Another Mom and Son Story

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Yes, this is another Mom (Mum) and Son story. If you want a quick story and climax do not read this story. It starts with a small stakes poker game that escalates into much more. If you are under 18 or easily offended do not read any further.

I am 19, my Mom is 41 and Dad is 42. My parents have been married 20 for years. I checked the timing; I was conceived a few months after they were married.

My sister is a year younger than me. I am working, living at home, trying to save money and taking advantage of my Mom’s home cooking. She still buys me a few items of clothing when she is shopping.

My father has started travelling more frequently with his work; some weeks he is away Monday through Friday apparently teaching Eastern Europeans how to install filter systems. My sister just started University she is home only during scheduled school holidays.

Mom and I are not really close, none of us are. We are not a huggy-kissy family. Dad stays mostly aloof, providing, housing and feeding us all. Once a year we used to take a family vacation. I think the novelty wore off for my Dad. He cannot just buy my sister and me an ice cream cone to make us happy. This summer all of us were talking about going to Spain on holiday. The topless beaches, numerous bars and some historic sights now seem like a great idea, when we were planning the trip we argued about when to leave, where to stay, how much to spend. I think my Dad just gave up trying to organize the trip.

Every week I get an allowance from Dad even though I am 19 years old, working and living at home for free. I suspect the allowance is to make up for me choosing not to go to university while my sister started college this year and my Dad pays.

My Mom never seems to have any money. I have stopped asking her for loans even very small amounts because she always says no. With my crappy car breaking down and a credit card to pay off I rarely have any cash to spare.

Mom and I were together in the house, just the two of us all this week. Normally we interacted little. I am usually out with my friends playing soccer, drinking at the pub, anything but sitting at home. I do not think Mom cares; she is busy shopping or meeting a neighbor. She recently started playing tennis with some friends, twice a week at the local tennis courts.

My Mom is slim, pale except in the summer when she has tan lines, great figure 36D breasts all natural so they hang down a little, long legs, 5ft 8in tall and pretty, not beautiful, dark brown shoulder length hair.

My car had broken down again this time I needed a starter motor. My usual free ride friends were not available. I have been staying home in the evenings.

My Mom dressed boring. That’s the best description. Blouse buttoned one button short of the neck, skirt down below the knee; since she had started playing tennis she sometimes wore tennis socks with white tennis shoes. I could tell she wore a bra every day, I am sure she wore panties.

I can honestly say it had never occurred to me to have sex with my Mom. From reading other erotic stories I realize I must be a stupid teenager because when I am not dating I masturbate every night to every possible woman I know, meet or see on TV, I have never had my Mom in any scene.

Sitting at home watching TV Thursday night, one of the early James Bond movies that now sound and look so sexist, Mom stopped walking as she passed behind the sofa.

“Hi honey what are you watching?”

“The girl with the biggest breasts” I laughed making sure she knew I was joking.

“Sorry honey you are watching the wrong Bond movie, Honor Blackman does not have the equipment and she is not very cute.”

Her wit surprised me, Mom rarely made jokes; actually she did not laugh that often. I gathered my legs under my body on the sofa unusually she joined me.

Mom usually watched British prime time TV in 30 or 60 minute episodes.

We watched the film side by side, said little groaned at the acting and some of the scenes. Immediately after the Bond movie was a much newer film, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels made in 1998.

“This is a great movie” I exclaimed.

“What time is it honey?”

“About 9.30”

“OK let’s try it”

My Mom is no movie watcher, I figured she was really bored to have sat down in the first place, I surmised she was too tired to get up and wash dishes. Her bed time is usually 10.30pm.

Early on in the story is a scene where our hero loses a lot of money belonging to him and his friends to a crooked crime porn boss playing poker. The poker game scene isn’t long however my Mom spoke,

“We used to play poker with the Jones’s and Browns” she said referring to friends my parents had seen a lot of before we moved across town.

“I thought you all played Bridge.”

“When there were 2 or 4 couples we played bridge when there were only 3 we played poker”

“Did you win?”

“Sometimes,” she smiled

“How much did you guys play for, did Dad lose the mortgage?”

“No Casibom silly” she laughed. “We all put in 20 pounds and played with chips, dividing the chips back into cash by who won or lost.”

“No cash huh, just pretend chips” I exaggerated, deliberately teasing her or at least trying to get a rise out of her.

