At Last Pt. 02

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Gavin reached home, exhilarated by how his day had gone. He had fucked Janice, the girl he had wanted for years.

He drummed his fingers on the table impatiently, thinking about what was going to happen next. They could return to the status quo or… They could do something much more interesting.

As he thought about it, he realised that he had enjoyed fucking Janice up her tight cunt. He wanted to do it again, and so he began to think about how he could go about doing it.

He had a feeling it would be much easier, now that the first step had been taken. But still, he needed to plan each step so he didn’t make a mistake.

He enjoyed fucking her, but he wanted to claim her ass and her mouth and her boobs while he was at it.

He thought for a while and finally a plan came to mind. All he needed to do, was wait until Monday came. It was going to be along weekend for him…

Monday came, and Gavin left for school, a plan in his mind. He was going to fuck Janice once again and he refused to allow anything to stop him.

There was a slight problem, however. Janice had gone from ignoring him, to avoiding him entirely. They subconsciously knew each others schedules and she was taking pains not to see him.

He gritted his teeth in annoyance during 5th period, once he realised what she was doing.

He had been waiting to fuck her the whole weekend and was extremely frustrated and tense. He forced himself to breathe deeply and calm down, knowing that he had to be very strategic in his movements. He thought carefully about his timetable.

He knew that her movement patterns had changed because if their fuck the previous Friday, but he didn’t know how to work around it.

He eventually realised that she would have to stay back for track training, and that she would have expected him to have left by then because he never stayed late if he could help it.

He decided to wait until her training finished to confront her. He drummed his fingers on the table in a show of impatience as the seconds ticked by until he could fuck her again.

Janice, meanwhile, was extremely tense. She had fucked Gavin. She had done it and enjoyed it, but she was unsure of what was going to happen next.

He had cum in her, but it wasn’t her fertile period so she hadn’t gotten pregnant, but she knew that she had to be careful.

She avoided him, knowing that if she saw him, her body would go haywire. She would feel extra embarrassed and horny all at once. It was how she had felt after the first fuck they had had.

And so, she chose to alter her regular patterns in favour of staying somewhat sane the whole day.

As school ended, and Gavin had yet to approach her, she breathed a sigh of relief. It was track training time, and by 7pm when it finished, she was confident she wouldn’t have to see him again until the next say.

Training passed in a blur and soon it was over. She walked back slowly to the girls locker room, aching and sweating all over. She had stayed extra late, deciding to get in some extra practice on her own. She walked in to an empty locker room, everyone had already left.

As she walked to her locker, and stripped off her sweat-soaked tank top, revealing her equally stained grey sports bra. She pulled off her bra as well, letting her breasts bounce freely and get fresh air for the first time in hours.

As she was about to open her locker, she felt someone behind her. She turned around and let out a scream as she saw Gavin standing behind her.

He was topless, his body gleaming from sweat as well. He smiled at her and stood up. He was wearing basketball shorts, and his erection was painfully obvious.

She stepped back, but walked right into the lockers. She paled and stuttered out “What… What do you want…?”

Gavin stayed where he was and sat down on the bench. He had a bemused smile on his face and answered “You, of course.”

He was slightly distracted because of the sweat that glistened on her face and ran down her arms and neck. He could see the way her leg muscles jumped from fatigue, her butterfly-cut shorts barely covering anything.

He saw her chest heaving from exertion and fear, the way it made her lovely breasts move up and down.

He saw the way her legs kept brushing against each other, subtly rubbing her pussy lips. He knew she was tired and aroused. He knew it was going to be easy.

He took one step closer just as Janice spoke up, her nervousness all too obvious.

“Stay back. I… What happened was a mistake. It can’t happen again. It won’t happen again.” Her voice shook as she said it, and she subconsciously licked her lips as she got a closer look of his ripped upper body.

