Asia and Jason

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My name is Jason and I am eighteen years old and until last week this had been a pretty good year for me. My older sister was in community college and while she still lived at home, she was too busy with college and her job to harass me as much as she had all my life. Yeah, I know brothers and sisters are known for the fights and arguments but this was different. Asia, who is a year older then I, had always done her best to not only put me down but humiliate me every chance she got. When I had reached puberty she told her girlfriends, while I was there, that she had watched me beating off to the lingerie section of a clothing catalogue. That was about the level of her torment, and it went on all through grammar school and most of high school. Those first few months of my senior year, while she was in college, were great; I had actually started to good about myself. Until this weekend!

My parents had to go out of town because my grandmother was ill and someone needed to be there to arrange her care and see that my grandfather was taken care of as well. They had left early in the day, but not before mentioning to me that Asia would be there to “baby-sit” me while they were gone. That meant that I would have a familiar weekend from hell with her berating me, humiliating me and just making my life miserable. No sooner had I thought this my sister entered the room. Smiling at me and winking as though she was saying – you’re mine bro, and if you were thinking you might enjoy this weekend, you can think again! Now Asia was a very pretty girl with long curly dark hair and really big tits. Her ass was round and shapely, completing her goddess like shape. If she weren’t my sister I would probably be drooling every time I saw her. I guess that was the problem. I was at best average. Until six months ago, I had been what you call ‘puny’. But finally I was bigger then Asia although still not handsome enough to approach a girl like her.

As my parents left, I went to the basement. My Dad and I had constructed a place for my band to practice by walling off a corner of the basement and hanging rugs on the wall to pretty much make the room soundproof, or at least minimize the noise in the rest of the house and for the neighbors as well. The band was off for a couple of months and we would get back together before the holidays to practice for some gigs we had in December. I don’t know how long I was there mindlessly strumming my guitar, but I looked up as Asia walked in the room.

“Alright shit-head, I don’t want any problems from your puny chicken legged ass this weekend. I am going to the mall with Betsy, so find you own dinner and stay in I don’t want to have to be concerned as to where you are! You comprende senior?”

I nodded and she headed out. I stayed downstairs fuming at her, my mind recalling all the torment she had put me through and she was still doing it. I should note that she had also teased me with her breasts, saying things like “you’ll never get a girl like me” or “the best you’ll be able to get is some skinny bitch who looks more like a boy” she would always laugh and laugh. Slowly I began to plan my revenge. I looked around the room and my plan came together, I knew Asia liked to smoked marijuana with her girlfriends and then walk the mall, dick teasing guys until closing. So when she finally would come home she would be in a relatively bitchy mood, but stoned and manageable, especially now that I had put on some height and muscle. I then ran to the garage and managed to find everything I would need to make this work and I spent the next few hours setting up.

Later that night, around 9:30 or so, Asia and her best friend Betsy stumbled through the door, laughing at something and when Asia saw me watching TV on the couch, she said,

“Well, well if it isn’t my perverted little brother, looking at skinamax and getting your self off” and then she burst in laughter and Betsy seemed to smile painfully like she was embarrassed.

Betsy said, “You know you’re being kind of mean Asia, why not back off a bit”.

Asia retorted “because this little shit is my brother and he deserves all the crap I can give him and if its too hard for you to handle then thanks for the ride see you later.”

With that Betsy left and I was flabbergasted that any of Asia’s friends would defend me, especially Betsy. I have had a crush on her for some time now. She is almost the opposite of Asia, she is taller and real thin, she has small tits and barely a bump for an ass, but she has beautiful light red, almost pink hair and her skin is so white its almost translucent. I knew she was “too old” for me but I have often fallen asleep thinking about her. So for Asia to be so cruel to me in front of Betsy, I think I finally flipped. It was time to put the “Bitch gets Hers” plan in motion.

“Asia, I screwed up a bit and broke something in the basement, and I need your help to fix it, would you mind coming down to help me?”

I knew Casibom this would set her off, but being the controlling bitch that she was, she’d come down so she could use whatever it was to further humiliate and insult me.

