Another Week on the Lake Ch. 06

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Author’s Note: This is a sequel to “A Week On The Lake” and “Snowed In.” A few of the characters in this story appear in the “Lucky Cable Guy” stories also. Readers of my previous stories will already be aware that sometimes my group sex scenes involve guys messing around with each other, “so if that doesn’t seem like your particular brand of vodka, help yourself to as much food as you like, and have a safe journey, no hard feelings. Otherwise, come with me.”

A Brief Refresher on the Cast of Characters

Not all of the characters listed will necessarily appear in this chapter, and I might have forgotten a few. It occurred to me as I was working on this chapter just how many people are at the Lake this summer, and that it might be getting crowded.

Jack’s Cabin:

Will – Our protagonist

Eva – Will’s girlfriend of one year

Jack – Will’s best friend. His family owns the cabin

Sophie – Jack’s long-time girlfriend, now fiancee

Maggie – Jack’s cousin by marriage

Dani and Kristen – Maggie’s friends


Next door neighbors

Mike and Tara

Josh and Liz


Marine Patrol

Barbara, “The Chief”

David – Barbara’s husband

Jodi – Marine patrol assistant

Brad – Jodi’s boyfriend


Characters from Lucky Cable Guy (this story takes place thirteen years after LCG)

Jason and Amber

Matt and Tina

Jack and Stacy

Trevor and Emma




Kaylee’s group

Kaylee and Connor (this takes place the summer before “Connor’s Senior Year”)

Jill and Tommy

Jess and Roger

Katrina and Tyler

* * * * *


It was past midnight when the Chief wrapped her legs around my ass and pulled me in, forcing my cock to bury itself in her pussy and mashing my chest against her tits. As we fucked, we were gradually joined by more and more people, Tina’s rules of partners and partner-switching having been fully abandoned. Not to say that there was not partner swapping going on. Over the next hour it was extremely rare to see any of the attending dedicated couples having sex with each other. The pace and urgency of the sex had slowed, and with it the tempo of the music, although the party was in no danger of coming to an end. We were in this for the long haul, communal lovers until the break of dawn. The guy-on-guy sex was no longer confined to the game room, but it was relatively rare with the slight advantage of female numbers among our group. I spent close to two hours fucking my way around the patio.

The Chief with her enormous brown boobs heaving cataclysmic with the motions of our fucking cried out as much to the stars above us as to me. Her commands were absolute, and the positions we adopted were by her design. She was confident in her authority as much here on this chaise lounge with my cock in her cunt as she was in the Marine Patrol office or out on the lake on duty. She pulled my head down between her tits, nearly suffocating me between the massive melons while she rode hard on my cock, taking it into her pussy to the hilt on every stroke. She ordered me to smack her luscious ass and pound her harder from behind. My cock surged hard and strong as I luxuriated in the sensations of her pulsing dripping pussy. She came on me, drenching my shaft and my balls and screaming into the night.

She dismissed me with a half-hearted wave of her hand and I turned to my left where Stacy simply thrust her ass back in my direction and rested her forearms on the railing of the deck. The tall brunette squeezed one of her own big tits with one hand and pulled her ass cheek to the side with her other, showing me her asshole and dripping wet pussy. My cock was shiny with Barbara’s cum, and I sank my entire length into Stacy’s pussy easily and reached forward to grab the breast that she wasn’t squeezing herself.

A few people had moved out into the yard, sucking and fucking on blankets and on the bare grass. Stacy and I fucked slowly while we watched. Sophie knelt in front of Trevor, sucking his monstrous black cock with a lot more skill and depth than I had managed. His girlfriend Emma lay on the ground with her face between Sophie’s legs, feasting on her pussy and howling into her from the sensations of David’s cock in her own pussy. The Chief’s husband had one hand on one of Emma’s huge boobs and the other reached around Sophie to grasp one of hers. Not far from their group, Melanie and Kaylee were both riding on Matt, Melanie on his cock and Kaylee on his face. Matt had both of his hands locked on Kaylee’s gorgeous tits as he moaned into her pussy from the pleasure of Melanie’s cunt on his cock. The Chief’s young assistant Jodi lay on her back in the grass while Kaylee’s boyfriend Connor fucked her pussy hard with his huge cock.

The Chief had risen from her resting place beside me and Stacy, and in her place Rachel rode hard on Jack’s cock. The other Jack was right beside him, bouncing Amber up and down on his own cock. Both Jacks had two big round tits in their face to lick and suck while they bounced.

