As Far As It Goes Ch. 01

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Statistics have proven that 88% of all males have or have had fantasies about a female family member. Well, I just happen to be one of that 88%, but probably one of the, maybe, 2% of whom actually get a chance to fulfill his inner most desires. My aunt was successful at everything, except her marriage. He was a douche and she finally noticed that. They got a divorce when her youngest son and I were 6. My aunt is still young at heart in her early forties. She’s about 5’6″, blonde hair and green eyes. I’d have to guess she’s about 130 to 135 lbs., give or take a little. So, she’s not too skinny, but not even close to fat and I’d say she’s about a 36 to 38C cup breasts. I’d say her ass was “to die for,” but who wouldn’t agree with me and say that that phrase isn’t over used? I’m 21 years old, 6’4″ tall, and 245 lbs. of almost pure muscle, brown hair, and crystal blue eyes. I played football in high school and was weight lifting champion in my state every year. So, saying I was muscular wouldn’t justify it enough. I never really had a problem with girls. I lost my virginity when I was 14.

I was sitting at home one night, chatting online and playing some games, like I always did, when my aunt came online. She said hello and sounded over excited that I was online. I knew that she had to be drunk out of her mind to be as cheery as she was. She was laughing and having a good ol’ time and I was laughing at how drunk she sounded and looked.

We chatted and watched each other for a while on our cams when she stopped mid-sentence and told me I needed to come and stay with her the next time I came home. We weren’t very close when I was younger and staying at home because her and my step-dad hated each other for some reason that I don’t even remember anymore. I think it was because my step-dad is a drunken idiot and a fucking asshole. Anyway, I’m sitting there not knowing what to do or say, and a little shocked, but I agree, like I thought I should, and told myself that it would be a good bonding experience between an aunt and her nephew who haven’t really seen much of each other.

I finally went home one weekend maybe a month and a half later. I was planning on spending the weekend at my parents’ house while I was home, like I usually did, but as fate would have it, my aunt called my house and spoke with my mom. I halfway listened to my mom’s side of the conversation when I heard my mom mention me. At this point, I still didn’t know who it was and had become curious.

I looked up at bursa bayan eskort my mom and gave her a “what the fuck are you saying my name for?” look and she looked down and said, “It’s your Aunt Christy. She says that you said you were going to stay with her the next time you came home.” I slapped myself on the forehead and said, “That’s right. I did say that. I totally forgot.” I had honestly forgotten that we had even had that conversation. So, I told her to tell my aunt that I’d be over there in a few minutes.

I jumped up and went into the bathroom to take a shower. When I stepped under the heat, I instantly got an erection. It had been a long time since I’d had a sexual encounter and I’d found myself getting more aroused over small things. So, I decided to rub one off really quick to get it out of the way, so as to not get an erection in front of my aunt.

After I was done jerking off and bathing myself, I got out of the shower, dried off, and got dressed. When I came out of the bathroom, I heard my mom still talking to my aunt on the phone. As I walked by her, I told her to tell my aunt that I was on my way and I’d be there in about 5 minutes.

I grabbed my coat from the rack and my keys from the wall and headed for my car. When I got in, I cranked up the car and started backing out of my driveway. When I did, my car scrubbed pretty hard against the ground. I cursed at it and decided to wait until I got to my aunt’s house to see the damage. I drove over there and my Aunt Christy was standing outside waiting for me, still talking to my mom on the phone. God, women can talk forever about nothing.

I got out of my car and smiled at her and she waved for me to come over. I held up my index finger to signal for her to wait a minute. I walked around to the back of my car and bent down on one knee to check and see what the damned curb had done to my car. I leaned in and looked closer and noticed a small dent in my bumper. I sighed in relief, but jumped as I felt my aunt’s hand reach out and run her fingers through my hair. I looked up and saw that it was only her and smiled.

“You scared the shit out of me, woman.” I told her with a laugh in my voice.

“I’m sorry, babe, I’ll make sure to let you know when my presence is invading your personal space next time,” she sarcastically spouted with a smirk.

