Ask For It

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I nearly tripped up the stairs as he dragged me along with him up to his bedroom. ‘Babe, slow down!’ I laughed as we rushed through his door and Ryan shut the door behind us, pushing me up against it as he attacked me with a deep and needful kiss.

‘No way I’m slowing down when I’ve waited this long for you.’ He whispered. I almost melted. His hands roved up and down my sides and my breath hitched.

‘I’m so ready.’ I said with a smile. Nineteen and still a virgin, Ryan was the only guy I had ever met that made me actually want to give it up. He knew exactly how to turn me on and wasn’t ashamed to have frank conversations about sex and sexuality with me. Now, all that talk was about to pay off, as we each had a fairly good idea of how to make my first time a mind-blowing experience.

Ryan pulled away from me only to lead me over to his bed. He motioned for me to sit down and I sat carefully on the edge of his bed. Even though I had been looking forward to tonight for a long time, I was nervous. Would it hurt? Would his penis even fit? Ryan seemed to sense my nervousness and knelt behind me, rubbing my shoulders. He bent down to kiss my cheek.

‘You sure?’ he asked.

‘I’m sure.’ I answered, smiling widely.

‘How about we just lie together and kiss for a while, hmm?’ he suggested. I kicked off my shoes and snuggled up to him, gently kissing his neck down to his collarbone. He sighed happily as I nipped it slightly, grazing my teeth over his smooth, warm brown skin. I trailed my hand up his thigh, yearning to touch his cock but too afraid to follow through so soon. I kissed his lips hungrily, savouring the smooth feeling of his tongue on mine and the feel of his breath, hot on my cheek. Ryan’s hands slid down over my ass and I gasped sharply. He knew what that did to me. In response, he gave it a slight slap and I moaned.

‘Get on top of me.’ He said, and I complied, swinging a leg over him and lowering my hips against his, grinding down against him. He grinned and kissed me harder, digging his fingertips into the yielding flesh of my butt. Propped up on my elbows, I stroked his coarse black hair slowly, running my fingers through it. I ground against him more.

‘You like that, princess?’ he asked. ‘Do you feel it? You’re making me hard.’ I whimpered against his neck. I did feel it, right against my mound. Did I imagine it throbbing underneath that maddening layer of denim? I lifted myself up, kneeling and moving my crotch back and forth against his.

‘Can I…’ I searched for the words. ‘Can I touch it?’ He smiled.

‘Yeah. You can take it out if you want.’ I shifted so I was kneeling between his legs and carefully ran my fingertips over the outline of his dick. I looked up, seeking approval, and when he nodded encouragingly, I unbuttoned his fly and slowly lowered the zipper. He raised his hips as I pulled his jeans down, licking my lips as the outline became more defined through the thinner cotton Casibom of his boxers. I bent down to place a gentle kiss on its shaft through the fabric. It was warm, and I wanted desperately to feel it in my hand. I had never felt a cock before and my imagination was running wild. Was it really soft, like the skin of the eyelid, like I had read in a poem once?

‘Come on, honey.’ Ryan prodded. Almost fearfully, I pulled down his boxers and his cock bobbed up before me, no longer restrained. It seemed so big to me—he had sent me pictures when we sexted a few times, but in person it was huge, real—heavy. I held it gingerly in my hand and Ryan gasped.

‘It’s…’ my voice trailed away as I regarded his penis, awestruck.

‘What, baby?’ he asked.

‘Wow.’ I finally said, giggling and looking up into his face.

‘Yeah? I’ll take that as a compliment.’ He said. ‘What do you wanna do with it?’ Oh. What did I want to do with it? I was just holding it in my fist, afraid to do much more.

‘I… I don’t know. What should I do?’ I asked him. He sat up and reached out, stroking my hair and lowering my head down toward his cock.

‘Well, you can start by getting it wet with that pretty mouth of yours, princess.’ I bit my lip. It was so close to my face. Unsure, I slowly licked up the underside of the shaft. It felt hot against my tongue. I looked up at him and his eyes were filled with lust. I felt my pussy getting wetter and wetter in anticipation. I wrapped my lips around the head of his cock, tasting the salty precum already coming out of the hole in the tip.

‘Mmmm,’ I groaned as I took more of him into my mouth. The sensation of his flesh against my lips was amazing. He tasted good—salty, like sweat, but another taste I couldn’t describe. Perfect.

‘That’s perfect, Becca.’ He whispered. ‘You can touch my balls, too.’ I looked up at him questioningly as I cupped my hand gently around them. He smiled. I pulled my mouth off his cock and gently licked the seam of his scrotum. I pumped his cock in my right hand while my left stroked his balls carefully, my tongue leaving wet trails of saliva where it caressed the wrinkled skin. I took one into my mouth, sucking and swirling the tip of my tongue across its surface. Ryan entwined his fingers in my hair and pushed my mouth down onto his cock once more, all the way into my mouth before I started gagging. I felt my juices flowing with the constriction of my throat, and let out a choked mewl of pleasure. I sucked faster, taking as much of him as I could, rubbing the base of his cock with my fingertips. Suddenly he pulled my head away and motioned for me to lay down beside him. He wiped some spit away from my lower lip, smiling.

‘Sorry honey, I was gonna cum if you kept up like that.’ He said.

‘Oh no, I’m sorry—’ I began.

‘No, it’s okay, your mouth felt heavenly. But I wanna be able to do some other things to you too.’ I sighed happily as he bit Casibom Giriş my neck firmly and slid his hand down my belly toward my pussy. But he didn’t touch me there yet. He kissed my neck slowly and wetly as his hand ran over my thighs, up to my belly and back again, just barely grazing the top of the patch of well-trimmed pubic hair that covered my mound. It was driving me crazy.

