time now.’

‘Noooo!’ Alice cried. ‘Mom, I don’t!’

Her mom raised a hand, her expression and voice firm. ‘No use lying to me young lady. You brought this on yourself as you know full well, so don’t expect my sympathy.’

‘But, but—’

‘I don’t want to hear any more of your nasty immoral exploits.’ Her mother sighed. She looked at Alice’s prone form with her head tilted, as though thinking. As her mom’s eyes scanned over her body, Alice suddenly realised her bottom was still completely uncovered, her lotioned bumhole no doubt glistening under the bright sun. She hurriedly pulled the thong up and her skirt down, and sat up. She tried to think what to say next, but her mom got there first.

‘But. . .’ her mom started, ‘I suppose if you’re going to be like this, so desperate for cock in your ass that you resort to seducing and fucking your own brothers by your perverted schemes, well I guess it’s better that it’s in the family than outside it. I suppose. It’ll be much safer, and we can keep a better eye on you. Goodness me, I don’t know. I can tell that a girl with an ass like yours is going to get it a lot more no matter what I say.’

Alice’s expression grew pained. This wasn’t how she expected the conversation to have gone. ‘Can’t you tell them not to do it?

Her mom shook her head. ‘Don’t be naïve, Alice. You’ve already Casibom Giriş let them fuck your ass. Even both of them at once, however on earth you managed that. Now they’ll be wanting it all the time. It won’t be easy for them to escape from your depraved seductions, not to mention the sordid clutches of their sister’s slutty teen anus, god forgive you. Oh Alice, you silly silly girl. I’ve known for a long time from how your brothers and fa— and other men are around you that you were trouble, but I didn’t think you’d be this naughty. Well, you’ve got your wish. I won’t interfere. Your brothers can keep fucking your bottom. I don’t understand it myself, but kids will be kids. Just make sure it’s only in the ass, okay? I don’t want any inbreeding happening! Our family has left that in the past where it belongs.’

‘Mom, my ass hurts…’

‘I’m not surprised! You’ve taken two big fat meaty dicks in there at the same time. Was that last night or this morning? Not that it matters. No doubt they really fucked you hard.’

Her mom frowned at her. ‘Come on, stop feeling sorry for yourself, you can’t expect me to sympathise with a wanton incestuous buttslut. It’s all your own fault you know. Booty girls like you are all about the backdoor entry, don’t think I don’t know it. Now off you go, I’m sure you’ll get used to the feeling of double anal quickly. And don’t think I’ll be cleaning the bedsheets any more often, I don’t care how many wet cumstains you all make, you’ll just have to sleep in them until next washday. I don’t know what your father’s going to think about all this.’

The rest of her mom’s bewildering words fell to the wayside in Alice’s mind after this last sentence. ‘Please don’t tell dad!’

Her mom waved her away. ‘We’ll see, she said. ‘Just don’t you be giving us any more trouble, and try to be good to your brothers, won’t you?’

Alice got up and left sadly, her mind feeling like a big upset mess of things that she couldn’t quite grasp. She’d tried, but the situation seemed beyond her. Why didn’t anyone else see things her way? She wondered if maybe she was to blame, like maybe her perspective on things was off. Was it anyone else’s fault if she saw and felt things a bit differently to them? Some of her mom’s words made sense – she understood like Alice that it was wrong to take her brother’s dicks, but didn’t seem able to grasp that it wasn’t really Alice’s choice.

Alice didn’t blame her mom, who was only looking out for her, her brothers, and the family as a whole, and wanting to do what was best. No doubt Alice had surprised her greatly – she supposed it wasn’t every day in families that the mom finds out that the teen daughter is getting bumfucked by the brothers. Alice guessed she just hadn’t explained herself well enough, so it really wasn’t her mom’s fault she hadn’t picked up more on the nuances of the situation. Or she’d picked up on things less obvious to Alice, and it was Alice who hadn’t listened. Maybe she really did encourage them, without realising.

Alice resolved to tempt her brothers as little as possible from now on. She’d endeavour to not be a tease or sexy (not that she thought she was particularly sexy, but others sure seemed to think so, especially her brothers), and not lead them on.


She was playing on her phone, inside where it was cooler, when her brothers came back to the trailer. She was feeling better about things by this point, her body and mind both relaxed from earlier (although there was still a soft ache in her bottom, but it wasn’t exactly unpleasant). She looked up, instinctively happy to see her brothers return, and with their earlier activities temporarily displaced from her mind.

‘Well, what did she say?’ said Dan, by way of greeting. He had a funny smile on his face.

‘What?’ said Alice, startled.

‘We figured you’d blab to Mom while we were gone,’ said Mike. ‘What did she say to you?’

Alice hung her head. She considered lying but she knew that that wouldn’t go far. Besides, lying was wrong. ‘She said it was my fault and you could keep doing it as long as it was only in the ass.’

Dan grinned. ‘I knew she’d say something like that. She knows how much you tease us.’

‘You tease ME!’ whined Alice.

