Angela: Waiting’s Reward

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This is a continuation of Angela and Devin’s story. You can read more about Angela and Devin in my other submissions. They are written out of time sequence, but each story can stand alone. Chronologically this encounter occurs immediately after “Angela Waiting”

In this story Angela continues to wait for Devin’s return.

His voice was gentle. “I miss you too. Lets try not to dwell on it. Focus on work. I will be back as soon I can be. We are going to have to say good bye now.”

“I love you.” Her voice quivered.

“I know.”

Angela felt suddenly lost as the connection broke. The little island of peace that she had found sank below the maelstrom of feelings shaking her. She had not planned to say that. She had not even said it to herself. Waves of joy, terror, giddy exhilaration, loneliness and excitement swirled and crashed around inside her.

She did not even remember getting out of bed, she just found herself pacing from room to room of her apartment. She stopped and said it again. “I love you.” Her voice throbbed with panic. “Oh god Sir, I need you here to help me. Tell me what to do.” Breaking down into sobs, she begged “Please help me. Please tell me what to do.”

When the tears finally faded, the feelings had eased enough for her to think. She spoke out loud in the empty apartment. “You have to calm down. You are making yourself crazy.”

Climbing back in bed she forced herself to open the encyclopedia of human sexuality that Avery had given her. She looked up submission in the index and as she opened up to that page she gasped as she saw a photograph of a woman on her knees bound with her hands stretched over her head, her head fallen forward with her hair falling over her face, an echo of the marble sculpture in Devin’s front room. A burst of heat exploded in her cunt and spread across her belly and up her chest. It was like a fist had knock the air out of her. She could feel her nipples tightening.

Reaching down she traced her fingers along the edge of her cunt lips. Her hips jerked involuntarily. Sliding down between the hot slippery fold she found her clitoris and began to gently tease it. She was in no hurry. She focused on the feelings building in her body. Pinching and rolling a nipple between her fingers she marveled how the two sensations merged and enhanced her growing excitement. She could feel hot juice build in her cunt and at the same time she was salivating, her mouth flooding with spit. Her breathing was getting deeper. Feelings of heat began to crawl along the skin of her legs, her muscles began to tense and quiver. She grabbed and crushed her breast to her chest, and began to pump her fingers into her cunt, on every out stroke she slipped her fingers out and rubbed across her hard clit. She screamed “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me…” The waves of her finish shook her whole body. As the last spasms of pleasure receded she whispered. “I love you.” Curling up she let the wonderful feelings of lassitude take her off sleep.

The next few days flew by in a blur. Work kept her incredibly busy. There were endless little things that needed attending to. Every problem solved seemed to uncover two more. She loved the challenge and did not have a spare second to think about Devin. After work she kept busy too. Her personal trainer at the gym had put together a rigorous program of strength building routines. Her muscles were quivering with exhaustion every night when Sergio dropped her off. On Thursday she had Sergio drive her to a local store and stocked up on some things she needed for her kitchen, and enjoyed a chance to just relax at home cooking for the first time in a week. She spent spare time reading or practicing walking in her slutty high heels. She was getting more adept at masturbation. Practice and research were paying off in big ways.

On Friday Avery called her and told her to go straight home after work, that he would be meeting her there. She had not been home ten minutes when he was knocking on her door. He had a small designer suitcase in one hand. After a quick hug, he headed off to her bedroom, “Come on girlfriend, we need to get you packed or you will be late.”

“Oh my god what are you doing to me now?”

“You deserve some pampering. You have reservations at a spa for the weekend.” In no time Avery had her packed up and hustled off to the town car. She barely had time to remember to grab her briefcase and her cell phone. “Why are you taking that?”

“This management job is a bitch, Avery. I have a million things I need to get done.”

“OK, girlfriend but don’t start neglecting yourself.”

“Well, it helps keep me from missing Devin so much, and if I can get caught up on everything I will not fall so far behind when he is back. I know for sure that when he is here I won’t be able to concentrate on work.”

Avery laughed evilly.

