Assateague Experience

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If you have never been to Assateague Island National Seashore, you really should, especially if you’re into camping. Summers are a crazy time there, but if you can make it in the spring or fall, it’s really quite excellent. I’ve been there a number of times over the years, but I’ve only gone once where sex was involved.

It was fall, several years ago. For me, this is prime time to head to the beach. As soon as the kids go back to school and the college kids go back to campus, my mind starts turning. Thankfully, I have a number of friends on the same page and I always end up with a nice group of people to go with. This particular year, we would be staying for a long weekend at a friend’s folks house. It’s nothing special, but nice, kind of a typical trailer-type place you often see in the communities down there. I however had a bit more vacation time than everyone else, so I decided to add an extra run to Assateague. I had room to take one more person, so I put the word out that someone could join me if they had the time.

I was hoping one of my guy friends would be interested. There’s a lot of long hiking and biking trips you can do, and I wasn’t really thinking about this as a hookup. But, of course, who should answer my call but Emily, an ex of mine. We hadn’t been partners in a long time, but we were still friends. In the year after our breakup with had a couple of spontaneous fuck sessions, but that was pushing 10 years ago, so I figured any chance of that was dead. We only saw each other a couple times a year at this point, but it was always friendly. She spent nearly all of her time in NYC any more. It was only a couple weeks a year (mainly around holidays) that she was only in my neck of the woods.

Chatting via text, I tried discouraging her at first. I told her I couldn’t come to pick her up, but she said it was no problem for her to get to Lewes, DE and that was fairly close to my friend’s place. Honestly, this girl is a bit demanding and argumentative, I wasn’t thrilled but didn’t want to go back on my word. So it was settled, she would join us Saturday night, we’d stay with my friend’s until Monday afternoon, then stay at Assateague from Monday to Friday, finally she’d just drive back with me and take the bus to NYC.

The thought of a booty call hadn’t occurred to me until I was lying in bed later that night. Could it be? Hummm… She hadn’t seemed horny, but I don’t think she would have just come out and yelled “fuck me.” Would I even want to fuck her? I had been in a dry spell and hadn’t been with anyone in a long time. I was pretty sure she was in the same place. Questions on my side were answered pretty quick. Within five minutes of letting my mind wander, I was jerking my lubed cock until I burst a huge load onto my chest.

Even through there was part of me that was attracted to her, I decided I wouldn’t push the issue. I didn’t want to make a jackass of myself thinking she was coming on to me, and I also didn’t want to start anything up with her again. In the upcoming weeks we were in contact, but all our discussions were very utilitarian. Still, I was masturbating almost every night thinking about it as it drew closer.

The day was finally here. I had more gear than everyone else, so we made me the gear car and the four other people coming down with us drove in the other. I was glad to have a couple of days to just have a good time and not worry about anything. Friday’s weather was great and so was Saturday. We hit the beach, rode bikes, got drunk, smoked a ton of pot, and stuffed ourselves stupid. Then Saturday night as planned, I picked her up at the ferry.

We made small talk along the way. How was work, the trip, home, the usual. I noticed nothing usual about her tone, she didn’t seem flirty at all. Also, she was dressed in her normal conservative way. She was the kind of girl that, even though she had a perfectly fine face and body, was convinced she was far less attractive than in reality. This meant shorts and a pretty man-ish button down shirt and pants. It was late, and my friends had dinner started when we got back. Thankfully she had met all of them before, so I didn’t have to do introductions, and she easily fit it. Within a couple hours we were stuffed and loaded.

Nothing of note happened that night. Just the typical low key ocean getaway drunkenness. We waded out into the bay a little bit to grab horseshoe crabs. It was close to a full moon and there were a number floating about. I’m not sure what time we all turned in. Emily and I were sleeping in the back room which had two futons to pull out.

I stumbled in first. I normally sleep naked but I figured with her there, the boxer-briefs would be fine. I immediately regretted not bringing sleeping shorts. The minute I walked in the door, I went instantly hard. I quickly pulled my shirt off, dropped my shorts, and got into bed. I could let my erection be free. She came in moments later and started getting ready. I was nervous she’d want me to get up and do something, there would be no way to disguise whatsapp escort myself, and there was no way to get rid of it. She said a few things to me after turning off the light, but honestly I don’t remember. My heart was racing, my cock throbbing, and my head spinning. I wanted to take her right now, fuck her brains out, but things being what they were, I had to be consent to sit here in the dark, I couldn’t even masturbate. Thankfully the booze helped me drift away quickly.

