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(Hello! This time I thought it would be fun to see where the Roberts Boys got it from. If you are not sure what I am referring to, please click my profile. Of the 12 multi-chapter stories written so far, 10 are about the Roberts boys and their sexual hi-jinks/adventures, so it’s high-time I wrote something about their Dad. This one incorporates a young lass’s introduction into BDSM, hope you enjoy it!)

Thank goodness for Boy Scouts. It was there that I learned the Half-Hitch knot (amongst several others) that served me well right now. With a tug in the right spot I released her raised leg, then the same for my toy’s hands. At last this toy had her relief, but she was far from finished, and I supported her as I turned her and lay her tummy down on the bed, her feet still flat on the floor, laying over a pillow. I cooed as I told my property how well she did, and how proud of her I was. And I was proud; not even once did she ask to stop or even slow.

I had pre-arranged the room for this occasion as you may have guessed. Under the bed was a “spreader” bar, and I was quick to attach my fuck-toy’s ankle cuffs. Anna-Brooks’s ankles were now locked at a bit more than shoulder width. This bar was not straight, but bad a bit of a ‘U’ shape, enabling me to set my feet ‘inside’ the reach of the bar, yet not on it, which would in turn pinch my toy. I released Anna-Brooks’s wrists, and carefully brought them all the way back behind her, then linking them so her hands were palm up, just atop her butt.

I knew Anna-Brooks’s sex would still be sensitive, so I did what any proper Dom/Owner would do. I nudged myself at the entrance of my pussy, lined up, and again in one swift solid Pu-u-u-ush I impaled her on my dick. I quickly grabbed the ropes that were snugly under her shoulder blades so she was firmly locked in as I did this, so when she yelled an “AHHHH!!!” there was nowhere for her to go. It made me smile.

Anna-Brooks figured she was about to get pounded when he locked her ankles in, and quite frankly, she was hungry for it, despite the huge orgasm she had just been given. All that teasing had her womb aching for her Owner’s dick, but when he simply SHOVED it in again with so little warning, especially with it being sensitive from more than a half hour of foreplay in an off-balance position while being so snugly bound was both painful and arousing all at the same time. Having been teased like that made her keenly aware that the orgasm was all orchestrated by her Owner, and was therefore his. So the way he simply took her like this reenforced her ownership.

That owner had been smart. Rather than a mirror, her owner had a flatscreen at her face level, straight ahead, and the camera just above it showed her reddened, submissive face as this man held the ropes that bound her and kept her impaled on him. What’s more, after a moment the screen blinked. Apparently there was a camera at the head of the bed, and she could see herself tied down, helpless to his fucking. Her owner had a remote laying on her back, and as he touched it, the screen blinked again, and this time there was another camera above, slightly zoomed in to her butt, and she could see him fully inside her. She watched as he used the remote to zoom in a bit, so that she could see mostly her hands at her very lower back, and the fleshy fat dick impaling her.

Just as Anna-Brooks was ‘adjusting’ to being happily impaled like this, her owner began to move his hips. Actually, he was also holding onto the ropes that were snugged around her body, so it quickly built to a rough, hard fucking. “Oh-Oh-Oh…S-S-Sir…P-Please-Sl-Sl-Sl-ow-w-w” but she quickly realized that her owner wasn’t going to slow down one bit. The hard thrusts were continuing, so Anna-Brooks just lay there and took it. Fact was though, Anna-Brooks like it. She liked being manhandled, being used, and she turned her attention to the screen that alternately showed her getting fucked from the side, above, and behind. Her body was now producing more fluid , and she realized that she was gushing.

I was very glad I had used a bit of deadener on my dick, else I would have shot my load long ago. It had been a long time since I had gotten to have a great sex, much less do any ‘kink.’ Add to that a very attractive young woman who wasn’t a hooker and it made it that much more difficult to pop my cork. I was enjoying being empowered over this piece of ass, and she appeared to like it as well. I had continued to pound Anna-Brooks, moving from straight pound-pound-pound to slowing, then a fast, powerful THRUST into her, my waist slapping her ass, then pound-pound-pound, and repeat. I held either her bindings, or her hair, but I liked that she watched herself getting used.

The wet ‘Schlack-Schlack’ of our mutual thrusting was great. She was producing the most in juices I had seen from her yet, and that just meant I was doing the right thing. Slowing and easing out I saw her look back at me, and as my juice-slathered dick lined up on her anus, she smiled, and nodded. “Now as I push into you, I’ll go slower. Push back into me not with your hips, but with your anus, OK?” I got a nod.

With one hand I guided my cock to the entrance. With the other I gripped the ropes at Anna-Brooks’s waist, and I began to push slow, steady, and firm. I could feel the anal ring pressing on the head of my dick. “Push back pet….there…” Her body tightened and she began to emit a bit of a shriek, but I wasn’t stopping now. With a bit of fitting, a reminder for her to breathe and to push, suddenly her anus gave, and head popped right in. I let it sit for a moment just like that, as I used the remote to stop on only the camera from above.

“ooh..OOOH!” Anna-Brooks said. The pain was beginning to wash thru her as she felt Her man’s cock push against her ring. She tried to concentrate and listen to what she was told. In the same manner that she would push out body gas she pushed, and her owner was right, her anus gave juuust enough, and at just the moment before she was going to ask for a break, she felt him pop in. Instantly, Anna-Brooks felt a wave of relief. She appreciated that her Owner gave her a minute to let herself ‘adjust’. What captivated her at the moment though was when He directed her attention to the screen. She could see her Owner’s cock in her ass, and Anna-Brooks groaned as she watched & felt it begin to slowly move, pushing its way inside her.