It was a bit of a drive. It was almost 11pm when Sergio dropped her off. The spa was amazingly luxurious. She hardly even saw any of the other guests. She had Antep Escort Bayan a delightful meeting with a hostess, deciding on what services and treatments she wanted while she was here, ordering her meals in advance, touring the gym and swimming areas.

Clutching a print out of her appointments for the next two days she followed the hostess to her room. “If there is anything you should need don’t hesitate to call room service. They will bring you what ever you need. They are available any time of day. Oh and ma’am we have a policy of not allowing staff to accept tips. That will be included in your bill.”

Her room was wonderful. Spacious and simple, almost austere, colored in soft colors of gray and mauve, it exuded calmness and solitude. A big private balcony overlooked a peaceful field with artfully natural landscaping. A huge jacuzzi tub dominated a palatial bathroom, a wide variety of bath oils and salts lined a shelf. She grinned and began to run a deep bath.

On a table next to the entertainment center was the room service book. There was a wide variety of foods available from healthy to decadent, and the last pages were devoted to personal items like gym clothes, over the counter medications, sexy lingerie, and several pages devoted to lubricants and bewildering variety of sex toys. She giggled, obviously this spa specialized in couples. She licked her lips eying one of the cock shaped vibrators. It looked amazingly life like.

She smelled the salts and oils, selecting a nice vanilla rose combination. She sighed luxuriously as she sank into the soft warm water. Turning on the massaging jets, she lay back and let the warm bubbling water float her.

When she climbed out she was amazingly relaxed and feeling hungry. Wrapping up in a huge fluffy robe, she called room service and ordered a light vegetarian pasta dish, and then completely on impulse ordered that vibrator. Her face flaming with embarrassment. “What size ma’am.” The man’s voice on the other end of the phone was professionally neutral.

“What…” Oh my god… she hadn’t noticed it came in sizes. “Um… medium?”

“The eight inch model, ma’am?”

“Yea, OK.” Eight inches? If medium was eight what the hell was large?

Room service was amazingly prompt and to her relief very discrete. The food came on lovely silver covered tray. The toy was in a lovely gift wrapped box.

The pasta was perfect. She ate the whole thing.

Bringing her present with her she climbed onto the bed. Unwrapping it, she giggled nervously. It was bigger than she had expected but not much bigger than Devin. She slipped it into her mouth and sucked on it. Yes just a little bigger. It had a soft skin like covering, not the velvet smoothness she remembered from Devin, but pliable not hard. It tasted like rubber. She read the instructions, batteries were included and extra batteries were in the box. It had a simple waterproof button near the base that turned it on. Push it once and it turned on, soft almost silent vibrations making her hand tingle. A second push increased the vibration, and a third made it even stronger. The fourth push turned it off.

Suddenly feeling a bit ridiculous she stuffed the thing under her pillow. She put her used dishes on the table next to the door. Exploring the room she found herself looking through the selection book for a small digital music player. It had a wide variety of music from rap to classical, one selection caught her eye. It said Sensual Nature. Selecting it she listened to a very light techno mix of soft classical guitar chords, wind, waves and what she thought at first was the distant cry of gulls. She very quickly realized it was the soft urgent cries of someone moaning in sexual ecstasy. Soft almost hidden in the music, she had to listen hard to hear it these noises of love filtering through. It was amazing, her whole body was getting warm. She turned the volume down until it was a whisper, just barely audible.

Silently thanking Avery for knowing about this place, she pulled out the vibrator. She just couldn’t bring herself to say dildo. It was too gross. Suddenly remembering that Devin would be paying this bill, she realized that he would see she had bought this thing. She screamed in embarrassment, her face scarlet. She resolved to confess at the first possible opportunity and accept his judgment. The thought of a possible punishment crashed over her, a delicious mix of anticipation and dread. Oh god, he said he would use the cane. She whimpered in terror, tears starting down her cheeks.

Her cunt was going crazy, throbbing, hot, wet she felt like she was going to come any second and she had not even touched herself. She took the tip and gently rubbed it along her cleft. The plastic head felt foreign. She pushed the button once. The soft vibration was gentle, reminiscent of little massager at home. She pushed the button again. She grunted in surprise, her hips jerked, her legs instinctively spreading. Damn that made a huge difference, soon her hips began to plunge and pitch. Just as the sweet ecstasy began to build she pushed the whole thing into her cunt, jamming it in hard over and over as her cries joined the softer ones coming over the speakers.