I got up early, made coffee, did a little wake and bake, cooked up a few eggs. The place wasn’t too messy, but I cleaned up a bit. By the time everyone else was up, I had food ready for everyone and people started packing the car for the beach. We rolled into Rehoboth early and got a spot on the main drag. I was asleep within a minute or two of laying out the beach blankets. I had to sleep on my back though, as my cock kept betraying me. I couldn’t hide that I was rock hard again. My god the girls with us were insanely hot, there was no way to deny it. Plus, Emily was even looking hotter than ever. I had never saw her in a bikini before, normally she had a one-piece with that floofy bottom that covers you up like a skirt. Even though it was a conservative bikini, I was immediately incredibly turned on. It was white and got me fantasizing about it being see through in the water. My eyes were all over her. Her legs, chest, thighs. I couldn’t get away from her mound. Her pussy right there! Barely covered by a piece of fabric. Oh god, my cock ached, I wanted her badly.

A nap did me well, and after getting up, I went into the water for a bit. It was a nice day, sunny, warm. People started to flow in, it was getting crowded. This was our cue to get up and hit the bar for food. There’s one place down there that has great food but the bar only. We gorged on seafood. We just kept getting rack after rack of oysters, clams, shrimp. I got a lobster roll on top of it. We all started with beers at this point too. It took us hours to finish up and was incredible as always. I was so full it was hard to walk. Total food coma.

We went back to the beach for a while longer. This time it was everyone else’s time to pass out. I went in the water again but mainly I was ogling girls and watching for dolphins. Emily was on her stomach. Her legs were slightly parted, just giving a slight peek. I tried keeping my eyes to myself though, after all there was no shortage of eye candy. Being covered by my towel let me indulge my boner. I also broke out one of our bottles of vodka lemonade. By the time people were stirring, I was getting nice and loaded.

Once everyone was up, we all went back into the ocean for one last dip, then it was off to the boardwalk for some ski ball and junk stores. I kept swigging away during all of this, but the time we were heading back, I was straight drunk.

When we the guys started smoking, the girls hit the showers. I also started stuffing my face even though it wouldn’t be too long until dinner. I needed it, if I didn’t keep eating I’d be a real mess. When the chicks were done, I showered too. Normally I don’t jerk off during vacations, but I’d been so horny there was no way to get around it, I needed release. Any guess as what brought me over the edge?

When I was finished, I got out, got dressed, and ended up taking mini-nap before dinner. I felt a lot better now, still a little tipsy, but good. We ate, tossed the Frisbee around a bit, then took the kites out to the lagoon as the sun went down. It was everyone else’s last night, so once the sun went down it was drinking time. We had music going, games out, it was nice. For the moment my horniness was gone and I just enjoyed the rest of the day.

I was absolutely nuked by the end of the night, thankfully everyone else was as well. Emily beat me into the back room this time. She was already in bed when I arrived. Oh god, my cock went immediately hard. I turned off the lights, then pulled off my shirt, unbuckled my pants, and got into bed. I was so hard and so horny. I fantasized she had heard me taking my pants off and was lying there touching herself. I lightly touched my balls for a bit as my imagination wandered, but once again the booze brought sleep on rather quickly.

Thankfully I was nothing more than a little groggy the next day. My friend who’s family owned the place was up early and had food ready when we got up. We weren’t in any rush, it would only take them about 5 hours to get home and we were only about 1.5 from Assateague. This particular morning the ladies were hanging around in their sleeping clothes, which of course meant no bras. That little extra wiggle definitely helped end any leftover fogginess.

After a relaxing mid-afternoon, we starting washing, scrubbing, sweeping, all the stuff to put the place back the way we found it. It was only now that I really started getting a little nervous about the rest of the week. I guess I had been in a little denial, but would things be okay? Would it be awkward? istanbul escort bayan It could potentially be a long rest of the week. But things had gone unbelievably smooth up to now. There hadn’t been any flirting to my knowledge, if she was as horny as I was she was hiding it well. There really wasn’t anything to do though, we were here and there was no going back.

