Another Thursday Evening

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The e-mail said, “I have a problem I could use your help with this evening after work, if you have time.” After the message was a winking “smiley.” The e-mail was from a coworker of mine whose name is Terry. A week earlier, she and I shared an incredible evening of lovemaking in her office. If I was correct in my take on the “hidden meaning” of her e-mail, she was offering me a chance at another wonderful evening of lovemaking.

Terry is in her early forties, divorced, and has a couple of teenage kids. She’s very slim but is still a very attractive woman. She wears her frosted hair layered and cut so it hangs a couple of inches lower than her ears. Although she is extremely slim, she isn’t shapeless. Her breasts are small – exactly the right size for her – and she has a compact, extremely well formed bottom. She wears slacks a lot, and even though I’ve never seen her in tight pants, watching her walk away from me is one of life’s little pleasures. Another thing that intrigued me about her was her unconscious a habit of combing her fingers through her hair. It’s a move I find alluring, even more so because I don’t think she has a clue about the effect it has on men.

I am on my own every Thursday night because my wife has a regularly scheduled club meeting that night. That meant I was working late, which led to my first encounter with Terry, and it makes subsequent encounters with her possible.

After I got Terry’s e-mail, time shifted into slow motion, or at least seemed to. I wanted the day to be over and it seemed as if it never would be. What felt like an interminable afternoon finally ended and our office building began to empty. About a half-hour past quitting time, I shut off my computer, got up from my desk, walked out into the hallway, and looked down toward Terry’s office. I could feel my heart begin to pound when I saw the glow of light coming from under her door. I turned off my office light, locked the door, took a deep breath and headed down the hallway to Terry’s office. I knocked softly on her closed door.

“Come in,” said a soft voice from inside the room.

I opened the door, walked into her office, then closed the door behind me and flipped the lock. Terry was standing at the window, looking out into the growing darkness. I loved her outfit, a pair of tan man-tailored slacks made of some soft-looking material, and a dark blue velvet turtleneck. I’d seen her in the hallway earlier in the day and hadn’t been able to stop thinking about what that turtleneck felt like since.

I walked over to where she was and stood behind her, close enough to smell the soft, delightful scent of the perfume she had on and also the fresh smell of her hair. I lifted my hands, laid them lightly on her shoulders, and let them slide gently down her arms. The turtleneck was even more wonderful to touch than I’d imagined.

“What are we doing?” Terry asked without turning around.

With Terry I was never sure, but I had an idea she really wasn’t looking for an answer. We both knew why I was there and what we were doing. I slid my arms around her startlingly slim waist and, she melted back into my embrace, pressing her firm bottom against my half-erect penis. As I had the first time we were together, I found it hard to believe how slim she was, how tiny her waist. I bent my head and began nuzzling her neck and she moaned softly. She began to move her hips, rubbing her bottom against my rapidly stiffening organ. Her hand lifted and she clasped my head. I began gently working her blouse up, tugging it out of the waistband of her slacks. I could feel her pulling her belly in to make it easier for me to do that. When I finally tugged the hem of her blouse high enough, my fingers contacted her warm, silky flesh. She shuddered and moaned a bit louder. Her bottom kept grinding against my erection, which was now rock-hard.

Terry had turned her face and our lips met. As they were the first time, the kisses we shared were frantic and feral. It was as if we were trying to swallow each other whole. My tongue stabbed at hers and hers lashed mine.

My fingers kept moving upward, sliding teasingly from Terry’s belly up toward her tiny breasts, pushing the velvet turtleneck ahead of them. She was groaning into my mouth and squirming in my embrace. Her rocking bottom was caressing the pre-cum out of my erection and I could feel my underpants getting wet from it.

At last I was able to cup my companion’s bra-encased breasts in my hands. They were small, but quite firm. Although I’ve always considered myself a breast man who favored larger breasts, I have to admit Terry’s little breasts are a huge turn-on for me. I squeezed them gently and rubbed my thumbs over the tips, which were jutting against Terry’s soft satin bra.

Terry tore her mouth from mine. “Oh…God!” she gasped. “You…you make me…I feel like…an…an animal!” Her lips immediately clamped back against mine and her tongue speared into my mouth once more.

