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Chapter 1

It was a long and tiring drive to Philadelphia. Normally, I can drive straight through from Rochester to Philly in about six hours, if the roads are clear and the weather is good. The roads weren’t clear and the weather wasn’t good, so it took us upwards of nine hours. Jackie and the baby slept almost the entire time, which was good in that Timmy wasn’t crying and fidgeting, and bad in that I didn’t have anybody to spell me. Timmy’s only seventeen months old but has the lungs of a teenager, so I figured it was a wash.

It was just after dinner when we pulled into the driveway at Jackie’s parent’s place in Chestnut Hill. Jackie grabbed Jimmy and I grabbed the baby’s gear, and we were greeted at the door by Jackie’s mom and Jackie’s sister Suzanne, each of which was carrying a little one themselves. Mom was carrying Suze’s three-year-old Justin on her hip and Suze was burping her youngest, Samantha, over her shoulder. It was a pretty spirited greeting, especially once Timmy decided to get in on the act, so Suze’s husband Tony helped me bring in our luggage while the women went about swapping babies around and cooing over them.

It was the start of a big vacation for us four adults. Tony and Suzanne are teachers in Suffolk County on Long Island, and had managed to arrange a timeshare condo in Aruba for a week. It supposedly was a two bedroom condo, so we would each have a bedroom of our own. Suzanne’s and Jackie’s parents had agreed to baby-sit the kids for the week, and their dad was going to drive us to the airport in the morning. This was the first real vacation any of us had had in several years, certainly the first without any children along, and I think we were all starting to get a little stir crazy in anticipation.

I know it was Jackie’s and my first break in several years, since our honeymoon. We had met when we were both in college in Philadelphia, me working on my MBA at Wharton and Jackie getting her nursing degree at Temple. We had met when I ended up in her emergency room after breaking my foot playing Frisbee. We had dated for the next couple of years until we both graduated, then got married and moved to Rochester. I had a pretty nice job with Eastman Kodak and Jackie worked at Strong Memorial in the pediatrics department. Timmy had come along about two years later, and now Jackie was pregnant again, although she was only about six weeks along. Now I was 29 and she was 25, and neither of us had had a real break in at least four years.

I’m an up-and-coming executive at Kodak, and look like, well, an up-and-coming executive. That is to say, I’m a bit over six foot tall, slim but with broad shoulders, and dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. I suppose you could say I’m handsome, but since my tastes don’t run towards guys, I really don’t pay any attention to my looks. Jackie, on the other hand, is what I consider a stone fox! She’s maybe five-foot-four and 115 pounds, all of which are wrapped around the nicest frame imaginable. Slim waist, wide hips, very nice legs, and the biggest damn set of jugs you can imagine. Top it off with wavy dark brown hair that goes several inches below her shoulders, hazel eyes, and a heart-shaped face, and you get a very nice package indeed.

I gathered it had been almost as long for Tony and Suze as well. They hadn’t had a vacation since their honeymoon either, which was the same summer Jackie and I had been married. They’re in between us in age, at 27 and 28, respectively. Suzanne looks similar to Jackie, but taller and with a more muscular build and chestnut colored hair. Tony, on the other hand, is built like a fire plug. Only five-seven, he’s actually an inch shorter than his wife, but he’s got a barrel chest and arms that look like he could bench press a small Buick. Both he and Suzanne are gym teachers, and they look the part.

In some ways I was surprised that Jackie would consider taking a vacation without Timmy. She was a very worried and protective mother, so much so that I commented on it to a buddy of mine at the office. He had several children, and he had laughed at my worries. His comment was, “The first one, they can never leave alone for an instant. The second one, they relax a hell of a lot more. By the third one, it’s like ‘Let ’em rot. They’ll be just fine!'” I wasn’t too sure about this, but I knew that Timmy didn’t need to be joined at Jackie’s hip for the rest of his life.

We were living in an apartment at the time, a nice two bedroom unit, while we saved up our dough to buy a house. Jackie really loved it, since she’s a real people person and quickly became one of the critical nodes in the Gossip Grapevine. We were on the second floor and down below us lived Maria Fuentes, a divorced woman about ten years older than Jackie with twin boys. I came home one evening to find the two of them chatting away on our balcony, Timmy asleep in his little reclining seat, watching the two older boys play outside on the lawn. I greeted them and looked in casino şirketleri on Timmy, then kissed my wife hello.