“Brother you are a master fuck up, have been all your life, I am surprised you haven’t been chained to your room by mom and dad. OK, lets get this over with you puny little shit!”

As we entered the soundproofed room Asia said “So what did you fuck up now you little chicken legged asshole?”

I led Asia over to a rope I had positioned that was strung though eye bolts in the ceiling, that I had used to hang speakers and amps. As she neared the rope I grabbed the end of it and having previously constructed a noose like hand cuff, slipped it on her wrist, pulled it to tighten and quickly found the other rope and did the same to her other arm. Before she could understand what had happened, thanks to the marijuana she had smoked, I had the other end of both ropes and pulled them back through the eyebolts and had Asia suspended on her tiptoes and I quickly tied the ends to a hook I had mounted in the wall, She was at my mercy.

“JASON, I don’t know what you think you are doing but you had better let me down right now or,”

“Or what? The parents are away and not expected home before Monday; this room is relatively soundproof, so screaming for help wont get you anything but a sore throat. So what does the mighty Asia have to threaten this puny little chicken legged asshole with?”

She was quiet, her eyes darting from her restrained wrists to the rope attached to the wall. She did not look frightened yet, but I am sure that will change, “Ok Jason, ha ha, now let me go!”

“Asia, you are not going anywhere until I am done with you. You have treated me like shit for no reason since I was old enough to stand. Well all that’s coming home tonight sis, and you are powerless to stop me. And if you think you can tell on me later – I don’t give a shit, no one will believe you, I mean I am such a meek little mouse, right sis?”

“Jason, look I’m sorry. I never realized how far over your threshold I had gone, I mean I treat a lot of folk this way…”

“Yes, I know sis. Did you and Betsy enjoy flashing your tits tonight at all the boys in the mall then flip them off and laugh? I know you’re a mean bitch and I know that there would be a long standing ovation in town if they knew what was gong to happen here.”

Asia then started to mumble something as Jason approached her with a long knife. “Jason, are you going to stab me?” she wailed.

He smiled and said, “No” then proceeded to slice her blouse and rip it off, leaving her naked save her bra, but that came next and her big soft tities were now exposed to him.

“Jason, please don’t do this, I am your sister, please.” Jason used his knife to strip away her pants and panties and Asia was now stark naked and chained to the wall.

“Jason, I warn you I will report you to the police, I will tell mom and Dad if you don’t let me go right now, I mean it!”

Jason merely unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned his jeans and slid both his jeans and boxer off, followed a moment later by his shirt. They were now both naked and for the first time in her life Asia saw how well endowed her brother was. She was no expert, but based on stories and whispers between the girls, Jason had one thing, that would make him stand out in a crowd. Jason stepped up to Asia and moved his hand between her legs, fingering her pussy and searching for her clit, using his other hand he began to squeeze her tits, pulling on her nipples.

“Ok, Jas, you’ve had your fun, taught me a lesson, I’ll be good, I promise, just let me go, Stop fingering me, please Jason?”

Asia, could not get the size of his cock off her mind, she had never had sex, and that thing was entirely too large to fit in her pussy. She’d played with herself often enough to have some idea of what she could take in there, and his cock was well beyond that in girth alone, let alone the what looked to be a good eight inches in length.

Jason was not about to stop, he enjoyed playing with his sister’s body, and from the feel of her wet cunt, and her body was enjoying Jason even if she said she didn’t. But Jason had more to do. He walked away from Asia and went to the workbench to get something. Asia thought he was going to let her go, breathed a sigh of relief until she saw him turn around with a handful of clothespins.

“Jason, what…Oh Jason, no, no ow that hurts Jason, pleaseeeeee stop?”

Jason was clipping the clothespins onto her tits, the first ones on each nipple then four more on the sides of her tits. He had saved one for her pussy, and as he placed it on Asia’s clit she screamed in pain.

Jason now placed a rope on each of her ankles and pulled them forward and out so that her legs were spread and her pussy was the height of his cock. Asia looked almost as if she Casibom Giriş were lying down, but the pressure on her arms, and legs was causing her to scream in pain.