I didn’t want Escort Bayan Antep to take the time to open Terry’s bra; instead I pushed it up, baring the lovely orbs to my touch. When I took her rigid nipples between my thumbs and forefingers and began twirling them, Terry moaned into my mouth and I felt a powerful shudder go through her. Her hand was already on my head and her grip tightened.

I continued playing with her nipples and breasts with one hand and slid my other hand down to the waist of her slacks. I managed to get the belt around her waist open, then the clasp at the waist of her slacks. They were loose and immediately began to drop. I slid my hand further down, inside the waistband of the cotton bikini panties Terry had on. My fingers slid further down, through her pubic hair, and I found her clit, engorged with blood and stiff. When I touched it, she jerked as if she’d received an electrical shock.

“Gahhhhhhhhh!” Terry ripped her mouth from mine and screamed. Her clit was slippery with the wetness of her arousal and that made it extremely easy for me to slide my finger back and forth over it. “Ohhhhh! Oh, God! Oh, God! Oh, Goddddd!” she wailed, her hips began hunching feverishly while I slid my finger back and forth over her clit. I was struck by the difference between the sexual Terry and the Terry I knew from work. The work Terry was quiet, shy, reserved, and soft-spoken. This Terry, the one I was seeing now, the sexual one, was wild and unbridled, willing to do whatever it took to get what she needed. “Take me! Oh, God, take me like this!” she moaned. “Don’t make me come like that!” I could feel her shaking her slacks off her feet and she pressed her bottom against my groin even more urgently.

I let go of her breast and got my pants open. Fortunately for me, I don’t wear tight pants, so they dropped around my ankles without help. I did have to push my underpants down, at least enough to expose my erection, which slapped against Terry’s bottom when I uncovered it.

“Yes! I want you in me!” she groaned, squirming her bottom against me frantically. “Please! Take me!”

I stepped back a little, grabbed my erection, and guided it between her legs. She reached down and pushed the center panel of her panties. That made it easy for me. I shuffled forward, bent my knees to lower myself, positioned the tip of my erection between her dripping-wet labia, then I straightened my knees and felt the tip of my erection begin to press her open and move into her.

Terry’s incredible tightness and warmth enveloped me as she impaled her lithe body on my stiff penis. “Mmmmmmm! Yeah!” she groaned. Her hands were gripping the windowsill and she was pushing herself back at me. Fortunately, it was nearly full dark outside and the only light in the room was the dim glow of her desk lamp, so I was pretty sure we weren’t visible from outside. Not that it would have mattered if we were at that point. Both of us were so caught up in our need for each other that we’d have probably done this in broad daylight.

I slid my hands up from Terry’s waist to her chest, cupped her breasts again, and began pumping myself into her. God, it felt good! She was so unlike any woman I’d ever been with before. Her firm butt smacked against my groin as I lunged against her and I could hear her uttering passionate grunts in time with my thrusts. At the same time, wild feelings were churning through me. I was having incredible sex with a gorgeous colleague, in her office, in front of her window. We were going at it like a couple of dogs in heat.

“Yes…yes…yes-yes-yes-yes-yes-yes-yes-yes-yessssssss!” Terry gasped. “Take me! Oh, God…now…take me now! I…ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Her hips began moving even more wildly and I could feel her body spasming against my hands.

Whatever was happening with her sent me spinning into a wonderful whirl of bliss as well. “Yeah! Oh, yeahhhhhh!” I groaned as my insides began churning wonderfully and my hot fluids raced up through my pulsing erection and gushed into her.

When our intense desire was finally sated and our bodies began calming, I held her and she continued to hang on to the windowsill until we’d gathered enough strength to move. By then my erection had softened and slipped from her. I had moved my hands from her breasts to her waist by this point.

Terry straightened up and leaned back against me. “My God, I needed that,” she murmured.

I slid my arms around her, leaned down, nuzzled her neck and kissed her there. “I did, too,” I told her. “You are incredible! You amaze me.”

She giggled softly. “I…I amaze myself,” she murmured. “This…this is so unlike the person I thought I was.” She turned in my arms and kissed me softly.

“Are you OK?” I asked.

She smiled and brushed her hair back with her fingers, using the gesture I’ve come to love. “I’m wonderful,” she said. “It isn’t that I don’t like this…what we’re doing…or how I’m acting. It’s just that I never knew about this part of me.”

I kissed her. “I like that part of you,” I said. “Actually, I like all the other parts, too.”

