Areas Unknown

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Cindy Marsh arrived at a plain white building at six on a sun bright morning. Six on the dot. She wore a plain purple tee, denim jeans, a small cream purse and sandals as she rolled her suitcase behind her. She was told that she could dress however she wanted and could bring as many clothes as she would need for six months. That’s is how long the experiment would be, six months.

It kind of made her nervous thinking about it, but she did sign up for it. Not only out of curiosity, but for the sheer interest of meeting the one in charge of the experiment. A neon blue sign stared back at her on the right side of the door. It read E.T Lab Works.

Running her fingers through her silken blonde hair she paused to think if she really wanted to go through with this. Cindy had first heard of the experiment from her friend Darla Stewart. Darla was a very sexual person who had been selected to join in on this special project.

All that was required was that she brought enough clothing for six months and her time. Darla came back completely relaxed and nearly catatonic from what she called the best thing she ever had in her life. She practically shoved Cindy at the opportunity to sign up. It was after all a sex experiment and Cindy hadn’t been active in over year.

Cindy did miss the touch of a man, but she was okay with biding her time until the right one came along. The sex part wasn’t what drew her in, it was the two men running the labs. They weren’t technically men, they were aliens, extraterrestrials.

At first this seemed like a joke to Cindy who had heard rumors from several crackpots about aliens beaming down, showing up in corn fields, abducting news reporters, probing the weak minded humans for information. All the usual crap.

Darla may have been a little explicit, but she never lied to Cindy. Even when she did something crappy like stealing a guy Cindy liked in high school or flirting with her new boss, she admitted to all. Cindy admired the fact that Darla could be so open and honest about her wrong doings, and it’s what kept them from falling out as friends over the years.

But when Darla said that there were two aliens working on a super special sex project downtown, something that only those who were selected from the online registry knew about, it seemed like a lie.

The registry was like any online registration form, a doctor form basically, age, height, weight, allergies, and so on. There was also a list of sexual experiences that they had endured, if she worked, if she was single, if she ever caught an std…it was extensive.

A week after Cindy registered she was sent an email from She had been accepted as a test subject and was expected to report to their lab in four weeks. Darla informed her green eyed friend that she was much delighted to work with Dr. Haze, and was hoping Cindy had got him too. But of course it would be a fifty fifty chance that she did, a flip of the coin.

But Cindy had gotten the email from the other doctor working the lab, a Dr. Spence Cary. Why would an alien go by the name Spence Cary? It didn’t seem like an alien name, or a name an alien would willingly choose. But none of that mattered now, she was already on her way inside the bleached building.

The inside was just as white. It was sort of plain to look at, white paten leather couches sitting in the center of the room opposite of one another. Down the small space between the two couches was a glass coffee table with a small potted plant sitting in the center. The plant was yellow, the only speck of color throughout the room. Everything else was either snow white or transparent.

In front of the was a desk where one person sat, a woman. She was pale with hazel eyes, black choppy hair, wearing a clean eggshell colored peplum dress and thick white rimmed glasses. The entire room was void of any other presence besides Cindy and the receptionist.

“Oh, are you here for an appointment?” The woman looked up, smiling. Was she an alien too? Or was this all an elaborate hoax? Cindy rubbed her arm hard just to make sure she was still here.

“Um yes, I have an appointment with Dr. Spence Cary. My name is-

“Cindy Marsh.” The receptionist nodded as if on command “You are his only appointment until the experiment is over. He doesn’t get many patients…or willing participants. Not as much as Dr. Haze, he’s highly favored.”

Cindy just blinked at the woman, unsure of what to say.

“Alright, I will need identification, a driver’s license will do.” Cindy dug into her bag, pulling out her Id and handing it straight over to the receptionist, her name tag read Sadie.

Sadie placed the id in a scanner that was next to her computer mouse, ran it through watching the green lights pop up verifying Cindy was who she said she was. Then there was the typing. ClickClickClickClickClickClickClickClick…Click. Sadie handed Cindy her id back and moved her mouse a few times before looking up at her.

“You are good to go. Everything türbanlı escort is in order, you can leave your bag down here, someone will take care of it’s contents for you.”

“Um, okay.” Cindy hesitantly leaned her roll on against the front of the desk.

