At the Mercy of the Pack_(2)

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The room that I was led into had an incredibly authentic feel to it. Hay littered the floor and iron shackles were anchored deep into the walls at regular intervals. Chains zig-zagged across the stained concrete but weren’t currently hooked up to any animals. The room smelled faintly of excrement, but not enough to be overwhelming or off-putting.

The space was otherwise empty, save for what I could only describe as an iron contraption anchored firmly in the center of the room. This was my destination, and my rope bindings were temporarily cut while one of my escorts began opening the device. I didn’t run, of course, but instead watched with the growing excitement that one only feels when a novel new experience is imminent. My heart rate skipped along until the metal clanging ceased, and my two escorts wrapped their rough hands around my arms and dragged me into position.

That position was on my knees within the metal, hands down on the floor in front of me. Iron restraints locked my ankles to the floor, my knees against the metal brace, and my hips securely into place. A body-shaped cage contained my chest and head, limiting my vision to what was immediately in front of me and below me. Once all of the irons had been re-clasped, I found myself held firmly in this kneeling position with my ass stuck out into the air and my cock and balls dangling below me outside the contraption. In the musty air I felt incredibly vulnerable and my heart rate quickened.

With their job complete, my two escorts marched out the double doors behind me, slamming each of them shut to tell me I was now alone. But only for a moment. Behind the door in front of me I could hear the approaching sound of barking. A dog barking. It grew closer and closer until the lock twisted in the door and it opened, revealing a hound of some unfamiliar breed who was held closely on a leash by his handler. This dog seemed eager to run to me, but the handler held him firmly while the door was closed and re-latched. The masked man looked at my vulnerable body momentarily before swiftly leading the dog around behind me and out of my field of vision.

My excitement had reached a fever pitch of intensity as I knew the moment was imminent. After a couple of barks behind me I felt the warm dampness of a nose on my asshole, which was splayed wide to the world in this kneeling position. There was a quick lash from a rough tongue across that sensitive skin, but it was fleeting – the handler quickly pulled the dog back. My breath was close to hyperventilation at this point, but I needed wait only seconds.

There was a sudden brush of fur on my exposed back. I felt paws slide down my sides. Panted breathing became audible just above my ears. The hound’s body shifted up my back as he mounted me, and I could suddenly feel his soft legs start touching mine –

And then his cock was there. It probed impatiently at my ass, hitting the right inner side of my ass cheeks. It bounced off but was back again almost immediately, probing for a hole that its instincts told it was there. My cock and balls rocked back and forth with the small, but forceful, impacts as he probed, probed, and then – penetrated.

I gasped as six inches of fat dog cock slid effortlessly past my sphincter and into my rectum. It plowed into my ass as deeply as it could until I felt its balls bounce off my taint. The faint pain from my sphincter was quickly overwhelmed by the fullness that cock gave my insides. It barely had a moment to nestle into my juicy contours before he pulled it out and then rammed it back into me. I let out a cry of intense pleasure as this dog began fucking me relentlessly. His backside arced, dipped, and plowed in a shockingly fast rhythmic motion. My ass was never empty for more than fractions of a second as he plunged every millimeter of his meat into me again and again. Blood was rushing to my own cock as it flapped back and forth from the force, but it barely had time to harden before the fun started.

With every new thrust I could feel this dog’s cock getting thicker. Each push became a little tougher for my sphincter, and more filling for my insides, as his knot began şişli escort to rapidly inflate. My cries were echoing off the walls now and as that bulge ceaselessly grew I did the only thing I could. I clenched. My sphincter sucked the cock and knot right into me, pressing that fat bulge against the walls of my rectum. The dog kept right on fucking me, even though he could no longer extract his cock from my ass. The knot ballooned to twice the size in seconds and I screamed with pleasure as I became fuller than I’d ever been before. I felt a sudden warmth in my belly as I felt that cock begin violently pulsating, spewing his cum deep into my ass. He came into me for almost 30 seconds as his rhythm slowly dropped. As he slowed to a halt on my back I suddenly became aware of my own violent shaking within the iron harness.

Then there was a tug. It was light, but firm, against my sphincter. Terrified to let that thick knot pop out of me, I squeezed shut as firmly as I could. But the dog persisted. And not only did he persist, but he seemed confident that he would win. He slipped off of my back and I felt him turn, twisting his cock as he came to be ass to ass to me. With this newfound leverage he gave a stronger thrust that I almost failed to hold. Then he gave one final push and I felt nine inches of engorged knot and cock rip right past my sphincter and out of my body. I squealed at the stinging pain, but it subsided quickly as my intestines rearranged themselves.

