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This story, as is all stories, isn’t written for everyone. If you enjoyed it, thank you very much and you’re welcome. If not, thank you for visiting.


Peggy and her husband Aaron and daughter Laura lived along the Appalachian hills. Their small town sat on the western side of two small peaks, almost all the way down. They were well off the main highway and didn’t get many visitors, which suited them well. The town was built on small bumps in the landscape where you had to walk up and down small rises to get around. Nobody minded. A lot of families didn’t have cell phones or cable tv. Local phone service and tv channels supplied all they wanted.

Aaron used to work logging in the tree farms about 35 to 40 miles away. It was a long drive both ways and after a couple of injuries he opted to work in the saw mill. It was just a few miles away and much safer and without the travel expenses about the same income. Once, when Aaron’s wife Peggy was at Pastor Jordan’s house he mentioned that Peggy should make Aaron some of those breathing masks to keep the saw dust out of his lungs. Not the kind that got hot around his face with his breath but a cooler one. He also mentioned she should make sure he wore it even if she had to go spy on him. She did.

Pastor Jordan’ small church didn’t have a denomination so that anyone in the community would be welcome. Pastor Jordan kept in touch with his flock and his wife Bonnie was of great help in that regard. She was wonderful at the social functions, large and small. She kept up with the list of attendees and their families. She was also very helpful and understanding when he needed to meet privately with a member of the church. On this particularly day she called Peggy.


“Hi, this is Bonnie. How are you? I hope everything is well.”

“Hi Bonnie. Everything is fine.”

“Great. I was wondering if you had time for Pastor Jordan sometimes this week. I need to pencil you in. If you need to delay just let me know when would be ok.”

“Oh, this week is fine, whenever is good for his schedule.”

“How about Wednesday, early afternoon, about 2:00 would be good.”

“Yes, that’s good.”

“Good. How’s Laura. How old is she now?”

“She turned 18 about 5 months ago.”

“Oh yes, now I remember. She’s growing up. They always do. Call me if you need to change anything. Thanks.”

“I will, bye.”

Peggy met with Pastor Jordan about 4 months ago. He helped Peggy with a problem and it was wonderful how much it helped. She wondered if it would be the same thing. When she was there Bonnie discussed Laura and how she should be guided in her struggle towards being an adult. She suggested Laura sit with her father when she could, in the evenings, and when that got to be normal she should sit on his lap until that got to be normal. It was important they develop a strong bond.

Peggy did as instructed and it went as suggested and Laura and her dad were comfortable with each other. Laura sat on her dad’s lap with her head on his chest while he read the paper. Laura was a small girl, just 4ft11-inches tall and weighed 96 pounds. She was quite beautiful with sandy hair and a wonderful figure. Her waist was slim and her breasts ample. She grew up with just a few friends, most being about her size which never seemed to bother her at all. She was a quiet person.

Bonnie called later and asked how it was going with Laura and Aaron. Peggy said they were good with each other. Bonnie suggested Laura should leave her pants off and Aaron might can wear lighter clothing in the evenings, maybe his pjs. It would draw them closer and mature Laura a little more in that regard. She said when that seemed normal she might suggest Laura pull her skirt from underneath so it settles around her. She would still be covered.

Bonnie said through these changes Laura would start to react more like an adult as she awakens and the bond with Aaron would grow even stronger. When Laura stopped wearing pants she was a little embarrassed but it didn’t last long. She didn’t think her dad noticed. Aaron was wearing his pjs in the evenings by then. When Laura started pulling her skirt from underneath her, Peggy started noticing Laura slowly shifting around on Aaron’s lap. She was quiet about it.

There was another noticeable difference. Aaron’s crossed ankles on his foot stool started pulling back and pushing forward a little bit, very slowly. She thought he may be subconsciously pushing his hips up for Laura. Peggy always had a sensuous moment every time she noted Laura pulling her skirt from under so she was bare on Aaron’s lap. Laura’s legs had been draped outside Aaron’s since she started sitting on his lap. Peggy was very pleased they were developing such a close bond. Laura could feel her dad’s presence between her thighs. It felt a little imposing but she enjoyed it.


