Angel Rhodes Files: #1…

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Angel Rhodes Files:

– Case of the Naughty Daughter

I was heartily sick of divorce cases until Louise walked into my life. It seemed I spent my whole life skulking around, getting spousal infidelity on tape to jack up alimony payments or force through divorces. I knew that becoming a Private Investigator wasn’t going to be all glamorous, but I was sick of working for rat-faced old men who were terrified their trophy wives were fucking the pool boy, or bored rich wives who fucked the pool boy but begrudged their husbands their indiscretions with horny college girls out for sugar daddies.

When Louise walked into my office at around ten one morning, I knew something was different straight away. She was the most stunning creature I’d ever seen in my life. Well, one of them, but a little hyperbole never hurt anyone. She looked exotic and absolutely luscious, sort of like the actress slash model Milla Jovovich but bustier and slinkier. She was the most feline creature I’d ever seen, with gorgeous slanting green eyes and red hair cut close to her head. She was dressed casually, in loose-fitting jeans and a tight-fitting jersey, a jersey that showed off her impressive chest to perfection.

“My name’s Louise West,” she said, extending her hand. We shook, I asked her to sit and offered her coffee but she brushed away all my offers.

“I need your help,” she said, and her voice made me shiver even more, a low sexual purr that made me tingle. “I think my daughter’s cheating on me.”

Needle goes sliding across the mood music record, bringing it to a slurred halt. What did she just say? Her daughter’s cheating on her? This is a new one on me. My expression must have shown it all.

“I’m sorry if I shocked you,” she went on, “I was told that you’d be open minded enough to help in my, ah, unique situation.”

I gave her a sly smile.

“And who’s been telling tales out of school?” I asked her.

“Clarissa Murray. I’ve heard all about you from her. She says you were fantastic in her case. In more ways than one,” she said, her eyes running up and down my body.

Well, well, little Clarissa Murray. I taped her husband cheating on her, and she cheated on him with me. A little blonde wildcat, all fluffy curls, big breasts and a tongue that never stopped. Never stopped talking or licking.

“So you know Clarissa quite well, do you?” I asked innocently.

“Clarissa been a very good friend to me in times of trouble,” she said, a smile curving her full lips.

I immediately pictured them together, Louise’s red head buried between Clarissa’s thighs, Clarissa’s tongue dancing over Louise’s nipples. I shouldn’t accept such beautiful clients, I can’t concentrate on the job.

“Look,” I said, “I’ll accept your case. That’s fine.”

“What do you charge?” she asked, her hand reaching into her bag.

“For a lady as lovely as you,” I said, “I just need an oral contract.”

Louise giggled.

“I bet you use that line on all the girls,” she said, moving around the desk towards me.

Okay, if you’re going to be picturing what comes next, you’re going to have to have a description of me somewhere in here, I guess. I’ve been described by a few people as an Amazon. Since it’s generally been by people who are exploring my body at the time, I choose to take it as a compliment. At the very least, I’m striking. I’m just over six feet tall, with shoulder length blonde hair and eyes that can’t decide whether they’re blue or green. To use the common parlance, I’m stacked. I carry .38 Specials to match my 38DD’s. My legs are long and lovely, and my pussy is silky smooth. Most men are intimidated by me (but I respect those who still want to take me on) and I drive most women into frenzy.

Louise was no exception.

“Ever since I saw those pictures Clarissa has of you, I’ve thought you were totally gorgeous. But when I walked in here and saw you for real, I just had to have you no matter what.”

I love being flattered. And I love wanton women who are horny enough to just walk into someone’s office and ravish them on their own desk. Hell, I’m one of them.

“I bursa otele gelen eskort haven’t been licked properly in ages,” I said, stretching the truth just a little, “I so desperately need a woman’s touch.”

I could see the gleam in her eye but then she was kissing me and the music swelled to a peak. I could feel her firm breasts pressed against mine. I swivelled my body slightly so I could press my pussy against her thigh and I started rocking against her, the motion rubbing the gusset of my g-string over my cunt so it slid between my pussy lips and stretched in tight over my hard clit. Her hands were desperate for me, roaming over me, underneath my prim and proper work blouse and up to the silky cups of my wicked work lingerie. My hands were all over her as well, slipping down the back of her jeans to caress her perfect ass, cupping it in my hand and pulling it in close to me so that her cunt pressed up against my hip, grinding down hard. She was stripping me, tugging at my clothes.

“I want to see those tits,” she gasped in my ear. “I want to hold them and lick them and feel them against me.”

I wanted to see her as well, to see if what looked like a glorious body when dressed would look even better when naked. I pulled her jersey up and her breasts spilled out, big and buoyant and delightful. I took them in my hands, caressing them gently. Her areolae were small but her nipples were big and long and just begging to be sucked and bitten. Her hands reached around and unclasped my bra, letting the twins out (which is always asking for trouble).

