At The Airport

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Friends since our teens, we had met sometime ago while I was home visiting. However, with life as complicated as it tends to be, and constant travel, our paths had not crossed in a few years. It had been close to 10 years since we’d last spoken, a rushed coffee in a little place downtown, a conversation filled with promise, innuendo and wishful thinking, but little else. We had fucked around in college, fumbling like people not sure of themselves but seemingly enjoying a daring sex life that, as it turns out, was not all that daring.

Now, like then, we sit across each other in the crowded bar of an airport hotel, sipping coffee, while stranded over-night. Falling back on habit, we sit and chat, move from coffee to wine, catch up on family and friends, but unlike last time, we know we have the night, and enjoy stretching time. We reminisce about our first sexual encounters, people we dated, good sex we had, both together and separately, bad sex we wished we could forget, and slowly we learn we have evolved. He is now twice-divorced with a “voracious” sexual appetite that requires a partner that doesn’t mind bending to his will and, while no details are actually voiced, I am left imagining his skill and dedication to the task of fucking. While we had not been shy that many years ago, and he had certainly had a one-track mind stuck on his pleasure, the picture I was painting in my mind was now much more focused and intense, a clearer path towards hedonism.

As always, I have to call home and reluctantly say goodnight with the promise of meeting him for breakfast. We trade phone numbers, again, and I’m off to my room leaving him to a last drink. The what-ifs running through my mind, the remembered kisses and caresses, the innuendo in his words and my very active imagination had me squirming has I walk down the hall to my room. I can feel my cunt wet and swollen, and I have to suppress a shudder with every step. Shit, I think to myself, I have to call home without giving away how turned-on I am.

My call is peaceful and quick and by the time I am finished, I am laying in bed, in my panties and bra, having discarded my clothes almost by instinct. The throbbing between my legs has not lessened, and I am perfectly aware that a great fuck lays in waiting not very far away. I’ll take a bath…. if, by the time I am done with it I still cannot sleep, I’ll call him. I vacillate between the warm bath to sooth my muscles, and the shower (and the shower head) that can give me quick relief, but choose the bath instead. As I’m getting ready to get in the tub, my phone chimes.

Sam: done with ur call? what u doing?

Me: all done. getting in the tub

Sam: want company?

Me: hum……..

Sam: unlock the door. get in the tub. do not touch yourself.

This is happening. With the decision made for me, all I can do now is wait and revel in the anticipation. I unlock the door, and quickly get in the tub, with water covering almost all of me. My knees are above the water line, as are my breasts, the nipples flushed pink from my excitement. I slide down and cover myself to my chin, then rise again, the water gently lapping on my body. I lay my back down on the edge of the tub, my arms stretched wide to avoid touching myself, but can still feel the water tormenting me. I try to think back and remember the details of his body, but everything is a bit fuzzy. I did not remember him being as big as he seemed today, tall and wide, and although I could remember enjoying his cock, I could not remember what it looked like, tasted like….it was a long time ago! What does it matter? He’ll be here soon, anyway! Then you can taste it all you like….

Finally, I feel cool air coming from the room, and hear the snick of the door latching closed. I cannot hear his steps on the carpet and, for the longest time, I hear nothing. Then, the lights go out and the thin sliver of light coming in the door, gets smaller and smaller.

– Sam is that you? What are you doing?

– Lie back and be a good girl, is the answer I get from behind me. Don’t ask questions. You trusted me before, you can trust me again.

– What are your plans?

– Didn’t I just say “don’t ask questions”? If you want to play, and I know you do, you have to play by the rules.

While he speaks, I can feel him behind me, unmoving, and I can feel myself warming up even though the water is getting cooler. There is some shuffling, Gaziantep Mutlu Son Escort the clink of glass, and the drag of furniture and he finally says:

– Don’t move from where you are, just scoot up onto your beautiful ass and tilt your head back as far as it can go.

I shift in the tub, bringing my arms down to scoot and he says:

– No, leave your arms where they are, or I will restrain them. Scoot back on your ass and tilt your head.

As I awkwardly move back, I can feel the water sloshing around and gently lapping and my pussy lips. It is so soft that, if I weren’t so swollen, I wouldn’t feel it at all. But, as I am full to bursting, the gently lapping makes my nipples tighten even more.

– That’s it. Now tilt your head, and open your mouth.

By now, all I can process is that I am hot and slippery wet, and he wants my head back with my mouth open. I know, I just know he’s going to put something in it but, what I did not expect was to feel his breath on my face and a trickle of whisky being poured down my mouth, from his mouth. I jolted when I felt it, but quickly recovered once I felt his mouth closing on mine, his tongue sliding in, forceful and oh so sweet…. Familiar and new all at once. But he gave me no time to enjoy it….

– Ah! Look at you, so eager. I bet you’re fucking horny, aren’t you? You were always a hot little cunt….

And just like that, it all comes rushing back. The dirty talking, the veiled commands, the endless fucking. I wonder how good he has become in the interim… a selfish lover or a pleasant surprise? Will he measure up, now that I know what the perfect pairing can be like? Looking back at him I can see he knows what I’m thinking and his eyes glow with anticipation.