She pulled it out and gazed at it in amazement. If the massager in her nightstand had been her ‘little friend’, this thing was going to be her new ‘best friend’. It glistened with her juices. She tentatively licked it. It tasted just like Devin had when he had so roughly pushed himself into her mouth. The memory made her cunt clench. She pushed it into her mouth, trying to take it deep like he had been, trying to figure out how to fit it in without gagging or feeling the panic of not being able breath. It took quite a few tries before she realized that if she tipped her head back at a steep angle and relaxing she could take it without gagging too much. She tried some of the moves that she had seen on the gay web sight and read about in the sex book. She hoped Devin would be pleased when they were back together again. Maybe he wouldn’t be angry that she had bought this thing. She washed it carefully and put it back in the box and hid it in the nightstand.

The next two days was a whirlwind of massages, manicures, facials, hot mud packs, long soaks, and work outs in the gym. She was especially happy about a long session in the hair salon where a hair stylist trimmed her split ends, gave her a deep conditioning and gave her a stern lecture about the correct care and treatment of naturally curly hair. Angela laughed and said, “I always thought it was naturally messy hair.” Afterward her hair was smoother and not so inclined to tangle. Brushing it felt good instead of a wrestling match. She was given several bottles of the ‘correct’ products to keep it that way and the address of a ‘good’ salon in the city.

She did have plenty of time to relax and got quite a bit of work done. She also had time to get to know her new best friend some more too.

As she walked into her apartment she said to herself, “One more week to go.” She unpacked and put her new ‘best friend’ in her night stand. Grabbing the old electric massager, she ceremoniously threw it in the garbage. “Little friend, you have been a loyal friend for many years but I fear you have been replaced.”

She had not spoken to Devin since Wednesday, it had been almost four days and she was starting to feel neglected. She stayed awake almost until midnight but he did not call.

Work was the only refuge she had from her building anxiety, she threw herself into it. Every evening she went to the gym and exercised herself into a fog of exhaustion. Wednesday Avery called her at work and told her that her clothing was ready and he would stop by her apartment after work.

As usual Avery blew into her apartment like a hurricane. “First things first, we absolutely must go through you closet and throw out all those hideous suits.”


Each piece of drab baggy office wear she threw in the pile was greeted with whoops of triumph and gales of laughter. Avery was hilarious, making disparaging comments and disgusted sounds and faces. At one point he insisted she actually put on one particularly poisonous olive green number and had her pose in front of the mirror. “Good lord, girl friend, how could you wear that.”

“I was in disguise, waiting for prince charming.”

“Maybe we should call you Cinderella.”

“And you can be my fairy godmother.”

“OK Cinderella try on this and lets see how much better you look.” He held out one of the new suits and a rich sapphire blue silk blouse.

Angela was speechless. The suit fitted her like magic. The pencil thin skirt followed the contour of her ass and long legs, then flared out with just a bit of sassy frill below her knees. A discrete slit just a few inches up the back so she could walk. The Jacket emphasized her curves rather than hid them. She put on a pair of heels and spun around in front of the window.

She looked like a damn sexy, high powered business woman, just like Avery had been calling her. For the first time she was beginning to feel the part. “Do you think Devin will like this?”

“Girl friend, our Devin doesn’t notice things like clothes all that much. He knows beauty when he sees it but he will not notice the clothes so much as the beautiful women inside them. In fact if I know our Devin at all he would prefer you in no clothes at all.”


“He does like women that look classy and we needed to focus on getting rid of those suits. We can go shopping together again for some more evening and casual wear if you like.”

“I would like that but I would like it better if I could spend some of this money I am working so hard for.”

“We could swing that.”

Angela looked at the clock, it was 10:30 pm. If Devin was going to call she sure as hell wanted Avery out of here. “Goodness look at the time, Cinderella needs to turn into Sleeping Beauty. Thank you so much for stopping by. The clothes are beautiful and I couldn’t have done it without you.”