‘Please!’ I managed to gasp as Ryan bit down on my earlobe.

‘Please what, princess?’ he whispered, hot breath sending a shiver down my spine.

‘Please… touch me?’ I inquired. His hand stopped its movement.

‘Becca. Remember when I said I had some things to teach you?’ Ryan said, grinning.

‘Uh-huh…’ I breathed.

‘One of those things is how to ask for what you want. I don’t know what you want unless you ask for it specifically, baby.’ He traced my hip bones with his fingertips. ‘What do you want me to touch?’

‘I want…’ I paused. I felt so embarrassed saying the words out loud to him. ‘I want you to touch my pussy, please.’ I felt my cheeks heating up as I blushed and he kissed me gently.

‘There’s a good girl.’ He said. He cupped my mound firmly in his hand and began circling my clit lightly with one finger. I arched my back and let out a long, low groan—it felt amazing. Ryan kept kissing and biting my neck and my shoulder, and I could feel his hard, warm cock press against my thigh. My breathing got heavier, each sigh punctuated by a moan I couldn’t hold back.

‘Mmm, you’re so wet for me already.’ Ryan teased. ‘You’re gonna scream for me, aren’t you baby girl?’

‘Uh-huh—ooh…’ My eyes rolled back in pure pleasure as his middle finger barely parted my pussy lips, swollen and dripping with wetness.

‘You want it inside?’ he asked, chuckling when I nodded dumbly. ‘Ask for it.’

‘Oh… please put your finger inside…please…’

‘Inside where, baby?’

‘Inside me… in my pussy… please!’ I was just growing frustrated with his fingertip slightly teasing the opening of my vagina when he slid his finger inside effortlessly. I gasped and reached out for him, clutching at his shirt in desperation before finally reaching down toward his penis, which he was idly rubbing against my hip. I gripped it tightly, swirling my thumb over the tip and wetting it with his precum. I had fingered myself before, but it was never this intense. An orgasm was building up like a warm pool right in the middle of my pelvis as the sensation of Ryan’s finger curling inside me and of his warm, throbbing cock in my trembling hand combined into a wave of pleasure that rolled through my body with force. I turned to look at him and he kissed my lips hungrily, moving his finger inside me faster, rubbing my clit jerkily with his thumb. I moaned loudly against his lips and he pulled away.

‘You wanna cum?’ he asked. I nodded again, biting my lip hard. ‘Ask for it.’

‘Please can I cum please please please!’ I begged, my voice rising in pitch as I came close to the edge.

‘Of course, baby girl.’ Ryan cooed as he slid another finger into my tight pussy, stretching me and causing my juices to flow freely as I came, back arching and legs quivering, grinding against his hand until I could think straight again. Ryan rolled over on top of me and wet his cock with the juices that had spilled out onto his hand.

‘Are you gonna…?’ I panted.

‘Gonna what? Use your words, Becca.’ He teased as he pushed the head of his cock down over my clit and against my entrance.

‘Are you gonna fuck me now?’ I managed.

‘Do you want me to?’

‘Yes oh God yes.’

‘Yes what, princess?’ he prompted, pushing harder against me.

‘I want you to fuck my tight little pussy until you cum!’ I squealed as he pushed his length inside. He moaned at the warm, yielding tightness as I screamed incoherently at the intrusion. Pain shot through my body as his cock stretched my walls, and I dug my fingernails into his upper arms, my eyes shut tightly.

‘You okay, Becca?’ Ryan asked. I managed a nod and he slowly began to pump in and out of me, the pain beginning to subside as I grew used to his size. I began to meet his thrusts halfway with my own, yearning for the fullness he gave every time he slid all the way inside. His speed increased—and his force—as I grew more comfortable and wetter. I let out an ecstatic moan on each satisfying thrust, wrapping my legs around him to pull him closer to me. Sweat beaded on his forehead as he approached orgasm and I met his lustful gaze with one of my own.

‘You feel… so good… inside…’ I managed to breathe. He closed a hand firmly around my neck and I shivered. ‘Please!’ I exclaimed.

‘Please… what?’ Ryan asked, tightening his hold.

‘Please can I cum I’m gonna—I’m gonna cum!!’

‘Cum for me, baby girl, come all over my dick.’ He growled as I let go again, tossing my head back with the force of my orgasm. My pussy tightened in spasms around his cock and he moaned again. ‘Fuck, I’m gonna cum too, baby!’ He thrust into me hard a few more times and released my neck as I felt hot spurts of his cum shoot inside me, an aftershock of my orgasm sending more spasms through my vagina, milking his cum out of him. Ryan sagged against me, crushing me beneath him. I stroked his back gently as we both caught our breath.

‘Ryan?’ I asked as he rolled onto his back, his spent cock slipping out of me with a sharp pain.

‘Yeah, babe?’ he asked.

‘You better be glad I’m on the Pill.’ I laughed as he covered his eyes, embarrassed.

‘Oh, God, I didn’t mean to—’ I cut him off with a gentle kiss.

‘It’s okay, honey, it felt incredible.’ I caressed my pussy tenderly, pulling back my hand with his thick cum coating my fingertips. I glanced at him, then tasted it briefly, swallowing a tiny bit with a grimace.

‘Fuck, Becca.’ Ryan groaned, watching me.

‘Not great.’ I stuck out my tongue in exaggerated disgust.

‘That’s okay, you’ll get used to it.’ Ryan said, cuddling me closer. ‘Like I said, you have a lot to learn.’

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32