She watched as Jason stepped in between her legs, his hard cock in hand and she said “Jason, don’t do that, don’t fuck your sister, its rape if you do that, I am a virgin Jason, please, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee”

Jason impaled her with his cock and she again pleaded with him to stop, but Jason was on a mission and he proceeded to pump his cock in and out of her pussy going faster and pumping harder and deeper with each thrust. Each time he bottomed out in her virgin pussy, he bumped into the clothespin affixed to her clit, causing Asia to at first scream in pain then moan in pleasure. It wasn’t long before Asia’s body began to react to this pummeling and her pussy began to drip, it was so wet. Asia’s breathing was deep and irregular and Jason, though he knew nothing about female orgasms at least knew that Asia wasn’t complaining anymore. That thought put Jason over the edge and his cock began spewing his cum deep into Asia’s hot pussy.

He withdrew his softening cock from her dripping pussy.

Asia, with tears running down her face said, ” Jason, you took my virginity, you bastard, you took my fucking virginity. You’re an incestual pig and I hate you!”

Her words, so familiar to Jason, he’d heard them all his life, they only served to cause his cock to come back to life. He undid her legs from the wall and pulled the rope back behind her and fastened them the rear wall, now Asia looked as if she were lying on her belly. He grabbed his belt from the floor and began to whip Asia’s ass, leaving red streaks on her white cheeks and listening to Asia scream and cry out for him to stop. After twenty five good sound lashes, Jason moved between those very red and sore ass cheeks and using some Vaseline he coated his cock and placed it at Asia’s asshole. She felt him back there and screamed

“NO, please not my ass, it’s going to hurt so much, Please Jason, don’t fuck my ass”

Once again, Jason was staying on plan and he leaned forward and his cock began to force its way into her back channel, all the while she was continuing to scream and cry and beg him to stop. All of a sudden, somewhat frustrated by the difficulty in entering her ass, Jason pulled back and Asia, assuming he was stopping relaxed, and then Jason rammed his hard cock into her ass, pushing in one fell swoop all the way until his balls banged against her ass cheeks. Asia screamed her head off again and again, but Jason did not care he began to pound her ass for all he was worth. It wasn’t long before Asia’s screams died out and her cries turned to moans and Jason reached his hand around finding her clit and tugged on the clothespin. Once again Asia’s body was responding to the pounding she was getting, her cunt was literally dripping it was so hot and Asia began to moan and actually push back as best she could onto Jason’s fiery member helping his immense rock hard cock delve deeper and deeper into her anal canal. That was all it took for Jason to dump his second load in his sister. He withdrew and without untying her hands or legs Jason lowered his well fucked sister to the floor, She laid there spread eagle cum dripping from her cunt and asshole, her mouth hanging open, eyes closed. Jason grabbed his digital camera and took a number of pictures of her in that state, getting close ups of her ass and pussy but not showing the restraints.

He set the camera down and grabbed Asia by her hair pulling her head up and stuck his semi rigid member into Asia’s mouth. At the same time he unpinned the clothespin from her clit, and his cock buried in her mouth muffled her wail. She tried to spit him out but he pulled harder on her hair and told her to suck him and clean his cock. When Asia realized she was sucking the cock that had just been in her ass she almost vomited, but the force of his cock sliding into and out of her mouth stopped her. As Jason felt his orgasm approach he, slapped her tits, one after the other to knock the remaining clothespins from her now sore breasts and nipples. The sudden removal of those pins created a surge of pain the forced her mouth open just as began shooting his cum. The first shot pierced the back of her throat and Asia choked, then he sprayed his milky cum on her face, in her hair and all over those beautiful full tits. He grabbed his camera and again took shots of Asia, passed out on the floor, with his cum covering one eye lid, mixing in her hair and dripping from her nose and nipples.