Tina Casibom moved in next to Stacy, assuming the same position, and I pulled out of Stacy’s pussy and stuffed it into Tina instead. Tommy took my place fucking Stacy, and soon we were joined by Leanne, who extended the line with Jason fucking her. Jason pulled back on her blond hair and grabbed one of her amazing tits as she howled at him to fuck her harder. I turned to look beyond Leanne and Jason and finally saw Eva, gorgeous and naked and enthusiastically sucking Brad’s cock, while just behind her the Chief was helping Joe stuff his big cock into Jill’s tight pussy.

Tommy and I switched again, and he slapped his cock against mine as we passed before I plunged back into Stacy’s pussy and he into Tina’s.

“Give me that cock, Will!” Stacy cried. “Give it to me! Harder! HARDER!”

I grabbed her hips and drilled my cock into her juicing pussy, my hips smacking against her ass just one sound among many as every single person at the party sucked and fucked, offering up grunts and screams and shrieks and filthy talk to the starscape above us. Stacy’s pussy clenched hard on my cock, and she trembled against the railing as she came. “Oh fuck I’m fucking cumming again! Unnngh! FUUUUUCK!”

Stacy started to fall sideways into Tina, who was likewise shrieking with delight as Tommy’s cock drove her to orgasm. I gently pulled my cock from Stacy’s pussy and helped her to a chair where she could relax and collect herself. She looked up at me with her mouth hanging open as she rubbed her pussy and made herself cum again just as her initial orgasm from our fucking was fading. Jason and Leanne joined us, leaving Tina and Tommy alone at the railing still fucking hard. Jason guided his glistening cock into Stacy’s open mouth and Leanne leaned over to suck my cock clean of Stacy’s cum. When she was finished, she sat down in the chair next to Stacy and spread her legs, scooching her butt up to the edge of the cushion and looking up at me with fire in her green eyes. She cupped her left breast and pinched her nipple and rubbed the fingers of her other hand over her clit and the slick folds of her open pussy.

“Fuck me again, Will,” Leanne said. “Put that nice big cock in my pussy again!”

“This cock right here?” I teased, gripping my prick around the base and waving it in front of Leanne’s face. She smiled and leaned forward and licked my cock head and nodded up at me. “Suck it again,” I said. Perhaps it had something to do with her profession, but Leanne was an exceptionally talented cocksucker. I’d certainly seen more than one video that looked more or less exactly like what I was seeing now, a view from above while Leanne swallowed a cock, in this case mine. While Eva and even Sophie were enthusiastic in their deep-throating attempts, they never did it with this kind of relaxed ease. Leanne had her nose pressed up against my pubic bone and her tongue tickled my ball sack. She had my entire cock stuffed down her throat without so much as a single gag. Her eyes watered a little and there was a tear on each of her cheeks when she pulled back and sucked in air, leaving my cock thickly coated with her saliva.

“Fuck that was awesome,” I grunted.

“Put it in my pussy for a minute and then I’ll do it again,” she said.

I got down on my knees in front of her and she grabbed my cock and pressed it between her slick pussy lips and I pushed forward to bury my entire length in her cunt. We moaned together and the rapturous delight of Leanne’s squeezing pussy made my vision blur and caused the sounds of the orgy around us to fade out as if we were across the water alone on a boat rather than surrounded by twenty-odd other people in various configurations of fucking. It was difficult to gauge the passing of time with Leanne gyrating her hips and fucking my cock from her seated position, and it was hard for me to control myself, being immediately overcome with the urge to pound her supple body into the chair and cum as hard as I could into her cunt. But somehow in the back of my mind I remembered Leanne’s promise to swallow my cock again, and I forced myself to withdraw.

Leanne never got the chance, because as soon as I pulled my cock out of her pussy, cool fingers wrapped around the cum-covered shaft and long black hair obscured the view as someone else started sucking my cock.

“Fuck yeah, Emma,” Leanne said. “Taste my pussy on Will’s cock!”

Trevor’s busty girlfriend was a few years older than me, somewhere around thirty. She had almost exactly the same body shape as Eva. Her tits were just as big and round and firm, although her ass, plump and round as it was, wasn’t quite as big as Eva’s. Emma’s hair was a little darker, and a lot longer, and her olive skin tanned a much deeper bronze than my girlfriend. But differences aside, here was a woman whose physical build was totally irresistible to me, so irresistible in fact that she made me almost immediately forget about the leaner and younger Leanne.

Fortunately for Leanne, there was no shortage of cock to take my place as I led Emma over Casibom Giriş to an empty blanket in the yard where she resumed sucking my cock. I looked up from Emma’s hungry sucking briefly to see the other Jack, Matt and Tina’s Jack, stuffing his cock into Leanne’s pussy in my place.

