At Her Husband’s Request

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Thanks to all my readers for the positive support. The following story is a special gift to an anonymous lady that I hope will find a way to let me email her discreetly.


Let me introduce myself. My name is Carol; I’m 36 years old and married to an insatiably horny and successful man. We were married when I was very young and I gave birth to our son Mark when I was just eighteen. I keep myself fit and my husband is very pleased with my 34D breasts, small waist and tight tush.

James, my husband introduced me to Literotica a couple of years ago. He had me read some of the milder ‘Loving Wives’ stories at first, and then gradually led me into some stronger stuff, especially the incest stories. I was shocked at first and a little disturbed at my husband’s interests but soon I found that I too was most aroused by the themes and situations depicted in the hot stories of mothers seducing their own sons.

As we got more comfortable talking about the subject, James started making comments and teasing me about our son. I had never really thought of my eighteen year old boy in a sexual way at all but after James began speaking of it more frequently I began to think about it more and more. I also began to take notice of my son’s lingering interest in my body. I would catch him staring at my tits or watching my ass as I walked by him. When I mentioned this to my husband it seemed to turn him on.

One night after reading some Mother/Son incest stories to each other and becoming very horny, James suggested that I deliberately tease our son to see what his reaction would be. “What do you want me to do?” I asked, rather nervously at the direction this was heading.

“Just go out into the living room in your nightie and get a magazine from the coffee table.” He replied.

“That’s it?” I asked.

“That’s it, but you have to wear your garter belt and heels too, and no panties.” He answered.

“I don’t know baby, are you sure you want me to?” I resisted.

“Nothing could make me hornier.” He reassured.

O.K., I’ll do it.” I said as I reached over to feel his hardness. The nightgown he picked out for me was a short, black, semi transparent little number with a low cut neckline and spaghetti straps. It came to about mid thigh and no one but my husband had seen me in anything so revealing since we were married.

I donned a black garter belt, and then slid into a pair of black, Cuban heeled, seamed stockings. “Put on your new shoes baby.” James urged as he watched me slip into my negligee.

“I can’t wear those; I’ll look like a complete whore.” I replied, feeling my pussy start to drip with excitement as I watched my husband pull his erect cock from his boxers and begin to stroke it. I retrieved the shoes from the closet and sat on the edge of the bed to put them on. They are black and have a very high heel. bursa suriyeli escort escort Like something Betty Page would wear in the fifties. James was squeezing my breasts and pinching my nipples from behind as I buckled the ankle straps of my fetish shoes.

I found that I was becoming more aroused than I had ever felt as I dressed up to tease my own young son at my husband’s request. I couldn’t believe what I was doing, but the illicitness of it was driving me insane. I decided to fix up my face before I went out of the bedroom. I was really getting into this and my husband was jacking off as he watched me apply a pair of long false eyelashes and bright red lipstick.

“Put the lipstick on your nipples and your pussy.” He directed.

I turned in the vanity chair to face my husband and spread my nylon sheathed legs. His face was very intent as he watched me pull my tits from the top of my gown and my hands were actually trembling as I smeared the lipstick over my stiff nipples for him. When they were both perfectly glossy I lowered the tube to my bald cunt and coated each lip until they too, were bright red.

After finishing my husband’s last perverted request I sat and rubbed my red clit as I watched his hand move up and down his raging hard cock. “Do you think Mark will like his whore mommy?” I asked. Hearing myself utter these filthy words sent me into a deeper state of lust as I pulled the nightie up to cover my full boobs.

My husband’s face was very serious. “God I’m going to fuck you good tonight baby.” James groaned as I stood and strutted towards the door. After taking a deep breath I opened the door and stepped into the hallway. My heart was pounding as I struggled to walk towards the living room in my heels.

My mind was racing with a delicious mixture of anticipation and lust as I entered the living room to find my muscular boy lying on the couch watching television. I was thrilled to see that he was wearing nothing but a T-shirt and boxers. His eyes opened wide and his mouth fell open when he took in the outfit I was wearing. “What’s on the tube?” I asked quite normally as if nothing was different.

“Uh…I’m…uh..just watching…uh…” He mumbled, trailing off in a stupor as he ogled my tits and legs. I walked over between my son and the T.V.; I stood sideways to him and turned my head to look at the screen. The room was rather dark other than the light from the T.V. and I knew that my form was backlit, rendering my negligee completely transparent. I felt as if I was totally naked and I loved it. I could feel his eyes burning into me as I reached up and slid my hand down my side for him until my fingers rested at the hem of my gown at the side of my thigh. I lifted it a few inches and began to lightly circle my fingers there on my upper thigh at bursa ucuz escort the dark top of my hose.