I stood up and stuck my tongue out at her like a child and laughed as I walked behind her and back towards her bursa evi olan escort house. When I walked in, I called out to see if anyone else was home. No one answered. I shrugged and went to the fridge to pour myself a small glass of sweet tea. I found myself pondering what it is about sweet tea that most states in the North and West don’t like about it. I mean, it tastes wonderful, but I guess it’s a cultural thing.

While I was pondering, I heard my aunt come in the back door and walk into the kitchen where I was. She had finally gotten off the phone with my mom and walked over and gave me a hug. She squeezed me tight and told me it had been too long since we had visited one another. I agreed with her and queried why no one else was at home. She told me that my oldest cousin was staying with his dad and my other cousins had gotten themselves a place and moved out. She faked a pouting face and poorly sobbed at how lonely she was.

I laughed at her and told her that from now on when I come down for more than just a day, that I promise that I’d come stay with her one of those nights. She smiled and hugged me and told me how great that would be. I hugged her back and she walked towards the living room.

I followed her in and found myself staring at her ass the whole way there. I’d never felt anything sexual towards her until this particular moment. I looked down and saw her ass graciously sway from side to side and it was amazing. I’d never seen anyone close to her age with an ass like that. Hers seemed so much more firm than other older women I had seen. She stopped abruptly to yell back at me, thinking I was still in the kitchen and turned and faced me. I still had my eyes locked on her ass when she turned around and she noticed that I was looking. After she calmed down from the start that I gave her, she smiled at me.

I nervously laughed and said, “I’m sorry Aunt Christy. I thought you could tell I was behind you.”

She kept smiling and said, “Well, if I knew you were behind me checking out my ass, I wouldn’t have turned around.”

I was shocked at her words, but still kept my head on. I retaliated and said, “Well, if every woman had an ass like yours, I’d be in ass heaven.”

She laughed at my lame joke, but it worked. She smiled up at me, almost shyly and asked me how I was doing with dating and stuff. I told her that I wasn’t doing too well and she said that it wasn’t going too well for her, either. bursa rus escort She said at her age, there weren’t many single men that weren’t already married that would want to marry her. I pushed her playfully and told her that she was just being hard on herself and that I would kill to have a woman as mature as she was.

She perked up and asked me if I wanted a drink. I, kidding around with her, told her that she could get me a beer if she had any. To my surprise, she brought out 2 beers and handed me one. She popped the top on hers and took a big swig while I looked at her, surprised beyond belief.

“Well?” she asked. “What are you waiting for? Am I not allowed to drink one, too?”

I shook my head and popped the top of mine and drank it. We sat back and enjoyed each other’s company. We laughed at each other and ourselves for doing or saying something stupid. By the 4th beer, she was pretty tipsy and I had a good buzz going on. I have lived in a college town for 2 years, so I can toss back a few before getting pretty drunk.

As we laughed and talked, her sundress had started sliding slowly up her thighs and I had just started noticing it. She obviously either didn’t care or didn’t notice, but none the less, it was hiked up pretty far. I could make out the small crease in her panties where her lips poked through. I was getting pretty horny at this point and decided to push my luck.

I slid my hand down on the side of the chair and tightened my pants around my leg, letting my semi-hard cock show through the material. I kept talking to her and noticed her looking down at my crotch a few times. Once, while I was taking a sip of my beer, I swear I saw her look down and lick her lips.

By this point, I had a few more beers in me and I was well on my way to being drunk, when, out of the blue, she asked me how long it had been since I had had sex. I sat there for a second, pondering whether I should tell her the truth or a lie, but decided to go with the truth. I told her it had been over 2 years since I had even seen a naked woman in front of me, let alone have the chance to have sex with one.

She smiled and stood up wobbly and said she was going to get another beer. When she did, she started to fall and I leaned up and caught her, instinctively pulling her down on top of me in my seat. I, honestly, don’t know if she did it on purpose or if she really fell, but her landing on my crotch and sitting there for a moment didn’t help me being horny one bit.

She leaned her head back and laughed a little before thanking me for “saving her life.” I told her that I couldn’t let her just fall down and hurt herself and that she was too gorgeous to have a black eye or something of the like. She smiled down to me and before I could breath a breathe her lips were on mine.

To be continued in Part 2

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