Eva was just a few feet away now and I caught her gaze. She bit her lip and gave me the smoldering look of animal lust that I’d grown so familiar with over the last year. She was on her hands and knees on a blanket nearby, and Joe was fucking her hard from behind. Eva’s huge tits swung beneath her body and she grabbed and squeezed one of them as she stared at me.

Fuck her Eva mouthed, her eyes flicking down to the busty black-haired beauty who was still sucking my cock. Eva widened her eyes to reiterate the importance of her command. FUCK HER.

Emma seemed to be on the same page. “Are you going to let me ride this fucking cock?” she said, looking up at me with my cock resting against her cheek.

“Fuck yeah,” I said, quickly rolling down onto the blanket and holding my cock around the base, pointing it straight up in the air. I watched in awe as Emma’s pendulous tits swayed on her chest as she climbed up on top of me and aimed my cock into her opening. She dropped down and buried my prick inside her and gasped as her pussy squeezed my cock. I reached up to grab her tits, feeling their weight and the hardness of her nipples pressed against my palms. I could still see Eva if I looked just past Emma to the left; Joe had pulled her upper body up into the air and his hands grasped her tits in much the same way mine grasped Emma’s. I could see Joe’s long thick cock thrusting hard in and out of my girlfriend’s pussy and his big balls swinging between her legs.

Emma started to grind her hips down on me. I dropped my right hand from her huge boob and rubbed the pad of my thumb on her clit while she worked my cock deep in her pussy.

“Oh fuck that feels good!” Emma cried. “Oh fuck yes, make me fucking cum!”

I continued my work on her clit and let her control the movements of my cock in her pussy and in just a few minutes Emma was cumming hard. “Holy FUCK! YES! Oh fucking FUCK ME!”

I returned my hand to her breast and lifted and squeezed the two big melons, rubbing her nipples with my thumbs while she came all over my cock.

“Holy fuck you have amazing tits,” I groaned as her orgasm started to subside.

“Do you want to fuck them?” she said between ragged breaths. “Do you want to fuck my big fucking tits with this fat cock and cum all over them?”

“Oh fuck that sounds amazing,” I said.

I looked over and saw Eva grinning and she turned her head and offered a similar deal to Joe. “Fuck my tits and cover them with your cum!” she barked.

Emma rolled off of me while I was observing Eva, and now I gave her my full attention as she lay in front of me with her legs spread open, showing me her pussy and pressing her huge tits together on her chest. My cock glistened with a liberal coating of her cum, and I got up and dropped my knees down on either side of her torso. Emma dropped her tits, which fell to the side, a little bit further than Eva’s did in the same position. Now that there was room for my cock, I lay it down on the bare skin between her tits and she lifted them again, trapping my rod there and enveloping it in the soft embrace of her copious titflesh.

“Fuck my tits!” Emma and Eva said at exactly the same time. Joe and I traded smirks of comradery and began to move our cocks. “Yeah move that big beautiful cock,” Emma cooed. “Fuck my big fucking tits!”

My balls dragged along her skin as I pumped my slick cock in the hot constriction between her huge melons while Emma held them together and encouraged every thrust, taunting me to give her my cum. It had been about half an hour since my last orgasm, and I was finally approaching another one now that Emma was searing me with her lustful gaze and trying to crush my cock between her tits. A slow churning began deep in my balls and slowly waxed stronger as I fucked those glorious mountains of flesh.

“Oh fuck yeah that feels so fucking good!” I growled.

“Are you going to cum for me?” Emma responded. “Are you going to cum all over my tits?”

“Fuck yes I am! I’m so fucking close!”

“Do it!” she cried. “Cum for me! Cum! CUM!”

Emma’s screams were matched by similar cries from Eva as she coached Joe to an orgasm a few feet away. “Come on, Joe,” Eva wailed. “Paint my fucking tits with your cum!”

Joe exploded first, quickly pulling back and jacking his cock hard as he bellowed into the night and thick strands of cock cream started to shoot from his cock and splatter across my girlfriend’s wonderful tits. Eva held them together and squirmed on the blanket beneath him, helping to guide his ejaculations over a larger area of her tits. There was plenty of area available on those epic mammaries, and Joe was doing a fine job providing coverage.

My own orgasm finally cascaded over the edge and I mimicked Joe by pulling my cock back and stroking it just as the Casibom Yeni Giriş first hot jet of spunk exploded from the tip and splashed across Emma’s big left breast. Like Eva, she held her tits together and writhed her body as I aimed my cum-cannon and shot over and over again onto her tits. My balls churned with a slow ache beneath the pleasure as they emptied themselves again, and when the fog cleared and my cock stopped spurting, Emma’s tanned tits were streaked with creamy white ropes of cum.