Gavin Kartal Escort stopped an arm’s length from her and asked, “If you don’t want it to happen, then why are you still standing there? Why haven’t you run? And also… Why are your nipples so hard and stiff?”

He had leaned in closer, and had whispered the last question into her ear. He caught the scent of her sweat combined with her natural smell, and it was intoxicating to him.

He was momentarily dazed and cursed himself before returning back to the present. He caught only a part of her reply “… Doesn’t mean it can happen again.” He could see the look on her face and knew she was torn between being satisfied and avoiding falling into sin… Again.

He guessed that she had said that just because she wanted it didn’t mean she could let it happen. He sighed mentally and told her, “We both want it. Is it really so wrong? I know you want this, and you know I want it as well. Let’s just…”

He left his sentence unfinished and went on to bend down to kiss her. He slammed his palms against the lockers as he bent down. His arms acted as barricades that prevented her from moving away, not that she was inclined to.

At first her mouth remained closed, but as she felt the warmth and softness of his lips against hers, her mouth opened and she began to return the kiss.

He groaned into the kiss and stepped closer, pressing his body against hers. Their sweaty bodies pressed together against the locker, and he gripped her thighs, lifting her up.

She grabbed onto his neck in a tight grip, returning the kiss. They made out like that for a couple of minutes until he felt the burn in his thighs from supporting both of their weights.

He lay her down gently on a bench, but she got up almost immediately and dropped to her knees at his feet. He saw the look of lust and desire and unbridled need in her eyes, and decided to let her take control for awhile.

She gripped his shorts and underwear and yanked them unceremoniously to the ground.

She stared for awhile at his rock hard 7-inch cock. She had never seen a cock so close before, and it seemed huge to her.

It was as thick as a banana and as hard as steel. She swallowed nervously. She lifted up her hands to grip it and felt its girth and stiffness. She stroked it in amazement.

Her grip was tight and as she stroked up and down it caused Gavin to let out a groan. As she looked at his manhood, she leaned over and caught a whiff. It had musky smell to it, and she couldn’t resist opening her mouth to take it in.

As her mouth began to engulf his cock, Gavin gritted his teeth in agony. He needed to cum badly.

He had been saving himself over the weekend and now he was feeling the effects. In spite of this, he was determined not to cum until he had gotten her to give him a great blowjob..

Janice slowly bobbed her head up and down his cock, staining it with her saliva. She had never had something so warm, so hard, so stiff in her mouth before and she was savouring the experience.

She took in about half of it before coming back up. She repeated this again and again, but it didn’t seem to impress Gavin.

He looked at her and gently urged her on. “Go on. Take more of it in.” Janice heard the prompting and slowly tried to force more of his cock in.

She reached about 5 inches before she felt his cock touch the back of her throat. She felt her gag reflex kick in, but she struggled to control it. She pulled off of his clock and took a few moments to fight the reflex.

Gavin looked at her and let out an inaudible sigh. Once she was ready, she went back onto his cock. She bobbed her head up and down, refusing to take more than 5 inches in.

She had increased the pace, but it wasn’t nearly great enough. He decided to prompt her more “Lick up and down. You can lick the hole if you want to. You can even try to take it all in again.”

Janice pulled her mouth of his dick and began to rub it slowly, her saliva functioned as excellent lube.

As she rubbed it up and down, she felt herself drawn to his pisshole. She carefully licked it once then twice and this caused him to shiver. He groaned out “Oh yeahhh…”

She smiled and went back to sucking him. She alternated between rubbing, sucking and licking and Gavin felt his climax coming. He desperately wanted her to deepthroat him before he came, so he decided to take over.

He gripped the back of her head, using her sweaty hair as handholds. She had originally been bent over slightly, but he pulled her so she was sitting upright.

With his cock in her mouth, he began to slowly push his cock further and further inside. Once Tuzla Escort he reached the 5 inch mark, he continued to push on.