Around 3pm the cars were ready and the two groups were ready to go their separate ways. We got in my car and were on the highway in no time. I knew the route, so when Emily wanted to take a nap to recover, it was no bother. She was asleep in minutes and honestly it was a bit of a relief. I wasn’t completely looking forward to small talk.

When we got in, the rangers were still at the station, so we checked in and drove out to our spot. I was quite pleased to see that there didn’t seem many people left from the weekend. When we got to the parking for the walk-in camping, there was practically no one there. The clouds though were looking more and more ominous. I had seen in the ranger station that there was a chance of thunderstorms but for the most part the rest of the week looked fine.

It took a while to lug all the gear out. Some of that stuff was really heavy. We had taken all the left over food and drinks in a cooler, so that was a struggle. I had bought lots of wood from the corner store down the road, so that was another doozy. Soon enough though we had everything there with enough time that it would still be light for a little while.

Thank goodness I had brought tomato stakes to use in my tent, the wind was blasting hard. Having been here several times, I knew this could be an issue, so I had chosen a site that was set back in the dunes. Looking around, the brush was high enough that it gave us a tiny bit of relief from the wind and it also gave a little bit of privacy from the other campers.

I decided we should walk around before sunset (or rain), so we took about an hour walk. We check out the bathrooms, looked around the other sites, collected some extra abandoned firewood, walked along the beach. There were only a couple other groups and they were all beach-side, the kind of people more here for the fishing than the horses.

We also had our first encounter with the horses. As we walked down the beach, I could see these dark shapes quickly getting closer to us.

“Something’s coming,” I said. “Horses. Just don’t move, let them come to us, they know people, we’ll be fine.”

I could tell she had been a little freaked by all the biting warning posters around. No, they’re not quite My Little Pony. She drew close enough to me where we were actually touching. Sure enough, in about 15 seconds they had cleared as far as we could see and were up on us. To my surprise, another small group comes out from the dunes, and they have a little reunion. They were neighing, kicking, snorting, but they parted around us just as I had hoped and didn’t give us any trouble. I had been a bit scared, but tried not to let it show. This only lasted a minute though and they soon disappeared back into the dunes. After this though, we decided to get back so we could eat and get the fire going before dark.

The freaking wind was getting crazy now. I couldn’t believe the tent was doing as well as it was. The long stakes were holding and it seemed like everything would be fine. Now we started unpacking some of our creature comforts. I knew there would be a picnic table, but I had also packed folding chairs along with one fold out recliner. I put up a clothes line and a couple tiki torches I had brought. It was impossible though to keep anything on the table though, so we couldn’t bust out any games or much else. The torches kept blowing out and I had a hell of a time making a fire.

We had a cooler full of ice, and plenty of leftover mixers, so we made a couple of drinks. I had planned on us using the fire to cook hotdogs, but the wind was blowing so much sand that they were covered with sand and couldn’t be eaten. Though it kind of sucked, it was also pretty hilarious. Thankfully we had no shortage of food leftovers too, so we ate well despite the windstorm.

The fire was giving us no help with the cold as the heat got immediately blown away. Damn, I remember thinking that she had made our drinks super stiff. Soon I was feeling no pain, but damn was I starting to get horny again. Watching her laughing hysterically over our sandy hotdogs had me giggling like a dumbass. Her hair was getting blown about and I remember having a hard time looking away. I kept getting hard but it would fade, then she’d flip her hair from here face, and boom. There was no denying it was a lousy night though, we weren’t going to stay up late.

When it started drizzling, we decided it was pointless and decided to turn in. She took my flashlight and headed up to the bathrooms, assuring me she was fine to go alone and didn’t want me to go (she would have considered this anti-feminist). Fuck, if you don’t want me to go, good. özbek escort I took the time to catch a quick smoke. She always hated the smell of weed, so I tended to not do it when she was around.

She must have taken her sleeping clothes were her because when she got back, she looked ready for bed. Being a little tipsy, I took a nice long look at her ass as she crawled in the tent. I told her I needed to put out the fire before getting in, but honestly it was just to give myself a little time for my boner to subside.