“Jesus,” she gasped. “You cum almost as much as Jason!” Jason was well-known among our circle of lake friends for ejaculating enormous and frequent loads, a fact I’d encountered for the first time last year when I’d watched him spunk and enormous load all over Eva’s face in the living room at Jack’s cabin. My own cum-shots paled in comparison, except now that I was back at the lake. I’d lost track of how many orgasms I’d had since waking up with Eva at Hank and Donna’s cabin and fucking Katrina in the shower, but it seemed that every orgasm I’d had this week had been more powerful and plentiful than the one previous.

“Wow,” I said. “That was a little more than I expected. Fucking your tits is incredible!”

Emma grinned. “Eva, could you come over here and suck your boyfriend’s cum off of my tits? He made a huge fucking mess!”

Eva was there in seconds, her own wobbling tits streaked with Joe’s copious cock cream. Joe and I sat back on our heels on our separate blankets watching Eva and Emma writhe around sucking our cum off of each other’s tits and slowly stroking our cocks to keep them from going totally soft in our post-orgasmic rest period. Despite my preternatural cum-shot, my recovery time was starting to lag after so many orgasms. But the party wasn’t scheduled to end until the sun came up, and I had every intention of participating completely until it did.

I could taste my cum and Joe’s on Eva’s kiss when she tackled me to the blanket. Her tits were still wet with Emma’s spit when they pressed into my chest, and her dripping wet pussy slid up and down on the underside of my semi-stiff cock shaft.

“I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to cum again tonight, baby,” I said.

“We’ll see about that,” she said. “But even if you can’t I sure fucking can. As long as we can get you hard I can use your cock to get me off until the sun comes up.”

* * *

Not everybody remained conscious to see the sunrise. Emma and Joe, for example, had fallen asleep together on the other blanket shortly after they started to fuck, Emma lying on top of Joe’s body and his cock still lodged in her pussy as they snoozed. Eva and I left them to slumber in the yard and passed Jack, Sophie, Matt and Tina still going strong on the deck, swapping back and forth on two reclining deck chairs. Inside, Rachel and Leanne were spooned together sleeping on one of the sofas, but directly across from them Jason and the other Jack were sitting back and enjoying the sensations of Amber and Stacy riding their cocks. Jill, Tommy, Kaylee, and Connor slept naked on a blanket on the floor nearby. Kaylee slept with her face against Connor’s muscular chest and his huge cock in her hand. Between the sofas in the living room, Trevor was fucking the Chief from behind while Barbara howled onto her husband’s cock.

Eva led me through the sleeping and fucking bodies in the living room and toward the bedrooms. “Let’s find a bed,” she said. “These guys sleeping on the fucking floor are nuts!”

“I thought you were going to use my cock until the sun came up,” I said at her mention of sleep.

“Yeah, numbnuts,” she said. “On a bed.”

We passed two empty bedrooms before we came across one in which we saw Melanie riding Brad’s cock while Jodi sat on his face.

“You guys have room for two more?” Eva interrupted.

* * *

Eva did manage to use my cock to make herself cum several times, but she also got to use Brad’s. His cock was a little smaller than mine, but she had a good time slamming herself up and down on it anyway while Brad tried to keep his hands and sucking mouth on her tits. When they first invited us to join them, I simply stepped into the room with Eva and bent her over the foot of the bed and fucked her until she covered my cock with her cum while Melanie, Brad and Jodi continued as before. After that Melanie invited me to fuck her pussy, taking a matching position right next to Eva while Jodi slid down to take Brad’s cock in her cunt. Once Eva had recovered from her orgasm, I began to switch back and forth from fucking Melanie to fucking my girlfriend while all three of us watched Brad’s cock disappear over and over again into Jodi’s pussy.

Brad eventually flipped Jodi over and slam-fucked her into the mattress until his slender girlfriend was shrieking that she was cumming again, and when he pulled his iron-hard cum-covered prick out of her pussy Eva jumped at the opportunity to get a taste of both his cock and Jodi’s cum. She left me fucking Melanie at the foot of the bed and dove onto Brad’s cock. I grabbed Melanie’s big tits and squeezed them while I fucked her and she slammed her ass backward to meet my strokes, dramatically increasing the force with which my cock was penetrating her pussy, and soon Melanie was cumming hard, screaming into the comforter while her pussy squeezed and clenched on my cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32