“God, they’re so big,” she whispered to me.

“They’re not that much bigger than yours,” I smiled.

“Enough to make a difference. God, feel me, I’m sopping.”

She crushed her chest into mine, her stiff nipples grazing mine, sending shivers though me. My hand slid down the front of her pants, the domes on her jeans popping open. I felt the slickness of her almost immediately, her pussy invitingly warm and wet. My fingers entered her involuntarily; I twisted them inside her, making her moan. Her tongue was all over my chest, the most tender and meltingly erotic kisses on my big, beautiful breasts I’d ever experienced. She lavished them with attention, worshipped them with her tongue, made my whole body hum with delight. I was thrusting three fingers in and out of her, her jeans slipping down past her knees as my thumb rotated around her clit, playing her like the beautiful instrument she was.

“I’ve got to taste you,” she said, frantic with lust. “Lie down on the desk and I’ll make you cum so hard, my beautiful Amazon slut.”

“Not without my tongue inside you, you won’t,” I said, my head spinning. God, it was genuinely a while since I’d had a decent sixty-nine. Most women were so much shorter than me I ended up getting terrible cricks in my neck and back, but Louise’s long, luscious body was just perfect.

I was already lying back across the desk, my legs spread as wide as they could go, so I pulled her on top of, loving the feel of her long, lithe female body pressing down on mine. I cupped her tight little ass in both hands and lifted her.

“Oh God, I love how strong you are,” Louise whimpered. “I want you to hold me down and fuck my face next time, I’d get so turned on by that.”

“Shut up and eat,” I said with a giggle.

I could feel her fingers exploring me, toying with my clit, spreading my pussy lips apart and then, oh god, the heavenly feeling of her tongue entering me, exploring, questing, darting inside, making me swoon. I pulled her exquisite mound down onto my face, inhaling that incredible woman-scent, rubbing my nose across her clit, nuzzling down her wet slippery slit and sucking one of her pussy lips into my mouth.

“Fuck yessss” she moaned into my spread-wide cunt, sending shivers through me. I took her clit in my mouth, hard little clit and oh fuck yeah she’s licking my clit, sucking it, nibbling on it oh fuck yes honey yes suck my clit and her fingers are in me, in my cunt, in my ass and I’m eating her, slurping at her cunt with bursa eve gelen escort bayan total greed, wanting her juices all over my face. I slide my fingers deep into her, feeling her body answer my touch, going deeper into me, sating my craving. I spread them inside her, opening her delectable twat for my loving tongue. I suck her pussy into my mouth, my nose rubbing against her clit, I can feel it so close with her tonguing me, sucking my clit, she’s everywhere at once and oh god how can someone be this good and she knows it too, knows this out of body sensation, total pleasure drenching me as she’s cumming oh you beautiful lover yes I’m cumming too, and oh fuck how good it feels to cum for you….

Well, after that, I was on the case. We agreed to get in contact every day for ‘progress reports’. The woman was so incredible I could hardly concentrate on the task at hand. Taping her daughter cheating on her. Her daughter must be pretty remarkable to have a woman like that dancing attendance.

I broke into their house, despite that fact that Louise had given me a key. Got to keep my skills sharpened. The daughter’s room was fairly typical. Music posters on the wall, mainly Lilith Fair type stuff. A big bookcase with mainly popular stuff; Patricia Cornwall, Stephen King, John Grisham with a bit of Milan Kundera and Dostoevsky to impress anyone that needed impressing. The main thing was that she had a nice big wardrobe that’d be the perfect place for planting the camera. I’ve done this so many times before that it only took half an hour or so to get a decent job done, one that she wouldn’t notice in a very long time.

Then all it took was waiting.

The first day was a bust, although I got some wonderful shots of her getting changed. The girl was quite scrumptious. The second day was a bust in terms of cheating action, but I got some shots of her masturbating that Louise and I had an absolutely wild time watching. Third day she stayed over at a friend’s and there was nothing, but on the fourth day I hit paydirt.

After watching the video I didn’t quite know what to do. I knew it wasn’t going to be the easiest time telling Louise and I didn’t know whether to tell her myself or just let her watch the tape.

I told her myself.

“She’s fucking your husband,” I said, opting for blunt by default, “her father.”

“That little slut,” Louise snapped, “she said she didn’t fuck guys anymore.”

“Well, she’s definitely fucking this one,” I said.

“Show me the tape,” Louise demanded.

We watched the tape together, in silence. It was a good recording, if I do say so myself. You could see his cock sliding in and out of her as he fucked her from behind, up against her dresser. It was making me hot despite myself, and I looked at Louise to see how she was taking out. The heel of her hand was pressed against her crotch and she was grinding it backwards and forwards. Seeing her husband fucking her daughter, Ann-Marie, wasn’t only turning me on, obviously.

