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And there was the text. Hey you, what are you doing? I look at the sender, it’s from him. Should I ignore it, or should I text him back? I really want to talk to him badly; I want to see him in the worst way. Here we go again, ugg I am so glad that he texted me, yet I am so sad at the prospect that the right thing to do would be to ignore him and let him go.

I cradle the phone in my hand like it is the last precious thing on Earth to me and I just stare at the screen. Are you going to text me back or not? He is pretty persistent, does he know that I am looking at the phone and staring at his message and not making a choice? Cat… Oh fuck, he knows that nothing gets to me more than when he calls me that. Fine fuck it; it’s probably nothing more than him just needing to get validation from me that he is still a stud muffin.

Yes? I texted him back. Ah good there you are, came the next text. Hey, I need to ask you for a favor, can you meet me somewhere in about 30 minutes? Great, I am just so fucking excited about meeting him somewhere I could shit. I don’t want to get turned on and wrapped up and turned every which way but loose. First off I ask, for what? Is this a social call, or are you just wanting me to give you information. If that is the case, you already know everything I know, plus what you know. And what I know that you don’t, I am not going to tell you anyhow.

There Mr. Sexy pants, take that. I felt so good telling him that. Then the response sent me in a tail spin. I just want to talk to you Cat to clarify a few things, is that okay? My heart dropped in my stomach. What do we need to clarify Todd? Can’t you just tell me over text that you loved me like a friend, will always love me like a friend and that is the way it will always be? I thought that I finally gotten rid of him, the phone never texted back that night.

Well that was easy I thought to myself as I got ready for bed. Stupid me I cried myself to sleep that night. Why did he even feel that he needed to contact me? I got out of bed, new day, new me, I can do this, I can be stronger today, I can work through my angst all day and I can build myself up. I made the right decision and I told him how it was and what I believed that he needed to tell me and I could get on with it. My life is far less complicated without having to worry about him every second of the day. The obsession was driving me crazy.

I got up and since I had full run of the house with my roommate being gone on Kıbrıs Escort a road trip, I took the liberty of roaming room to room naked. I knew what I needed to get done today, feed the animals, vacuum the floor, do the laundry, clean the kitchen and eventually head out to the ex’s house to help them. I remained friends with my ex. We decided that it would be best for the kids to help each other and be an active part in each other’s lives. There was no physical connection there anymore which was what I preferred, I always felt hollow and empty any time we attempted to make love. There was just nothing there anymore.

As I walked past the kitchen into the other living room, I felt uneasy. I really didn’t want to stop and turn around to see what had its eyes on me. I was butt naked and yet I was not alone in the house. Good morning was the smooth as honey butter masculine voice. Fuck! Too late now, he’s seen the backside and the side, might as well turn around and face the intruder. Maybe it will give me a chance to defend myself if they are stupefied by looking at my naked body. After all, who has not seen a “mom” bod before?

I turned and stared into Todd’s eyes; although his eyes were not on mine all that long because they kept sweeping my body from head to toe. Don’t you want to get something to cover up in he grins? Why I said dryly? You obviously let yourself in to help yourself to a cup on my coffee and you seem to have an agenda or you would not be here. But I am glad you are here Todd, you can help me with something. He raises an eyebrow quizzically at me. Grab me that bowl of the top shelf of the cabinet I pointed to the door behind him.

Great I thought now is my chance to really fuck with him for coming over here. When he turned his back to me I walked up quietly behind him and ran my hands around his waist. I heard him suck in air as he brought the bowl down to cabinet top. Now you can put it back I teased as I ran my hands down the front of his pants. Yep just what I thought, he was getting turned on. So why are you here Todd I murmur? He lets out a breath slowly and says I just wanted to talk to you is all, I have missed you.

Ah, okay, so you just decided to break and enter my home and wait for me to wake up so you could “talk to me? He placed both of his hands flat on the cabinet top in front of him. The front door was open so I just walked in. The dog started barking, but I shut her up with a dog bone. I could feel his Kıbrıs Escort Bayan breathing speeding up as I continued the assault on his cock through his jeans. You keep this up and you are going to get more than you bargained for young lady.