Peggy arrived at Pastor Jordan’s home about 5 minutes til 2. She had on a button up blouse, outside her skirt, but it did hide bayan esmer escort bursa her midriff. Her pants were close to the shade of her skirt so they wouldn’t be noticed through the thin skirt. The skirt was very flowing, a little shorter than normal. It wasn’t tight below her waist. She wasn’t concerned with the Pastor but she didn’t want to be showy to his wife Bonnie. Of course it wouldn’t have been a problem for Bonnie.

Bonnie understood the relationships a Pastor has to have with his flock and where it took him sometimes and she was unconcerned. Peggy was shown into the den and in a few moments Pastor Jordan came in. He was wearing a black, light weight oversize pastor’s robe. As soon as Peggy saw the oversize pastor’s robe she flushed a little and her nose flared slightly. He sat and they talked for a little while.

Eventually he took her hand and they got up. Bonnie did too but moved into the corner of the den where it was darker. Pastor Jordan took Peggy towards a tall wide window that looked out across the lawn to the woods. The light coming in was very bright. Peggy couldn’t see Bonnie any more although Bonnie could see both of them clearly. Bonnie kept a small pair of binoculars on the side table next to her so she could watch very close.

At the window there was a tall counter cocktail type chair for Peggy to sit in. It was plush and had a back that tilted backwards allowing her to recline somewhat. The seat wasn’t all that deep and it had a ring around underneath the seat for her feet to rest on. Once she sat down Pastor Jordan wrapped his big dark robe around her and the chair and pressed it closed. Peggy was kind of expecting it and was why she dressed as she did. The Pastor seemed to be correct about these things and she considered herself in his care.

“How is your relationship with Aaron? Is it still passionate? Sometimes things slow down. We don’t want it to slow down too much.”

“It’s reasonably good for how long we’ve been married I guess. No real problems. It was much better last time and lasted for a long time.”

Pastor Jordan was in very close, between her knees which were out with her feet on the rung. There were no arms on the chair. He was bent over just a little with his hands around her waist. The positioning was very comfortable for both of them as they were quite relaxed without any strain.

“I think it would be a good idea to build your passion for him. Would that be ok?”

Peggy couldn’t talk. She was excited already and breathing higher and her nose was flaring again. She knew he could tell. She nodded at Pastor Jordan. He slipped his hands down to the bottom of her skirt and pulled it up until it slid behind her and up around her waist. She lifted and helped. He got her panties and slid them down and pulled back slightly so he could get them off her feet. He found one of her hands and deposited a condom in it and moved back in but left Peggy room and waited.

He explained to his wife Bonnie long ago that he always used a condom so his intimate flesh did not touch anyone else’s intimate flesh. Bonnie understood and was not concerned. Peggy was squeezing herself below her waist already while she got the condom out. She started to unroll it and stopped after it was out a little. She pinched the tip for a reservoir and reached down for Pastor Jordan’s penis. He was already very hard. Peggy was almost shaking with excitement. He wasn’t as fat around as Aaron but he was longer. She felt, like last time, that what happened inside his robe was church private.

She got it on and held the reservoir and rolled it down. It was nice and tight and wouldn’t come off in her. She pushed her middle out more and lay back fully on the reclining back so she was more accessible, fully committed to him. Pastor Jordan followed her over and reached his thumb and finger in her ridges and spread so her entrance was fully exposed. His penis found its way into his palm and moved between his thumb and finger into her vagina. He didn’t stop. He pressed until he was all the way in. Peggy was wet and he could tell by her scent she was quite ready for penetration.

Peggy uttered a passionate moan which Bonnie heard clearly and knew Jordan had begun administering to her, a member of his flock. She much enjoyed this part of her life and was shamelessly wet herself. She knew passion was a great gift and Jordan encouraged everyone to give freely. Once they had a visitor, a young pastor, just graduated. Jordan sent Bonnie to him that night and asked her to give him her best love. The next day she gave Jordan a grateful thank you but didn’t tell him how well the young pastor performed. She thought he was hung magnificently.

Bonnie could see the back of Jordan’s robe moving back and in. She watched through the binoculars transfixed and let her fingers linger on herself and occasional move down and up. Peggy kept her thighs loose so she didn’t restrict Jordan’s movements in and out. The first time she was a little bursa ucuz eskort afraid but this time she wanted all he was willing to give.