“Playing for cash is dangerous, friends and family can get hurt”, she said dramatically.

She was very serious.

“So I hear,” I responded.

The movie went on however when the scenes featured the weed and the violence at the dope growers place she said she was going to bed. I yawned and said me to.

Our house has the bedrooms upstairs my parents bedroom is at the front of the house.

I had undressed down to my boxers and tee shirt when Mom appeared at my bedroom door.

“Goodnight honey”

“‘Night Mom” since we were getting on so well I thought I would try my luck,

“Mom can you lend me any cash ’till Monday” I was planning on going out Friday but had very little money. I needed a few beers after 4 days at home.

“No honey, all I have is ten pounds for food tomorrow.”

“Mom I have ten pounds, want to play poker, winner takes all?” my best challenging, teasing, I don’t really expect you to play, voice.

“Okay honey”. I gasped out loud.

“We’ll play in my room,” she said.

It actually never occurred to me to put on any more clothes, she was still dressed and I was getting ready for bed. Couple of hands of poker I would be up 10 pounds and in my bed.

I had grabbed a deck of cards from my room on the way out, when I entered my parents room Mom was positioned on the far right side of the bed, sitting just below the pillow, I stood at the front left part of the bed as I looked at it, diagonally opposite from my Mom.

“Sit down honey, where’s your money?” she rhymed.

Unlike the US that seems unable to keep one dollar coins in general use the UK has one pound coins everywhere. My entire ten pounds was in coins. Mom had 5 coins and a five pound note.

“What game did you play Mom?”

“We’ll play 5 card draw, one pound ante.” Suddenly Mom was wide awake with a twinkle in her eye. I was sitting on her bed in my underwear playing poker for the household food money. Although it seemed very unlikely ten pounds was all the money she had or at least had access to it occurred to me I had no idea how my Mom and Dad split up the cash, budgeted or controlled their money.

I did know she either never had any cash or pretended she never had any cash. I also knew it was Thursday night, my Dad was due back Friday, if this was Mom’s only cash it might get interesting if I won. Dad would expect dinner Friday and milk & cornflakes Saturday morning. We were out of milk and cornflakes.

I quickly shuffled the cards using a lazy side shuffle where you hold the pack of cards by the ends, allow some to drop and shuffle others into your other hand. I lazy shuffled four or five times, safe in the knowledge the pack was not new, the cards already mixed. Mom did not appear to watch me.

I dealt 5 cards each, alternating between Mom and me. I put the balance of the deck down on the bed close to me and picked up my cards. Mom leaned in picked up her cards and sat back leaning on the headboard right leg stretched straight down the right side of the bed parallel to the edge, her other leg off the bed, foot on the bedroom floor, like she was ready to make a quick getaway. I was sitting diagonally opposite Mom, my legs under my body looking at my terrible hand.

“Ante up,” she ordered throwing in one of her coins.

I did so and reviewed my hand. Three of clubs, 6 of diamonds, 7 of spades, jack of hearts and queen of clubs.

“I bet one pound” she said.

“You are fast Mom, let me check my cards”

I had to call there was not enough cash available to start folding hands, I called throwing in one coin, Mom asked for 2 cards, I kept the Jack, Queen and got three more cards. My sadness over getting the 9 of clubs, 2 of diamonds and 6 of spades especially after giving up a 6 was complete.

“Raise a pound,” she said. Damn I muttered this is happening fast and not in a good way.

“I call.” I threw in another pound.

“Pair of Kings” she slapped down.

“Nothing” I responded.

“Good” she chimed,

“You deal”.

“Slow down Mom, let’s enjoy the game”

“No, we are here to play poker and win money, deal” this was an all action decisive Mom I rarely saw. I was not enjoying it so far. Five more cards face down.

“Let’s raise the ante to two pounds” she announced. I had no response except to throw in 2 pound coins noting I was already down to 5 pounds in front of me.

“Raise two pounds” she said, I had not even looked at my cards. I will not bore the reader with every card but I changed three again and ended with a pair of queens. Problem was Mom was playing like she had a train to catch, I had not specified who bet first on each hand and she was leading Casibom Giriş each deal and running the show. Not that I had much to lead with.

“Raise two pounds,” Mom stated throwing in the coins.

