Angel , The Word Man… Ch. 03

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“Hello.” Janet said, as she answered the phone.

“Hey Angel.” Came the familiar voice.

“Heyyyyyyy word man.” She responded excitedly.

“What are you doing?” Kevin asked, he was calling her from the cell phone on his way home from work.

“Just waiting for you to come home.” She responded happily, hearing Kevin’s voice always tickled Janet. Despite the years of living together, Janet never got enough of him. Just the sound of his voice excited her.

“Well, I called to ask if I can take you out.” He asked, in a voice that seemed as if he was up to something.

“Well, hmmm, I wonder, what are you up to word man.” She asked in an inquiring voice.

“Nothing, I just want to take my beautiful wife out to dinner, is there something wrong with that?” he asked as innocently as he could.

“Well, no I suppose not.” Janet responded.

“Well?” he asked.

“Sure, where are we going.” Janet asked.

“That my dear is a surprise, just get dressed, I will be there in about half an hour.” Kevin said.

“Ok, no problem word man.” Janet responded.

“Oh and Angel?” Kevin added quickly.

“Wear that black dress that buttons up the front, and if you don’t mind, no panty hose.” Kevin added mischievously.

“What???” Janet said.

“What are you up to?” Janet said smiling from ear to ear.

“Please?” Kevin simply asked.

“OK word man, your wish is my command.” Janet added quickly.

“See you in a bit Angel.” Kevin said quickly before hanging up.

Kevin hung up before Janet could ask where they were going again, but she quickly realized that he did not want to tell her, and that is why he hung up so quickly. A dress and no panty hose? Janet thought amused, what is that man up to? Lord knows, it never fails to amaze me. She thought of all the things that Kevin had come up with over their time together. Their lives would never be boring, that he would make sure of. A million scenarios ran through her mind as she showered, dressed, and got ready for the evening.

“Angel.” Kevin hollered as he walked through the front door of their home.

“Back here.” Janet responded.

Kevin walked back to the bedroom, and saw Janet sitting on the bed, getting ready to put on her shoes.

“I have something for you.” He responded.

Holding up a bag in front of her he handed it to her, when she looked at him, she saw his mischievous grin, and knew something was up.

“What is it?” Janet said, curious as a cat.

“Look.” Kevin said, his face seemed to glow.

“Oh my word!” was all Janet could say as she reached into the bag, and pulled out the contents.

“A butterfly?” she asked with her eyes huge, “surely you don’t mean for me to wear this tonight?”

“Yep, I am getting a shower, you finish getting dressed, and ummm, don’t forget to put that on, under your panties please.” He said with a twinkle in his eyes as he walked towards the bathroom.

Shaking her head Janet could not possibly imagine, well yes she could imagine, but was afraid to, what he had up his sleeves for the night. Janet slipped her panties off, and slipped into the butterfly.

“Good lord this man of mine.” Janet said as she slipped her panties back on, just the thought of what the butterfly represented made her wet.

“What about me?” Kevin said as he came back into the room in his towel.

“Oh, Nothing, but where are we going.” She asked.

“That my dear is a surprise.” He said as he began to dress.

Kevin quickly dressed, wearing a pair of casual dress slacks, and a white shirt, and his new tie and a jacket.

“Ready?” Kevin asked Janet.

“Yes, but I really….” She began as a moan escaped her lips.

“Oh my god Kevin, how did you do that?” she asked feeling the butterfly begin to vibrate on her clit.

“Ahh, that my love is my secret.” He said with a smile as he began to walk past her to the door.

Kevin stopped and turned around, and smacked her firmly on the ass.

“Well, Lets go.” He said.

They Rize Escort drove for some way, Janet wondering just where it was that he was taking her. They drove into town, she had not been there much, may be twice in the entire 5 months they had been in the area, preferring not to drive into town, and staying in the suburbs. They pulled up to a Large White house that looked as if it had once been a plantation, a large beautiful plantation, gardens surrounded the house. The sign in front said Willow Branch. Kevin pulled in, and parked the car towards the back. It was not easy to find a spot, the restaurant was quite busy.

“Don’t worry Angel, I made reservations.” He said quickly.

Parking the car, Kevin got out, walking around the car, he opened her door, and extended his hand to help her out, then closed the door behind her.

“Wow, it’s beautiful.” Janet responded.

They walked up towards the large house, Janet looked around, large pillars cased the front porch, on both sides of the door were small white lion statues. Etched into the glass of the front door was gold writing The Willow Branch. A small white sign next to the door said “tie and jacket mandatory.”

Surprised that Kevin would pick such an elegant place, she looked at him curiously.