He was going at a medium pace so as to make it last and give her more passion to absorb. He mentioned that the last time. Pastor Jordan’s passion in Peggy worked wonders for her and Aaron. Peggy and Aaron couldn’t get enough of each other for a long time. It was going to happen again. Aaron had been more passionate lately because of Laura and it was going to be even better now.

Other than the robe, Pastor Jordan had a t-shirt on but that was all. Peggy could feel his bare thighs against hers with every thrust. He had his hands around her backside and was almost down fully against her. His kisses were ultra passionate with his tongue on hers. It had been about 20 minutes and Pastor Jordan was going a bit faster and pushing in harder. Peggy pushed herself out against him when he pushed hard in. She had the same instincts men had. She felt an orgasm coming. The last time they orgasmed together and she was trying for that now.

Bonnie saw Jordan have his orgasm. He suddenly stopped when he was against Peggy and pulled back and did it again. Peggy uttered a little high pitched sound and she knew she was having an orgasm as well. He always took a little time dismounting so it didn’t seem dismissive. Bonnie always put two small thin towels on a table beside the chair, one for Jordan and the other for his guest. He got one of the towels and started attending to Peggy.

“Peggy, that was very passionate of you. I was so glad to see you today. I was looking forward to your company. I think you’re going to have a lot of love with Aaron.”

“Yes. I think he’s more passionate too because of Laura. It’s a very good time for us. Thank you Jordan.”

“This may be an odd question from a pastor but do you and Aaron engage in oral when your passion is high?”

“Not yet. I don’t remember ever speaking to him about it.”

“If you would like to try it Bonnie and I would love to show you. Bonnie loves it and she drives me absolutely wild with passion when she does. She’s mastered the fullness of it and almost drains me of my seed. She can’t seem to stop. If you could teach Aaron I think it would give both of you a great deal of pleasure for years.”

“Would Bonnie mind?”

“Not at all. And if you don’t mind she likes to demonstrate how a man can give you oral since it doesn’t require a penis and she likes to monitor when you do your part with me in case she can help. It’s very intense and highly erotic but great fun. Think about it and give Bonnie a call if you would like to try it. It’s really just an instructional thing but since it’s so personal and passionate it may generate multiple orgasms and sometimes engaging in normal intercourse afterwards helps relieve left over sexual tensions and generate calmer satisfaction and all of it restores great passion levels. Even more so with Bonnie attending.”


By that time they were standing up and dressed properly like they were when they started. Pastor Jordan took her hand and they went to see Bonnie and have a small glass of wine. Bonnie seemed delighted just like she was the last time.

“Peggy, you look absolutely radiant. I’m very happy for you and Aaron.”

“Thank you. It does work and it is great for us.”

“I wanted to ask how Laura and Aaron are doing. Do they seem bonded more? I know Laura is only 18 but it’s better to know things beforehand rather than after.”

“Oh yes. Aaron is subconsciously pushing his hips up to her. She has to feel it and her legs are on the outside of his. I guess it’s a normal reaction for both of them.”

“It is. It comes from the mind. Most of the time it’s a mutual effort to satisfy their sexual desires they’ve been so graciously provided. It’s within us all.”

“It’s wonderful to watch, particularly Laura.”

“You might get Aaron a couple of pairs of very loose boxer shorts. They won’t be that restrictive and ask him to start wearing them in the evenings for Laura and she might like to start wearing just a short thin gown. If they have intimate contact it’ll be thrilling for both of them and their clothes won’t be restrictive. If their bond develops further you and Aaron might think about seeing if she might like to spend the night with you. However, being in bed offers opportunities so you should think about that.”

“I already have. Watching them bond they both seem happy with it. I wouldn’t want to interfere.”

“Well, I can certainly say how thrilling it is to see those you love giving themselves so intimately to each other and how it drives your own passion. While you’re here let me ask if Laura could come and spend the night. We can give her some personal time and it’ll give you and Aaron some privacy. Jordan and I sleep in the nude and since Laura hasn’t worn pants for a while I think she would be comfortable around us and it would give her a chance to gain bursa anal yapan escort knowledge of how Aaron is below his waist and what she and Aaron can do together.”


Peggy dropped Laura off before lunch the next day. Bonnie and Jordan came out to greet her and help with her overnight bag.

“Hi Laura, nice to see you again and thanks for accepting our invitation. Bonnie and I are looking forward to you being with us.”

