Angels Ch. 02

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Cock Slap

*Authors Note* (I wish to apologize to all my fans/critics who have been waiting for this chapter. Real life has been getting in the way, but I have finally got my life straightened out. I hope this story will be worth the wait. Also I wish to thank OmegaZone for editing the story. Khawk)

Angels Chapter 2: Desires

“Do you think that I should hang something from my rear view mirror?”

Katrina, having just walked into Jessica’s room, paused at the unexpected question. “What?” she asked.

Jess glanced over her shoulder at Katrina, and repeated, “Do you think I should hang something from my rear view mirror? I was thinking maybe an old CD, or fuzzy dice. You know, give it some flare.”

Kat laughed as she said, “Jessie, Honey, it is a convertible. How much more flare does it need?”

Jess just grunted, and started flipping through the manual again. She was stretched out across her bed on her stomach. One leg was laying flat on the bed, while the other was bent at the knee kicking the air to the beat of the music coming from the radio on her night stand. She wore green socks, an old white t-shirt that stopped mid-thigh, and blue panties. Her panties were pulled taunt over her pussy, clearly outlining her mound. From the doorway, Kat admired the view.

Dropping the towel she had used to dry her hair, Kat climbed onto the bed, and stretched out beside Jessica. Settling her chin on Jess’s right shoulder, she glanced at the manual. The page was outlining the function of the power seats. Getting bored, Kat studied Jess’s profile. Her deep green eyes were narrowed in concentration, her lower right lip was between her teeth, her cheeks were still rosy after the scrubbing they had from the bath, and her short black hair was tucked behind her ears. Kat had to force herself not to nibble on them. They were so cute.

Kat rolled over onto her back, and stretched her body, and asked, “So, did you get everything you wanted?”

Jess glanced over at Kat. She admired the way Kat’s breasts pushed out against the thin pink night shirt Kat wore. Her stretching had caused the short shirt to rise up her waist revealing the frilly pink panties she wore. Dropping the manual on the floor, she reached out for Kat while saying, “Not yet.”

Katrina’s eyes opened in mock shock. She knocked Jess’s hands away, and quickly scooted to the edge of the bed. Sitting up, and crossing her arms across her chest, she said, “Oh hell no. After what you told dad, you can just forget about that.”

Jessie’s face filled with surprise. “What are you talking about?”

“You told him about my crush on him,” Kat reminded her. “I am still mad about that.”

“You’re mad about that? You know that he won’t take it serious. He will just think I was teasing him.”

“But you said that he was thinking about me when he was,” Kat suddenly stopped talking as a blush spread across her face.

Laughing at her sisters expression, Jess said, “I was teasing you. I don’t know who,” Jess paused as she remembered the story their father had written, and added, “or what he thinks about when he masturbates.”

Her face still burning, Kat just shook her head.

Jess’s eyes narrowed, and her lips developed a sly grin. “Well if that’s how your going to be.” Before Kat could react, Jess reached out, and ran her fingers up the side of Kat’s ribs. Kat doubled up, as peals of laughter came from her. She tried to pull her arms to her side, but Jess knew all of Kat’s ticklish spots, and was relentless. She ran her right hand down to Kat’s knee, and rubbed her index finger, and thumb over the top of it. She then placed her left hand under Kat’s buttocks to rub where the sensitive flesh met leg. She darted her mouth to Kat’s ear, and breathed deep into it.

Kat had tears running down her face, and was having trouble breathing. She felt like she was going crazy, and like a wild animal trying to escape from a trap, she did the only thing she could do. She pushed against the bed with her body, propelling herself on top of Jess. As Jess landed flat on her back, Kat darted up to place her lips on Jess’s. Jess froze in surprise at the move, then as Kat’s tongue invaded her mouth, relaxed and proceeded to caress Kat’s body.

Kat threw her leg over Jess’s straddling her left leg. One hand holding onto the side of Jess’s face, she placed her other below Jess’s right breast cupping the rising mound through her shirt. Jess had one hand on the back of Kat’s head, urging the kiss on, while her other moved up under her nightshirt caressing her butt cheek through her panties. Then she moved that hand up her back dragging the shirt along.

Kat broke the kiss, and with a pout said, “You just have to always get your way, don’t you.” Jess just looked up at her with an innocent expression on her face. Laughing, Kat said, “Don’t give me that look, Tramp. I know what you’re after.” With that being said, Kat reached down to grip the hem of her shirt, and proceeded to pull it over her head.