“That’s nearly all my cash” I whined

“Then you better be careful,” she responded. Wow this was not a friendly game, this was for real and my Mom was playing me like a pro.

“I’ll sell you my T shirt.”

“But honey I bought it for you last month on sale.” (I was truly not sure if the point was Mom already owned the shirt because she bought it with household money or it had little value because it was on sale)

“Mom, I thought we could play a few hands of poker have a laugh and then sleep. I will not even last 2 hands at this rate.” She sighed & looked at me, I think she was having a little fun but no way was she going to let me know that.

“Okay, if you sell me your T shirt, I name the price and you cannot change it into cash.”

I was not even sure what that meant but I was confused for only seconds.

“What that means is I will value the shirt at 2 pounds, it is always worth 2 pounds. If you have cash in hand you have to bet the shirt. If you win a hand or two and get cash in hand the shirt bets first, always”.

“What if I want to put it on because I am cold” I tried, not really sure what I was arguing about.

“No, clothes are always bet first.” I had a hunch my Mom had seen a movie or played poker with clothes before. Or she was protecting her cash winnings. If I won I got the shirt first not cash.

“Okay Mom, I pulled the tee shirt off, threw it on the bed

I called, I lost. For anyone following, two pairs beats one pair. Mom grabbed the pot including my 2 pound tee shirt.

“Thanks Honey this is fun, now how much do you have left?” asked my Mom.

“Three pounds and a pair of cute boxer shorts, slightly used” I truly had no intention of selling my boxers to my fully clothed mother because there was no way she would put herself in the position of me being naked in front of her.

“Okay I’ll give you 3 pounds for them,” she laughed. I was not sure what the aliens had done with my real Mom but this one looked and sounded the same but appeared to be more fun.

“Only three, they look great,” I stood up nothing says I kicked your ass at poker like wearing the loser’s favorite underwear.

“Okay 4 that’s all.” I was not really sure if she was humoring me and I would not be taking them off, I would find out fast.

“Ante up, two pounds” as she threw in my tee shirt.

I had three pounds cash and a warm pair of boxers left. I dealt and before I could suggest I start the betting and pass, Mom spoke

“You have not anted and I bet two pounds” she exclaimed.

“Pretend they are on the bed” I started to say.

“No, no, no, you are betting them right now, they are cash equivalents and you need four pounds.”

All of you readers used to seeing stories of Moms seducing sons can just hold on. I swear Mom had no interest in me or my penis, she wanted the money, she wanted to win and she wanted to go to sleep.

I stood up turned around dropped my boxers bending forward showing Mom my ass, stood up and threw the boxers sideways onto the bed. My penis was flaccid Mom was fully clothed and kicking my ass at poker, I was being humiliated.

As I turned to sit down I noticed her skirt was twisted a little she had both legs under her body and the skirt was lying over to one side, I could see 2 calves and some under thigh on the left leg. My dick moved slightly. She was not even looking at me.

She changed one card, I changed three, leaving me holding a pair of jacks and getting a pair of threes and a king.

“Raise three pounds” she was relentless. All I could do was call with the last of my cash.

“Two pair, what do you have?”

“Two pair, jacks and threes, what about you?”

“Tens and nines” she spoke slowly. She had lost a hand. Holy crap that meant I had won. I grabbed the pot cash, tee shirt and my underwear and dragged it across the bedspread.

I had my tee shirt, boxers and eight pounds cash. I was still down but not out. Not to mention I was naked in my mother’s bedroom although sitting on my legs basically covering my crotch. My penis was a little hard. Sitting naked in your Mom’s bedroom is definitely a little sexy.

“Why don’t you get me a glass of water,” she asked straight faced. Huh, naked and still losing I am sure this was a humiliation request because I had won a hand rather than some sexual display strategy.

“There’s a glass in my bathroom, be a sweetie and get me a half glass of water”

I got up turning as I stood so she saw little of my penis and balls, she did get another great view of my ass. I filled the glass took a gulp, refilled, actually over filled it and strode back into the room. Penis still pointing down but thicker than flaccid and a little lively, it kinda bounced.

I think she glanced at me but as I looked at her face Casibom Güncel Giriş she was busy looking down arranging her skirt to cover her legs.

“Thank you sweetie,” she took the glass in her right hand, leaning forward to grab it and then turned across her chest to put the glass on the bedside drawer, twisting her body and generally looking uncomfortable. She placed the glass on the edge of the drawer. She did not even take a sip.