There was both great and not so great in watching her Owner’s dick slide into her ass, Anna-Brooks decided. On the one hand, she could see (and of course feel) not only what was inside her, but she could also see what was left to fit in there. Of the 4 people she’d had sex with, her Owner’s cock wasn’t the largest Anna-Brooks had ever had, but it was certainly a thick one, & this was also the first that had ever penetrated this part of her. Anna-Brooks’ eyes narrowed and she groaned as she felt & watched more of her Owner’s thick dick slide in her. The powerfully erotic part of this was she not only felt its girth stretching her butt hole, but she could SEE it, and that oddly added to the pleasure.

I was now 2/3 the way in. Twice I had backed partly out, then moved a bit deeper, in order to give her time. The warm, tight, silky feeling was powerful as this gorgeous young lady submitted to me and let me stretch her asshole like this. Soon I would be pumping this, and I knew I wouldn’t last long, so I used the last trick I had at hand. To her side and just in reach I had an egg vibrator, and it was on a cord. It came on with a hum and took a bit of shifting to get it to her vagina without pulling out, but it did slide right in there, and my property gave a satisfied ‘Mmphf!” as it did so.

Anna-Brooks felt pleasure wash over her as the inside of her pussy vibrated while her ass was totally filled. It took away from the pain of her Owner’s dick, which she now realized he was fully inside her. Her ass was stuffed full as the other day, & as he began to move, her ass gripping him tightly, the vibrations from inside her pussy made her try to grind her clit on the pillow she was on. Anna-Brooks glanced between the screen showing her ass being penetrated & pumped by her Owner, with the corded control laying beside it, to a mirror to the side of the screen in which she could see her flushed, sweat-covered, panting face, mouth hanging open.

Anna-Brooks now knew the stimulation was too much, and she was about to have a second orgasm. Her hips had found their rhythm, and were moving on their own now. She was calling out her Owner’s name, and what was also doing it for her was that he was calling out hers. There was pain for sure, but the vibrator inside her plus knowing WHO was inside her pushed her towards the edge, and she knew she couldn’t stop. She also knew from Mike Roberts faster hip thrusts he was very close. Anna-Brooks shut her eyes tightly and tried to hang one, telling her Owner “Sir!….I-I’m Cum-mm-mm-mm-ing!!!”

Hearing a gorgeous woman a third your age tell you that your dick IN HER ASS is making her cum is truly a bucket list item, and I cannot recommend it enough! My tricks were through, & I had no more. The feeling of her anal ring squeezing my dick while pumping inside her silky warm colon was too much. I was calling Anna-Brooks name, telling her I owned her, and she had screamed back that I did. Anna-Brooks was having a second orgasm too I was sure, & her ass was as open as it ever would be to my pounding. My hips had shortened their movement until, with a screaming roar of “ I OWN Ann-nn-nn-aa gaziantep escort B-B-Broo-oo-ooksssss!” I dumped several blasting ropes of goo in her butt hole. It was wonderful, I owned it, and I didn’t even think about pulling out.

I might have already mentioned that I’m not a young man anymore, so it took me a few minutes to catch my breath. I lay on top of my property, feeling her warmth as my dick went soft inside her, finally falling out. I gave my property a kiss on the back of her shoulder, then worked my way down, and released her at last from her from the bonds on her wrists and ankles.

I still had a bit left in the tank, so I guided her to lay on the bed, remaining on her stomach, and I grabbed some lotion from the night stand, straddled my property, and I did what any proper Gentleman/Dom/Owner does when his property does her absolute best. With a generous, fat dollop of lotion in hand, I gave my property a proper rub down, working the shoulders, the biceps, back to the upper back, and working my way to hips and thighs. Backrub complete, I guided her to the shower.


Anna-Brooks was toweling me off, as we had stepped out of the shower we shared. Her naked body was on full display, & I was not complaining. But there was also something brewing, and I had a good idea for at least part of it.

“Jay strongly suspects.” She suddenly said.

“I figured he would figure it out, eventually. He is smart…at least in some minor ways.” I said with a smile.

Anna-Brooks nodded, and kind of rolled her eyes at my response. “I had him convinced I shaved my pubes just for him. Issue is, well…it’s just that sex is not that satisfying with him like it was, well before…”

“you started this journey.” I said, finishing the sentence.

“Yes.” She replied.

“it was not my intention to come between the two of you,” I said, lying. Truth was I didn’t care about Jay, and I’m sure she knew it

“I know. I care for him, I do! It’s just that Jay is very…vanilla. And if there is one thing I’ve discovered I’m not, it’s vanilla.”

“I would think you could, umm…’sway him over.” I said. As we talked, I walked with her following obediently behind, going back to the guestroom.

“I’ve tried to talk to him about it.” My sweet property said. “He just won’t have any of it. Me bringing it up is what got his suspicions raised. So yeah, I’ve been a bit sad, because I think I know where it’s headed with him.”

“Are you sorry I took you down this road?” I asked her frankly. I placed my hand behind the open door to an item I had on a hanger

“NO.” Anna-Brooks said bluntly and firmly. “I LIKE what I am doing, and am enjoying it, even if parts are a tad…uncomfortable.” She said, giving my member a squeeze. Now she had a bit of a wry smile. “I know this won’t last too much longer…” and she gave me a small hand pump & another gentle squeeze, “So I intend to learn as much as I can, while enjoying it too.” My property stepped closer and gave me a kiss. She then followed my arm and removed the hanger. On it was a Jade Green bodystocking. “Why don’t I put this on while you take those blue pills I noticed in the bath, and then maybe my Sir will teach a new lesson…maybe?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32