Janice felt the rock hard member touch the back of her throat and keep moving, triggering her gag reflex. She felt him keep moving forward and tried her best to fight the gag reflex. She struggled hard but eventually succeeded and Gavin continued to force his cock all the way in.

He pushed in until he was buried to the hilt and Janice’s nose was buried in his sweaty pubic hair. Janice let out a groan, which caused pleasant vibrations around his cock. He pulled out slightly but still remained in her throat, allowing her to get used to it.

Once he judged that enough time had passed, he began to move in and out of her throat. He pulled out of her throat and thrust back in, remaining in control. It was hard for Janice to control her gag reflex but she fought very hard to do so.

He increased the pace until he was face-fucking her hard and fast. He treated her mouth like a normal pussy and thrust in and out. Janice, meanwhile, began slobbering uncontrollably over his cock.

As he pulled out, strands of saliva would cling to it and some drool would fall out of her mouth and run down her chin to fall on her exposed breasts.

Janice groaned and moaned during the blowjob, exciting him and bringing him closer to orgasm. He loved the way her cute nose kept getting pushed into pubic hair. Sweat droplets ran down her face and her face slowly began to turn red as he kept invading her throat and depriving her of oxygen.

Soon, her deepthroating caused him to reach his climax and he couldn’t resist shoving his dick all the way down her throat, mashing her face into his pubes.

She groaned out in complaint but was powerless to so anything. Her face turned red as he pumped his load down her throat. She felt sweat drop from his body onto her face, turning her on even more.

He groaned out as he came down her throat, and he pulled out when he was halfway done, filling her mouth with cum.

He pulled out of her mouth with 3 spurts left and let them out to cover her face. Janice panted from oxygen deprivation, her face slowly going from red back to its normal pale tone.

She had forced herself to swallow the cum in a hurry and hadn’t had time to actually taste it. She felt the the cum on her face, some on her nose some on her forehead and some on her lips, dripping down to her chin. She hesitantly gathered them up with her fingers and placed them in her mouth.

Gavin eyed her expectantly, and saw her expression slowly change to one of pleasant surprise. She hadn’t expected to enjoy the taste of cum so much, but Gavin’s tasted slightly salty but bitter and she enjoyed the combination.

She stood up shakily and sat on the bench, and Gavin admired the way that simple motion caused her pale boobs to bounce.

He dropped to his knees and gripped her shorts and panties, pulling them off. He also grabbed her shoes and socks and removed them, with Janice lifting her legs up to make the job easier.

He smiled and gripped her sweaty armpits, lifting her up to her feet before turning her around.

She found herself facing the lockers, and she felt Gavin press her upper back down until she was leaning forward. She raised her hands and pressed them against the lockers, sweat trickling down her forehead and breasts and dropping on to the floor.

Besides the harsh panting of the two of them, the sound of sweat hitting the ground was the only other sound in the room.

She felt Gavin lining up his once again hard cock with her soaking wet cunt. Janice swallowed in anticipation and licked her lips. She felt his stiff cock head pressing against her pussy lips and willed him to keep moving.

She let out a soft groan as he began to push his way in. She felt his cock forcing her pussy walls to move apart, forcing its way inside of her.

He felt her cunt giving way to his dick, just as it had 3 days earlier. He moved his hands from her armpits to her waist, gripping it tightly in spite of how slick her sweat made it.

He used this grip to push himself even further inside of her. He was relentless in his entry, always thrusting in, never pulling out.

He kept up his non-stop pushing, feeling her cunt squeeze more and more or his cock, feeling her pussy juices coating more and more of his cock. He let out a low groan as he finally bottomed out in her love canal.

He was all the way in, and his cock head just brushed her cervix, almost triggering her climax. He pulled out almost all the way, leaving only the head inside.

He paused momentarily before jerking his pelvis forward and Anadolu Yakası Escort pulling back on her waist. He slammed his cock all the way, smacking his crotch against her firm, toned and sweaty ass causing a resounding “SMACK” to echo through the empty room.