As the shirt cleared Casibom her shoulders, Jess lifted her head up, and placed her mouth over one of Kat’s exposed breasts. Kat paused as Jess’s teeth grazed over the soft flesh of her breast, and her tongue rubbed the sensitive flesh of her nipple. Arching her back, Kat offered her breasts to Jess’s exploring mouth, and finished removing the shirt. Holding the back of Jess’s head, Kat looked on as she devoured first one, then the other boob, paying special attention to the nipples. Finally Kat pulled Jess’s face from her chest, and asked, “It’s your birthday. Shouldn’t I be pleasing you?”

Jess smiled up at her, and sat up straight. Jess ran the back of one hand down the side of Kat’s face. Then she ran that hand through Kat’s hair till she had a firm grip on the back of her head, and leaned in close to place her lips onto Kat’s. Kat returned the kiss, and feeling Jess’s tongue running across her lips, opened her mouth. Jess’s tongue invaded her mouth, and Kat’s tongue greeted her.

Jess pushed back until Kat was laying flat on her back, and broke the kiss. Looking down at Kat, she said, “I teased you, embarrassed you, and told dad your secret, yet you still want to please me first. The way I see things, I need to do some making up.” The look she gave Kat was very naughty, and Kat felt her heart start to race.

Jess bent down, and placed another kiss on Kat’s lips. Then she started moving down her body. As Jess’s hands moved to cover Kat’s breasts, pinching the nipples, her tongue traced a path down her body. Over her chin, down her chest between her breasts, and over her flat stomach. Here she paused to thrust her tongue deep into Kat’s bellybutton. Kat arched her back, and grabbed the sheets at her side. She brought her legs up till her feet were on the bed, and her thighs were hugging Jess.

Jess moved her head down until her face was before Kat’s pantie-clad pussy. She could see a dark wet spot spreading across the pink panties, and smell Kat’s musky aroma. As she moved her hands down Kat’s body, she brushed the tip of her tongue against the cloth. Hearing the light whimpers, and moans emanating from Kat, Jess buried her face into Kat’s mound.

Kat was biting her lip to keep from yelling out, and her hands clinched the bed sheets in a firmer grip. Her hips were starting to buck, and she opened her legs wider.

Jess pulled away from Kat’s crotch, and took hold of Kat’s panties. She slowly pulled them off of Kat. Seeing Kat looking at her, Jess held the panties to her nose, and inhaled deeply. Then she looked at Kat, slowly licked her lips, and said, “Yummy. My Kitty-cat has such a sweet pussy.”

Kat giggled at this, and watched as Jess started removing her clothes. As her night shirt was removed, her body was exposed. First her tanned legs, and thighs. Then her blue panties were reveled. The thin material was pulled tight displaying all of Jess’s features to Kat’s admiring eyes. Her stomach, with just a hint of a bulge appeared. Kat thought that it was adorable. Then the shirt was past her large breasts. Kat could see her tan disappear around the mounds of flesh. The breasts were a pale white, with a light pink nipple surrounded by a light aureoles on each.

When Jess had removed the shirt, she turned to toss it behind her. With the material of her panties pulled up into the crack of her ass, Kat got a good view of her bubble butt. Then Jess pushed her panties to the floor. As Jess stood up straight, Kat stared at Jess’s pussy. It was completely bald, and the lips had begun to swell. Then the object in Jess’s hand caught her attention. It was a six inch long, dark red dildo.

Jess crawled back onto the bed, and covered Kat’s body with her own. She bent down, and kissed Kat. After a minute of exploring her mouth, Jess pulled back, and said, “I think it’s time for my apology.” With that being said, she put her mouth close to Kat’s ear, and making her voice as deep, and husky as she could, said, “My beautiful Katrina. How could I have only seen you as my daughter. I love you, and I need you. Oh, Kat.”

Kat’s eyes opened wide. They had never played that game before. As Jess continued to whisper into Kat’s ear, her hand was exploring Kat’s pussy. Kat closed her eyes as she felt a tingle of excitement run through her body, and let her imagination run wild.

Jess straddled Kat’s right leg, and placed the dildo to the entrance of Kat’s pussy. Jess carefully arranged everything so that they would both enjoy this. Jess held the dildo at the bottom leaving about four inches exposed. She had the base of the dildo against her leg, and the tip against Kat’s entrance, so that when Jess grinds her pussy down Kat’s leg, the dildo would penetrate Kat. When she moved back up the leg, the dildo would be pulled out.