Once I got in, I took off my shirt, undid my shorts and got under my blankets. My hardon was immediately back. I slipped my cock out a bit under the blanket just do my bare dick could be exposed. I always found the idea of things being covered by only a thin layer of fabric arousing. I felt naughty and it was pretty exciting to have my bare cock out just inches away from her. Eventually though I put myself away and tried to cool off. The rumbling of the tent around us was wild but I was able to doze off.

I’m not sure how long I had been sleeping but I was startled awake by the sound of thunder. The tent was whipping even more than before. There were a couple flashes of lightning followed a couple seconds later by a low roll of thunder. It wasn’t a major storm and didn’t seem to be raining. The thunder and lightning combined with the crazy wind gave the tent a surreal feel. It was like the tornado scene in the Wizard of Oz. It seemed like at any moments we’d be swept up in the air.

The sounds and lights were strangely hypnotizing and I laid there for a long time just taking it in. Not surprisingly though, after a while my brain got to fantasizing about the woman lying next to me. I pictured her riding my cock, thunder pounding and lightning flashing. I glanced down, the blanket bulged out over my rock hard cock. The blankets were still pretty messy so I figured I’d still be able to deny it. I smiled and wondered if there would be a way for me to touch myself without waking her up. This only made me hornier but I stayed still and just watched and listened.

It seemed like it had been ages as I lied there, but who knows how long it had actually been. I’m not sure what prompted me to do it, but I looked over and to my surprise, Emily was on her back with her eyes wide open. She turned her head and startled me a bit.

“Oh shit! I didn’t realize you were awake,” I said somewhat startled. I was nervous she had been watching me this whole time. “This is fucking crazy,” I said. It was incredibly loud and I had to practically shout to make myself heard.

“I know! It’s really wild. I can’t believe we’re not blowing away,” she said.

“It’s really hypnotizing. It’s got me in like, a trance,” I said.

“Yeah, I’ve been laying her watching it for a while. It’s amazing.”

“Yeah…,” I said, not following up with any more.

She turned her head. Our eyes met and stuck. I was terrified. I wanted her so badly but I was afraid of making a fool of myself and ruining our trip. But this was it. It was now or never.

Simultaneously, we both rolled towards each other. We were so close now! I inched closer to her and she didn’t pull away. We kissed. Oh thank god! We started long and deep. After a moment she exhaled with a small moan and gritted her teeth. We plunged into ourselves with more passion, more hunger. We inched closer.

I propped myself on my elbow, grabbed her, and pulled her close. Lust was roaring like the wind. We moaned and writhed. Kissing was now short and forceful. My heart was pounding in my chest. I ran my hands over her body and her body reflexively arched with my touch. I ran my face over her neck, nibbled her ear, and continued to run my hand over her body. Finally I moved under her clothes, teasing her chest, then running the back of my fingers lightly over her nipples. She was moaning like crazy, hell I was took, but between the roaring wind and rolling thunder, I don’t think anyone could have heard us.

She pulled her shirt over her head exposing her breasts to me for the first time in years. Jesus, it was like the first time all over again. I took them in my hands and let out a loud groan. I continued to kiss and to touch her. Our bodies pressed against each other. We were like two teenagers, writhing together lost in our own pleasure. For a moment, even the raging weather around us seemed to drop away. We were the only two people in the world.

She broke away from me, as first I didn’t know what for, but I quickly realized it was to wriggle out of her shorts. I got on my knees, tossing the rest of the blankets away. She was now totally naked, my eyes soaked her in. My cock was damn near bursting out of my boxer briefs. She curled up, smiled and bit her lip, then with both hands pulled them down to my knees. She let out a long “MmmmAAAAaaaa” and did a little squirm as I sprung out. I guess it hadn’t occurred to me that she was just as excited to see me as I was to see her.

I couldn’t wait any more. I slipped off my boxer-briefs and got between her. I thrust my cock out like King Arthur pulling out Excalibur. She just moaned and spread the lips of her pussy. No more teasing, no more foreplay. I put the head of my cock against her, she wrapped her arms around me, and I slowly thrust until I was completely inside her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32