Andre Pt. 04

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Hope you are enjoying this series…comments are welcome.

Chapter 6

The airline tickets arrived unexpectedly. Two round-trip tickets to Las Vegas – it looked like we would be there for three days. Andre had not mentioned the trip, but our names were on the tickets. When he got home that night I asked him.

“I have a very special surprise arranged for you. You better pack tonight – we leave early tomorrow. Oh, and pack the necklace.” Andre smiled and kissed me. We spent the evening packing a few bags – a new bikini, some lingerie, the necklace…just the essentials. That night I sucked Andre off in the kitchen after we cleaned up the dinner dishes. I love catching him off guard and doing that for him. My favorite is to wake him up with his cock in my mouth. Of course, ever the gentleman, Andre returned the favor as I stepped out of the shower later that night. Within seconds I was creaming all over his face.

The next morning his limo picked us up and took us to meet the plane. It was a small plane, not private but close enough. The couple in front of us were very enamored with one another. Andre and I have a clear understanding about affection in public, we are more reserved in that area. This couple had no such boundaries. As I watched from my angle behind them, I saw her give him a hand job once we were air bourne. The guy oozed cum all over her hand, to which she giggled and wiped it away with a napkin.

Andre finished my thought for me as he whispered in my ear, “That silly girl. Just wasted a perfectly good mouthful of cum.” I laughed softly.

The peep show did get me excited but I understood that Andre and I both have a position in society and our jobs where restraint in public is necessary most of the time. I figured I could get myself off once we were in the hotel.

We checked into the hotel without a hitch and soon were in a suite on one of the upper floors. The view was expansive, and I knew that once the sun went down it would be fantastic.

“So, what do you have planned, hon?” I asked as I laid out my toiletries.

“You will see. Go enjoy the pool, I have some business to tend to so we can be uninterrupted the rest of the trip.”

Andre gave me a kiss and a gentle, teasing squeeze on the ass. After he left I laid on the bed and rubbed my clit to orgasm, the thought of the hand job in the plane still fresh…only in my version I watch the girl clamp her lips over his cock at the last second and drink his cum. I got my bathing suit on and headed for the pool. I enjoyed the attention and made a point of being a tease. I loved the pup tent effect I have on pool boys. I love the thought of how young their cocks are, just like the fresh juice I got to savor at the theater with Andre several months ago. One boy in particular kept his eyes on me, and his cock didn’t shrink for hours. I loved seeing it, but understood it had to be painful. I noticed him beginning to act a little odd, kinda checking over his shoulder and surveying where everyone was. I figured what he was doing and decided to enjoy myself. I followed him through the gate to a door that read “pump house”. I watched him slip in and pull the door shut.

I gently slid the door open a crack to gaze in, and sure enough that young guy was trying to get his shorts unbuttoned so fast he was fumbling. When he finally got his shorts and skivvies to his knees, he leaned back against the wall and started stroking his cock. His was larger than the movie boy’s had been. He moved his hand slow, wanting to come but taking his time. I watched in awe as his cock kept growing. Soon he threw his head back and thrust his hips forward as semen shot from his cock. I don’t know how long he had been holding the load in, but this boy shot a wad I didn’t think such a young body was possible of producing. He just kept jerking as his spunk sprayed out from him, hitting the floor. As his stroking slowed I pushed the door shut and made my escape, I figured I had seen the best part. Of course, now I was hot, but a quick dip in the hot tub near a well positioned vent cured me in a few minutes.

I returned to the room to find Andre napping. I let him sleep while I showered and ordered lunch. The room service delivery woke Andre and he joined me. After lunch Andre cued me into the evening plans.

“I am taking you to a very private and very exclusive club. I want to watch you tonight with as many men as you can handle. There will be about 26 black men there. I have hand selected them for you. They are handsome, they are gentlemen, and they are hung. There will be a few other women there for entertainment, but you are the main attraction. You can have whoever you want, however you want. Tonight it is your candy shop. You can wear the necklace if you like; or do this on your own.”

I explained that I would do this on my own. Andre smiled and kissed me.

“Go get dressed”. I walked into the bathroom to find a gorgeous black dress zenci porno on the back of the door…and a note telling me to skip the undies!! I got dress and we headed to the car.