He untied her hands and feet. Asia was still, laying in the same position, cum still hanging from her and slowly dripping from her. Jason slapped her face lightly to bring her attention back and said,

“Asia, this could be just the beginning, if I wake tomorrow and feel like it, I am going to have you again, and if you think you can disobey me, tell on me Casibom Güncel Giriş or whatever, I want you to know I have pictures of you with cum dripping out of your cunt, ass and face. They are digital and I will send them to everyone in your e-mail address book if you even think of telling anyone about this. Now think about that, then perhaps you need to shower and go to bed, you’re a mess”

He walked out of the room and left her there, closing the door as he went. Asia lay there and thought of everything that had happened and tears started to form in her eyes. Her ass hurt, her breasts were still throbbing and her vagina was sore. On top of all of this she was mad at herself, because she recalled that at times she enjoyed enough of what Jason did to her to have a couple of orgasms. Still he raped her, he took her virginity and he has now threatened to do it over and over again. While the prospect of his cock caused her some excitement, she was in no way going to let her twerp of a brother dominate her life, no fucking way. With that she stumbled to her feet and still naked walked upstairs to her room and begin the climb back to life and to develop a plan for the future.

Asia stood in the hot shower for a long time trying to wash her brother’s smell and his cum from her body. But no matter how much she scrubbed she could not erase the humiliation she felt for what he had done to her. While she contemplated her revenge her hand was absent-mindedly playing with her clit and while her plan formed in her mind, her body tensed for another orgasm. Finished with the shower, Asia put on her PJ’s and climbed into bed, and quickly fell fast asleep.

Perhaps it was a bad dream or just the internal agony her body and mind were going through, but Asia jumped awake just after seven that Saturday morning. She knew that she needed to get out of the house and put the ingredients of her plan together and she needed to get going before Jason awoke and attacked her again.

She dressed, had a bite to eat and left the house before eight. She had to kill time because none of her friends would be up and the store she needed to visit was not open yet. Besides she knew she could not return home before everything was ready and she felt closer to dinner would be a good time to start. So she drove to campus and went to the library and caught up on some schoolwork. Later, when her friend Betsy called her on her cell, she agreed to meet Betsy for lunch at noon. While Betsy did not yet know it, she would need to help Asia a bit if her plan was to work tonight, she just hoped her friend would help her out without asking a lot of questions She was not ready to tell any one anything, and not because of Jason’s threats. She had her own reasons for keeping quiet.

During lunch Asia had asked Betsy to make her some pot-laced brownies, just a couple but they needed to be heavily loaded. She did tell Betsy that she planned to feed them to Jason without telling him about the pot. Although Betsy was disappointed in Asia’s continued harassment of Jason, Betsy secretly had a crush on Asia’s younger brother; she agreed to supply the “desert” for their dinner tonight.

After lunch the girls each had their own errands to do and they decided to meet at Asia’s house around five to cook dinner. Betsy believed the dinner was an attempt by Asia to apologize to her brother for her rude treatment. Asia had her errands to run and she did not need or want company.

Sometime around five that day the two girls met up at Asia’s house and began to make dinner for the three of them. Jason, who was watching TV when they came in, was quiet and Betsy noticed that Asia went out of her way to politely say hello to Jason and tell him that she had planned a nice steak dinner for the three of them and hoped he was hungry.

It was a wonderful meal and after finishing off the steaks, Asia brought out desert for everyone. Brownies and vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce. What Betsy did not know was that Asia had given most of the pot laced brownies to Jason while she and Betsy had very little. Jason exclaimed how good the desert was almost licking his bowl clean. He thanked his sister for everything and she told him and Betsy to go down to the music room and for Jason to play some guitar for Betsy while she cleaned the kitchen.

Jason and Betsy were both amazed at the change in Asia’s attitude and while Jason thought it had to do with the previous night, he really had no clue to how true that was.

About an hour later Asia, having cleaned the kitchen and gathering the stuff she had picked up today, she went downstairs to join her brother and her friend. As she opened the door to the room Betsy was trying to wake Jason up.

“He just started to wobble and talk funny and then he fell asleep.”

“It’s his first experience with pot, Betsy, remember your first? He should revive in an hour or so. So I need your help now and we need to get busy, I would appreciate it if you would just help and not ask a lot of questions until we are done.”

“Busy, what are we doing?”

“We are going to strip Jason and secure him to those ropes, that’s what we are doing”

“Asia what the hell are you doing?”

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