Angel Alyssa

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This is a story of fantasy, fiction, the characters aren’t real, and any similarities are pure coincidental. I love feedback — Thanks Jack


The weirdest thing happened that changed my life forever; I have always been conservative and seen life in a certain way. The most important things would always have been my daughter. Ever since her mother left I did nothing but work and focus on my little angel’s life, being a 36 year old single father is tough.

Every night my daughter, Alyssa and I would always spend time together, our biggest events were watching movies any chance we got. She was always quiet and focused on school, but we were each other’s best friends. The life changing event was when one night we were watching a movie and I wasn’t too into it and ended up passing out but when I woke my boxers were soaked in my cum. I was so embarrassed and confused but my daughter was nowhere to be found.

The last time I ever had a wet dream was in my teen years, I knew I wasn’t getting any but I was pretty sure I would of remembered the cause of problem upon waking up, so the next night we decided to watch a movie I just hope I wouldn’t have another accident especially in front of my daughter.

We usually get ready for bed and then watch the movie so when it’s over we can just go straight to bed. That night I wore my usual boxer and white shirt and Alyssa was in her night shirt and blanket.

“Ready, Daddy.” asked Alyssa anxiously waiting with the popcorn and movie on pause.

“Yea, baby.” I said taking my seat on the far end as the movie started.

The movie was pretty Hatay Escort uneventful; the usual of some hero rising up to defeat the villain, halfway through the movie Alyssa placed the bowl on the table and rested her head on my lap. I didn’t think much of it because it was done on a regular basis. She was such an angel I thought as my hand played in her hair.

I was about to fall asleep again when sudden I felt a movement on my lap, I would of fallen back to sleep but saw that my daughter had turned her head and was now facing me, staring directly at my semi bulge in my boxers!

Being a man my penis couldn’t help but twitch. I kept still not wanting to embarrass her and hope she would fall asleep until I felt her light finger brush against my boxer!

I inhale as my cock stiffens.

She looks up to me to see if I’m awake.

I exhale and try to keep a steady pace of breathing. I should have stopped it then and there but I figured she was just curious and didn’t want to scar her for life.

Her fingers kept investigating the outlines of my hard cock and I felt myself harder than anything in my life trying to break the barriers of my boxer, with pre-cum starting to dampen through my fabric. When suddenly she moved her head forward and her tongue found my boxer. It was so innocent but felt amazing!

Here was my 18 year old daughter violating me in my sleep and I could only be frozen in the moment.

She uses her teeth on either side of my shaft and continues with her lips and tongue.

I groan at the sensation.

She is startled and pulls away and closes her jaw pulling some of the Hatay Escort Bayan boxer with her. She then looked at my face for a sign of alert or pain.

I calm myself and resume my breathing.

I figure she is done but her focus is back on my boxers as I feel a small draft as my cock is now outside the waistband of my shorts.

She stares.

I twitch.

Slowly she approaches the pre-cum tip and pushes out her tongue to make contact.

The feeling is extraordinary as I feel my arousal building.

She continues the assault with her innocent kisses on the sensitive tip of my penis and I feel myself Cumming.

I lose control “aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh… DON’T STOP!” lost in the moment I grab her head and pull her more into my crotch as I blow the largest load of my life.

As my orgasm dies I realized what I had just done, looking at my little girls face plastered in my cum as the cum slowly drips passed her lip on to the floor, my tears escape my eyes and I stand and walk to the nearest wall.

Gravity takes over as I fall against it.

“Daddy…” she says trying to break me from my trance “…I’m sorry…”

Slowly approaching me she continues to apologize.

“No baby… I’m sorry” looking up to her.

I can’t help but hug her to hide my embarrassment.

She starts crying hugging my head.

I push my head into her stomach to wipe my tears but being lost in the moment I kiss her stomach and smell it. Its intoxicating… its arousing… it’s her.

I hug her tighter and continue my assault on her as her short shirt just rides up her stomach caused by the Escort Hatay pushing of my forehead. Without thinking my fingers reach for her panties and as my kisses get lower so do her nectar soaked cotton panties.

It was so intoxicating to see her small thin patch of pubic hair and glistening pussy.

“Daddy…” she moans as my tongue tastes her.

She squeezes my hair as I move further in and cover it with my lips.

“mmmmmmmmm… you gotta stop…” she begs. “…something is happening…”

I was lost and couldn’t stop.

“…please…” she continued “…BATHROOM!” she shouts and moans as her body quivers and shudders.

As she climaxes for the first time she loses all her strength and falls, mounting me.

We are both breathing heavy.

She pulls me close to hug me but moans.

I feel it, during the session my cock got hard and broke free from the confines of my boxer and is now resting on her dripping slit.

She thrusts forward and moans again.

I can’t help but thrust upwards hitting her clit.

She bites her lip.

As she picks up pace I can’t help but want more.

“…oh baby…” I say lifting her by her hips moving her over my hard cock.

I pull her down on my 7 inch shaft as she screams and bites into my shoulder blades.

I wait until she relaxes and thrust… then thrust again… slowly picking up each one of her grunts.

“…ohhhhh…” she questions “…not again….. DADDY!” she screams as her cunt tightens around my cock and forces me to cum.

“ohhhhhhhh… baby!!!” I groan blowing my load deep into my daughter.

She falls asleep on my cock as the guilt kicks in on what I had done to my angel.

To be continued…


Thanks to all you fans and everyone who motivate me to write better stories. I am always open to ideas and opinions. Thanks

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