Another Toy Party

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I have taken a very long break from Lit and have really missed telling my adventures and ready other stories. I am very busy so most of my stories will be short or broken into segments and I hope that is okay.


It had been several years since the lingerie party that turned into an all night, all girl orgy and for some reason I began thinking and dreaming about it almost every night. At this time I did not have a girlfriend and was really needing some female company and loving.

I started frequenting an adult store across town and soon became friends with the woman who owned and operated the place. He name was Cindy, 38 years old and although she was a little on the large side, she was beautiful. I guess today she would be called a BBW but I don’t remember ever hearing that term used in the late 70’s.

I purchased a few toys, videos and lingerie from her and I finally got up the nerve to ask if she did private parties. She smiled at me and with a smirk on her face she asked, “Why hun, are you interested in throwing a party?”

I blushed and told her that I was considering it. I then told her about the other party we had and how it turned out and she smiled again and said that those are the best kind. I told her how I had been dreaming about it lately and that although I would love to host a party, I didn’t know many women that might attend one. She went in the back room and came out with a box of invitations and gave me a dozen.

“Here, send these out to some of your friends and you might be surprised who shows up.” she said. “Call me and let me know the date and time you choose and I will be there with lots of merchandise. If you don’t have much response from your friends, let me know and I will bring some of mine.”

I took the invitations, thanked her and turned around to leave. She quickly moved from behind the counter and met me at the door, spinning me around and pulling me to her and kissing me. I melted in her arms. It had been so long since I had kissed another woman and realized at this point just how much I missed it. “Call me when you are ready.” she whispered as she winked at me. I left there all bubbly and happy, knowing that I had just started something that I was going to enjoy.

I decided on a date for the party and sent out all of the invitations. Some to friends Anadolu Yakası Escort that I was sure would decline and then I sent one to one of the girls that attended the last party several years ago and that I hadn’t seen since. I knew she was still in town because she was a well known realtor and I would always see her advertisements and signs. I called Cindy and gave her the date and time and she said she would be there. She also told me to call her if she needed to bring any of her friends.

To my surprise, half of my friends that I sent invitations to called and said they would be there and so did the realtor. I told my husband that he would need to find some place to stay that night and he readily agreed. As the date got closer, I started getting nervous. I knew how I wanted the party to go but I was not sure about my friends that had accepted. I had no idea if they really knew what kind of party it was or how they would react if things progressed as I hoped they would. On Friday, the day of the party, I took off work and readied the house and purchased the refreshments. Around 5:00 I took a shower and got ready for my guest to arrive within the hour.

Right on time the door bell rang and several of the women were there. I let them in and hugged each one and thanked them for coming. Several had questions about the kind of party and I just smiled and told them they would have to find out. I also told them that if at anytime they felt uncomfortable, I wouldn’t mind at all if they decided to leave. The next one to arrive was Cindy and she was followed by a friend of hers who was helping to carry the cases of merchandise. Cindy introduced her to me as Carrie and asked if was alright if she stayed to help her. I told her of course it was okay and we all moved into the living room where Cindy and Carrie began setting up some displays. I kept expecting the realtor to show up but she never did and never called so Cindy began the party.

We were all having a good time looking at the lingerie that Cindy had and she even got quite a few orders. Then Cindy announced that she was going to change gears and brought out quite an extensive display of toys. Several of the women gasped and a few clapped, which actually surprised me. Cindy displayed dildos of all shapes, sizes and colors; Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan vibrators, clit stimulators, butt plugs and retraining devices. She asked each of us to take a closer look at her wares and feel free to examine any of them as closely as we wished. Trudy, the one friend that I thought would never attend a party like this, almost jumped out of her chair and went straight to an 18″ double dong that was pretty thick. She picked it up and held it in her hands and looked straight at me. “Somebody could have some real fun with this, don’t you think?” she said.

I was totally shocked. I would never have expected Trudy to act this way and certainly not talk this way. I have known her for several years and she always seemed like a very shy and straight laced woman. The others gathered around the table and looked but didn’t touch or comment on any of the toys. At this point Cindy offered to have Carried demonstrate any of the toys that the women were interested in which seemed to offend most of the others. Everyone but Trudy quickly made excuses and soon left. Trudy however was becoming very interested in other toys and asked Cindy for demonstrations.

Cindy looked at Carrie and nodded and without hesitation, Carrie began to undress right there in the living room. I hadn’t really paid much attention to her but as she undressed, I realized that she had a very firm and thin body. Her breast were large but firm and her tummy was flat. I did not see an ounce of fat on her. Her figure made me jealous and as she removed her thong I noticed that she was totally shaved.

Cindy instructed Carrie to sit in the overstuffed chair and then handed her a small vibrator that Trudy had shown interest in. She turned it on and began massaging her large nipples with it. They were already hard but getting harder as the vibrator moved across them. After a few minutes I could hear her moaning and as she spread her legs I noticed lots of wetness. She moved the vibe to her clit and held it there until she started moaning loudly and began shaking. As her orgasm hit her she stiffened and let out a scream. It was so hot watching her cum in front of us. She then reached down and spread her lips and inserted the vibe into her. It must have only been a test for wetness because she quickly Escort Anadolu Yakası removed it and asked Cindy for the next one.

Cindy handed her the double dong that Trudy had admired and she quickly inserted into her with ease. At least half of the thing disappeared inside her and she started drawing it back out, then in again. To my shock and amazement, Trudy jumped between Carrie’s legs, took the other end of the dildo in her mouth and started sucking it. Even more amazing to me was when she took it all deep in her throat and her nose was soon in contact with Carrie’s clit.

“Yessssss, suck my cock you slut” Carrie moaned as she reached down and grabbed Trudy’s head. Trudy was sucking cock like a pro and I was really shocked that the shy, prim mother of two that I always thought to be a prude was doing this. They both went wild and Trudy removed the fake cock from her mouth and literally attacked Carrie’s clit with her mouth and tongue as she grabbed the dildo and started fucking her hard with it.

Carrie was moaning and thrashing, begging Trudy not to stop and it appeared that she had no intention of stopping. Trudy was like a wild woman as she slammed the dildo deep and hard into Carrie’s pussy while biting, almost chewing on her clit. I noticed something move out of the corner of my eye and turned to see Cindy removing her clothes. Being a bigger woman certainly hid the fact that she was a very beautiful and sexy woman. Her huge tits were rather firm with very little sag, her tummy wasn’t flat but wasn’t flabby either and her pussy was as smooth as mine. When she finished undressing she took a large black dildo and moved to the couch and spread her legs. Taking the dildo in her right hand she used her left to open her pussy and in one thrust had the dildo completely lodged inside her. A feat that impressed me greatly because the dildo was at least a foot long and as thick as my wrist. She fucked herself hard and fast and in no time was shaking through her first orgasm.

I couldn’t stand anymore and I quickly undressed and crawled between Cindy’s legs, taking over the dildo action and started driving the toy hard and deep into her. “Fuck me, eat me” she begged. I lowered my face to her pussy and discovered a very large clit poking out above the dildo. Each time I pushed the toy into her it would expose more of it and this time as I slammed the dildo deep into her, I took her clit into my mouth and because to suck and nibble. This drove her wild and she came again, actually squirting some cum into my face. The sounds and smell of sex filled the room and I knew that this was going to be a fun night…….and it was.

To be continued…

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