My comment made her blush. She stepped back, out of my arms, looked at me, then began giggling. “Look at us,” she chuckled.

I understood what provoked her laughter. Her blouse was still pushed up to her armpits and her bra was pushed up over her breasts. The only other things on her body were her white cotton bikinis and a pair of thigh-high stockings. I was still wearing my shirt and tie, but my pants were gone, as were my underpants. “We going to put things back on or take the rest of our clothes off?” I asked Terry.

Her response was to pull her turtleneck over her head, then shed her bra, panties, and stockings. The minute she started taking her things off, I got rid of the rest of my clothes. She was quicker than I was. Of course I was watching her while I tried to undress, so I probably wasn’t as quick as I could have been.

“You want to see something I discovered since last week?” Terry asked.

“Ah…sure,” I replied.

Terry walked over to the leather sofa next to the wall opposite where I was standing. That was wonderful. I like watching her walk away from me when she has her clothes on. Watching her do it nude is about a gazillion times better. She has an incredible butt! She took the sofa cushions off and set them on the floor. My view improved even more when she bent over and pulled something. When I saw the mattress unfolding, I realized what she was going to show me. It was a sofa bed! I could feel blood beginning to fill my penis again. I was a little surprised to see that the bed was made up. Obviously she’d put quite a bit of thought into this evening.

“Nice,” I said.

Terry smiled. “I thought so, when I found out the sofa had a bed in it,” she said. “Make yourself comfortable. I have to use the bathroom.”

“Actually, I do, too,” I told her.

“Me first,” she said. She disappeared into the small bathroom in her office.

While I waited for her, I walked over to the open sofa bed and sat down on it. I still found it a bit hard to comprehend that I was having a relationship with Terry. And the relationship itself kept surprising me. The Terry I’d come to know was a lot different than the one I thought I knew. I’ve always found her sexy, but I had no idea what a wildly sensual creature she really was.

“Your turn,” Terry said, emerging from the bathroom as naked as the day she was born, carrying two pillows. Any man who doesn’t appreciate how lovely a slim woman can be has to be crazy.

“OK,” I said. I took her place in the bathroom, did what I had to do, then went back out and found her in bed, under the covers. “You made the bed and everything,” I said as I slid in next to her. “Seems to me that shows premeditation.”

Terry smiled. “It does,” she said.

We laid there, about a foot apart, looking at each other. For some reason, I felt uncomfortable and from the look on her face, Terry did, too.

“Why…why do I suddenly feel so uncomfortable?” she asked.

“Probably for the same reason I do,” I replied.

“Which is?”

“Everything we’ve done has been wild and crazy…out of control,” I said. “This is different, calmer.”

“Maybe you’re right,” Terry said.

“Of course I am,” I told her. Some of her frosted hair had fallen over her face. I reached out and combed it back behind her ear with my fingers. “You have the silkiest hair,” I told her. Then I slid closer, wrapped my arm around her, and kissed her.

Terry’s slim arms wrapped around her neck, her lithe body pressed against mine, and she returned the kiss avidly. Wrapped in each other’s arms, we necked for quite a while. Our kisses this time were gentler, but no less passionate, than other kisses we’d shared. Where before it felt as if we were trying to devour each other, now it was more of an exploration. Out tongues thrust and parried and gentle currents of delight flowed back and forth between us, growing gradually stronger the longer we kissed. It was completely different from anything I’d done with Terry before this, but no less arousing. A few minutes after we started kissing, my penis was again hard as a rock and pressing against Terry’s belly.

We broke for breath, then returned to kissing. A few moments into our second round of necking I started kissing my way from her lips down to her neck, then began to venture further down her body. I pushed the covers down and Terry, making purring noises, rolled onto her back and clutched my head as my lips traced her collar bone, then moved onto a pancaked breast, headed for the an erect nipple which jutted proudly from the pink areola surrounding it.

I trailed my fingers down over her abdomen and across her belly. Despite how slight she was, her lower belly was faintly rounded and extremely feminine. Her warm skin felt soft as satin.

“Yesss! Oh, God, yessss!” she murmured. “You’re so gentle. That feels so wonderful!”