Maria surprised Jackie by saying that the two of us should take a night off and go out, and leave Timmy with her as the babysitter. Jackie protested that she couldn’t do this, but Maria insisted, and I joined in, figuring that a night away from the baby would be good for her. Don’t get me wrong, I love my son with all my heart, but that doesn’t mean we have to be with him 24 hours a day! Jackie kept coming up with idiot excuses until I put my foot down. “Yes! Next Friday! We’re going out!” Timmy woke up at this and started crying, but I stood firm, and Jackie gave in to keep from making too big a scene.

Maria was very approving of this; I had noticed her leaving her boys with a sitter on occasion and going out on dates. That Friday I came home to find her and her sons in the living room, with Jackie trying in vain to come up with a reason she couldn’t leave her baby. I simply waved and slipped into the bedroom, where I changed my shirt and put my tie and jacket back on. Returning to the living room, I grabbed Jackie by the shoulders and propelled her to the bedroom with the orders, “Get dressed, we’re going out!” Maria laughed and I played with Timmy while Jackie showered and changed. I also told Maria my plans.

Motherhood had cast a decidedly conservative look on my young wife; she had dressed positively matronly. She was wearing a calf length dress with a sweater, white stockings, and loafers. It was an outfit to visit your priest in, not to go out on a date, which is what I told her this was. I could tell that shock treatment was needed. She hovered over the baby for the longest time, telling Maria where every bloody thing he could conceivably need was, along with writing down phone numbers for his doctor, the hospitals, and my cell phone, all the while promising that she would check in every half an hour.

Finally, I had enough. I came up behind my wife and grabbed her shoulders, spinning her to face me. Before she could complain, I bent down and wrapped my arms around her waist, then stood up straight and threw her over my shoulder. Jackie was kicking and punching me in the back and screaming bloody murder, but I kept hold of her. I said good-bye to a laughing Maria (her boys thought this was absolutely hysterical and wanted me to carry them the same way) and carried Jackie out of the apartment. I didn’t put her down until we got to my car.

Jackie tried to punch me some more, but I simply opened her door and said, “Get in the car.”

“And if I don’t?” she asked in a threatening tone.

I shrugged. “Fine by me. I’ll simply strap you to the roof and tell people it’s hunting season. Come on, get in.”

She smiled at the thought that I might just do that and climbed into the front seat. I got in and we drove out of the parking lot. A few minutes later she reached for my cell phone, saying, “I’d better call Maria and see if Timmy’s all right.”

Taking the phone away from her, I tossed it in the back seat. “Timmy is just fine. You only left him five minutes ago. He’s probably sleeping already. Now just calm down and chill, honey. You’re only making yourself nervous.”

Jackie grumped a bit, but looked at me curiously as I pulled into a nearby mall, Greece Ridge Center. There wasn’t a good restaurant here, just the usual Food Court. “Where are you going?” she asked

“Listen, babe, don’t take this the wrong way, but you’re a mother, not a grandmother. I want to go out on a date with my beautiful, sexy wife, not Mother Hubbard. We’re going to go buy you a sexy outfit first.” Since she had lost all the weight she had gained during her pregnancy, there was no reason she couldn’t go back to dressing like she had before the baby was born, at least if only for me. She had always worn revealing clothes before, knowing just how much they turned me on.

“What’s wrong with what I have on now?” she demanded.

“Nothing at all. It’s simply not what you used to wear when we were going out on a date, or even after we got married, before Timmy was born. Like I said, you’re beautiful and sexy. Why shouldn’t you dress nice for me, even if just once in a while? Is that asking too much?”

Jackie was only partially modified by my description of her as beautiful and sexy. After parking, I escorted her inside with my arm around her waist. “Exactly what did you have in mind, mister?” she asked suspiciously.

“Well, since this is the first time I’ve had you out in about six months, I was figuring a nice dinner with a bottle of wine or two. Afterwards, we’ll go out to a club for dancing and drinks, and you’re probably going to have a few drinks too many. Then, on the way home, very late, mind you, I’m going to take you parking. We’re going to get in the back seat and I’m going to unzip my pants and I’m going to pull your skirt up and I’m going to fuck the living hell out of you. casino firmaları Now, how does that sound?”