Chapter 7

The club was a non descript warehouse style building outside town. At first I thought we were in the wrong place, until a door opened and a beautiful woman in high heels and miniskirt came to greet us. She introduced herself, she was eyeing both Andre and I intently.

“Mr. Andre, everything is ready for you. And, for you my dear,” she said looking toward me “tonight will be a night you will never forget.” I smiled and entered the club.

The music was pulsing from somewhere else in the building. The lighting was soft and sultry. We passed through the waiting area and into a lounge. The tables were arranged in a circle around a raised platform in the middle. There were many couples in here, some looked up as we walked in. The woman who had met us, Lisa, said she would be our guide for the evening. She sat us at a table next to the platform, took our drink orders and left. The couches around the table were soft and luxurious. Andre and I lounged back and looked around while Lisa tending to drinks. She returned shortly and said the show would soon begin. The arrangement of the table and couches allowed for privacy as I could not see those around me. Lisa took a seat on the couch next to me and told us that the club had been around for years and was very private and exclusive. She said that when we had our fill of the floor show she would take us to our party room. When Lisa said floor show, I had assumed she meant a strip show. I laid back and anticipated a raunchy dance routine to begin. Instead, the platform in front of us lowered slightly as the lights dimmed. Then spotlights shown on the platform as I watched a mechanized stage raise from the center of the platform. On the stage were a man and woman; she was on her knees sucking his cock. I realized we were going to see a live sex show. Lisa explained that the first show is just an oral event to get the audience warmed up.

The girl was able to take the man’s rod to the base, she deep throated him like a pro. He humped at her face and at times held his cock to her throat until I thought she was going to pass out. Strings of spit fell from the tip of his cock and covered her tits. She was beautiful, and young. I commented to Lisa and she assured me that this particular club only used girls 18 and over. At my puzzled gaze she explained that any fetish can be accommodated somehow. I took this to mean that she had a stash of younger girls for those so inclined. I looked at Andre and could see the show was getting to him too. His cock was straining against his pants. I resisted the urge to pounce and instead watched the show. The girl on stage sucked the man’s balls, her face shiny from her spit and his precum. He seemed disinterested in her, his only focus being his cock and getting himself off. I loved seeing her in this submissive role. I loved seeing her get used like this. Suddenly the guy cried out in a sound not far from a roar. He grabbed the girl by the throat and pointed his cock at her face. As he squeezed and jerked his cock he unloaded gob after gob of cum in her mouth. When he was done she let the cum ooze from her lips and rubbed it over her face and tits. He used his cock to rub the cum into her face. Then, with a solid thrust he shoved her to the floor…he was done with her. The lights faded and the stage lowered. Lisa, who was breathing heavy, said the next show would start in about two minutes.

Andre leaned to me and said he needed to see me get fucked. I turned to Lisa and told her I was ready to party. As we got up and walked out of the room I could see the other couples engaging in various sexual acts. Some men were eating pussy and some women were gobbling cocks. Some women were riding their men, and others were bent over the table getting rammed from behind. Seeing this only made my pussy wetter. Lisa led us down a long hall. She stopped at the last door on the right and told us to go in.

Just before I opened the door Andre pulled me to him and told me that he loved me and assured me that there were no rules, I could do whatever I wanted. I kissed him and told him the same. I explained that I knew there would be women in here and he could fuck them if he wanted…as long as I could watch. With that, I opened the door and stepped into another world. The room was softly lit, but the shadows were gentle. There were mounds of cushion all through the room. I saw bottles of lube and sex toys laid out all over the room. The far wall was set up with drinks and a bartender was helping a few of my party guests. As we entered the room, Lisa ordered everyone to come meet me. Everyone lined up. Andre was right, there were a couple dozen gorgeous black men walking around naked. Some of the cocks were flaccid and some only semi erect. The women, zorla seks porno about six of them were beautiful and very sweet. General greetings were given and everyone began to mingle.

Lisa pulled me aside. “Now honey, this is your party. You are the boss. Make these men do your bidding. The women too if you want. Take control.”