“Take elevator A to your left, press the number 2. Floor 2 belongs to Dr. Cary, floor 3 belongs to Dr. Haze, floor 1 is where all the data is sent and typed, printed, written out. And here is the basement floor. I’m telling you this specifically so that you know which floor is which and which you are required to be on.”

Cindy nodded, it didn’t seem that hard to understand how to count from 1 to 2 to 3 and back down again.

“Elevator B takes you directly up to the office. But for now we wish for you to get settled, understand how and where you’ll be staying, where the office and bathrooms are, where you can go and where you can’t. Elevator A will take you up to your private room where you’ll be staying in during your stay here.”

“So I just go up and…do what exactly?” Cindy asked.

“Oh, you wait for the doctor to arrive.”

“Not the nurse?”

“We have no nurses here Miss Marsh.” Sadie smiled “Everything beyond this point will be in the hands of Dr. Cary. He’s usually very punctual.”

Cindy was still unsure about this whole thing, was he a doctor or a scientist? An alien or a pretender? The only thing alien seemed to be the whiteout that she and Sadie were standing in.

“He’s a very respectable man, very nice. There’s nothing to be afraid of, I assure you.” Sadie gave a chesire wide grin to comfort her, but Cindy wasn’t buying it.

Unless Sadie had gone through with the lab then her assurances were as good as shit. But Cindy came here of her own free will, from a tip from her best friend who was trustworthy. Cindy gave a curt nod and headed towards elevator A.

It opened in ten seconds, inside was not white. It was a silvery steel that reflected Cindy’s visage. She did as Sadie instructed once inside and pressed the number 2 button. Once she felt herself arrived, Cindy rubbed her arm again.

The doors parted and all the white and silver evaporated in an instance. The walls were a gentle mint with pale pink flowers lining the walls as a border, the floor was a glossy cedar. The bed was a king size gold and cream canopy, beside it was a small end table with a pulsating orb. The orb, Cindy guessed, was supposed to be some type of lamp.

There was a desk in the left hand corner, a small brown sofa in the right without a back, there was a door near the bed to the left for the bathroom, a door in the center of the wall across from the bed seemed to lead outside to a balcony. Then there was a door to the right behind the bed on the right side of the wall which was a large scale closet, much larger than what Cindy was used too. And there was a forth door on the right side a few feet away from the closet.

Cindy didn’t go through that door, knowing that it probably lead to somewhere she wasn’t familiar she waited. Sitting on the bed, Egyptian cotton? This was over the top for an experiment, but it didn’t hurt that it was there for her comfort. She had explored the entire room, now the only thing that she needed to see was Dr. Cary. The alien.

It took a total of two minutes for Cindy to look around the entire room. Another three when a knock came from the unexplored door. Someone was coming in, the knob turned and Cindy’s anticipation set in.

Someone came in. He wasn’t green, or short, had black eyes, or antennas on his head. He was blue for starters. A sky blue, his hair was a chestnut brown, his eyes were amber, slender nose, handsome features overall, six feet tall and that is all she could make of this alien. He wore a long white lab coat, underneath was a white shirt, beige slacks, and brown dress shoes. He was holding a clipboard in his hand.

“Miss Marsh.” The alien extended his hand towards her. What was this? Cindy took his hand, it was cool. He squeezed her hand shaking it “It’s a pleasure to meet you, I am one of the two people who are conducting this experiment. My name is Spence Cary, you may call me doctor, Dr. Cary, Dr. Spence, whatever you’re comfortable with.”

Cindy nodded “It’s nice meeting you too.”

After releasing hands he looked at the clipboard “Do you realize what this experiment is?”

“It’s about sex basically.”

Spence nodded and murmured “Basically.”

“May I ask what you’re trying to find or see in this experiment?” Cindy asked. Spence looked directly into her eyes.

“The way humans feel when aroused, stimulated, compared to our people’s sexual behaviors, interests. We’ll be testing that during the six months to come.”

“How exactly? The website didn’t go into great detail.”

“By using tools, objects, using our bodies-

“So you’ll be-

“Yes.” Dr. Spence nodded “I will be your partner in these sexual explorations. There will be tests istanbul escort done vaginally, anally, orally, as well as stimuli to certain parts of your body. I will be recording our sessions. There is also a camera in the corner of the room.”