After a moment I turned and walked to the end table at his feet. I reached over and flicked on the lamp that was on the table, again giving him a view that was back lit. I was sideways to him and I put my left knee on the armrest and my left hand on the back of the couch as I pretended to look through a stack of magazines on the end table. I could feel the hem of my transparent gown resting on the bottom of my ass cheeks and my jiggling breasts swayed and dangled for my baby.

I completely forgot about my husband. I was bent over the couch in a perfect position to be fucked by my son and I thrust my ass out for his pleasure. The juices were now flowing freely out of my cunt which would be totally exposed to him if he were he behind me. I would pick up a magazine, rise up and absently thumb through it, then return to my bent posture. The second time I did this, I glanced out of the corner of my eye at my son’s crotch. His dick was enormous and very hard. My face went red and my pussy burned. My breaths were short, fast and audible.

I had no idea that I could get as hot as I was; I’d never experienced anything so powerful. My stomach felt queasy and my nipples were hard as rocks and stuck out obscenely against my nightie. The next thing that happened totally sent me over the edge. I glanced over again when I had the opportunity and saw my son’s hand on his dick, squeezing it through his boxers. He was actually jacking off as he watched his slutty mother. “Oh my god,” I thought, this time turning even more as I bent over, hoping he would see my wet, lipstick coated pussy.

I was shaking so badly that I could hardly keep from collapsing. I was filled with an incredible mixture of feelings, guilt, fear and unparalleled lust. I was at the point of no return; I couldn’t stay in the room any longer without fucking him. I grabbed a magazine and started to head for my room when I heard “Mom, can I have a kiss goodnight?” I was trembling all over and feeling completely vulnerable by the assured tone of his deep voice.

“Yes baby, give mommy a kiss.” I whispered, heading back towards him. Unbelievably his hand was still holding his rigid cock as I approached and leaned in to kiss him on the mouth. I hovered over my son briefly with my boobs swaying and my hard nipples pointing just inches from his face. My son was openly jacking off in front of me now with his left hand as his right hand reached for the small of my back and drew me toward him. I kissed him quickly and rose to leave. As I rose up, Mark’s hand slid from my back, across my side and onto my breast. His hand lingered momentarily and gently squeezed my boob. A soft groan involuntarily escaped my parted lips when I felt his caress.

The bursa üniversiteli escort next thing I knew, I was making my way back to my room and my husband. My fingers were already in my sopping cunt as I entered the room. I intentionally left our bedroom door open slightly. I wanted my son to hear his mommy fucking and hopefully find a way to watch. I think James was surprised by my state of arousal and asked “What happened?”

“Oh my god, oh my god,” I panted, “You’ve got to fuck me. You’ve got to fuck me right now.” I lay down on my back and pulled my tits out of my gown by the nipples. I spread my legs as wide as I could and started smearing the oil from my open pussy around the head of my clit. “His dick is hard baby, OH GOD I made my son’s DICK HARD.” I was babbling and losing all control. I was in total disbelief at what had just happened.

James knelt between my legs as I drew them back and hooked my elbows behind my knees. He instinctively knew what I needed and drove his cock to the hilt with the first thrust. My glazed eyes shot open wide and I let out an unholy howl. I knew that my son was listening and jacking off and I fantasized that he was fucking me.

My husband began pounding me deep and hard as I looked toward the vanity mirror, hoping to catch Mark’s reflection at the door. I was grunting and groaning, calling him to me as I stared, wide eyed at the crack in the door. I felt completely insane and depraved and I loved it, I was consumed by incestuous desire as I anticipated his arrival. Then I saw a shadow move in the hallway and he appeared.

I could see him very clearly; he was only wearing his boxers now and hand was moving rapidly at his dick as he watched us fuck. I began pulling and twisting my nipples violently as I stared at him with my mouth open wide and an expression of shock and deviant lust in my eyes. My legs were practically behind my head and my heels were flailing in the air with each stab of my husband’s dick. In a moment of unbridled nastiness I stuck out my tongue and let a large blob of drool drain onto my tortured tits as I stared directly into my son’s horny eyes.

My son’s hard dick erupted in his hand, long strings of hot, white cum shot straight up to his chin and all over his chest until his whole torso was gleaming and wet with it. “OH GOD, FUCK YOUR MOMMA.” I screamed and came instantly and harder than ever before. My entire body was convulsing violently as my husband slammed his dick deep into my sloshing pussy. Wave after wave surged through me and the thought of what was happening caused me to cum over and over again.

With a growl my husband disengaged from my pulsing, squirting cunt to unload his sperm into my face. With my son still watching me, I opened my mouth and tried to catch as much of it as possible. “Oh God, Oh my GOD.” Was all I could mutter as I watched my son disappear from the door and I swallowed James’ sperm.

As we lay side by side in silence, basking in the endorphin high and catching our breath, my mind tried to get itself around the surreal experience that just occurred in our house. I slept like a rock that night and didn’t tell James that Mark had watched us until much later. That was our little secret.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32