– With your left hand, touch your juicy cunt and tell me how wet you are….

I lay my head down, and close my eyes as my hand travels down my belly, pass my pubis and over my clit. Hard enough to feel friction, gentle enough to ensure I don’t cum just yet and, all of a sudden the most piercing nipple pinch raises me from my fluffy cloud.

– Did I say you could close your eyes? Look at me….. Did I say you could enjoy yourself touching your cunt for your pleasure? Your cunt and your pleasure are mine tonight. I’ll give it or take it away as I wish. Another pinch….

– Do I make myself clear?

– Yes…

– Yes, what?

– Yes, Sir!

– No, not Sir. I’m Sam. Just Sam. Just the guy who is going to fuck you sideways and not let you come unless you do exactly as you’re told. Try again.

– Yes, Sam.

– Much better. Now… tell me how wet you are.

– Very wet.

– How much is that? Could my thick finger slide in easy?

– Very, very wet and ready for your finger.

– How many?

– Two at least.

– Two….. you are so fucking hot. Show me! Three fingers quickly in and out. Now!

Soon I am finger-fucking myself for an old lover, gasping for breath, and feeling how slick my juices are despite the water.

– Give me…give me your juices….let me taste you….

As I touch my fingers to his mouth, and he sucks deeply, his arm stretches and takes over my pussy, three fingers sliding in, but not easily. I can feel myself stretching but cannot open my legs anymore that they are, and it feels like I am being ripped apart, my clit engorged and bereft, my pussy lips swollen to what feels like unreal proportions, my orgasm flying towards completion. Before I can adjust, he is gone, my mouth and pussy left empty.

– Get up. Bath time is over.

He holds out an open towel and I revel in his care, drying and touching, rubbing until I’m pink and flushed and there’s not a spot in my body that he has not touched except my pussy. Throughout, he’s held my hands behind my back and being held while being cared for was both scary and reassuring.

– Get on the bed, he says, move your pretty ass or I’ll move it for you. Lay on your back, across the bed.

As I do what I’m told, I cannot help thinking about my position in the bathtub, head back, and mouth open….

– Scoot up and let your head dangle of the bed…. That’s it….open your mouth!

As he puts his hands under my neck, I can see he is naked and his cock and balls, just as I remember them, are as close to my mouth as they have ever been.

– Let’s see what you’ve learned while we’ve been apart. Bring your hands up and hold on to my legs. Don’t let go or else…….

I know I should be scared of this vulnerable position but I don’t have time. He leaves one hand on my neck and with the other fits the head of his cock in my mouth.

– Open, that’s it…. Keep your mouth open….stick your tongue out….

And slowly he starts gliding into my mouth. I want him, all of him, but I’m scared that he won’t stop and I’ll gag and feel a fool, and I can feel myself squirming. I’m wet, my juices running down the crack of my ass, and so horny, but so scared at the same time, my emotions in a tangle, as I feel him sliding slowly in until he hits the back of my throat and starts pulling out again.

– That’s it….good girl. Now…. again…. Take my big cock all the way in….

And he slides in again.

– A little more, hold it…..hold it…..fuck, that’s it, good! You always loved cock….

I’m running hot and cold, my nails digging in his legs, the feel of his thick cock chocking the fear out of me. He slides smoothly in and out, in a controlled rhythm, going a bit further in a fraction at a time, seemingly taking over my entire body. I have spit running down my face and I know that what little makeup I had left over from the bath is streaking down, but I don’t care. All I care about is this, him, his cock in my mouth and this feeling of overwhelming servitude he gives me. As he starts pulling out, my mouth closes on reflex and my teeth scrape along his length.

He stretches down and with a loud groan spanks my open pussy. How did I even get

my legs open?

– Greedy bitch. If you bite it I won’t be able to fuck you, now will I?

My pussy is on fire from his slap, my clit pounding, and an orgasm just hovering above me. He moves to open his legs and warns:

– Be careful. If you bite me again, I’m spank you so hard you won’t be able to sit for a week!

He then grabs his own cock, pumping it a couple of times, and moves his balls right above my mouth. This I can do. I’m not worried about chocking or gagging and I take my time laving licks, kisses, and full sucks of his balls, first one, then the other, the smooth line between the two, inching my way towards his ass hole. This is new territory for us. I may know his “old” body but this new personality that comes with it is all new.

– That’s it, keep going….. lick it, little girl. Hum…. So good! You fucking whore…. You like this, don’t you? You enjoying yourself? You think you deserve that I fuck you nice and hard after this?

I can’t talk, of course. He knows this. My mouth is full and I am not about to break the no-talking rule! But I am enjoying the fact that he is enjoying yourself. I still have not moved my hands thought they are cramping, and I can fell myself slowly slipping into an orgasm. But, right before I do, he moves away.

– Sit up and stand on the bed.

As I am not moving fast enough for you, I can’t help but fell a bit light-headed, he decides to move me himself by swatting my ass.

– I want you near the head board. Your hands on top of it, that’s it! Now open your legs….more, more…..stick your ass up for me.