Pausing from my kisses, I lifted my head and gazed at the nude woman stretched out on the bed next to me while I continued trailing my fingers over her. I thought she was incredibly lovely. She did have a few faint stretch marks, but she’d born two kids. A soft mat of light brown pubic hair sprinkled with gray framed her vaginal area.

“I…I can’t believe you want to look at me,” Terry murmured. “I…I’m so skinny and…”

“You’re gorgeous,” I told her. “I happen to think you have an incredible body.”

My comment caused a very pretty smile and a wonderful red glow brightened her face and upper chest, which I went back to kissing. I wanted her nipple in my mouth, partly because I love suckling a woman’s nipples and partly because I knew how sensitive Terry’s nipples were.

“Unnnnn!” she moaned when I wrapped my lips around one of the swollen buds and began to suck on it gently. At the same time, I began combing my fingers through her pubic hair and let them slide down between her splayed legs, gently caressing her labia as I did. “Ummm!” she murmured. Her hips rose, as if her body was seeking more contact with my fingers. I trailed my fingers down the inside of one lean thigh and up the inside of the other. I again lightly caressed her labia and could feel the dampness of her arousal as I did. Her hips rocked upward again and another, more passionate, “Ummmmm!” came from her.

I was lying next to Terry, my upper body supported on one arm and was leaning over her while I made love to her, suckling her nipples, teasing my fingers over her lower body, legs, and that special junction between her legs. My reinvigorated erection was pressing against her thigh. I felt her hand slide down between us, then her slim fingers were wrapping around my erection. She squeezed me gently, then began sliding her hand up and down. “You…you want me again, don’t you?” she murmured.

“You better believe it,” I groaned in response.

“Take me, then,” she said. “I…I need you, too.”

It was a request she didn’t have to make twice. I moved so I was sort of lying on top of her, trying to support as much of myself as I could to keep most of my weight off her. Then, as she guided my erection, I lowered my hips and felt her warmth and dampness engulfing me as my erection began to slide into her tight opening.

“Oh, yessssss!” she hissed. “Oh, God, yessss! Take me!”

I lowered my hips, pressing my erect organ as far into her as it would go and felt her hands grabbing my bottom. Fearful of putting too much weight on her, I lowered myself so my elbows were holding most of my bulk and began rocking my hips. The friction her surprisingly snug opening put on my erect penis as it slid in and out was amazing. I kept moving my hips and could feel hers rising, moving against me, seeking more of the pleasure that was cascading over both of us. Her grip on my bottom was tight and she was moving under me with surprising strength. I leaned down and pressed my lips against hers.

“Um-hmmm! Um-hmmm! Um-hmmm! Um-hmmm!” Terry grunted into my mouth, stabbing her tongue up to meet mine.

I was experiencing much different feelings than I had the other times Terry and I had sex. Both of us clearly needed each other desperately, but our prior encounters had been pure sexual events, animal-like couplings to assuage our sexual hunger. We had been fucking then; now we were making love. Where before I had experienced sharp, powerful, almost animalistic feelings, the sensations filling my body now, as it worked against Terry’s, were warmer, though no less wonderful. I was climbing the mountain of desire, heading for what I was positive would be a long, wonderful tumble into an abyss of ecstasy.

The sounds Terry was making were getting more and more urgent, and I could feel her fingers tightening on my bottom. Her feet were locked behind my legs and she was bucking up against me so hard she was lifting me off the bed. I lifted my mouth from hers, looked down into her lovely face, and saw it had been transformed into a mask of desire.

“Take me! Oh, God, please! Take me now!” she cried. “Now! Oh, please! Nowwwwwwwww! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Uh-huh! Uh-huh! Uh-huh! Uh-huh! Uh-huh! Uh-huh! Uh-huhhhhhhh!” Her body lifted, pressed tightly against mine, and literally began to vibrate. Those vibrations were transmitted to my erection, buried deep inside her, and drew me along with her.

“Oh, yeahhhhhhh!” I groaned as my insides began churning and I felt my searing fluids gushing out of my erection, buried deep inside her.

We remained locked together while our bodies finished wringing every bit of pleasure they could from being joined. When I was sure my body had given all it could, and my erection was beginning to soften, I slid it from Terry’s body and lowered myself on my side next to her.

She immediately rolled on her side facing me, put her arm around me, and gave me a gentle kiss. “Was this time different for you, too?” she asked.

“It was,” I told her. “Was…was it all right for you?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32