“OK, OK you don’t have to hit me over the head. I hope he calls you tonight. I haven’t heard from him for a week either. Don’t worry too much about it. He tends to get pretty focused and I know he is trying to squeeze a three week trip into a two.”

“Do you know when he is coming back?”

“Not a clue girlfriend. But I am pretty sure you will see him before I do.”

Devin did not call. It had been a week.

Angela struggled against despair. She dressed in her new clothes but seemed oblivious to the amazed looks of her co-workers. When Shirley commented on how nice her new suit was she just nodded distractedly and buried herself into work. She had gone kind of numb, going through the motions, disconnected from her feelings. She didn’t feel hungry and skipped lunch. She sent Shirley home early. She called Sergio and told him to pick her up an hour late. She didn’t want to quit working. The gym wasn’t a refuge anymore, too much noise and movement, to hard to ignore her body and her feelings, too easy to think.

She put some more work into her briefcase, and getting her jacket off its hanger and putting back on she turned to go home and he was standing in the doorway. She froze, her eyes huge staring. Then her legs started to shake and then buckle, she staggered back and leaned against her desk. He had circles under his eyes and had dark stubble growing on his face. He looked like he had slept in the dark suit he was wearing. She swallowed and tried to say something but her lips just moved and no sound came out.

He rubbed his hand over his face and blinked. “You look beautiful.”

“You look like hell.”

“Yea, I am tired as hell.”

About that time a couple of guys from sales walked by. They slowed and stopped. “Angela everything OK?.”

Angela suddenly stood up, all business. “No problem guys. Thanks.” and the continued, “Mr. Devinikos Sir, I am so pleased you stopped by. There are so many questions I have been needing to talk to you about.” She stood and walked to him and put out her hand, “I was a little startled. I had not expected you back in New York so soon. You look like you just got in. Was it a difficult flight?”

Devin just stood there looking at her. Drinking her in with his eyes. The expression on his face dazed, open, somehow vulnerable. The whole time she was pleading with her eyes. Please be OK. Please wake up. Please tell me what to do.

Devin blinked and shook his head as if to clear the cobwebs. “Yes, I just flew in from Singapore.”

“I am glad you caught me, I was just on my way out. I am sure my car is here waiting. Maybe you would like to walk me out. We could discuss a good time to meet on the way out.”

She took his arm, picked up her briefcase and walked him toward the elevator talking animatedly about some of the properties, how pleased she was to be working closely with his corporation. She walked him past several of the habitual late workers.

Once the elevators closed she could not help but lean against him. Noting how her new higher heels made her look him straight in the eye, she touched his face. “Devin are you all right?”

He nodded, “I took one of those sleeping pills to try and get some sleep on the flight. It hasn’t worn off.” He leaned over and put his face against her hair. “You smell wonderful.”

“You need to go to bed and sleep this off.”

Once in the lobby she was Miss Halifax again, cool, calm, all business. Sergio was waiting by the car. She gave him a hard look like this was all his fault. He shrugged. In the car Devin leaned back and sighed. “Baby, I am so tired.”

“I know, lets get you home and in bed.”

One of his eyebrows lazily arched and he grinned. “I don’t know if I am going to be able to stay awake for you.”

“I will have to accept that. Can you walk in on your own?”

“I am not that far gone.”

Once in his apartment she gently, firmly urged him towards his bedroom and pushed him to sit down on the bed. She knelt and pulled off his shoes. She carefully helped him undress and urged him under the blanket. He kept trying to pull her to him and she kept gently pushing his hands away. “Sleep first, sir.” He was too tired and groggy to fight and soon his eyes were closed.

Angela sat and watched him sleep for what seemed an eternity. She got up and paced through the apartment. The kitchen had no perishable food but she found some cans of soup and some crackers. And in the freezer were several cans of frozen concentrate orange juice. She sat one out on the counter to thaw. She wandered into the spare room and froze. There was a queen sized four post bed. The posts were lower in height than the posts on Devin’s bed. Above the bed, inset into the ceiling were a set of rings. At least a dozen they looked like a decorative element matching the foot print of the bed below. One at each corner above each post and the others evenly spaced in between the corners. They were about three inches in diameter and matched similar design elements in the headboard and on the top of each post.

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