I pushed her down onto the floor and hitched up my skirt.

“Seeing that little slut of yours take a good shafting makes me want you. I can’t get pictures of you and her out of my head,” I said, “and you’re going to lick my cunt until I can’t think of anything.”

I grabbed her head and pulled it into me. She put up a struggle.

“Make me do it,” she panted, looking up at me. “Force me to eat you.”

She couldn’t talk anymore because I was holding her beautiful face against me, her magical tongue inside me and all thoughts of anything but the pleasure slipped away.

Afterwards, I reciprocated but as we lay together on my bed, she was still pissed off.

“That slut,” she said, “that little whore. She’s supposed to be my little fucktoy and here she goes, running off with her goddamn father of all people.”

I didn’t really understand. I mean, this woman could have anyone she wanted (hell, and seemingly did) but she wanted her daughter to love only her. Families, huh? Oh well, she was an absolutely fantastic lover and if I played my cards bayan eskort bursa right I might even get to play with her daughter as well.

“We’ve got two options, the way I see it,” I said, “we can confront your husband or we can confront your daughter.”

“We’re going to confront that horny little bitch and we’re going to make her see reason.”

“If that’s the way you want it,” I said with a wicked smile, “I’ve got a plan.”

But Louise had an even kinkier plan.

Hey, I’m not the boss; I do what I get paid to do. Even if payment does come in mind-blowing orgasms while Louise’s expert tongue explores the delicate folds of my pussy. So we confronted the daughter, a sexy little cunt if ever there was one.

“I’m sorry, Mommy,” she said, crocodile tears in her eyes. “I just needed to be fucked and Daddy’s got a nice prick. Plus I don’t have to deal with all the dating bullshit. I just wanted to feel a cock inside me.”

“Well, my disobedient little slut, you’re going to get more than that,” Louise snapped at her, her gorgeous eyes flashing, “you’re going to get two cocks inside you. Two big fat dildos that Angel here and I are going to fuck you with.”

“Is this supposed to be a punishment?” the daughter said insolently.

“No, not a punishment,” I said. “Just a reminder that your mother is the best fuck you’re ever going to have so you better not stray again.”

Louise kissed me and reached into her bag, taking out the two strap-ons we’d bought earlier. We were supposed to do this earlier, but we got a little distracted with our purchases.

“Oh God,” Ann-Marie said when she saw them.

I could understand the girl’s reaction. One of them was enormous, like twelve inches or something and the other was a good seven. Mind you, after being well fucked with both of them, I was a big fan of them.

“Don’t worry, darling,” Louise said wickedly, “the big one’s not going to be in your ass.”

She undid her robe, letting it fall to the floor. She stood there, gloriously naked, with the seven inch dildo between her legs, stroking it lewdly. She looked like a goddess.

“Suck it,” she commanded her daughter.

I watched as the young girl knelt before her mother and began to kiss and lick the head of the rubber cock.

“Now fuck her,” Louise said to me. Ann-Marie raised her ass obligingly in the air. I pushed the enormous dildo against the entrance to her pussy and eased it inside.

“Hard,” her mother snapped at me. “Fuck the little tramp hard.”

I thrust my hips forward, the big dildo sliding into her. She let out the most incredible sound I’d ever heard, pleasure and pain mixed until you couldn’t tell which was which.

“Fuck yes, you spying bitch,” Ann-Marie said, “shove it in me.”

The little trollop had a mouth on her, alright, and so I started fucking her with the mammoth thing, watching as it slithered in and out of her juicy little box and her red lips moved backwards and forwards on her mother’s fake cock.

“Now it’s time to really see what she can handle,” Louisa said to me with a grin.

I lay down on Ann-Marie’s bed and she lowered herself onto the dildo. It was so big that it stretched her out all over again. Louisa came up from behind, rubbing lubricant along the whole length of the seven incher.

She began to rub it up and down the crack of the girl’s ass, then pushing it against her tight little asshole. Little by little the dildo entered her, and she started bucking up and down on me like she was losing control. Soon we were both slamming into her, the dual dildos filling both her holes making her whole body shake. I lost track of how many times she came, screaming and moaning with delight. Afterwards Ann-Marie and Louisa were making up, kissing and cuddling. Both of them went down on me, and I came so hard I almost lost consciousness. After that, I had to get the lovely Lu back and well, by the time we were all satisfied it was the next day. Case closed.

Well, not quite.

Ann-Marie didn’t learn her lesson. Louisa caught her cheating again, this time with the pool boy. Some things never change. Lu and I still get together ever now and again and it’s still bloody fantastic. That was the best thing to come out of the Case of the Naughty Daughter. It didn’t enhance my detective skills any, although you could argue that making a woman cum so she almost blacks out is one of the best interrogation techniques there is. One that I’d use in my next case, as a matter of fact.

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