At this announcement, made so matter-of-factly, Jackie stopped in mid-stride and stared at me. “Oh my God!” she whispered. “Nelson, you’re serious, aren’t you?”

I simply smiled and nodded, then continued leading her through the mall. I led her into a small boutique and guided her to a rack of short dresses. By now, Jackie had gotten into the mood of the evening, and held up several for me to consider. I selected a bright green halter top outfit that came down to mid-thigh, along with some very long and very sheer thigh top stockings. Our next stop was at a shoe store, where we purchased some high heels. When we were finished, I sent her off to the restroom with orders to change into her new outfit, and ONLY her new outfit. Everything else had to go in the bag. Her eyes widened as she realized the full implications of this new command, but she scurried away with a huge grin on her face.

The night went pretty much the way I planned. Dinner was some very nice prime rib, with wine, and I kept filling her glass every time she started getting nervous about Timmy. Early on I told her that she couldn’t call home, since Maria had taken him downstairs to her place, so that we would have the entire night to ourselves. Maria didn’t expect to see us until noon the next day. Later on, we went dancing at a club, and I continued feeding her the booze. By the time we left, it was after one, and Jackie was desperately horny. When I found a place outside of town to park, she simply scrambled back between the seats and pulled her skirt up to her waist and untied her halter top. By the time I climbed back with her, she was fingering herself and her pussy was sopping wet and her big nipples were stiff and pointy. I’m telling you, that fuck was so damn good that afterwards we just lay there until I could get it up again, and then we did it all over again! Later that night, when we finally got home, Jackie put on a sheer little nightie and we went to bed, but she was so bombed, she passed out. The next morning she climbed on top and rode me until we both came, hangover and all. The shock treatment had worked!

All in all, it was a hell of an evening. Ever since then, we’ve always managed to go out on a ‘date’ about once a month, and even if they don’t all end up in the back seat, we always have some great sex afterwards. It really keeps our marriage going strong.

That night we started our couples-only vacation early. Jackie and I slept in her old bedroom, which had a twin bed considerably cozier than our own king-size bed. I normally sleep in just my briefs, and Jackie was wearing an old T-shirt of mine, and as I snuggled up behind her I discovered that it had ridden up and bunched around her waist. Feeling pleasantly horny, I reached down and shucked off my shorts, then snuggled back up to her spoon-fashion, my erection rubbing against her soft and smooth butt.

“Nels, my parents are right across the hall!” she protested in a whisper.

I grabbed her hips and pulled her against me, and began rubbing my cock along the crack of her ass. “Well, you’ll just have to be quiet then, won’t you. None of your normal screaming and moaning, huh?” I slid a hand down and began rubbing her thighs along the back and between them.

Jackie protested, “You son of a bitch!” but I could tell her heart wasn’t in it. She was gently rubbing back at my crotch with her butt, enjoying the feel of my stiff dick on her skin.

“I’m just getting the vacation off to an early start.,” I told her. With that, I slid a knee between her legs from behind and lifted them apart. Reaching around to her cunt, I slipped my cock between her legs and guided it into her. Once the head was in, I slammed my hips forward and buried all eight inches inside in one big shove. “You don’t really mind, do you?”

“Oohhhhh…” Jackie moaned as I pushed in. I decided she needed a good teasing. I pulled almost entirely out, leaving just my cockhead at the entrance to her pussy, and she whimpered, “Don’t stop.”

“Don’t stop what, dear? Do you want me to start the vacation early?”

“Please, Nelson, don’t be mean.,” she begged.

“I’m just looking for an answer, Jackie. You have to tell me, do you want me to start the vacation early?”

“You bastard!” she hissed. “Yes, start it early!”

Momentarily satisfied, I slammed back in, pistoning twice, then pulled out to the brink again. “What were you planning on doing on this vacation?” I asked.

“Nelson, no, come on, don’t do this…” Jackie tried to buck back at me and bury my cock inside her again, but I kept hold of her hips and moved with her.

“Come on what, honey? Tell me what you were planning on doing this week.,” I demanded.

“This, Nels, this. I’m going to fuck you this week. Is that what you wanted to hear?” Her breathing was ragged, and she moaned again as I slammed güvenilir casino back in. It felt great, her cunt was literally pulsing around my cock. I pulled out again. “Nooooo…”

“What else?”

“Stop it, Nelson! What else did you want? Please…”

“What do you think I might want?” I teased.