I felt a sense of power hit me, I wanted control this time. I took a few drinks from the bartender and then said loudly that I wanted all the men to line up on either side of the room. They did as told. Andre took a seat in the corner to watch the action.

“I want to see your cocks hard. My pussy has not had a good fuck in ages and I want the biggest one in here to be first. So, stroke your cocks for me, let me see them.”

I then grabbed one of the girls in the room and began kissing her as I looked around the room. I touched her breasts and licked her nipples. I wanted to give these guys a show so they could get fully erect. I slowly stripped myself and laid back on a cushion.

“Eat me” I told the girl.

She did so with a smile, I put on a show for the men. I arched my back and moaned. I pushed her face into me and yelled at her to suck my cunt. As I looked around the room, all the men were facing me with hard cocks. Andre smiled and nodded when we made eye contact. I stopped the pussy licking before I came. I kissed and thanked the girl, tasting my juice on her.

I walked down the line of men, observing and touching the cocks. I dropped to my knees in front of a few and licked them. Finally, I had decided. At the end of the first line was a huge man. He was about six four and two hundred and forty pounds of muscle. He had the most gigantic cock I had ever seen. It was as thick as my bicep and as long as my forearm. I figured that the first cock in my hole in ages was going to be a gift. I told everyone of my choice and told them I wanted them to watch me milk this cock. I took the man by the hand and with no formalities told him to lie on the floor on his back. As he did, his cock laid across his hips. My pussy was so wet I knew I could ride him with no problem. I didn’t waste time sucking him or teasing him. I simply straddled his hips and lowered my pussy on his pole. I sat all the way down, impaling myself. I cried out as I felt the walls of my pussy stretched to their limit. With my feet firmly planted I began to bounce on him. I let my tits bounce free. Some of the men around me moved forward for a better view. Most were stroking their cocks. I rode my black fuck toy for all he was worth. I watched his face contort. At one point he put his hands on my hips to help push me harder onto him. I was moaning and cussing.

“Fuck me. I want your black cock deeper, oh fuck. Stick it deeper.” I didn’t care, this was the first real cock I had experience in too long. I looked at Andre and he was rubbing his hand over the outside of his pants, stimulating his cock. He smiled, I knew he was loving this. I also wanted to make him jealous. I wanted to make him see how fun I was, to make him regret not fucking me before this.

I warned my stud that I was going to squirt all over him.

“Bring it on baby. Do it.” Was his reply.

With that I fucked harder, bringing myself to the point of orgasm. Just as the first wave of pleasure hit me I stood up and frantically rubbed my clit. As my body spasmed, my cum sprayed from my pussy. I soaked my studs cock and stomach as gush after gush rushed from my body. He used my juice to lube his cock and yanked his meat hard. After my orgasm passed I told him to stand up. He did as told, still playing with his cock.

“Your turn, spray me.” The man smiled and straddled my body.

As he stood over me I could see strings of precum falling from the tip of his cock. Then, I saw his piss hole swell and his balls tighten. He let out a cry as a spray of cum escaped his body. He pointed his cock at my face, and moved it up and down coating my body with each spray. I had never seen so much cum, I was soaked. I rubbed it into my body as I begged him for more. Just then two of the men from the audience stepped up, their cocks in hand.

“Oh yeah, give it to me. Cum for me.”

It took no more prompting and they sprayed me as well. Again, load after load poured over me, hitting my face. I licked my lips, loving the taste of their seed. Once they had giving me every last drop I proceeded to rub the cum into my skin. I put my hand between my legs and rubbed my cunt. I knew I looked like a wanton whore – and I loved it.

By this point most of the men had moved to me. Lisa stepped in with a drink for me, she whispered in my ear that she had given each man a special drink hours before to increase their semen load. She explained that all the men here should be able to give me enough cum to drown me! I thanked her as she moved away. Several of the men had found the other women in the room and were licking their pussies or fucking them from behind. I announced that I didn’t care, but all the cum was mine. I stayed on my back and told the nearest guy to fuck me. He entered me in one movement and fucked me hard. I egged him on, begging him to do me harder. Soon I had a cock in my mouth and one in each hand. Soon the room was a swirl of cocks. Every so often I would be offered a cock on the verge of exploding. I would suck and stroke the rod until I got my gift. Some loads I swallowed, letting it explode deep in my throat. Other loads I took on my face and tits. When I was bent over, I could feel loads being deposited on my ass. That is when it hit me….I needed more.