“I wanted to bring you here; I have heard a few clients talk about it.” He said innocently enough.

They entered, the gentleman standing just inside the door looked to be in his late fifties. He was an attractive, pleasant looking man.

“Reservations?” he asked.

“Yes. Smith.” Kevin responded quickly.

The gentleman looked down at his book that was sitting on the small desk.

“This way sir.” He responded without expression of any type.

The two followed the gentleman to a table in the far end of the dining room. It was a lovely table, covered with a long white linen table cloth that touched the floor, and a lace overlay on top, that hung down about half way over the white table cloth. The centerpiece of the table was a large white candle, surrounded by roses, and a baby’s breath ring. The table was a corner booth of types. It was possible that Kevin and Janet could sit next to each other.

“You first, my dear.” Kevin said, holding out his hand in gesture for her to scoot in first.

“What a lovely place.” Janet said, as she was moving in towards the middle of the table.

The room was not dark, but it was not overly bright either. It was dark enough that you could not see the faces of people that sat at the tables, and the candles lit the room in a romantic glow. The room was large, and the tables were spaced out enough, to allow privacy at each table. The walls were decorated with wall paper, the pattern was quite lovely, a rose garden landscape. The room was lit only with candles with the exception of the bar area that could be seen from any of the tables, it stood at the front of the room. Soft music was playing, which enhanced the romantic feel of the room. Soon their waiter came to the table with glasses of water for both Kevin and Janet, each with a sliver of lemon at the bottom. Handing Kevin the menus he introduced himself.

“I am Todd. I will be your waiter tonight.” He said, looking at Kevin.

The waiter appeared to be young, and strikingly handsome, Janet guessed him to be about twenty-two or so. His hair was blond, and neatly trimmed. It was hard to tell the color of his eyes from where he stood.

“I will give you a few minutes to look over the menus.” Todd told them.

“Can you suggest anything?” Kevin asked.

“If you look sir, the specials are on the front cover.”

It was then that Janet began to feel the vibrations of the butterfly, and a small moan escaped her lips.

“Oh my, the water is cold.” She said, in a clumsy attempt to cover her moan. Both of the men looked at her. The waiter looked at her as if she had lost her mind, and Kevin grinned knowingly.

“Ok Todd, give us a few minutes while we decide.” Kevin responded

Janet Rize Escort Bayan turned to Kevin as soon as the waiter left.

“Oh now I know what you are up to.” Janet responded with a knowing smile.

It was a challenge. Could she keep a straight face while he prodded her sexuality, as he turned the switch to the butterfly? Could she keep from moaning out loud? Janet was not sure if she could or not.

“Think you can handle it?” Kevin asked with the mischievous smile that Janet had come to love, the one that his eyes, and his entire face showed.

Knowing it was a challenge, Janet decided she would definitely rise to the occasion, or would it be Kevin that arose, literally? She smiled with a grin that matched his as she thought about it. The duel was on, so to speak. They then turned to the menu, deciding on what they would have. Kevin decided on the Prime Rib, and Janet decided on the Chicken Alfredo. Seeing the waiter coming, Janet decided it was time to set the game in motion.

“Oh I dropped my purse.” She said, as she knocked it on the floor.

Making the show of getting under the table to pick up the contents of her purse, Janet got on her knees, and moved in between Kevin’s legs. She could hear the waiter’s footsteps as he came closer. She un-zippered Kevin’s pants, and pulled out his placid cock.

“Should I wait for your wife sir?” he asked.

“No that’s ok, Todd, my wife went to the ladies room, I will order for her.” He said to cover for Janet who was now under the table.

“She will have the……” Kevin began, and his words died on his lips as Janet took him into her mouth. Remembering quickly that the waiter was there looking at him, he quickly regained his composure.

“She will have the chicken Alfredo, and I will have the prime rib, medium rare please.” He quickly stated, hoping that Todd would leave.

“What would you like to drink?” Todd asked.

Janet’s mouth was greedy, sucking, teasing, licking. Kevin trying hard to regain his composure, decided two could play at that game, reached in his pocket, and turned on the vibrator. SMACK. Janet’s head hit the underside of the table.

“Ouch.” Kevin covered, pulling his hand up from under the table.

“I am sorry we will both have Iced tea please.” Kevin responded as smoothly as his composure would allow. Janet went back to his cock that was now very hard. Kevin was excited beyond belief. He loved making love in public places. Janet was just as willing to play the game.

“You Vixen.” Kevin said after the waiter walked away.