Maybe I want more than I bargained for Todd, maybe this is what I want help with. Maybe Todd I want you to scratch an itch I can’t reach. Well he said through ragged breathe; I can’t help you facing this way. I back up from the cabinet to give him space to turn around. I surveyed my hand work. His bulging Levis were telling me a story. I take him by the hand and lead him to my bedroom. I close the door behind us and pull his T-shirt from his jeans.

I run my hands up underneath and feel his warm smooth skin tracing a line through his chest hair. I look up at him and tilt my head to the side a little and he takes the cue and brings his mouth down to mine; softly at first with slow melting kisses. He kicks off his tennis shoes and pulls his shirt off taking his baseball cap with it. Back up from me a little he unbuttons his pants and slides his jeans and boxers off. He is now naked as a Jaybird standing in front of me. I look him up and down and survey the options as he had done to me earlier.

He comes closer and cups my head in his hands and starts kissing me deeply and more urgently this time. I am warm, wet and ready for him. How could I not be with that long tall drink of water standing in front of me and felt his cock twitch against my stomach? He was ready to fuck and it was evident that it was right now. He groaned loudly when I gripped his cock and leaned over. I took the head in my mouth and swirled the tip sending shock waves through his body and his hips jerked in pleasure. Fuck yes he moans, please don’t stop. Oh no Todd, I am not going to pleasure you till you cum this way. This is just an appetizer.

I sucked the tip and deep throated him till he said: take it easy, it’s too much. Okay, follow me, I said and I turned around and sauntered to the bed. I leaned over on the bed to give him a direct view of my backside I deliberately spread wide open as I crawled up in the middle of the bed. He grabbed my hips before I could lie down and stuck his face in my pussy. Driving his tongue deep inside me, I gasped with pleasure. I let him taste me and tease me until I could not take anymore. I laid face first on the bed with my body flat. Awe… he said sounding disappointed. I was not Escort Kıbrıs done with you, you taste so good. Todd, I am wanting a little more from you than just eating me out.

He grinned devilishly and said I think I know what you want. The tip of his cock was glistening with fluid and I could see he was ready to get to work. Rolling over I spread my legs open and he ran a hand over my mound growling and then slid up my body. Positioning his huge cock in front of my vagina he kissed my deeply and pulling away from my face he said are you ready? MMM I moaned I want all of you. He started entering me slowly. He was stretching me a little at a time. I could not help but moan, it felt so good, so tight and fucking amazing. His controlled thrusts were slow to begin with and it was agonizingly pleasure.

His motion started to speed up and the thrusts were becoming more demanding. He was bringing me close to an orgasm again and again. Right at the point then he would slow down and it would wane off. Todd, I panted don’t slow down! Okay he growled and started thrusting long hard jabs. Oh fuck it felt so good. His body was sliding on mine in sweet ecstasy. I could taste his sweat dripping off his face onto my lips. Oh fuck here is comes, I started to climax. My head tilled backward into the pillow driving my tits up and Todd took them one at a time into his mouth and sucked them hard. Todd started grunting and the strokes were faster.

Fuck, he moans as he starts to climax with me. Todd’s cock pounds me till my pussy is hard as a rock. When he finally pulls out his relaxed placid cock falls onto my thigh hot and sticky. He rolls onto his side next to my body and grabs a pillow for under his head. I looked at him guilty as hell, is this what you wanted? More or less he grinned. I did want to start slowly and build up a relationship with you again. I didn’t think that coming over this morning to talk to you was going to lead to me fucking the hell out of you. But in my defense you were naked and willing.

Uh huh I said. I have been waiting to fuck you for a very long time Mr. Reed. I know you whore he said jokingly. Who’s the whore I said with an upturned eyebrow. Okay he rolls his eyes. Since I have had far more partners that you, I would have to say that it’s me. Got that strait I grinned. My body was exhausted after the vigorous fuck session. I touched my breasts and Todd took one of my hands in his and kissed it. Leave that to me he said running his tongue between my fingers and the underside of my palm. Oh fuck it was amazing, I glanced at his cock as it was starting to harden again. Oh yes, this Sunday was going to be amazing as I got to enjoy this man for the whole day doing nothing but fucking, kissing, touching and acting like animals.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32