Another Place

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Black And

Every summer, Alex and Matthew would spend an idyllic two months at their grandmother’s house on the cusp of the New Forest. These were happy times, days of play and wanderings, of climbing trees and fishing in the many cool lakes and streams.

One hot morning the two boys were running through the cool shade of the tall forest to a favourite lake where they were to spend the day swimming. Soon they came to the water’s edge, and as they were alone stripped off and jumped in the water naked. They had seen each other naked many times. In fact they spent the summers in the forest in an almost permanent state of undress. The summers were so warm they removed the boy’s clothes. Each was lean and fit, with smooth hairless skin and strong limbs. Soon they were splashing in the water naked, laughing and wrestling in the heat of the sun.

After a short while the boys became hungry. They swam to the shore and picked up their towels. The water dripped from their bodies in huge droplets. Their bodies glistened. Mischievous Alex rolled up his towel into a tight knot and hit it hard against Matthew’s buttocks. Matthew protested, but knew it was only in fun. Alex swung Isparta Escort again, and again caught Matthew on the buttocks. Matthew then rolled up his towel, and so began a harmless game of fighting.

The two boys laughed and were soon wrestling on the floor. They were still naked. Neither seemed to be aware that their cocks, now erect and hard, were rubbing against each other as they fought. But Matthew had. Alex was on top of him, and the pressure of his body against Matthew’s cock was extremely satisfying. He pretended to be the weaker of the two, and let Alex pin him to the ground. He lunged upwards as if he were trying to knock Alex to the floor, but he was in fact intensifying the sensation of his cock rubbing back and forth against Alex’s. He wriggled and thrust his body upward and his cock, trapped beneath Alex’s equally hard sex, felt as if it were being masturbated.

Alex was also enjoying the pleasurable sensations in his cock. He lay above Matthew and applied his full weight so that his cock was pressed firmly against his cousin’s sex. Neither gave away to the other their true motivation. They continued to wrestle and play, Isparta Escort Bayan but in between the laughing and screams the occasional moan was heard. The sensation was becoming unbearable. Each boy wanted to come. Their cocks were primed for coming.

Matthew was first to come. The sensation of being masturbated was ecstasy but he could not hold back. He lunged at Alex, holding his cousin firmly on the buttocks, then thrust his cock upward in a short burst of frenzy. He moaned helplessly as the semen spurted out of his cock and splashed his cousin’ sex with it’s white foam. The come spurted against their stomachs.

Matthew collapsed elated, but the joy quickly turned to guilt. As Alex knelt up in surprise, his cock coated in Matthew’s come, Matthew turned to run. But Alex lunged at his cousin and again pinned him to the ground. Now Alex was on top of Matthew but this time the wrestling was real. Matthew was face down in the dirt, and could feel Alex’s cock against his ass cheeks. Alex wanted to put his cock in Matthew’s ass. He tried to steady his cousin, but he fought too much to hold him down. Alex’s cock was hard between Escort Isparta Matthew’s buttocks but he could not penetrate. But still the sensation was unbearable.

Alex weighted his body against Matthew’s so his cock was trapped between his stomach and Matthew’s buttocks. He writhed against them. Matthew protested, but Alex was in another place. A place of ecstasy. Alex reached under and took his cock in his hand. He could hold back no more. He masturbated his cock, his hand drumming against Matthew’s buttocks. Alex moaned and came in seconds. The come exploded from his cock head and sprayed Matthew’s buttocks.

When Alex had come he rolled off Matthew, and looked at Matthew’s ass streaked with thick lines of semen. Matthew immediately stood up and ran to the water to wash the come from his belly and buttocks. He was streaked with come on both sides.

The two boys walked home in silence. They had enjoyed that moment of madness by the water but guilt was now penetrating their psyches. When they reached their grandmother’s cottage one went upstairs, the other remained outside. They thought about what they had done. The fact they had made each other come was too much to ignore. They imagined what they could do to one another’s body. They could make each other come all the time. Alex and Matthew came to the same conclusion. They had enjoyed coming together and wanted to experiment more.

And what happened that night is another story.

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