“Yes we are and you look very lovely. I bet some of the boys are starting to notice you. You resemble your mother more and more each day.”

Laura was smiling but didn’t speak. She was comfortable with Bonnie and Pastor Jordan but she was normally a little shy.

“Thank you Peggy. Would you like to stay a while and visit? We’re fairly loose this afternoon.”

“No thanks. I have some shopping to do. Have fun Laura.”

“Ok mom.”

Peggy drove down the drive glancing back at the three of them waving. She was so pleased Laura was becoming an adult so gracefully. She wasn’t sure what Bonnie and Jordan had in mind but she knew it would be good for Laura. Her mind turned to Aaron and the night’s activities.

Bonnie and Jordan and Laura spent the afternoon cutting roses for the church and playing lawn tennis and some bird watching. The nights were starting to get a little cool so they went in and started to settle down for dinner and the evening. After dinner Jordan slipped off for a shower and Laura and Bonnie finished up the dishes and put everything away.

“Laura, Jordan usually wears a loose pair of boxers and a top in the evenings and I usually wear a thin short gown with nothing on underneath. We can wear our daytime clothes if you want.”

“That’s ok. I see dad in his boxers all the time. He comes to the kitchen and gets a cup of coffee for when he’s getting dressed.”

“Ok. Sometimes Jordan and I use the evenings in the den to excite ourselves before bed. Foreplay. He likes me to sit on his lap.”

“I wish mom and dad would do that so I could watch. I sit on dad’s lap sometimes. In the evening before bed.”

“Really. That’s wonderful. Sometimes Jordan gets so excited I can feel him underneath me. It makes me want to open my legs. As long as it’s private at home it isn’t unladylike.”

“I don’t wear pants with dad anymore. I can feel him like that.”

“Wonderful. Do you get excited too?”

“Almost all the time. Dad pushes up at me. Not that hard. I don’t think he knows he does it. I pull my skirt from under me so I can feel him more. I like that feeling.”

“Oh, I could do that with Jordan. He would be thrilled. I have a light weight short gown you can wear if you want. There isn’t any pants that goes with it. I mean if you would like to sit on Jordan’s lap. I’m sure you would feel him, especially if he happens to grow and pop out of his boxers.”

“Can I, you don’t mind? I would love to do that. I keep my legs outside dads so I can feel him.”

“You can do that with Jordan. I don’t mind at all and personal comfort and passion absorption is one of the things Jordan does for members of the church. I help him when I can. If he gets excited with you on his lap he’ll be just as excited when we’re in bed. If you two happen to have intimate contact because we’re all nude it’s normal and natural. I don’t mind, and it’s so satisfying. Laura, I don’t mind saying all this to you because you’re a more mature young lady and I know it will remain private with not a word to anyone outside this house. Jordan and I trust you very much.”

“I understand. It won’t be a problem.”

“Thanks. Let me get the gown and you can take a shower before we settle down in the den. Maybe you could sit on Jordan’s lap and get started while I shower.”

Laura was showered and dried thoroughly and in her gown and in the den before Jordan or Bonnie returned. The gown was nice and fit perfectly and went down to the middle of her thighs. In a few minutes Jordan came in. After getting some music going he settled down in his big lounge chair and tilted it back.

“Bonnie mentioned you love to sit on your dad’s lap and might like to sit on mine. It’s one of my most favorite things to do. You’re wonderfully attractive in your gown.”

“Thanks. I thought I should say I usually put my legs on the outside of his. Would that be ok? I can keep them closed if you want.”

“Legs out is fine, it’s a natural instinct. Sometimes Bonnie does that and I can move my knees out and open her legs more so I can tease her. She likes it when I do that. Maybe we can try it and see how we like it.”

Laura easily climbed on his lap and opened her legs so they were outside his. She levered herself up slightly and pulled her gown from under her and let it settled down.

“I always pull my skirt from underneath me with dad. He likes it.”

“I like it too. Thank you. Would you like to watch tv or listen to the music?”

“The music is fine.”

Jordan opened his legs just slightly. Not enough to be obviously spreading hers. His penis needed to get out of being trapped where it was. Laura could feel him at the very bottom of her crotch.

“That feels thrilling, so nice. May I slip my hands around your waist? I love to do that with Bonnie. I can move her back a little or forward a little so I can find out what she likes best so I can please her more.”

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