Jess bent over, and as her mouth covered Kat’s, she moved her mound down Kat’s leg causing the dildo to enter Kat’s pussy. At the angle she was at, and one hand holding tight to the dildo, she was Casibom Giriş forced to use the other hand as support. Jess used her mouth to help stimulate Kat. She broke the kiss, and started nibbling at her ear. As she breathed deep into it, she felt Kat start to tremble. Even as Jess’s own mind was being overcome by pleasure, she thought about how interesting it was that depending on Kat’s mood, breathing in her ear could cause giggles, or moans of pleasure.

Kat was feeling intense pleasure. Between the deep penetration, Jessie’s knuckles rubbing her clitoris at every thrust, and the sucking on her neck, and ear, Kat was going crazy. She had one leg out straight, and the other bent at the knee for Jess to grind on. She reached up with her left hand to tease Jess’s breasts, and her other griped Jess’s waist urging her to go faster. As she felt her body tighten with the urge to climax, she slid her right hand up her leg till she could tease Jess’s pussy as she slid up and down Kat’s leg. Then she was climaxing, riding the intense waves of pleasure that rippled through her body.

Jess felt Kat climax, and could feel her time getting closer. She continued to grind against Kat’s leg, and fingers. As she felt her own orgasm rising, she started thrusting harder, riding Kat’s hand more then her leg now.

Kat could feel her second orgasm coming quickly after the first one. From the way Jess was bucking her hips against her hand, and leg, she could tell Jess was close too.

Suddenly Jess release the hold on the dildo, and as she fell across Kat’s body, she grounded her pussy so hard against Kat’s hand that the three fingers that had penetrated her went all the way inside her, and the dildo was pushed as deep into Kat as it could go. Jess’s twitching caused her leg to continuously rub the dildo causing it to vibrate deep inside of Kat. They both held each other as they both climaxed at the same time.

As they came back down to earth, they held each other close. After a few minutes of snuggling, and whispering endearments to each other, Jess got out of bed, and said, “I’m going to take another quick shower to wash the sweat off.” She paused, and then added, “I love you. You know that, right?”

Kat smiled at her from the bed, and then in a sing along voice said, “I’m Jessie’s girl.”

Jess laughed, and left the room.

As Kat laid there on the bed, she realized that Jess had left the dildo deep inside of her. She thought about removing it, but decided to wait for a moment. She closed her eyes, and imagined that it was David deep inside of her. In a happy daze she started to doze.

That was how Jess found her when she returned from her shower. Seeing Kat sprawled out across the bed, legs spread, and the object between her legs, caused Jess to burst out laughing. Getting control of herself, she asked as she went to her dresser, “Are you going to go to sleep like that?”

Kat lifted her head, and in a sleepy voice, and with a silly grin across her face replied, “Thought about it.”

Jess just shook her head, and after a moment of searching asked, “Do you know where my green night shirt, and short set is?”

Kat, on the verge of sleep, answered, “I think they are in the dryer.”

Jess smiled, and said, “Thanks. I will be right back.” As she walked to the door, she reached between Kat’s legs, and pulled out the dildo. To the sleepy complaints of Kat, she left the room.


David finished typing the last sentence to the story, and saved the file. Tomorrow he would start the cleaning, and proof reading of the story. He pushed his chair away from the desk, and to the sound of cracking joints, stood up. He put his fist into his lower back, and stretched. Even though he felt sore from sitting so long, he smiled to himself. He had finished his project.

Leaving the study, he went to the fridge, and grabbed a beer. He then headed downstairs to the rec room. Leaving the lights off, he walked past the workout mats, and weight set to reach the poker table set up in the corner. As he set down in one of the chairs surrounding the table, he popped the top off the bottle. He took a sip, then reached for the pack of smokes sitting on the table. David only allowed himself a smoke on special occasions. He pulled a cigarette from the almost full pack, placed it in his mouth, and leaned back in his chair, just enjoying the feel of it in his mouth.

After a few more sips of his beer, he finally struck a match, and held it to the tip of the cigarette. He watched as the flame increased in size as the cigarette lit up. He shook the match out, while enjoying the smell of a spent match. Taking a small drag to accustom himself to the smoke, he released it with a satisfied sigh. Taking a second, slightly deeper drag, he let his mind wonder over the last couple of days events.

