Anal Trio Ch. 05

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Where we left off: Clara’s nasty family has gone on holiday, leaving her to fend for herself. In this chapter, they cum home and get into a “welcum home gangbang”…

Clara showers, douches, and gives herself a pair of enemas. In her bedroom, she places several jars of Vaseline and flavored jells on top of her nightstand, and turns-down the covers on her bed. Retrieving a collection of strap-ons from her closet, she drops a pile of them on the bottom rung of the stairs leading to the second floor, and a second pile at the foot of the bed. That done, she dresses in a lace and satin black garterbelt, black nylons, and heels. She slips-on a pair of black spike heels, and is wrestling her heavy knockers into a matching bra when the doorbell rings. The bell chimes half a dozen times more before she can fasten her bra, slip on a sheer kimono, and make it downstairs.

A young woman of about twenty-five is standing on the door-step. She has short black hair, an insolent look on her somewhat pretty face, and is dressed all in leather. “You Clara? ” she asks, eyeing the busty mother’s eye-popping figure, clearly visible through the thin robe.

“I might be; who are you?”

“Your daughter sent me. Told me ta loosen ya up before she arrives home. Paid me a hundred pounds” “I see,” Clara responds, her eyes going immediately to the stranger’s bursa otele gelen escort crotch.

Noting the look, the leather clad visitor grabs her crotch, so that the big bulge underneath is visible.

“C’mon, I ain’t got all day. I got a few more horny bitches ta service,” the gum-snapping brunette growls.

Clara allows her in, then shuts and bolts the door. She leads the brunette up the stairs and to her room, slipping-off her shift and turning to her visitor. “I’ll have to make sure and thank my darling daughter properly,” the luscious slut cracks, going to her knees.

A few seconds later, the long, very thick rubber cock formerly concealed beneath the shiny leather pants is buried in Clara’s experienced throat. She spends several minutes fellating the psuedo dong, then gets up and kneels on the edge of the bed. “There’s plenty ‘o lube on the table, there”

The brunette steps up behind her, eyeing her battered, mis-shappen anal pucker. “From the looks o’ that ‘winkie’, ya don’t need no lube” the unnamed woman shot back.

Hawking-up a gob of phlegm, the dildo-strapped dyke spits on to her target, then sockets her cock-head against it after roughly spreading those lush butt-cheeks apart. One hard, deep thrust, and her 12″ horse-cock is buried to the hilt in her bursa eve gelen eskort “client’s” hungry ass-hole.

Her orders are to make sure Clara is loose and ready for an all-night anal gangbang, and so “D” (real name: Diedre) punches in and out of the perverted mother’s shop-worn pooper like a piston. She has purposely chosen one of her thickest strap-ons to accomplish the job, and though many of her “client’s” are not able to handle the girth, this hot bitch’s anal-ring is stretched wide around the 4″ circumference. Most of her partners would be screaming bloody murder by now, pleading for mercy, but all she got out of Clara were little grunts of pleasure and urgings to sodomize her harder, deeper.

“Oooo, darling, yes; pound my guts to jelly,” Clara cries, enjoying the massive intrusion of the hard-pounding cock in the furthest regions of her inner rectum.

Both women are so caught-up in the nasty rutting that neither hears the front door open. As soon As thy pile in, all three women hear the unmistakable sounds of lesbian anal rutting from upstairs. “Guess D is hard at work,” Mel quips, and the others laugh.

They see the pile of strap-ons at the foot of the stairs, but they have made their own “special purchases” while on vacation. They undress quickly and each of them bayan escort bursa strap-on a 15″ long, 4″ thick black latex phallus marketed as “the BUTT RAMMER”

They move quickly up the stairs, and enter the bedroom just as D is sliding out of Clara’s wickedly-gaping rear entrance. “Hey, Mel!” she calls cheerily as she moves-around so that Clara can suck her brown-streaked cock clean.

“Wow! You did a great job of it, D!” Melanie cackles admiringly. “She should be good and loose enough now!”

“I’ll say!” Kath adds. “Well done, D!”

While the new arrivals “lube-up”, Clara finishes her clean-up of D’s cock and they kiss goodbye. D collects her money , turning-down Melanie’s offer to stay and join the fun. Mel escorts her out and re-bolts the door, then re-joins the other women in her mom’s bedroom. They attack the still-keeling mother like a pack of crazed hyenas…

Mel gets first crack at her mum’s freshly-plowed back-door. “OoooGAWD!” Clara grunts as her raw, sore sphincter is under siege once more. It stretches wider than it ever has as Melanie pushes mercilessly forward. Clara sees stars as she licks at Pilar’s anal trench, which the sexy latina has just now presented to her. Pilar is sucking Kath’s cock, and doing a marvelous job of it.

Melanie’s hands slide under to cup her mom’s heavily-hanging tits; the nipples are hard as bullets and swollen obscenely. The familiar weights of the warm, lush globes in her palms let the loving daughter know she’s home…

End (?) Chapter 5

* * * * *

Chapter 6 is being written and should be ready in a few weeks. Thanks for your comments suggestions, and storyline input. Please vote on this submission on Literotica’s site.

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