‘Don’t be silly,’ said Mike. ‘With a sexy butt like yours it’s amazing it’s just taken us so long to get inside it. Gotta make up for lost time.’

‘Enough talk,’ said Dan, taking Alice by the waist and guiding her towards the bedroom.

‘What are you doing’? Alice asked, really confused and allowing herself to be led by Dan’s insistent hand.

‘Time for you to get two cocks in the butt again.’

‘Noooo!’ Alice cried out, standing beside the bed but resisting any further movement. ‘I’m still sore!’

‘Don’t worry, our cum will soothe your insides.’

‘But you – but what about your job? It’s too early for you to be back.’

‘Took the rest of the day off,’ Dan grunted. ‘I told the boss there was something Casibom Güncel Giriş I just had to be doing back home.’ He grinned. ‘We can do this for hours now. Aren’t you a lucky sister?’

Mike got onto the bed and then reached up and grabbed her arms. He pulled her down forcefully on top of him on the bed; Alice, not expecting it, fell onto him.

Dan immediately came up behind her, and before Alice knew what was happening lifted up her small skirt and yanked her panties down a couple of inches (just enough to block her pussy from easy entry, not that that was his target) and sunk his erect cock into her butthole. It slipped in quickly and almost effortlessly. There was definitely enough lubrication for it this time, what with the previous cum and the dollops of soothing cream she’d added herself, and it hadn’t properly tightened or regained its strength since before. Nonetheless, Alice cried out with the sudden large and forceful intrusion.

‘Fuck I love your buttpussy,’ Dan grunted. ‘Feels so fucking wet and open now. You been letting a load of other guys fill it with cum while we’ve been gone?’

Alice was about to respond in the resounding negative, but she was distracted by Mike; he’d wriggled his jeans down a short distance and moved his own thick member up to her asshole from beneath. He pushed against the hole alongside Dan’s cock and her butthole opened up – annoyingly eagerly, Alice thought – to include her other brother in the sibling activity.

‘Unfff,’ grunted Alice. Not again, not again, her mind said, but it was too late. It had all happened too fast for her to process. Her mind was still sluggish from having been relaxing in the sun most of the day. By the time she properly understood the situation and tried to struggle, both her brother’s big dicks were back up her sweaty, cum-filled bottom and already pounding away without hesitation, and, pinned and sandwiched as she was between the two of them, her struggles only seemed to drive their cocks further into her thoroughly sticky, cum-soaked anus.

She tried struggling more aggressively at first, and moaning out for them to let her go and stop raping her poor bottom, but they only grunted and redoubled their efforts, as though her struggles actually made them enjoy it more. Alice quickly cast aside this idea with annoyance and a little shame at herself for thinking it – her brothers wouldn’t be like that. They always cared about how she felt and about making her feel happy. It just must have been that they were so into the moment that they didn’t realise she was trying to get away; in fact they probably thought she was just encouraging them by moving about a lot, pushing against Mike’s chest or back into Dan or from side to side; it was clear they weren’t hearing her cries of distress or please-stop-fucking-my-bum passionate begs and pleas, or else it’s certain that they would have stopped and apologised and comforted her. The sounds of heavy panting and moaning and particularly the sickly-sweet syrupy buttfucking must have been overpowering her protests. After all, wasn’t it the case that your own voice sounded louder in your head than in other people’s?

Realising this, and that it was just a matter of miscommunication and mistaken understanding, different perspectives on an out-of-the-ordinary situation, she decided to stop moving altogether so she didn’t propel them to encouragement. She lay there limply like a doll as they buttfucked her from both sides, her full bottom squashed between them, and only whimpers and mewls coming from her abused little form. In her head, despite everything, she continued to believe that her brothers would stop (or at least finish early) when they realised she’d stopped participating. She even prided herself on finding a smart new approach to solve the problem.

So when her brothers, half an hour later, groaned out loud in unison and pumped her throbbing bottom with identical shots of hot semen, filling up her rectum with thick and heavy brotherly jism to join the existing load kept warm inside her, squelching into her butthole as their strokes slowed, their cum leaking out in fat creamy drops and then being shoved back into her teenage anus by their cocks – when this happened, and they slowed and finally stopped, panting, their huge dicks pulsating the last viscous drops of heated cum into her even warmer backdoor hole, Alice was relieved and thankful, knowing that, as she had predicted, they had recognised her plight and stopped.

She looked into both their faces (twisting her head to see Dan) and managed a slight smile. ‘Thank you,’ she said. She meant to say, ‘Thank you for stopping,’ but a little wave of dizziness came over her. Besides, they’d know what she meant.

‘You’re welcome sis,’ Dan said.

‘Impossible to turn your ass down,’ Mike said. ‘It’s always just asking for it.’

‘Fucking love how wet it was this time. You’re definitely at your best when you’re full of our cum and getting it squelched out of you.’

Alice remembered her plan of not leading her brothers on. Well, she considered, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Was that the saying her dad always said? The plan would have to work sooner or later, she’d just have to concentrate even harder on not ‘asking for it’.

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