“Deal please honey.” I lazy shuffled the deck a couple of times and dealt, throwing in two pound coins ante between cards. I dealt fast I felt better.

“Nice deal honey, let me get a drink of water” she started to twist her whole body to get to the glass, I started across the bed to help her, making the spring mattress move just as Mom was bringing the glass to her lips, it was full it spilled on her blouse.

“Honey what are you doing?”

“Trying to help Mom”

“Well stop it, I’m all wet” I could see a wet area on the blouse from just below her neckline to where her left breast was hidden under the blouse.

“Not exactly all wet Mom,” I said defensively.

“No sweetie, but I am wet.”

“Ante up” She saw the two pound coins,

“No sweetie, clothes first” I took the coins back threw in the tee shirt. Mom threw in two pounds.

“I bet 5 pounds” she started to unbutton her blouse. I watched. Sometimes my brain works faster than others.

“Hold on Mom, how much is that shirt worth?”

“Five pounds”

“I thought the opponent valued the clothes”

“Of course honey, what do you think?” I quickly realized five pounds was pretty fair. My tee shirt was two, boxers four, if I lowered the value she might change the bet, this way I got to see bra and cleavage. My penis moved a little and blood began to flow. Even though it was my Mom, I was 19 and hadn’t seen naked live flesh in close to 3 months.

She had the blouse off in seconds stood up and took it into the bathroom. I heard running water; she was putting the silk blouse into the bathroom sink to soak because it had got wet. Too surprised by the whole domestic-ness of her action I forgot to demand the blouse was put on the bed. Main thing was I had skin to look at. Given my Mom’s matter-of-factness and speed of undress I suspected she would have taken the blouse off to soak even if it had no value.

She walked back from the bathroom I twisted my body to watch. She had big breasts, they moved a little from side to side. The bra was not see-through although it left quite a bit of visible cleavage. My penis was pointing straight out. I changed position, now I was kneeling, facing Mom, penis pointing at Mom, I moved one hand to cover my crotch.

With my other hand I bet my boxers plus a pound coin.

Time to deal the cards, I was about to ask Mom to deal so I would not expose myself,

“Nothing I haven’t seen before honey, deal please,” I actually was not sure when Mom had seen my bigger post puberty penis and hairy balls but she was running the show.

I dealt the cards, I know she looked at my penis that was pointing upward. My eyes never left her cleavage. She started to lean forward from her sitting position, almost preempting the result of the cards, like she knew she had won the hand. Her breasts started to elongate as she leaned forward, her bra was holding everything in place.

I was starring at the growing cleavage, my penis was pointing at the ceiling.

“Are you going to deal me a card or not?”

“Umm yes, sorry Mom.”

I took three, my hand was ace high. Mom bet seven pounds-my entire stash, I called and lost.

“I lost again,”

“Yes you did sweetie, now go to bed.”

She grabbed my tee shirt and boxers and threw them onto the bra on the floor, had to be a dirty laundry pile.

“Goodnight honey.”

“But we only played 4 hands,” I whined again.

I had lost my ten pounds beer money, tee shirt and boxer shorts literally in the time you took to read about it.

“Do you have any more money?” she asked looking straight at me. She was holding my money in one hand and hers in the other leaning forward on clenched fists, her head crossing the middle of the bed; hair hanging down either side of her face, her cleavage was swaying as the bed moved. Her breasts looked so sexy, I am not sure the last time I had looked at her face, I was staring at breasts even partially clothed breasts, even my Mom’s partially clothed breasts looked fantastic. I was hard, I needed to masturbate.

She slid on all fours to the edge of the bed, turning away from me. My boob seeking penis seemed to follow her every move.

“No Mom that was all I have until Monday when I get paid.” She stood up, skirt settled below the knee and she walked towards the bathroom, her bare back looked sexy and smooth with bra strap interrupting the nakedness.

I was still kneeling on the bed so I straightened my back, my penis was pointing at her like a gun barrel.

“Go to bed honey, it’s late,” she said as she walked towards her bathroom I grabbed my cock and held it tightly, she moved through the open bathroom door. Still gripping my cock I slowly pumped my hand up and down squeezing hard. I could hear water running she was probably rinsing out the blouse.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32