“Please…You’re going to want blowjobs, right? You’re going to want me to suck your cock. Come on Nelson, fuck me!”

I gave her another couple of hard and long strokes, then stopped. “Any other ideas?”

“Oh, Jesus, honey, stop it and fuck me! What else do you want me to do?” she pleaded. I simply slipped a hand between us and ran a finger down the crack of her ass to her asshole, diddling it slightly before tracing back up to her hips. “Is that it, Nelson, you want to fuck me in the ass this week? Oh, just fuck me, Nelson, and you can fuck my ass later. Just fuck me!…”

Pleased with the pathetic way she had been begging, I resumed fucking her, not stopping anymore but giving long slow strokes. Jackie began shaking and moaning as she started coming, and I pushed her T-shirt up and off her, then grabbed her tits and pulled her back against me. “That’s right. I’m going to fuck your mouth, I’m going to fuck you pussy, and I’m going to fuck your ass. You aren’t going to be wearing anything I can’t fuck you in. No panties, no bras, no pants, no shorts. As soon as we get back to our room, you’re going to pull your skirt up and bend over. Whenever I pull my pants off, you’re going to be getting on your knees and opening your mouth. Understand?” By now I was really slamming in, her assflesh quivering from the shocks, and she was moaning and coming non-stop. “Understand?!” I repeated.

“Oh, God, yes, Nels, fuck me, just fuck me. I’ll do whatever you want, just fuck me…”

For the final act, as I felt myself getting closer, I wrapped my arms around Jackie and rolled onto my back, pulling her atop me in an upside-down doggy style. I grabbed and pinched her nipples and shoved her hands down to her sloppy pussy. She was laying on me, facing away, with her legs splayed wide and my big dick slamming into her from below. If her parents had come in just then, they would have gotten the sight of their lives! As soon as I felt her fingers scratch the bottom of my cock, my come just started boiling out of my balls, spurting up my shaft and blasting into her pussy. She kept riding me and milking my cock through the rest of a very messy fuck, and when we were through, she twisted off of me with a loud SLURP and fell asleep in my arms naked.

Chapter 2

The girls’ father loaded us into their minivan the next morning and took us all to the airport. It was going to be a long day, with a 6:00 AM flight to Miami, and then a four hour delay before flying on to Aruba. The tickets had been booked through the same travel agent who had arranged the timeshare condo, and were ‘Sardine Class’. By the time we went through customs and got our luggage and a taxi, we didn’t arrive at the condo until after five.

I started having strange thoughts as the taxi pulled into the place. The Trimesta Beach Hotel and Casino Resort did not look like a timeshare condo, simply like a hotel. I kept my mouth shut until we got inside. It had been Tony and Suzanne who had arranged the whole affair, so we followed them up to the front desk. “Hi, I’m Tony Mattolo. We’ve got a timeshare suite and we’re here to check in.”

The clerk at the desk gave us a very strange look. He punched something up on a computer and looked at us again, then said, “Could I see your reservation slip, please.” Tony handed it over, and the clerk compared it to the screen. A small line was forming behind us and another clerk began helping out. The first clerk showed him the slip and traffic backed up some more. The four of us started looking at each other in confusion. “I’m afraid there’s a problem, sir. We don’t have any timeshare suites at the Trimesta. This reservation is for a single room.”

“What!!!” yelled Tony, as the rest of us exploded behind him. I had seen the reservation slip myself, and I know that was what it said. Tony and Suzanne began arguing with the poor guy and I stayed back with Jackie. There was no reason to screw this up with extra mouths.

After a couple of minutes trying to sort things out, as Tony got louder and louder, the Manager came out of his office. He soothed Tony down enough to get us all out of the lobby, and he took us into his office. He closed the door behind us and sat down at his own computer, then asked to see the reservation slip again. He was a small and bookish guy and he pulled his lip, then looked at us and said in a Dutch accent, “I’m afraid this reservation slip does not match the reservation placed with us. The Trimesta does not have, and has never had, timeshare suites or condos.”

It started getting heated again, with Tony arguing ‘How the hell could he have gotten this reservation, then?’ and the manager replying that it was the responsibility of the travel agent, not the hotel. He even allowed Tony to make a call back to the States to the travel agent, but the 800 number was no longer in service. I began to get the feeling we had all been royally screwed.

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