The handler, hardly pausing at all, quickly reemerged in my field of view in front of me with the dog at his side. I could see the cock that had violated me swinging between his legs as the handler left the room with him. And just like that, I was left in silence with my erect cock gently pulsating in the air and a torrent of dog cum dripping down my legs. Two minutes passed before I heard the barking approach once again. But this time it had a far deeper pitch to it. The barks sounded more menacing and more frequent. It didn’t sound like a single dog.

The door suddenly flew open and my heart dropped out of my chest. What walked through the doorway was not a dog. It was a wolf. It was nearly three times the size of the previous dog and considerably larger than me. My shaking within the metal cage became quite audible as this beast looked down at me. As it strode into the room I realized with horror that this wolf was not chained. It had free reign. It entered the room and moved around the edges outside of my field of view behind me. But just as I lost sight of it my attention was redirected to the open door. Not just one, but four more wolves strode unchained into the room. This was a pack.

The social order became apparent quickly. I felt a rough, warm tongue begin lapping at my hanging balls, but a deep growl and then a yelp indicated that the alpha had shooed it away. I was at the mercy of these wild animals, and it was unclear if it would even be possible for someone to stop them from doing what they wanted.

After a minute of vocal back and forth, I felt fur begin grazing my back again. The alpha was so large that he barely needed to mount his weight onto me – he simply stepped over me. His skin chafed up against my back through the fur and I could feel his heart beating. I could suddenly feel something – something large – grazing up against my asshole. The wolf was more accurate than the hound. A giant cock – possibly ten inches long – plunged into my ass. It went so deep it ran into a wall that I could feel give way for an extra inch. The fullness was utterly overwhelming as the wolf’s cock filled every available corner of my rectum. The wolf ripped his cock out of me and then plunged in again, quickly picking up a furious pace that put the dog to shame. My moans became an almost continuous pleasurable scream as this giant beast ravaged me mercilessly.

Soon enough I began to feel his knot swelling inside me. My sphincter could barely handle his cock to begin with, so I clenched far sooner. This had unexpected consequences. The knot ballooned almost immediately and filled my rectum to the point that it started exerting taksim escort noticeable pressure on my bladder and prostate. I could feel the pressure mounting, mounting, mounting – until my body could take no more. A reflex triggered inside me that immediately pushed to eject the giant wolf cock. My intestinal muscles, in unison, tried to push it out with the greatest force they could muster. Not only did the knot not budge, it continued to grow. As I buckled into this reflexive action I lost control of my bladder. Piss streamed out of my still rock-hard cock and sprayed the floor. The reflex continued, uncontrollably and unsuccessfully, for almost 10 seconds after which I gasped for air. I had barely taken a full breath before the swelling knot once again triggered the reflex, emptying more of my bladder out onto the floor. In between sprays of piss I could see long streams of cum flowing out of my cock. I realized with breathless pleasure that this wolf’s cock was milking me.

The wolf let out a deep yelp. I felt a sudden gush of warm cum spray into my belly as the knot finally stopped growing. Blast after blast hit my insides, slowing filling me. After what seemed like an eternity the wolf twitched as it attempted to dismount me. The twitch was enough to trigger the muscle reflex again, but this time it was successful. In an unbelievably relieving feeling, the monstrous knot and cock popped out of me. By this point my sphincter was so battered and lubricated with cum that I barely registered the pain.

Hyperventilating, I tried desperately to regain my breath. But it wasn’t more than a few seconds before I felt fur on my back again. It was another wolf’s turn. Another monstrous cock penetrated deep into me and I couldn’t help but yelp. I was drooling down my chin by this point as the relentless fucking began anew. I couldn’t take another knot. I was going to destroy my abdominal muscles. As the cock began to grow in girth, I tried to clench while the knot was outside of me. I succeeded – but only for a moment. With a forceful thrust, the growing knot popped into me. And so the reflex erupted, unsuccessfully, yet again.

Over the course of the next hour this pack of wolves relentlessly fucked my ass. By the seventh or eighth fucking my body had grown used to the fullness, but by then my bladder had already been completely emptied on the concrete floor. As the last engorged wolf cock slid its way out of my sphincter, cum poured out of my ass, down my legs, and into the puddle that had formed beneath me. The other wolves were laying down in front of me, panting and evidently tired, until the alpha rejoined them. There were a few minutes of unusual silence until the door in front of me opened once again. This attracted the wolves attention, and after a few seconds they took off down the hallway as though being commanded or baited by someone out of view. The door was closed behind them, and I collapsed against the metal restraints that continued to hold me in position.