Cindy carefully looked up to see a spy camera in the top right corner of the room glaring down at her.

“If you wish to masturbate there are devices in the drawer of the end table. You’re not required to, this is after all a study as well as an experiment. Majority of the tests will take place in the office, some will take place here. For now that’s all that you need to know. Do you have any questions before we begin?”

Um yeah. Cindy stared at him “Are you really an alien?” Spence blinked at her question and then laughed a little.


“You look pretty normal to me.”

“Besides the blue skin?” Spence grinned “I know everyone thinks aliens are these mini creatures with antennas and bug eyes with probes, but we’re not. We have similarities with humans.”


“You’ll understand later. But before we get started.” Spence sat on the side of the bed “I should offer some details of my life to you since that’s what I requested, just to ease us into the process.”

“Sure.” Cindy scooted over to give him more room to sit, and a small space between them.

“I came here in a ship, not like the ones you see on tv. They aren’t these small compacted disks with a dome on top. They are large spheres, that are used as humans use planes. Myself and my colleague were sent here to learn about humans and their ways at an early age.”

“So you grew up as human?” Cindy questioned.

“Yes, under our foster parents care. Our real parents passed long before then. Dr. Haze usually takes the ship back to report our findings every six months to a year so we can understand humans better. We learned all we could, the exception of learning everything came when it came to sex.”

“We weren’t really sure about how or why your people did certain acts, the arousal, the lewd comments some make which is why we set up with experiment. Testing several humans to see their responses, test their endurance, stamina, preferences.”

“When you say human do you men too?” Cindy raised an eyebrow.

“Dr. Haze has tested both genders, male and female. I prefer to test only females, being that that is my preference and that is his.” Dr. Spence pulled up his clipboard again.

“First things first, please follow me.” The blue doctor stood up and opened a door revealing a white hallway. Cindy realized at that time her nerves had gone, so she stood up and followed him into the bright luminated hallway.

Spence walked a few feet and then turns to the right, Cindy followed him down that hall until a gray door appeared. Spence held it opened the door using an eye scanner, once confirmed the door unlocked and they both walked into a room with wooden floors and a yellow wall. The color reminded Cindy of a banana, in the center was cushioned bench. There were cabinets, a sink, and another door.

“First you’ll remove all of your clothing and step into the shower.” The doctor pointed at the door “Once you’ve dried off, you may sit on the bench so that we can begin.”

“Alright..” Cindy turned the handle on the door, closing it behind her. It was a small shower stall and next to it was a…alien dryer? Cindy stepped closer to the beam of light coming from the ceiling above, the warm air blew her hair back. It was dryer.

Cindy began to take off her shirt first, then her pants, next came her sandals, her purse which she lined up on a small shelf against the wall. Her bra and underwear went next. There was no soap or cloth, so she just step under the shower head.

The water fell down, warm, and scented. The water smelled like lavender, it was a nice fragrance, better than lemon or lime in Cindy’s opinion. She let it fall over her body up until the moment it cut off. She then went to the dryer, a beam of light in the ceiling. She was really interested in how the doctor had this rigged. Alien tech? No it’s possible that it as just something new, not necessarily alien ware.

Once she was dry to walked over to the door a bit nervous. Despite knowing so much she was about to walk out in front of a stranger and let him do who knows what in the name of science. But it also sort of excited her to see what would happen. So she drudge up the courage and walked out.

Dr. Spence was there watching her as she did, he said nothing, emoted nothing, he just watched as she got up on the bench, sitting, facing towards him.

“Good. Now what I’ll do is feel for measurement, starting with your breasts, then your areolas, down to your stomach. After I will test the depths of your orifices, the vaginal, the urethra, areolas and the rectum using tendrils.”


Spence held one blue finger up and a small rope like tentacle sprouted out. “I can extend it’s reach, I can use more tesettürlü escort than one as well. So during this examination please feel free to say or make any noise you feel comfortable with.”

Cindy paused for a second “You’re going in my urethra?” That sounded painful, not pleasant.

Spence nodded “To measure it’s depth. I’ll be gentle when inserting the tendril.”