His cock rammed into her cervix causing Janice to scream out as she reached her climax. She slammed her palms against the metal lockers, causing hollow slams to be heard.

Her back arched and she thrust her tits out, causing sweat to fly from them. Her ass dropped as her back arched and she arched her head up to the roof as she screamed.

“OH FUCK ME! FUCK!” She cried out in sheer ecstasy as she reached her climax. She came and a large amount of cum flowed out of her cunt, forming a puddle of cum, her cum, on the floor.

Her cunt walls tightened insanely around his dick, but he didn’t feel the need to cum. He had just done so, after all.

He waited for her climax to subside, his cock still lodged all the way inside her vagina. Once her screams faded to rough panting and her body sagged, he began to thrust again. His thrusts were rough and hard, suiting the locker room atmosphere they were in.

He shifted his grip from her waist to her tits, grabbing them as handholds. He felt the firm titflesh in his hands, he felt the way her breasts would give when he squeezed hard enough.

He felt the shudder run through her as he groped her boobs, he heard the groans of joy she gave as he played with her nipples.

He smiled and continued to slam fuck her. He was utterly merciless, and that was just how she wanted it. He pulled out and slammed back in, causing her ass to ripple, dragging shrieks from Janice. Her shrieks increased in pitch and volume as she felt her climax approaching once again.

As Janice felt her climax approaching, her legs turned to jelly and she collapsed to the floor, kneeling down.

Her head rested against the cold metal of the lockers and she continued to groan out loud against it. She was even drooling on the locker as shrieks were pulled out so often she couldn’t close her mouth to swallow.

Even though she collapsed to her knees, Gavin refused to stop fucking her. He just knelt down behind her and continued to slam fuck her.

He moved his hands from her tits to her arms, lifting them up above her head and pinning them against the locker door. He pressed his body against her sweaty, shining back, admiring the feel of her body against his.

The cold of the metal rubbing against her hyper sensitive nipples almost brought her to the edge, and when he bent down to lick her armpits, a fetish of his, she came.

She had a secret fetish for armpits, and she hadn’t expected that Gavin would have the same kink. The surprise and shock of his action, coupled with her enjoyment of it, brought her over the edge.

She came again, and her cunt tightened inexorably around his cock once more. Once more, his cock was bathed in her cum.

This time, however, he had the salty taste of Janice in his mouth, coupled with the knowledge that he had just managed to bring a girl to climax while satisfying his strange kink.

This was a huge turn on for him and when he felt the newly increased tightness, he came for the second time that night.

The two had their second climax together. Janice’s back arched and her stiff nipples dragged along the cool metal locker door.

Her sweat rubbed off on the metal door and she groaned against it. Her groans quickly gave way to a high pitched shriek of ecstasy.

Gavin thrust all the way in and came once again inside of her, splattering her walls with cum. He nibbled briefly on her neck, tasting her sweat once more before inclining his head to look at the ceiling to let out a low growl.

Eventually, their climaxes both ended, and the two collapsed on to the floor of the locker room, panting.

Gavin recovered quicker than Janice, and lifted her up and carried her to a bench to recover instead of lying on the dirty floor. She panted as their combined cum slowly trickled our of her vagina.

He sat down next to her on the bench until she recovered. And then she sat up slowly and stiffly before whispering, “I need a shower…”

Gavin smiled and looked at her as she got up and walked to her locker to grab her towel, change of clothes and soap.

As she walked, he admired the way her leg muscles tensed and relaxed, the way her ass cheeks bounced with each step, the way her firm tits jiggled slightly. As she walked towards the showers, limping slightly from being exhausted, Gavin got up and followed her to the toilet.

She walked into the shower and just as she was about to close the door, she saw him following her. She smiled and held the door open for him until he entered.

Janice then closed the door behind them. As the shower began running, low groans and moans could be heard coming out of the showers. Luckily, it was too late in the night and nobody heard anything.

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