His writers block had been a pain in his side for a few days, but with Jess teasing him leading to an odd fantasy, righted itself. He still got a sick feeling Casibom Güncel Giriş from that dream though. He chuckled softly to himself at the girls response to his story. He then chastised himself for even thinking about Kat in that fashion. Still it had started out as a nice fantasy.

Changing the subject in his head, he remembered Jess’s excitement when she saw her new car. A huge grin covered his face as he thought about her jabbering away on the phone to her friends.

Taking a final drag from the cigarette, he snubbed the life from it, took a finale swig from his beer, and got up to deposit the bottle in the recycling bin. He decided it was time for a shower, and then sleep.

He was near the top of the stairs when he heard the dryer door open. He looked up from the stair well to see Jessie, wearing a towel wrapped around her, standing by the dryer. David opened his mouth to say hello to her, when he felt himself freeze. Jess had just bent over to search the dryer, and had caused her towel to slide up, showing off her shapely ass. As she bent her knees to search better, her legs opened up exposing her vagina. David stopped breathing as he stared at her labia for the first time since he stopped bathing her. He could feel his lower self start to respond to the sight.

The spell was broken however when Jess found what she was looking for a stood up straight. David was about to turn around to head back downstairs when the towel dropped to the floor, and he froze again. The sight of his nude daughter standing there caught him completely off guard. Once again he was rooted in place, and perverted thoughts filled his head.

He had a full view of her profile. Her tight butt begging to be caressed, and her grapefruit size breast jutting put from her chest begging to be suckled. As she bent over to pull her green shorts over her smooth, muscular legs, he felt himself mesmerized by her hanging breast. The cold air had harden the nipples into little erasers. As she stood up, pulling the shorts over her curves, she gave a little hop, pulling the shorts over her bottom, causing her tits to jiggle. She ran her hands over the silk covering her fanny, smoothing the fabric.

She took the top, and raise her arms, causing her back to arch, jutting her breast out farther. As the smooth material flowed down her body, molding itself to her curves, David finally came to his senses and looked away. He quietly made his way down the stairs, and back to the poker table. There he sat down, and put his head into his hands as he quietly whispered over and over again, “Please, God no. Please not that. Anything but that.”

He reached over for the cigarette pack and shook one out to help calm his nerves. He tried to remove the image of his naked daughter out of his mind, but every time he closed his eyes, there she was in all her glory. He sat there till morning going over his thoughts, and ended up smoking the whole pack. It was only when he heard the girls moving around upstairs did he finally realize what he had to do. He had to get laid. It was the only way that would end these urges he had about his own flesh and blood. “But who?” he mumbled to himself.

He made his way upstairs into the kitchen, where he saw Jess having breakfast, and Kat making some coffee by the counter. At the sight of Jess, the memory from last night flooded his head. She was still wearing the green nightie from last night, and though he has seen her in that same outfit a dozen times, it had never seemed sexy before now. It accentuated her body more then hid it. He could clearly see where her nipples pushed against the thin material.

Shaking the images from his head he said, “Morning ladies.”

Both girls look at him in shock. They both had though he was still in bed. Jess snapped out of it first and replied, “Morning.” Kat quickly followed suit.

David walked over to Jess, and bent down to give her kiss on the forehead. He had to force himself to not stare at her bosom. As he straightened up, Kat, carrying a cup of coffee, gave him a quick hug.

“How did you two sleep last night?” he asked as he poured himself a cup of coffee.

“Pretty good,” was both replies.

Taking a sip, he then asked what their plans were for the day.

Jess, being too busy with her cereal, left the answering up to Kat, who responded with, “We’re planing on going to the mall. Jess wants to look for a new blouse, and I saw these adorable boots on sale yesterday. After that, whatever sounds good, I guess.”

David nodded, and said, “If you two are out till evening, why not grab a couple of pizzas on your way home. I am kinda in the mood for peperoni.”

Kat and Jess both agreed to the idea, and David excused himself. He refilled his cup, and headed for his office. He sat down to start the final touches on his story, but his mind kept wondering. Realizing that he wasn’t going to get any work done that way, he booted up his laptop, and opened up a folder call “Personal”. It was here that he typed personal notes, story ideas, his diary, and whatever else he needed. The folder was password protected, not so much from his daughters, but from the occasional visitors they had over. Now though he was glad his girls didn’t know the password.

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