Cindy shifted a bit on the bench “And how can they go into my nipples?”

“Through miniscule openings, it will feel a bit awkward. But again this is just the examination. Shall we begin?”


Spence stepped closer towards here, and used on hand to hold her right breast in his hand “On the form it says you are a C in cup size, well balanced.” Cindy felt weird that he gave her a compliment on how balanced her breast was.

He then used his other hand to hold her other breast. Soon he began moving them up and down, to where they rubbed beside one another. That did feel nice, Cindy thought, but she tried to keep herself calm. He rolled his thumbs only her nipples pressing down on them, Cindy felt herself twitch.

“Very sensitive.” He mumbled and placed her puff pink nipples between his thumb and index fingers, rolling them. Cindy felt her face become hot, it felt really good to be touched in such a long time, even if this was just an examination.

Spence stepped back and he held up his hands, a tendril from his right and left forefinger darted out like very thing earthworms, they moved forward until they were poking at the center of Cindy’s nipples, she held her thighs close together, her nerves eating at her again.

At first they poked, really hard at her nipples. It was sort of a stinging feeling until she felt them go in, Cindy shuddered a bit, as they wiggled inside her nipples. They started to push inside her flesh, slowly, pumping in and out of a small cavity. It felt odd…but she was warming up to it, nipple sex.

This was a new concept to her especially when she felt something warm started to pool inside her chest. After a few minutes, Dr. Spence removed his tendril invaders and that is when the warmth sprung wildly from her nipples, she was lactating. Once her nipples had settled she saw the doctor grab his clipboard again.

“You’ve had anal sex before.” He said looking over the paper.

“Um two times, yes I have.” Cindy breathed.

“Next I would like you lay on your stomach, buttocks up to me.” Spence said. Cindy quietly laid on her stomach and did as he said, it was a bit embarrassing. But he couldn’t see that on her face, at least.

She felt him grab her ass, gently rotating her cheeks, before something small poked inside her anus cavity. Cindy shook a little as it inch it’s way inside her.

“Just relax.” The doctor soothed, the tendril stretched as far as it could go before hitting a wall, once it did it was slowly taken out. “Good, you can turn over, but stay laying down.”

Cindy laid on her back this time. “Knees up.” The doctor commanded. She raised her legs up, bending her knees. The doctor pushed her legs apart to see where he was examining next.

“Now for the vaginal examination I will only go until I hit the cervix, then I will examine your urethra.”

“Okay.” Cindy said in a quiet voice.

“Just relax, Miss Marsh. I know this may seem strange and awkward, but I’m not here to judge or embarrass you. Everything you’re feeling is totally natural. Do you think you’ll be okay to finish the rest of the exam?”

Cindy gave a light nod at him. The doctor then produced the a tendril on his right index finger, it went quietly inside her vagina, squirming a bit, touching against her walls sometimes. She could feel herself become wet from the feeling as it sank into her ocean, and then it hit another level, one that it was not ready to explore yet.

Finally she felt it withdraw from her. Now she felt the small slick tentacle poke at her urethra, a forbidden hole. It gave her a small burning sensation when it started entering her. Her first instinct was to close her legs tightly, all these new feelings were overwhelming.

But it stayed straight on course, wiggling it’s ways into her bladder which caused her to press her thighs together. The burning was still there, but it wasn’t all bad as it had felt before. Soon the tendril was withdrawn and Cindy sat up. There was a small puddle on the bench that made her look away from the doctor.

Dr. Spence was already writing something on his clipboard again before looking back at her. “There’s nothing to be ashamed of, the body responds the way it wants to respond. Overall I think this was a promising start.”

Cindy was reluctant to look him in the eye, but she did “Dr. Spence…can I ask how many participants you’ve had?”

“Before you, six.”

“Six?” Cindy’s eyes shot open, this wasn’t a brand new experiment, according to Darla it was going on for years.

Spence laughed nervously rubbing the back of his head “Yes, I’m what you’d call picky. My colleague has had over thirty participants, we started this experiment off with a time of three months, then four, and so on.”

“Majority of his participants are overtly experienced, I take the few who are experienced, but not fully committed to sex alone. Who have distinct-

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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