Another San Francisco Fantasy

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I have written several stories about helping my California friend (and occasional mistress) fulfill some of her fantasies. We have had incredibly hot adventures in San Francisco, Las Vegas and Pittsburgh. Amy, age 25, is an extremely hot woman who is married to a man who cannot fulfill her oversexed needs. She is 5 feet, 4 inches tall, weighs about 120 pounds and has blue eyes, blond hair and beautiful 36 C breasts. Since she has had no children she has no stretch marks, no sag to her breasts and her skin is toned and tanned. In short, she is beyond hot. She is pure sex and knows it and is a bit of a tease, although she can deliver when the time comes to perform.

It had been several months since we had seen each other but we have stayed in touch via email. She was feeling hot and horny and asked me to set up another gang bang fantasy for her. I was more than happy to accommodate her request.

For this fantasy she wanted several “mature” men. In other words, she wanted to act on her “daddy fantasy,” something we had acted out previously. We confirmed our meeting dates, times and place and I went to work setting up the weekend orgy.

The location was once again San Francisco and she loves the ultra-modern Nikko Hotel in Union Square. I placed an advertisement in a swinger’s magazine which has a good reputation in northern California. She had several rules which I spelled out in detail so that the participants knew exactly what they were getting into. They had to swear to total confidentiality and never discuss the weekend with anyone. Moreover, I told them that she would be blindfolded and did not want to know anything about them.

There were a couple of calls from wackos and I quickly dispatched them. However, I received a call from a man who was going to be in the area for that weekend and he wanted to have some fun with his two brothers as they were meeting for a guy’s weekend in the city and all of them wanted a gorgeous woman. Amy fit the bill perfectly and once I sent them a photo of her (with a blindfold on), they agreed to rent the Presidential Suite at the Nikko and gave us an unlimited budget. In other words, anything goes…whatever she wants.

All of the men were in the late 40’s or early 50’s and all were successful, fit and handsome. They sent me X-rated photos so that Amy would review and approve them all. Impressive cocks and very fit bodies was precisely what Amy wanted. We confirmed all around and Amy and I met at the San Francisco airport on Friday evening.

We had a lovely evening with dinner, champagne and back to the hotel for some seriously hot sex. She is incredibly hot and literally insatiable. Yea, she is a nympho and the fact that she is hot, gorgeous and married makes for incredible sex and just the right amount of “taboo.”

I have to say that I am an experienced and even accomplished lover. However, Amy’s desires go way beyond my ability to totally satisfy her. I held off two giant climaxes as long as I could and she must have had 30 orgasms. She was ready for more but I was spent. She could hardly wait for the gang bang.

After a lovely morning (and more serious sex) we had breakfast and bursa escort bayanlar talked about the afternoon’s activities. We finalized plans and she made her “rules” quite clear. She counted on me to insure that the guys knew the rules and followed them. We had never had any problems in our previous encounters but you never know. We wanted to insure that our communication was rock solid so that she could feel comfortable and enjoy pure pleasure.

After a shower, some body powder and a bit of discrete perfume, Amy donned some very sexy Victoria’s Secret underwear…black lacey bra and skimpy thong panties. Then she put on a black negligee and five inch high heels…very sexy indeed.

At precisely 3:00 PM the phone rang. The guys had arrived and were downstairs. I put the brown wig on Amy to cover her blonde hair and then blindfolded her. We did want to protect her identity since she is married and we did not know who the men were. Her shaved pussy was glistening and I could tell she was already quite horny and ready for action.

The men came to the suite and were polite, well-dressed and eager. I retrieved three beers from the fridge and told them to make themselves comfortable. They did. I went into the bedroom and told Amy it was time. I led her by the hand into the parlor. The men were immediately taken by her beauty and gorgeous body. There were a number of whistles and exclamations of delight. Amy paraded around the room knowing that she was teasing and tantalizing the men. I had moved the furniture so she could walk around freely without bumping into them and to give the men an unobstructed view of her beautiful body. She played the part sexily swaying her hips and sensing the men as she got close to them. She would pause, play with her gorgeous nipples and occasionally put her middle finger in her very wet pussy. Her sexy undergarments disappeared quickly.

The men could contain themselves no longer and when Amy got close to Jim. The men were brothers and quite well built and strong looking. I knew that Amy would approve when she could finally see them.

Jim grabbed her breasts and tweaked the nipples hard. Amy winced and smiled. She said, “Ohhh, that felt good. More please.” That was all they needed. Soon there were hands all over her body probing, squeezing, fingering and even a couple of fingers in her mouth as she sucked the fingers vigorously.

Soon the men were stripping off their clothes revealing some impressive bodies and more than adequate equipment. Amy had already told me exactly what she wanted when the sex began. She wanted the largest cock in her pussy, the smallest one in her virgin ass and the middle one in her lusty mouth. Tom, the oldest of the brothers, was very impressive with a 10 inch cock that was very thick. Jim was the smallest with a 7 inch cock of average girth. And Mike was about 8 inches and thick with a large, helmet-shaped head that seemed too large for his cock. All were very impressive and very hard.

As Amy fell on the bed while being aggressively groped and fondled, I helped her into the middle of the king sized bed and motioned for bayan sarisin escort bursa Tom to get in front of her so he could fuck her first. I urged Jim to move behind her so he could line up his cock with her gorgeous ass. And Mike quickly understood that he was going to get the first blow job of the afternoon.