And his hand runs right along my inner thigh, from knee to pussy lips, up one way and down the other.

– Oh, look at you, all juicy for me. Is this all for me? He asks. Is all this pussy juice because of me? Do you want to be fucked? Is that it?

Since I don’t know what to say, and cannot seem to make my mouth move anyway, I say nothing at all.

– Good girl. Let’s see how much you want it.

And down comes a slap. Center right cheek, and immediately followed by another on the left. My ass is on fire, and I cry out but he doesn’t stop. He alternates from right to left, a few more on each side, but never in the exact same place. I gasp, cry out, and curse a blue streak but he doesn’t relent. It’s hard to stay still and it is hard to move. No matter what I do, his hand follows me around.

– Stick your ass out! More….

When I finally stop squirming, he lays his hand on my ass cheek, softly rubbing, and asks me how does it feel.

– It feels hot, that’s how it feels! I say with a bit more heat than intended.

Immediately his palm strikes the inside of my thigh and I rise on my tiptoes.

– Get on your knees. Palms together, arms in front of you, ass up! Now!

I do as I’m told and, thank God, as soon as I am in position I can feel two of his big fingers inside me. He is kneeling beside me, one hand under me, the palm pressing my clit and his fingers pumping…. His other hand slapping me constantly, here, there, everywhere at once. As I start to clench my muscles, he stops. His fingers still inside me, the heal of his hand pressing but unmoving.

– Don’t cum yet. Don’t you dare cum without permission. You will cum only when I say you can, and not a moment sooner.

And he goes back to finger fucking/ass slapping until I can’t feel anything else around me. From under my armpit I can see his cock near my hip, engorged and stiff, bobbing back and forth with the force of his slaps. As I get near orgasm again, seeming years have gone by. It was probably only a few minutes, seconds even, but it feels like I have been on a long voyage.

– Stop. Stop. Please stop or I’m going to cum.

– No, no cumming for you yet. Not until I say so….

He finally stops, pulls out his fingers slowly, making sure he is dragging against every inflamed nerve, and I can feel myself winding up towards the end. He gets behind me, and strokes my ass and my legs. It feels absolutely not at all like relief but I can’t seem to stop myself from leaning into his hands. He grabs my hips and, with his knees, opens my legs even more. I can only imagine what I look like: wanton, wet, pink from his hands, and tense as a bow string. He slaps both my ass cheeks at the same time and leaves his hands resting on the sting. His thumbs are playing circles around my pussy and ass, spreading my juice from my cunt to my ass hole, fingers digging in my flesh and thumbs making circles, inching further and further in, as time stretches by.

– Do you remember how it felt the first time I fucked your ass? You were so tight. And so worried I was going to tear you apart. Do you remember?

– Yes.

– Yes, what?

– Yes, Sam, I remember how it felt.

– Tell me….

– It felt full. It hurt and hurt and then it didn’t hurt anymore and I was full to bursting

– Yes, you were, weren’t you? And if I remember correctly you squirted your juice all over the bed, didn’t you?…….. Didn’t you?

– Yes, Sam, I did squirt all over the bed, and your hands, and couldn’t wait to do it again and again.

– Good girl…

While we’ve been talking he’s been spreading my hole apart. Big thumbs rubbing, spreading my juice, hands squeezing my reddened ass cheeks….

– Let’s see how much you like this time, shall we? Bring your hands over….that’s it. Now hold here and here, and spread yourself out for me. Hum….. what a pretty picture…..

I can feel him behind me, watching my fingers spread my flesh and the image in my mind turns me on so much that I cuss out loud when his cock enters my pussy.

– Don’t let go…. I’m just getting some natural lube.

He pumps in and out of me once, twice, and I can feel my entire cunt quivering in anticipation. He then takes his big cock out of my pussy and slams into my asshole, as far in as it is possible to go. All in one go.

– Hum… still so tight and eager…. Oh, fuck!

He gabs both my wrists in his hand and uses my arms for leverage, to move in and out of me. Every time I am at the cusp of something big, he moves out completely and slaps my ass, moving back in again, with no preamble, no warning. It is a fast and deep fucking, one that I have no way of slowing down. Not that I would want to.

I can hear his breading accelerating, his movements getting faster and faster, and on the down stroke he lays on my back, slaps my pussy with all his might and says….

– That’s it, my lovely slut. Cum when you want to!

As soon as his hand lies on my cunt for the second time, I am undone. The pressure on my clit, his chest heaving on my back, breath sawing in and out at my hear, the head of his cock buried in my ass hole, it is all too much. I cum in big, long spasms, feeling the waves roll in from my toes to the top of my head. I know my nails are digging in my palms, my weight completely in his hands, but I am not fully satisfied until I feel him stiffen inside me, the warmth of his cum in my ass, a grunt into my neck. He rolls off me and I can feel his cum dripping onto the mattress, and I could not care less.

– Wow! I say….

– Yeah, not bad for the first one. Take a nap…. We’ll try to do better in a few minutes….

I wonder if we can stay trapped at the airport a few more days!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32