I heard the double doors behind me open and, in spite of the overwhelming pleasure I’d experienced, felt immense relief that it was over. But after several seconds, my escorts did not reappear by my side. Instead I heard a very different sound – heavy breathing and a characteristic clopping – that reignited my heartrate. This wasn’t part of the program. I didn’t pay for this. Surely that couldn’t be what I thought it was.

I tried desperately to strain my head in the constraints to look behind me, but to no avail. Then a sound beneath me attracted my attention and I looked down to the floor. Between my legs, through all of the cum and piss, a mirror was pushed into place. At this angle I could see my own engorged cock and the cum dripping out of my ass, down my legs, and down my balls. Then I saw the silhouette I so feared.

A stallion walked into the room behind me and was led forward by two handlers. They guided him to carefully walk over me – he was tall enough that there was still at least two feet of clearance above my kneeling form. And then I was suddenly moving. The iron cage constraining me began moving upwards – beşiktaş escort hoisted on a platform that had apparently been hidden beneath the floor. As it slowly moved me upwards to the ideal position, I felt the horse’s cock brush my ass cheeks.

This was really going to happen. The horse was going to fuck me. Fear was gripping me, but so too was the pleasurable temptation. I’d come this far.

The handlers stepped back out of my view and I saw, through the mirror below me, the stallion’s flaccid eight-inch cock hanging in the air. It was so close to me. It was so big.

Then the hands of one of the handlers came into view. It began gently massaging that flaccid cock – building up the anticipation. It took only a few seconds of this stimulation for the cock to engorge and nearly double in size. The tip flared outward – it must have been at least 18 inches long. It was a monster. And I was so fucking excited.

A handler gave the horse a quick pat on the rear, which triggered it all. The horse took control. Its cock came to life and prodded at my ass, which was mere inches in front of it. It bounced off my right ass cheek – it was so forceful – once, twice, then – PENETRATION.

The flared head of the stallion’s cock found my flared asshole. The head pushed through the cum-covered opening and into my cum-soaked rectum. Two inches, then four, then eight. It slammed into the wall of my intestines before even half of the monster was inside of me. I screamed both in pleasure and pain as it withdrew and then plunged again. This time, the force was so great, and my insides so malleable, that my intestines bent and he violated my second sphincter. Another two inches sunk into me. Then four, then six. The sensation of having 14 inches of horse cock inside my ass was so intense that I came immediately. My cock convulsed beneath me as I screamed in utmost pleasure. What little cum I still had left splattered the mirror. Nothing had ever been so deep inside me. And it was so, so thick.

I watched this cock fucking me and saw its silhouette in my stomach. With each thrust I watched the bulge pushing out of me. And with each thrust my intestines gave way a little more. Fifteen inches… sixteen inches… I was taking so much that the stallion’s massive balls had begun to touch my ass with each thrust. Then, suddenly, I was taking it all. Its balls were slapping my taint. I was in a euphoria of sensation that I couldn’t have imagined. And then the hose opened up.

I’d never felt such pressure inside of me. The horse vocalized as it started cumming, and a literal firehose of cum erupted deep within. I felt it gush into the deepest parts of my insides in a relentless, seemingly never ending, stream of horse cum. Saliva was running down my face as I came yet again. A gutteral moan escaped my lips so loudly that it echoed around the chamber. It was the most indescribably amazing moment of my life. Giant balls slapping me. Over a foot and a half of horse cock, soaked in wolf cum, so deep that I could see it protruding from my stomach. Hot horse cum spraying into me that was so voluminous that I was starting to feel full. My erect cock dribbling whatever cum was left in my balls. And the mirror below me, soaked in my own cum, which showed me everything as it unfolded.

I had no sense of time as the horse stopped thrusting and finished unloading its seed into me. It shifted its weight around with some impatience and I could feel his cock start to go flaccid. This in and of itself was a sensation as I felt this suddenly amorphous snake unwind itself inside of me. Through my shaking I could suddenly feel a human hand on my ass cheek as the stallion prepared to pull out. In the mirror I could see the handler, face obscured, holding a giant plug in his other hand. He teased the horse cock out of my ass, but just as a torrent of cum from different animals was about to follow, he shoved the plug into place. It slid into me and the suction and size held it firmly against the tsunami inside of me.

I let out one last moan of pleasure before the horse was led out of the room. My experience had come to a blissful end. As I waited there in my cage for the handlers to pull me out and send me to clean up, I rocked back and forth. I delighted in the jiggle of my engorged stomach beneath me. The fullness was so satisfying… I knew that plug wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

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