Realizing that her dream fantasy was about to come true, Amy reached down and found Tom’s impressive cock. She pulled it towards her and spread her legs, eager to feel that impressive man meat inside her. When she fell on to her back on the bed Tom swiftly flipped her over as he laid down on his back with his cock standing hard and erect. He pulled Amy down to him and she instinctively spread her legs and lowered herself onto the impressive cock. She groaned loudly as she slid down his length. He pushed his hips upwards to hasten the journey as Amy lowered herself fully on to his cock. She threw her head back in ecstasy with Tom’s fullness deep inside her.

All the men watched as this gorgeous young woman moved slowly up and then down onto Tom’s cock. After a few moments, Jim moved in behind her with some KY oil and rubbed her anal sphincter with the liquid. She pushed her ass up as Jim inserted first one and then two fingers into her virgin asshole. She was now moaning loudly and soon had an explosive climax gushing visibly on to Tom’s cock. Jim moved behind her and between Tom’s legs and lined up his cock with her anus. She reached behind herself and pulled her ass cheeks apart making Jim’s entry a bit easier. He moved slowly at first and then slammed into her asshole with a lusty need for deep penetration. She moaned loudly and Tom asked if she was okay. She assured the men that she was and turned her head towards Mike and asked, “Where is that cock for me to suck?” What a woman.

Soon Mike’s impressive cock was deep in her throat and the sounds coming from the four of them were truly guttural and animal-like. Breathing was heavy and loud and the groans came from all three. Amy climaxed again and again and the more she did, the hotter she seemed to become. As they were thrashing about the bed I was watching from the side of the bed and had enough presence of mind to take a few very hot photos.

Soon Tom announced he had to cum and Amy urged him to cum deep inside her. He thrust his hips up again and again allowing for maximum penetration. Amy urged him by begging for his cum deep inside her hot pussy. Soon Tom exploded almost violently into Amy cumming over and over again. He spewed into her for at least two minutes and soon the hot, white cum was being pushed out the sides of her wet pussy making gushing sounds.

This soon put Jim over the edge and he announced that he was going to cum in her ass. She begged him to cum deep inside her married, virgin ass and he soon granted her wish as he came over and over into her ass. Mike was doing his best to stay in her mouth with all the other action going on and as she cradled his large nut sack he told her he was going to cum. She stopped long enough to beg for his cum. She sucked his entire cock deep into her throat and soon he bursa evi olan eskort grabbed her by the back of her head and spewed his passionate offering down her throat. She sucked hard and swallowed every drop. What a woman. She had just received three large loads of sperm, one in each available cavity and she never missed a beat.

As Amy rolled off of Tom and the men all collapsed into a heap of satiated humanity, Amy’s brunette wig fell off and she reached up to rip off her mask to see just who had deposited the giant loads inside her.

“OH MY GOD!!!!!!!” She was at first shocked and then started laughing uncontrollably. Tom is her father and Jim and Mike are her uncles. Incredible turn of events and I was totally blown away. Never in a million years would I have thought that her own father and his two brothers would be participants in the evening activities. Unbelievable!!!!

After his initial shock Tom laughed and embraced his daughter. He told her he had wanted to fuck her since she was 15 and he could not believe what a beautiful and sexy woman she had become. He had no idea until that moment that he was fucking his own daughter. And his brothers thought it was hilarious and great fun. They all hugged like it was a family reunion and I guess in many ways, it was.

Amy asked me for a glass of wine while the men went to the bar and grabbed some beers. I chose a glass of single malt scotch. There was lots of laughing and goodwill as the “family” had taken their relationship to a whole new level. We congregated in the bedroom again and sipped our drinks. They all agreed that this was the best family reunion ever and that they had all enjoyed the family fuck. There was no apparent awkwardness as they seemed to be quite comfortable naked and satiated.

Amy looked at me and said, “You must be horny. Bring that beautiful cock of yours over here so I can suck it.” I quickly moved to her as my cock was hard as a piece of steel. She took me in her gorgeous mouth and sucked me gently at first and then harder. I moaned and groaned and it did not take me long to spew my offering deep into her throat. She cupped my shrinking balls and sucked every drop of sperm into her mouth.

By this time the other men had reached full hardness again and she told them she thought it was only fitting that she suck their cocks too. Mike reminded her that he had already cum in her mouth and he wanted to feel her pussy. She quickly agreed as he moved under her so she could suck the other two men to orgasm.

What followed was several more hours of fucking, sucking, laughing and too many climaxes to count. Amy was thoroughly fucked and totally satiated by the time the morning light began to peak through the curtains announcing a new day.

As the men kissed her goodbye and donned their clothing Amy made each of them confirm that they would not tell her Mom or aunts about any of this. Her Uncle Jim said he thought he might invite his wife to the next family reunion and everyone agreed they would love to see her eat Amy’s pussy in front of them. Apparently she is pretty hot too although I cannot imagine anyone being hotter than sexy Amy.

Once the men departed Amy thanked me profusely. She had always wanted to fuck her father and has had a “daddy fetish” for many years. Never did we think it would happen accidentally while organizing a weekend gang bang.

Mission accomplished. Amy got fucked and so did her father and his two brothers. I did too. What a weekend. How do we top this fantasy??

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32