I found my original stud fucking a brunette in the corner. I interrupted and explained I needed his services. The brunette looked unphased as her hole was soon plugged by another admirer. I had my stud lie down again. I then grabbed two other men, both with strong builds to help me. I straddled my stud and began fucking him while sucking the other two. Then I told the man on my left to lean over. I kissed him and told him to get some lube and fuck my ass. His face lit up like he had hit the lottery. In seconds he had his pole and my ass lubed. He was slow at first but I had been using the butt plugs regularly and I was ready for him. Soon his cock was all the way in my ass. I could feel both cocks pounding me. They fucked me hard, the black cock in my ass fucking as hard as the rod in my pussy. The third guy moved around so I could suck him. Finally, I had all my holes filled and I was in heaven. I was moaning and rocking. Then the guy in my ass announced the need to cum.

“In me. Cum in my ass.”

He did, I felt the warm sensation hit my bowels as his cock jerked.

“Fuck that is too much” the man under me cried and he grabbed my hips and held me down as he came in my pussy. As if on cue, my mouth was filled with spunk.

The three men dismounted and were quickly replaced. I went through six sets of men like this. Each dick depositing their load in the hole of their choosing. Soon I had cum pouring out of my body. Intermittently a man would come to me to jerk off on my face. The night continued in a daze. I was fucked. Some of the women sucked my pussy and ass to eat the cum out of me. I saw Andre a few times fucking the other women, always watching me. Finally, I looked up from the cock I was sucking and saw Andre in front of me. He was ready to give me his spunk too. I kept fucking the cocks in my pussy and ass while I sucked Andre. It took a few sucks but he exploded quickly. I pulled his dick from my mouth and let him paint my face. He must have drank Lisa’s love juice too, because his load was twice as large as usual.

After a few hours, I began to tire. I wanted more, but the exhaustion of orgasms and pleasure finally caught me. I found Lisa and thanked her and explained I needed to go. She took me to a small room and helped me shower. I could not remember seeing her with any of the men, and upon questioning she confirmed she had only been the hostess. While naked, before dressing, I touched Lisa’s face.

She leaned in and kissed me “Let me show you how grateful I am.” I told her.

I knelt in front of her and raised her skirt. With one finger I pulled her panties to the side. Her cunt was soaked, she had enjoyed the evening. She adjusted her feet so I could get my mouth on her pussy. I heard the door open and Andre walked in. I explained I wanted to thank Lisa properly and he agreed. I proceeded to eat her out. It did not take long before she was coming. I stood up and kissed her. I told her to turn around and bend over. I then told Andre to thank her too. While I dressed, Andre pumped Lisa’s pussy. Soon she was moaning and coming again.

“What should I do with my cum, babe?”.

“Lisa, you want it?” I asked.

“Please” she whimpered.

I told her to get on her knees at Andre’s feet. I stood next to him and jerked him off in her face. I held his cock as he sprayed her face and mouth. I rubbed the tip of his cock over her cheek and lips. As Andre tucked his dick away I leaned over and kissed Lisa – sharing in the seed. Lisa quickly regrouped and showed us out. We walked through the room, where people were still fucking. I could seem many of the men sharing their cum with the other women now. Lisa walked us down the hall and I asked about the other rooms. She said she makes all fantasies come true. Once in the lobby, Lisa called our driver and in moments we were in the limo riding to the hotel.

Andre held me in his arms. Once in the room he told me how much he had enjoyed himself. I thanked him over and over. As we curled up in bed he handed me a small box. When I opened it I saw a DVD, he explained that Lisa had made sure we had an appropriate souvenir. I put the disc in and saw myself mingling with the crowd. As I fast forwarded, I saw myself being violated in so many different ways. I shut it off and told Andre that we would need to share this when we got home.

The final days in Las Vegas were uneventful, we rested most of the time. My pussy needed a break! We flew home and resumed our lives.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32