Janet then placed his now very hard cock back in his pants, and climbed out from under the table. Just in time for the waiter to come back with their drinks. Janet patted down her hair, afraid that smacking her head on the table was evident. The waiter walked up, and sat their drinks down smiling as if he knew what was going on. Again Kevin turned on the butterfly, but Janet was ready for it, and just looked at the waiter.

“Thank you.” She merely stated through clenched teeth.

Relieved when the waiter walked away, Kevin reached over to kiss Janet. Slipping his hands down between her legs, and he placed a soft somewhat laughing kiss on her lips.

Kevin reached past her panties, pushing them aside, and past the butterfly to enter her hot wet pussy, and turned the butterfly on high. He whispered in her ear.

“Ready Angel?” He said, the statement was a challenge that she could not resist.

“Ready word man.” She responded with just as much challenge in her voice.

He entered her with one swift thrust of his fingers. He sat facing her with one leg bent at the knee on the bench, and his right hand fingers inside of her, looking at her, whispering to her. To others that might have noticed the two, they looked as if they were lovers engrossed in a conversation. His fingers slid in and out of her, as he watched her face show the signs of her pleasure. Small moans escaped her lips occasionally as he played with the speed of Escort Rize the butterfly.

“You like that Angel? Does it feel good?” he whispered to her.

The best Janet could do was to nod. Saying anything would prove to be a difficult task with out moaning out loud.

“I bet you would like it even more if I was between your legs eating you, wouldn’t you my love.” He continued. Egging her on, hoping that a moan would escape her lips, and render him the winner of the challenge.

“You know what I would love to do right now?” he asked, continuing the assault on her resistance.

“I would love to bend you over the table, and shove my hard cock into that tight wet pussy of yours.” He said as he continued fingering her.

He then looked her in the eyes, withdrawing his fingers from her, and brought them up to his mouth, sucking her juices off his fingers. A small moan escaped her lips.

“Ah, your resistance is fading I see.” He said

Taking his fingers out of his mouth, he placed them back near the entrance of her hot wet pussy.

“Tell me you want more Angel.” He said in a husky whisper.

“Beg me to finger fuck you.” He continued

“Please Kevin. Please fuck me with your fingers.” She whispered willingly. She would give whatever he wanted at this point, Her resistance was strong, but so was the desire to be sent over the edge with the earth shattering orgasm that was building inside of her. He first slipped one finger in, moving slowly, she started to move her hips, he then slipped in another finger. A moan escaped her lips that seemed to go unnoticed by the other patrons in the room. He stopped for a second to look around, delighted with the fact that the others were oblivious to what he was doing to his wife. They were engaged in their own conversations, and the couple’s sitting in the far corner of the room were of no concern to them.

“You are so wet Angel, I would love to lick you and finger fuck you at the same time.” Kevin whispered in her ear.

She felt the heat of the orgasm building, her clit began to throb.

“Fuck me word man.” She whispered in his ear.

He began to thrust his fingers in and out, in and out, increasing the pace, and slamming his fingers into her. He could tell she was about to cum. Her breathing stopped entirely, her muscles in her pussy clamped down around his fingers. And her hips thrust against him violently.

“Cum for me, Angel.” He whispered in her ear.

The combination of his hot breath on her neck, his erotic words in her ear, his hard fingers slamming into her, and the vibrations of the butterfly on her clit sent her over the edge, any and all resistance she had faded as quickly as it began, her muscles in her pussy began to spasm. Her moans came louder.

“ shhhhhh my Angel.” He whispered in her ear

“Oh god.” Came her moan in a throaty whisper.

“Yes, that’s my Angel, cum all over my hand.” Kevin said as quietly as he could when he felt her pussy muscles contract and release around his fingers. He continued to thrust in and out, until the last spasm subsided, when Janet finally inhaled and oxygen filled her lungs again. Her entire body shook, the excitement that he had built within her, had far surpassed anything that she had ever experienced in her life. It was then that she sat up and looked around. No one seemed to notice them, or to know what she and Kevin just experienced in their presence. Kevin gently kissed her as he stood to leave.

“Now if you will excuse me Angel, I think I need to wash my hands before supper gets here, since I have already had desert.” He said with a smile as he started to get up. Before leaving though, he bent back towards her and kissed her again.

“I win my Angel.” He said as he got up, and walked away.

Janet smiled. So he won, but did he really she thought to herself? Who was it that had the mind blowing orgasm? Who was it that walked to the bathroom with a hard on? It sure was not her.

“You think you won word man, it was really me who won.” She said to herself, and smiled as the waiter brought their dinner. Oh yes, I definitely won she thought as she watched Kevin return to the table still hard. She was not sure what she enjoyed more that evening, the delicious dinner, or her silent victory.

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